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  1. trublu4ever says:

    Last 4 games before the All Star break. Let’s make some room between us and the Giants (who lost today) The lineup for tonight is pretty much the same except for SVS instead of Dre.

  2. trublu4ever says:

    Almost forgot….Crawford is back…..Robinson DFAd

  3. Dodger4life says:

    36 scoreless innings and counting…

  4. 32and53fan says:

    The Padres have the best record for the past 10 games. A sweep going into the break would be a great to end the first half.

  5. trublu4ever says:

    And, I’m glad the brass didn’t succeed in getting Tanaka and Arroyo…both are out for the count 🙂

  6. enchantedbeaver says:

    This team just f-ing sucks. Night after night after night its the same old shit. I give up.

    • trublu4ever says:

      Can’t even hit a sac fly ball! 🙂

      • enchantedbeaver says:

        Sooner they learn that Gonzo is done as an everyday 1B the better. They took on all the crap contracts for what? One good year of Gonzo and now we’re stuck for umpteen more years of watching him hit in to DP after DP.

        Somebody ought to teach Puig also about maybe making contact once in awhile when there’s a runner at third. I’m so sick of this shit that I might start following the Angels for awhile. At least they can hit.

        • trublu4ever says:

          I watched the A’s take 3 of 4 from the Giants and, boy, they are fun to watch …. always take advantage of an opportunity.

          • enchantedbeaver says:

            Well managed, well put together team.

          • trublu4ever says:

            Yes, they are. And, no super star egos, either.

          • enchantedbeaver says:

            Yup, each player selected specifically for their roll by Beane, and Melvin makes sure each player knows his roll. Unlike Ned who thinks you can just throw a bunch of “super” players together and have a team, and Donnie who makes sure no one really knows what they’re supposed to do.

    • JhallWally says:

      Yep, Beav, they suck…… What would you expect from a team put together by Nedcompoop and led by a sychophant manager.. He’s a dildo…. Just being used by the upper management….. He hums to whatever they say… Dildon!!!!!!

  7. I just got home from a neighborhood feast.

  8. enchantedbeaver says:

    Ever any doubt they wouldn’t score? Most f-ing pathetic team I’ve ever seen. Cucamonga hits better than these guys.

  9. trublu4ever says:

    Matt never makes contact when it counts!

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      The way Matt and Andre are playing you’d think they were both 40 and just hanging on. Honestly, I’d find someplace for both of them (preferably Japan) and bring up Pederson. At least he’d try. Matt just sucks, and I really don’t think Andre cares if he’s playing or not anymore.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I think this year, Dre has become Donnie’s guy…I think he is the team leader because nobody else wanted to step up. I think of all the outfielders Andre understands the situation and doesn’t pout about playing time.

        • enchantedbeaver says:

          I reading it more as, “I’ve got my money whether I play or not.”

          I still don’t get though how the skill set of Kemp and Dre have deteriorated so much in so little time. I don’t see other teams with 30 & 31 year olds that play to 40 (and throw Gonzo in this batch also.) Why do ours?

  10. trublu4ever says:

    Thank goodness, Scottie did!

  11. enchantedbeaver says:

    I know I’m going to have an aneurism before this game is over. The futility is unfuckingbelievable.

  12. enchantedbeaver says:

    At least no one was on or it would’ve been the ballgame.

  13. Dodger4life says:

    Nice run for Kershaw…

  14. 41 is the third longest.

  15. kahliforni says:

    Here’s an odd stat for enchanted, concerning his disappointment in AGon. Gonzalez is tied for 14th in all of baseball for RBIs. But SEVEN of the 13 in front of him also play 1B. Weird…………….

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Odd yes. But what I want to know is the pct. of runners he’s actually plated. Kind of like when Pierre would get 200 hits – you get 750 PAs a year, you’re going to get 200 hits. Likewise, when you come up with runners on all the time, you’ll get a few home. Its the pct. I think that tells the story.

      • kahliforni says:

        You may be right…but I have not been following the team very much this season, as I’ve said many times here. No TV at the All-Star break is really hard to believe. Greed, greed, greed. It started with McCourt, when he shoved rows of seats in front of the long-time season ticket holders on the Field Level. That’s where I sat from 1978 until the mid 2000s. Those days seem centuries ago.

