Welcome Superbas!

August 29, 2017

For those of you who came here after Dem Bums was shut down, the new blog in town is Superbas at http://superbasblog.wordpress.com created by crash24now to keep the conversation going.  He did a great job with his posts to Outside the Dodgers and Dem Bums in the Blue Toybox.  Now it’s time for him to be in charge of his own WP blog.  Good luck crash!


Dem Bums is Gone

August 26, 2017

What happened to Dem bums? It has disappeared.

Everyone is welcome to return to Outside the Dodgers if you wish to have the news and Twitter feeds and other resources available. Or you can build up the new site, http://superbasblog.wordpress.com Crash. Either way, Dodgers fans will have an uncensored voice.

Thanks to Crash for doing most of the posts to OTD before everyone left and for creating a new site. OTD will become essentially his site if he wants to use it. I have no desire to create daily posts.

I made a mistake in giving everyone full editing privileges where anybody could delete anything and I suspect that those disappearing posts may have been an inside job.  Nothing else makes sense.


Celebration is Over

September 27, 2016

The Dodgers have won the NL West Division.  The celebration happened on Sunday, and now it is over.  We’ve got work to do. It’s time to get ready for the playoffs.  What does that entai…

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Hitting Woes

August 24, 2015


Hitting Slump Statistics

Some of these guys, it’s almost as if …”couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a f****** boat”.

Here’s a review of the Dodgers offense, just looking at batting averages.  Each player is shown with their batting averages over the past 28 days, the past 14 days, and the past 7 days:

Grandal .250/.056/.000
Gonzalez .247/.195/.211
Kendrick .396/na/na
Rollins .260/.227/.136
Turner .156/.156/.056
Ethier .364/.391/.333
Pederson .102/.095/.000
Puig .257/.344/.364
Guerrero .167/.125/.000
Hernandez .358/.308/.250
Van Slyke .188/.071/.000
Callaspo .268/.182/na
Ellis .250/.333/.600
Crawford .316/.348/.077
Utley .386/.387/.222

Just by looking through this list, the batters that look really bad are Grandal, Turner, Pederson, Guerrero, and Van Slyke.


Dodgers, Astros, Bullpen

August 21, 2015


Dodgers Bullpen Worst in the NL

As measured by “Wins Above Average” on Baseball Reference, the Dodgers Bullpen is the worst in the National League this year.  St. Louis is tops with 5.2 WAA, Pittsburgh is 2nd with 2.6, Atlanta is 14th with a negative -2.4, and Los Angeles is 15th with a negative -2.5 WAA.  Contributing heavily to that -2.5 is Jim Johnson with -1.1, Chris Hatcher with -0.7, Chin-Hui Tsao with -0.6, and Joel Peralta with-0.4.  Offsetting those negative individual numbers are JP Howell with 0.8, Kenley Jansen at 0.5, and Juan Nicasio at 0.4.

Travel Day Thread

August 20, 2015

I’m hoping crash can find some stats and such for the next series.


In the meantime here is another thread to discuss where you see this ballclub headed in the future???

Dodgers A’s

August 18, 2015


Personnel Changes

Lots of changes are afoot in the Dodger Franchise.  International scouts are being told that their services are no longer necessary.  Lorenzo Bundy has been asked to concentrate all of his time on positioning the outfielders.  Ron Roenicke has been hired to be the third base coach for the remaining 44 games of the regular season (and the post season if they go that far).  Meanwhile there have been no announcements regarding change in manager.  However, the Dodgers have gone so far as to inquire about the possibility of acquiring Alejandro De Aza from the Boston Red Sox.  Who is Alejandro De Aza?  A left-handed hitting outfielder.

All of this, together with tonight’s lineup, has us asking the perennial question:  Where is Andre Ethier?  What ever happened to “Every Day Dre”?

I don’t suppose it has anything to do with his splits against left-handed pitchers.  Over the course of his career, Ethier’s OPS split is .889 against righties and .637 against lefties.  His split has widened this year to .900 against righties and .487 against lefties, though of course he only has 36 plate appearances against lefties in 2015.

Ethier-LLbabydre6a00d8341c630a53ef013485bef30e970c-800wiDre-3andreethier301105tuethier6292b530b641bc3e710bccaf22c4a34b100454-AndreEthierAuto-2003UDSRa-Ethier03Andre Ethier in the 2011 National League All Star black cap and jerseydownloadScreenShot2013-10-17at3.09.04PM_crop_exactimages