Big Apple vs Big Orange

July 3, 2015


The Dodgers start their weekend series with the Mets with Clayton Kershaw on the mound.  This is the first time that Kershaw has pitched after losing three straight. While not close to his record season last year, Kershaw has pitched much better than his record indicates.

With the International Signing Season now open, the Dodgers wasted no time stocking their farm system with a lot of  talent some countries in and around the Caribbean Sea.  In addition, since the Dodgers and blew through their international signing bonus, they have sold their international bonus slots to other teams in return for prospects.

A Slim Lead

June 29, 2015


As the Dodgers travel to Arizona, they are trying to maintain their lead over the San Francisco Giants.  Meanwhile, the Giants get a day of rest today, before taking on the Stanton-less Marlins in Miami for three games.

The Dodgers lead over the Giants recently has been consistent, yet very small.  Over the past eight days, our lead was never less than one game, nor never more than two games.

The NL West has been a two-team race between the Dodgers and the Giants since May 16th.  Since then, with only one exception, the Giants have been chasing the Dodgers.  On May 29th, the Giants overtook the Dodgers, holding a half game lead on that day.  However, the next day, the Dodgers re-took the lead and have not relinquished it ever since.

Dodgers at Marlins

June 26, 2015


Random Thoughts Going Into Game 75 of 2015

We are up just one game above the Giants. It will be a “pennant race” with the Giants all season. I suppose now we call it a “division race”.

If the season ended today, the Pirates and the Cubs would be the Wild Card winners. That makes our division race all the more important.

Giants are hosting the Rockies while we are visiting the Marlins. A sweep of the Marlins sure would be sweet.

We split the four game series with the Cubs.  Does that prove we can beat a team that is above .500?  Or does it prove nothing, because it was just a tie?

The only offensive player that is hot right now is Justin Turner. Everyone else has gone cold. Gonzalez has awoken recently, but he has had a bad June. Pederson forgot how to hit home runs after his five game streak. A couple recently.

Do we have a true lead off hitter? Somebody with a good OBP? Someone who can steal a base? Oh yeah, I guess not.

How long before Brett Anderson’s arm gives out?

Who will we be able to get in a major trade to shore up the starting pitcher rotation? Who will we have to trade away?

Will Corey Seager be coming up soon? His OPS at AAA Oklahoma City is now .807 in 206 plate appearances.  His fielding percentage at shortstop is .968 in 188 chances at shortstop.

Is the bullpen starting to coalesce around Nicasio and Howell as the set-up men?

Would you trade Howie Kendrick straight up for Dee Gordon? Would the Marlins make that trade?

Do you like the super-short paragraphs?  Or do you hate them, because they remind you of the poor writers at the LA Times?

4 Game Series with Cubbies

June 22, 2015


Giants Series

June 19, 2015


This series could impact the NL West standings. On Monday the Dodgers can be a half game behind the Giants, or 5 1/2 games ahead… or anything in between.

It is highly unlikely that the Dodgers can get another balk-off win, so their bats better warm up fast.

Howdy Dodgers!

June 15, 2015


The folks in Texas are a friendly bunch. You can ask Enchanted and vl4eccjr.

Maybe they won’t be as friendly after a two game sweep by the boys in blue. The schedule for the next four games is weird. The Dodgers play the Rangers in Arlington Monday and Tuesday, then both teams fly to Los Angeles for a two game series on Wednesday and Thursday at Dodger Stadium. I don’t remember a back to back series against the same team in each other’s stadium, other than to make up for a rainout or in the post-season.

The Dodgers flight from San Diego to DFW* experienced a malfunction and had to divert to LAX. Airline travel is extremely safe, if you go by the miles per accident stats, but planes do go down occasionally. I shudder to think of the disaster that would occur if a MLB team plane were to crash. Though nobody likes to think about it, there is a contingency plan in place if the unthinkable were to happen. Scott’s father, Andy Van Slyke, teamed up with longtime St. Louis baseball writer Rob Rains to write “The Curse”, a novel whose premise revolves around the Cubs suffering a tragedy in which 23 members of the team lose their lives.

*Located roughly halfway between the major cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, DFW spills across portions of Dallas and Tarrant counties, and includes portions of the cities of Irving, Euless, Grapevine and Coppell. It has its own post office ZIP code and United States Postal Service city designation “DFW Airport, TX”.

Dodgers at Padres

June 12, 2015



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