        • enchantedbeaver says:

          I haven’t been to the stadium since the early 90s. Can’t even remember how I got tickets or who they played. I’d probably be appalled at what it looks like now – I was so used to all that foul territory and the big union 76 ball above the scoreboard.

          I think in the era of uber stats that there’s a way to find out that pct, but my apathy towards Gonzo is only overshadowed by how much I don’t give damn about him, sac fly or no.

  16. enchantedbeaver says:

    Odds anyone on if Gonzo can still find a way to hit into a DP?

  17. 41 is the third longest in Dodger history.

  18. enchantedbeaver says:

    Take a seat Matt, you suck.

  19. enchantedbeaver says:

    5 times a runner at third and one out and only once did they score him with an out. Fortunately they did get the one hit with two outs. But really, that’s 5 times they had an opportunity to score an easy run with an out, and only once did they do it. You can’t play that crappy of baseball and expect to beat a good team.

  20. Another brilliant performance by Kershaw.

  21. trublu4ever says:

    Thank-you Kid K …. you won this game for us!

  22. JhallWally says:

    Thank god for Kersh…… Way to go kid….

  23. The pressure is on both the Dodgers and Giants to keep winning. These are big games while only one game separates them.

  24. crash24now says:


    Gordon 2B
    Puig RF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Kemp LF
    Van Slyke CF
    Uribe 3B
    Rojas SS
    Butera C
    Haren P

    A few oddities here. First, no Hanley – he’s getting extended rest starting from now and lasting through the All Star break. Second, where the heck is Ethier? This is two straight games against a righty without “Every Day Dre”. Finally, Butera gets a start tonight, perhaps because his designated pitcher Beckett is on the DL.

  25. messagebear says:

    Why no Andre? Because Van Slyke can hit right handers about as well as Andre can, but with more power. In fact, Van Slyke is probably our best outfielder not named Puig. He’s got one of the best OBP numbers on the team. It’s about time Donnie realized that he’s there to play ball – winning ball. I wish they’d trade Crawford (but who wants him and his contract), Kemp (if we could get something worthwhile back), or Andre (who’s way over-hill) and then bring up Pederson and give his new blood a chance as well.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Yup, add about another $200M that Ned has wasted. It’ll never happen though. Pederson will never set foot on the field as a Dodger. Won’t surprise me when they ultimately sign Ramirez to a long term deal that Seager never sets foot on the field as a Dodger either.

      • messagebear says:

        Yup, Ramirez is playing down to a level that would engage Ned’s interest (for about three years), plus Ned seems to like guys that take a couple of months off on the DL each season.

  26. Dodger4life says:

    Is that a band-aid on Dre’s hand… perhaps a blister.

  27. trublu4ever says:

    Haren stinks!

  28. enchantedbeaver says:

    I call game.

  29. This really doesn’t look good now.

  30. Dodger4life says:

    Bring up Pederson…

  31. trublu4ever says:

    Yep….Mattingly is at the top of my fucked up list!

  32. trublu4ever says:

    ….Matt is a close second!

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      As good as his team looked last year in July & August, essentially with the same personnel, they’re a total mess this year despite their record.

      I blame Ned for saddling them with a bunch of high priced prima donas, zero bench from day 1, two BP pitchers that should never have ever been signed, and a poor fielding team.

      I blame Donnie because after all this time he still has no in game sense, can’t handle a BP, doesn’t know how to stack a line-up, gives no clear cut definition to who’s in what roll, and his team has absolutely no heart.

      If it wasn’t for the starting pitching, I’m sure this team would be well under .500.

  33. 32and53fan says:

    The Dodgers radio feed stopped, so I am listening to the Padres announcers. They are absolutely ripping Puig for his idiotic TOOTBLAN play. Then they said he is moping in right field, hand on hip, head down, barely moving.

  34. JhallWally says:

    Pathetic!!! This team has alot of holes/problems.. Starting at the very top. Gonna be interesting to see what the Dodgers do to address their obvious shortcomings….

    At least we are still very much in the hunt…. Lets hope they get it figured out soon…..

  35. After Armarista’s HR there didn’t seem to be any momentum in the Dodgers. They need some momentum, if they need anything tonight.

  36. messagebear says:

    It feels to me like they don’t really have much to fight for, or aren’t showing much fight. The Giants won’t likely be much competition, and the Dodgers must feel like they’ve pretty much got a lock on the playoffs regardless. The only one who looks like he’s playing with some heart is Puig, even if some of the moves are stupid, and possibly one or two of the guys who don’t already have a big contract in place. The ones who’re getting paid big time anyway, FORGET IT, with the exception of Kershaw who’s a different kind of guy anyway.

  37. Dodger4life says:

    I missed the game last night…
    Anyone think Maholm will pitch his way off of the 40-man tonight…

  38. messagebear says:

    Everybody is expecting that the Dodgers will trade an outfielder before the deadline, and I suppose that is reasonable. The only problem in my mind is that they’ll trade the wrong one, almost guaranteed with Ned doing the dealing. I’ve been reading here locally that the Mariners would be interested in getting Van Slyke in exchange for any name out of their bullpen. Apparently the Mariners’ bullpen has the lowest ERA in the majors, and they sorely need a LF with any kind of major league average and power potential. They see Van Slyke as a low cost answer without having to give up too much. Byrd of the Phillies and any number of other guys out there are possibilities, but all would have bigger contract assumptions that Seattle can ill afford. I’d personally trade any other outfielder not named Puig than I would let go of Scott.

  39. lbirken says:

    The big challenge for Ned is getting any team to take on the contracts of the outfielders not named Puig. Of course, with Guggenheim’s deep pockets that really might not be a huge issue. Interesting how times change. It was not that long ago Kemp was an MVP candidate. Now he sometimes looks as if he has no clue.

  40. crash24now says:

    I know it’s just one game out of 162 games, but still, every game is precious. So why is Maholm starting tonight? Where’s Red Patterson? Send down Baez or whomever and get Patterson on the mound tonight.

  41. messagebear says:

    I agree that under the circumstances it would be good to see some new guy get a chance at the random start, but neither Patterson nor anybody else we have in the minors has shown any immediate potential to rise to the occasion. Magill stinks, and so does Fife, and I’m unimpressed with Lee’s numbers. He was supposed to be the guy to bring up this year. I’m thinking that our top prospects are highly overhyped. Could it be that’s why Logan White isn’t getting a GM job anywhere? Frankly I’m beginning to suspect anybody who works for Ned. What does it say if you’re working for an asshole?

  42. Has anyone noticed that the gnats have already lost to the Teabags? Score: 2-0.

  43. Dodger4life says:

    Has Puig ever been kicked out of a ballgame before…

  44. enchantedbeaver says:

    Maholm’s pitching a good game, so naturally these assholes can’t hit a lick against a piss poor pitcher.

    I pity whoever the NL sends to the WS. The AL is going to rip ’em a new one.

  45. lbirken says:

    Can’t ask for much more from Maholm.

  46. enchantedbeaver says:

    God these guys stink.

  47. trublu4ever says:

    Whew,,,,thank-you, AJ!

  48. Maholm was fantastic.

  49. lbirken says:

    Exciting night at the ballpark except for all the idiots throwing paper airplanes and the fans cheering for them to reach the field.

  50. grizzy says:

    I try to stay optimistic, but again I have to ask, “where’s the beef?” And I have to admit I’m starting to suffer from Puig fatigue. I’m expecting him to run the NL out of an inning in the allstar game. Fun to watch? Of course, but I’m getting tired of all these bone headed stunts. I also have to admit I’m getting tired of waiting for these guys to start playing up to their salary level, though everything considered the Dodgers are in good position to start the second half. Crappy division and all, a little spurt puts them in good shape, but at some point somebody, ANYBODY, will have to get hot.

  51. Dodger4life says:

    Maholm couldn’t have done much better last night.
    Puig used a poor choice of words to describe his frustration. with the umps strike zone.
    Kemp is getting schooled at the plate. When will he start driving balls the other way.
    Having, Ethier and Van Slyke play center, helps keep our valued bats of Kemp and Puig from running into each other, as well as, limiting the danger of hitting the wall at full speed.
    Puig has been struggling at the plate over the past 30 days. Last season he was able to adapt and keep the slumps to a minimum.
    A-Gon was able to square up a couple of balls last night… Line-drives are much more productive then all the ground-balls the team has produced.

    • Dodger4life says:

      I guess I fell asleep, cause, I just noticed A.J. provided us with some ‘Game Over Walk-Off Beef’ last night…

  52. Dodger4life says:

    .552, best record in the N.L.. Imagine that…

  53. trublu4ever says:

    Great pitching the last two games….hope our “beef” shows up after the break!

    • JhallWally says:

      Woo-Hoo, win streak!!!

      Yep Tru, you couldn’t have asked for better pitching the last two games coming off the Haren debacle…. I sure didn’t see the Maholm gem coming…..

      Sure would be nice if the offense could get it going….

      Good luck to our Dodger All-Stars….

  54. I was at the feast today and came home during the 6th inning. The Dodgers had already scored. One thing I can say is, What the Dodgers lack on offense they sure make up for it in other ways.

  55. Dodger4life says:

    I managed to fall asleep in the 2nd inning today.

    The first half, or, up till this break anyway’s has been rather boring baseball.

    Last night was only the teams the second walk-off win…

    The pitching has been very watchable, yet again, without some productivity on offense…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    I’m looking forward to seeing our Boys in the All-Star game…

  56. enchantedbeaver says:

    Good thing this team gets quality starting pitching for the most part. The offense is dreadful. The bullpen is suspect. The defense is questionable. And the bench is pathetic. The next 26 games after the AS break are going to tell us if these guys are the contenders they say they are or the pretenders I think they are.

    Something’s going to have to be done about Haren. I suppose you would have to try Lee, but I honestly don’t think he’s going to be any better. Turner will help coming back if its to the expense of Truinfel. Its Figgins coming back at the expense of Rojas I believe will be a mistake. Still, if this offense doesn’t wake up or they don’t start showing some real backbone against the +.500 teams they have to take on after the break, I can easily see them losing 15-18 of the 26.

    • JhallWally says:

      Yep Beav, they are going to have to get it going… The next 2 weeks are against really good teams… I guess we will see what we have….. And then the dog days of August.. It’s gonna be interesting…… If our offense doesn’t come around, it could be a long summer…. I’d like to see them trade off Crawford, Ethier, and Kemp… They all suck….. Bring up the kids…. I think we would be better with young, fast, and hungry young players than we are with the status quo….. JMO

  57. No doubt we all agree that the weakest link to this team is still the offense, which ended at the break at a really low point. I think everything else about the team is good enough for the long hall, if the team can score more runs.

  58. Dodger4life says:

    Let’s Go Puig…

  59. lbirken says:

    Wow, that was quick. No need to worry about getting tired and worn out from those crappy swings. How disappointing.

  60. lbirken says:

    Maybe Yasiel should have considered bringing Dan Haren to pitch, a guy who knows a lot about serving up home runs.

  61. enchantedbeaver says:

    I’m not sold on Puig either – he’s got an ego his talent can’t match.

    • trublu4ever says:

      I thought I was the only one who was not that impressed with him.

      • trublu4ever says:

        But, since he saved Donnie’s ass last year….he will be his guy.

        • enchantedbeaver says:

          Let’s put it this way Tru, I think he’s the best OFer they have right now, but there’s not much competition if you know what I mean. He’s got all the talent he’ll ever need, BUT he needs to stop the showboating and false bravado and take his craft seriously. Look what happened to Kemp. All the talent in the world, but nothing between the ears. He made up for a lot of his mistakes by sheer athleticism, but injuries have robbed him of much of that, and now he has to rely on his baseball acumen of which he is totally lacking.

          Stupid is as stupid does, and there’s a hell of a lot more Gumps on this team than there are Lt. Dans.

          • JhallWally says:

            Well, at least Gump had commen sense…. Something I haven’t seen from our upper management on down….. And, that is where the big problem is… Our upper management (this includes Nedcompoop) is not what we had hoped for… So far, in my opinion, they suck……

          • enchantedbeaver says:

            Hey my brother, how goes it?

            I’d just like to have more than 4-5 players that play the game the right way. Despite having the best record in the NL I don’t think any of us feel they play the game correctly. I really thought Kasten would come in and straighten out what ailed this organization, but from what I’ve seen he’s only perpetuated its ills. I tell you, if I ran this club, you wouldn’t make it out of AA unless you knew and could perform all the fundamentals on a regular basis. Errs are going to happen, but sound fundamental baseball – running the bases, hitting behind the runners moving them up, hitting the cutoff man – should be totally ingrained before they ever get to the bigs. You loaf you’re on the bench or off the club. Its not rocket science, but it seems to be for our management team.

  62. lbirken says:

    I think Puig has done ok so far, even with the mistakes. He is exciting to watch and still learning. It remains to be seen if he can make the adjustments offensively and cut down the base running mistakes and I don’t think much should be made of the home run derby fiasco.

  63. lbirken says:

    The home run derby is going longer than a regular game.

  64. grizzy says:

    I finally turned it off. It is just too drawn out and becomes tedious. I did enjoy that clip with Mantle and Mays, though. I got to see Mantle make a ball disappear there in ’61.

    • crash24now says:

      Why was Mantle batting right-handed against a righty pitcher when we all know he was a switch hitter and hit many many more HRs as a lefty batter????

      • crash24now says:

        Found the answer. Mickey said his longest home runs were when he was hitting right-handed, so he chose to hit right-handed in the HR Derby.

  65. grizzy says:

    Who won,anyway?

  66. grizzy says:

    Cespedes, according to mlb

  67. JhallWally says:

    Woo-Hoo, Puig whiffed….. No homers… Maybe he will get a dose of reality……

  68. JhallWally says:

    The bad part is, we have too many guys with bad contracts that management will not give up on, blocking our ability to bring up the young talent…. They invested in the wrong players and in the wrong way, right out of the shoot….. They are screwed for the next 2-3years.. Just an example, Beav and I both would have traded Ethier 2-3 years ago for good prospects….. When he was worth something… Now we can’t get a bag of batting practice balls for him… Geez!!! I guess they got the TV deal for umpteen million and it is OK with them….

  69. grizzy says:

    Come to think of it, our guys never do worth poop in the derby anyway.

  70. lbirken says:

    Guggenheim paid a lot of money for the Dodgers knowing the TV deal would infuse guaranteed revenue for a long time. At the same time, however, Guggenheim also needed to repair the damage done by the previous owner and put fans back in the seats. There is a risk in signing players to any contract and the risk increases as the terms of the contract in money and/or years increase. The Dodgers historically do not rebuild; they try to win every year. Therefore, while it might make sense for the long term to trade veteran talent for prospects, does it make sense if you are trying to win now? We can all name organizations that have been rebuilding for years with no results yet to validate the decision making process. We have heard a lot about how the Oakland A’s do business but until that team actually wins a championship, have they done anything other than work within their means?

  71. messagebear says:

    Some of us probably go back to the old days when you had to rebuild with fresh talent, before free agency and when it became possible to “buy” players and hopefully a championship. Any way you look at it, it’s still been 1988 since the Dodgers won it all, so how has that buying worked out for us. I don’t really expect that the Guggenheims will be any more successful in doing the buying than previous regimes, and in a way I’m rooting against their possibility of doing so. Yes, that may not make me much of a fan by today’s business standards. I would find it refreshing to have an Oakland approach where you get to see new talent and people who really have the fire to achieve something at the major league level before they progress to the huge contract somewhere else and then decline. Living closer to Seattle I’m taking some enjoyment in following them this season when a couple of the newer guys seem to be paying off.

    I didn’t like the Guggenheims from the beginning, and I didn’t like the way that they secured the franchise. It really wasn’t open competition by people who knew and understood baseball rather than just the business end, and I think that Selig was one of the grand conspirators looking to vastly increase the franchise values for all of MLB – hoping that this would be his remembered legacy, rather than all the performance enhancing drugs. Yes, they could negotiate for the cable rights, but how many years will it be before the fans see normal TV coverage again? So, I don’t wish the Guggenheims well, in fact FUCK the miserable bastards. It’s so unfortunate that their involvement will always take some of the gloss off my beloved Dodgers of better times.

  72. Dodger4life says:

    Eat Mor Chikin’

  73. I watched the entire Home Run Derby, which I usually do whenever a Dodger participates. Otherwise I skip it and go to the feast.
    Unfortunately it was the same old story with the Dodger not doing well. I thing Puig was too anxious up there, trying to be too impressive. Tonight I’ll watch the ASG as I usually do, rooting for NL, but I must admit I enjoyed it more when it was just an exhibition game.

  74. crash24now says:

    Puig was unprepared for the HR Derby, as he didn’t even bring along his own pitcher.

    Hoping for a better showing in the AS Game.

    • lbirken says:

      According to an article in today’s L.A. Times, Puig asked Rob Flippo, who tosses batting practice and is the Dodger bullpen coach, to come to Minnesota but Rob could not go due to a prior obligation.

      • crash24now says:

        Thanks for the clarification. But then why didn’t he ask someone else? The triple P – piss poor preparation.

      • messagebear says:

        So Flippo flipped off Puig? Wonder what prior obligation would be more important than the All Star Game function for someone associated with baseball. In any case I doubt that it would have made much difference for Puig’s performance. I’ll settle for a couple of ordinary hits in the game itself – the Home Run Derby is just a lot of publicity garbage (which you’d think would be right up Puig’s alley).

        • lbirken says:

          It really did not look like the loose, relaxed Puig we see on a day to day basis. The idea of the home run derby is appealing but for some reason this one was not all that interesting. Even Chris Back Back Berman seemed to have trouble staying focused. Could it have been the rain? Or could it be the overall lack of power after the steroid era?

          • crash24now says:

            Partly it was the format. Too many rounds make for some tired guys. Stanton and Bautista both had impressive first rounds.

  75. Dodger4life says:

    The caps they chose for this game are hideous…

  76. messagebear says:

    Actually I even hate his haircut. What does he think he is, a Cuban Indian?

  77. trublu4ever says:

    Clayton and Zack were awesome!

  78. enchantedbeaver says:

    Hope Puig would learn a lesson in humility from his stellar all-star performances, but my guess is he won’t. One would hope it would at least wake him up that he can’t lollygag when you play with the big boys.

    On the other hand, at least we have Clayton, Zach and Dee.

  79. lbirken says:

    Happy for Kershaw, Zach and Dee. Disappointed for Puig.

  80. grizzy says:

    I agree with a lot of the above as the caps were indeed hideous. I thought they were a tasteless money grab. Maybe this will be a wake up call for Puig, but I also have my doubts there. I really thought he’d run the NL out of an inning, but you’d have to get on to do that.
    Were we to make it to the series, I think we will be able to thank Matheney for being visitors. Had he started his best pitcher, Wainright could have then pitched to the bottom of the lineup with better results. Of course there is no guarantee the results would have been better, but they could not have been worse. It’s been well established the reasons Matheney started his guy and I usually don’t get into the “what if ?’, but that’s how I see this one.

  81. Dodger4life says:

    Kershaw not getting the start, I can understand. Both pitchers have had great success in the first half. One is an older player, whose All-Star chances are dimming and the other is a bright and shining star with what anyone could assume, has a decade, or more games left to play. Besides, Wainwright is Matheny and the Cardinals ace.
    So be it…
    I do find it rather silly, that in choosing Wainwright, he drew upon his maturity level and leadership…
    So, then in a display of his maturity and leadership, he claims to have [hypothetically] grooved one for Jeter… [Wasn’t Wainwright the guy who claimed to have problems with the Mickey Mouse stuff last season]. Hmmmmmmmmmm…
    I’m not gonna bash Puig on his All-Star performance. He hasn’t looked right for a while now. Kersh, Greinke and Gordon have…
    Is the silly season over now… [It’s hard to say it’s all that silly when guy’s bang some of the best pitchers in baseball around though ain’t it.]
    No Mor Chicken
    We Deserve Beef

    • trublu4ever says:

      I loved how Wainwright tried to back track on his statement…too late buddy! You should learn to keep your mouth shut….and, I still remember him “not intentionally” hitting Hanley….and, yes, the Mickey Mouse stuff too. What really ticked me off the most about last night was Matheny using his middle reliever! Good grief, you had lots of talent in the Pen and you choose this guy!

      • JhallWally says:

        It is and was a total farce Tru….. Metheny blew it by being a homer… He did not manage well or like the game meant something… Stupid freaking Cardinal bastard….

        • trublu4ever says:

          I hate them almost as much as the Giants and Dbacks. I’m waiting to see what happens when we take our bubble machine to Arizona. My bet…the owner will not allow us to use it.

      • JhallWally says:

        The Cardinals lost the series last year, and, their manager and pitchers lost us the All-Star Game….. Freaking miscreants. Nice job St Louis……

  82. JhallWally says:

    Overall, our Dodgers did well.. Puig sucked, but Dee, Greinke, and Kersh did well…… I hope Puig gets the message…. You may be blessed with ungodly talent and natural ability, but, in the show, you still need to work and adapt…. You ain’t gonna coast up here…

  83. Our guys did fabulous in the ASG this year especially Kershaw and Greinke. Gordon was sparkling at 2nd base and on the base paths and Puig held his own despite failing to do anything offensively.

  84. crash24now says:

    Joc Pederson hit a home run in the AAA All-Star Game. What did Puig do? Oh, 3K.

    Time to bring up Pederson and jettison one or more outfielders that don’t know how to play CF.

  85. messagebear says:

    The latest speculation is that the Dodgers will go after either Hamels or Papelbon from the Phillies and would have to be prepared to give up Pederson, Seagar and maybe Urias or Guerrero. Frankly I think that Ryu is better than Hamels, especially if you have Hamels through the 2018 season. I also don’t see how Papelbon would be a significant improvement over Jensen – over Wilson, yes, but is that all worth giving up our three top prospects?
    Say NO, Ned, much as you like to trade away prospects for veterans.

  86. enchantedbeaver says:

    I’d be willing to give up Pederson for something of value. Notice I said “of value”, which is key because its, you know, Ned doing the trading.

    Seager and Urias are untouchable in my opinion.

    Papelbuns shouldn’t have a huge price tag if we were willing to eat the rest of his contract. Same for Cliff Lee if they want to go that route.

    We all know Ned is an idiot though, so I’m sure he’ll trade the farm for a couple of broken down hasbeens.

    • Dodger4life says:

      We should hang onto Pederson, he’s young enough that he may be able to stay healthy. I agree with Seager and Urias as being untouchable.
      Dave Stewart has spoken again… Claiming Kemp wants to play everyday, somewhere.

      • Dodger4life says:

        Guerrero may prove to be a valued bat, with a glove…

      • trublu4ever says:

        I saw that too…Matt whining again that he wants to play everyday or be traded…..and, he needs to be in Center.

        • crash24now says:

          If he hadn’t injured his ankle, then he could still run fast enough to cover center field. But since he did, he needs to stay in left field.

          • trublu4ever says:

            I’m sure Dre, CC and SVS would also like to play everyday but, they are keeping their mouths shut.

          • Dodger4life says:

            I can’t see putting Kemp back in center considering all the dangers the position brings. Especially, considering his contract, his lackadaisical attitude at times and a 5 tool player in Puig playing right.

          • Dodger4life says:

            Puig isn’t mature enough to play center and without speed on both sides of them. Dre and Van Slyke struggle.

        • enchantedbeaver says:

          He is playing everyday… and sucking. Trade his ass. When you think about it, who wasn’t playing last year when they went on their epic streak? I think he’s still better that Crawford or Dre, but he never has had much between the ears, which it appears at least Dre has and maybe Crawford too.

      • enchantedbeaver says:

        Its not the I don’t want Pederson D4, its that with the contracts they have in the current OF, those jerks are untradeable, and Ned’s not likely to eat that much of any contract(s) just to make room for an unproven rookie. I don’t think Joc will ever set foot in DS as a Dodger, so they might as well get something they need for him.

        • Dodger4life says:

          I understand.
          Does this mean Figgins will see some time in center when he comes back.
          I doubt all 3 of said ‘contracts’ come back next season though.

          • enchantedbeaver says:

            We shouldn’t have to see Figgins under any circumstances, but I’m sure Ned’s drooling to get him back and send Rojas down.

  87. lbirken says:

    Welcome to what I call the worst sports days in the year. With apologies to MLS, WNBA and NBA Summer League, there is not much going on until Friday. So here are some random thoughts:

    Wainwright: Should have probably kept his mouth shut but really, the fault for all of this is on Bud Selig for trying to make the ASG a real game that has some meaning other than just a good time for players and fans (in other words, an exhibition game). If Bud wants the ASG to be something other than an exhibition game, then we need to cut down the number of players on each side and go back to letting the players and coaching staffs vote on the players. Make sure the best players are on the field for the entire game and if the game ends in a tie because all the players have been used after a couple extra innings, then so be it. His decision to give the winning league home field advantage in the WS was an over reaction to the tie game a few years ago. Does anyone really like it this way?

    Surprises and disappointments: Have to say Dee Gordon is the biggest surprise for me. I never expected him to play as well as he has at second base and his offense has also been better than expected. Hopefully he will not wear down as we reach the so called dog days of the season. I will also say I am pleasantly surprised that even with all his issues, Puig has solidified his position as the everyday right fielder. I had some concerns that he would not be able to do this. Hopefully he will continue to learn from his mistakes while still playing an exciting brand of baseball. Justin Turner has been a pleasant surprise although his injury is a disappointment. Going to be interesting when he is ready to play. Miguel Rojas has given the Dodgers some great moments in his limited time.

    As for disappointments, there are many. I still cannot understand why this team struggles to score runs. I also hope the next time the Dodgers are asked to travel out of the country for spring training games they respectfully decline. Of course, Brian Wilson has been a big disappointment. Even with the light hitting and lack of runs, if the bullpen had performed better, I think the Dodgers would have perhaps 10 more victories. Hanley Ramirez’ injuries can be added to this list of disappointments. The TV deal continues to be a big problem, not for me personally because I get Time Warner but overall for the fans and the organization. The Dodgers can claim innocence but we all know that is just a feeble attempt to shift responsibility. But I really do not expect the Dodgers to give the money back but I don’t know how Time Warner can make the numbers work if the other systems continue refusing to accept the deal Time Warner wants them to take. If TWC or Dish budge, it is a sign of weakness that may be difficult to overcome the next time around. Not a good situation for any of us.

    I am also tired of all the discussion about Dodger ownership. I am not going to let this ruin my enjoyment or passion. I do long for the days when all that mattered was what happened on the field.

    The best moment so far: Clearly for me the Kershaw no hitter because I was there in person.

    • Dodger4life says:

      I demand to see your ticket stub, good sir.

    • kahliforni says:

      lbirk, no TV = the ruining of my enjoyment and passion. Seriously, how am I supposed to follow this team? Charlie Steiner? No thanks.

      • enchantedbeaver says:

        Gameday Kahli. You can call your own game like they did in the old days when the broadcast would be some remote local yokel and he’d get the plays (delayed of course) through the ticker. You can make up fights in the stands between pitches, do your own sound effects…

        Oh sure, your wife may look at you like you’re crazy, but the entertainment value you’ll get will far outweigh an occasional visit from the men in white coats. Best of all, if we’re getting blown out, well, oops, technical difficulties and you go back to the day’s original programming.

        • Dodger4life says:

          Steely Dan, a spliff and highlights in the morning, helped me in my hard times.

          • Dodger4life says:

            For years I used the Vladimir Spundt, psycho vibes method…I would play songs every inning, and was usually able to steer the game in my direction…need a rally, play Panama….ooooh yeah,
            The boy’s were like puppets. I tell ya’.

          • Dodger4life says:

            The year I called Andre’s shot, on Nelly’s birthday… That was a Steely Dan, Spliff and Spundt moment.
            I think we may have to start a new network…
            SpundtVision L.A.

  88. Man how fast this 4 day break went. Time goes faster as you get older.

  89. JhallWally says:

    If you can get anything for Kemp, trade him…. What a piece of work… An underachieving whiner…. Package Kemp, Crawford, and Ethier for a bag of balls and get them out of here… Bring up the kids… They can’t be any worse than the aforementioned bumbling bunch of overpaid crap.. My god, they may be able to play some defense..

  90. I’m sure some kind of move(moves) will be made, sometime, somehow. I’ll wait, as I usually do, since I have no control over it. When it happens, I’ll probably have something to say about it.
    I’ll miss most of tonight’s game, most likely watch tomorrow’s game and see some or most of Sunday night’s game.
    After that I’ll be back to normal. I just hope we win.

  91. grizzy says:

    I can’t help but think it is too early to give up on Kemp. I’m no expert on ankle injuries, but I’d want to be sure he had time to heal completely before trying to move him. If the present Kemp is as good as we’re going to get, well….

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