Should be a fun series

Should be a fun series

Nice to be tied for 1st Place


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  1. trublu4ever says:

    Here’s the lineup for tonight:
    The Cuban Missile
    Yo Adrian
    Everyday Dre

    Hanley is still hurting. I like what Miguel has done on the field.

  2. trublu4ever says:

    We lost another former Dodger ….. RIP Bobby Castillo.

  3. Yes a really nice post, Tru,
    Brings back memories.
    Just kidding..

  4. Dodger4life says:

    Let’s keep this winning streak at home thing, alive!!

  5. trublu4ever says:

    I’ve been hearing rumors that if Haren doesn’t get it together, we may be shopping for a starter by the trade deadline. Also hearing bullpen help is a priority.

  6. enchantedbeaver says:

    Haren’s finally pitching a good game and they go back into their coma on offense.

  7. 32and53fan says:

    A lot of us may have known of Wilbert Robinson without knowing some details of his career. The following is an excerpt from his Wikipedia page:
    “Robinson would not don the manager’s cap again in the majors until 1914, when he took over the Brooklyn franchise in the National League. The team was known by various nicknames, including Bridegrooms, Superbas, and Dodgers, but during Robinson’s managerial tenure, which lasted until 1931, the club was as often referred to as the “Robins” in honor of their manager, who had acquired the nickname “Uncle Robbie”. (The frequently error-prone Dodger teams of this era were also sometimes derisively known as “Uncle Robbie’s Daffiness Boys”.)

    In his 18 years at the helm of the Brooks, Robinson compiled a record of 1375–1341, including National League championships in 1916 and 1920 – Brooklyn’s only pennants between 1901 and 1940. Those two clubs lost in the World Series to the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians, respectively. His 1375 NL victories were, at the time, the 3rd-highest total in NL history, trailing only the totals of McGraw (then with 2652) and Fred Clarke (1602).

    Robinson was highly regarded for his ability to draw outstanding performances from his pitching staffs, a result of his many years as a catcher. Among the pitchers he guided to success were Joe McGinnity with both Orioles teams and the Giants, Rube Marquard with the Giants, and Dazzy Vance and Burleigh Grimes with the Dodgers.”

    Uncle Robbie managed 18 seasons for the Dodgers and was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1945.

  8. Isn’t purple an odd color on a uniform?

  9. It’s July in the Big Apple.

  10. Way to go Clint Robinson.

  11. enchantedbeaver says:

    Clint says, “Go ahead, make my day.”

  12. enchantedbeaver says:

    Hope Wilson’s bringing those good vibrations tonight.

  13. enchantedbeaver says:

    Get those good luck panties out and wave them around Tru – we need a 1-2-3 inning from Kenley for a change.

  14. We’re in first place undisputed.

  15. enchantedbeaver says:


  16. lbirken says:

    Wow, who would have expected a one hitter from Haren. Thank you Rojas, Dre, and Clint.

  17. It’s a night for ice cream. First place is a bluetiful thing.

  18. JhallWally says:

    Wow, nice job Haren…. I thought we would need 4 to 5 runs to win this one… Outstanding Dan Haren….

  19. There’s nothing else now for the Dodgers to do but keep on winning.

  20. crash24now says:

    The 2014 Dodgers have as of now amassed seven different three game winning streaks, but zero four game winning streaks. Dare we ask that they change that pattern with a win tonight?

    Go Beckett!

  21. enchantedbeaver says:

    Cupaguano was released by the Sox… will that give Ned pause as a possible target to shore up the bullpen? Would he be an upgrade over Maholm? Would it make me sick?

  22. trublu4ever says:

    Just heard all four games in Colorado …. lefties!

  23. I followed that top of the first inning on Gameday.
    Looked like a bad inning for Beckett. Hope he settles down.

  24. I’m watching the game now.

  25. Ethier fouled off ball four Damn it!!

  26. It looks like Beckett is off his game so far.

  27. Well the Dodgers finally scored.

  28. trublu4ever says:

    WTF….a triple play!

  29. A triple play 7-2-6.

  30. This looks like all those nights rolled into one.

  31. Wright is doing his best to put the Dodgers behind and we’re running out of outs . . . . no es bueno.

  32. The batters have not exactly been hitting in a timely fashion at all tonight. And the bullpen is back to their funk. Altogether a forgettable game. But we can take the series with the win tomorrow. And I’m looking forward to reading it on GameDay, too.

  33. The Dodgers could be very very bad or they can be very very good. Tonight they were bad but that has nothing to do with tomorrow, Maybe tomorrow they’ll be very very good, I hope.

  34. JhallWally says:

    Wow… We just stunk it up tonight….. Oh, well, there will be games like this..
    Kemp and Ethier sucked with runners on… But, the whole team sucked with runners on.. Beckett didn’t have it. And, why in the hell is Maholm still on this team??? He sucks, even in a mop up roll… Geez!!!!!!!!!!

    Just a stinker we were bound to have somewhere….. Gotta let it go and win this next game….

  35. Dodger4life says:

    My thinking is that Maholm has a guaranteed contract and could be stretched back out as a starter if needed [not that he would be any better than he was previously, but in a pinch could fill the role]. The kids at AAA haven’t shown enough consistency, early on, to guarantee that they would be much better than Maholm has been as a reliever to date…which would be anything other than consistent. I look to see some improvement here in the second half…
    Beckett and Haren when dialed in…are very valuable as the 4th and 5th guy in the rotation. When dialed in they can match up against just about anyone…when they are off by just a bit, they struggle through innings, but usually give the team a chance to win.
    Where’s the beef… Dre, Kemp, Uribe, Puig, AGon, Hanley and Van Slyke have to become more than singles hitters and do so consistently.
    The center-field position has me intrigued a bit as well. As we get closer to the dog days of August, I wonder if we would benefit from having some speed back at this position at some point. This is not to say, the position has been manned poorly… and Puig covers ground in right-field like a speeding locomotive, who may sound the horn, or may not. It’s just that Dre and Scotty have trouble reaching some balls.
    Beckett threw a no-no, then Ryu followed him with a 3-hitter of his own. Kershaw threw a no-no, then Haren comes through with a 1 hit gem of his own. Although, he hasn’t flirted with a perfect game, or a no-no, yet, Greinke is pretty good too. Knock on wood [knock, knock], these guys stay healthy until help comes when rosters expand.
    With, Ari, Rojas, Guerrero, Gordon, and Triunfel…this organization has a few young players, with plus gloves to draw from. The team has cut down the errors both physical and mental.
    With the way Gordon has hit the ball, bunted for a base-hit, stole bags.. almost at will, and covered the ground at second base…He is my MVP at second.
    Winning series, whether at home or on the road, whether the starters are healthy, or lingering…has to continue.
    This team is still somewhat boring though…
    Where’s the beef…
    Where’s the beef…

    • messagebear says:

      I have to agree that we really don’t have a good alternative for Maholm – our minor league pitching pretty much sucks, especially Lee for someone who was rated our #1 prospect. I’m beginning to think that most of our prospects SUCk and are simply overblown by the LA media; all a bunch of garbage. That’s why I’d like to see us trade somebody like Kemp if no more than to come up with a couple of young guys that will make it and will HIT for power.

  36. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Well, I forgot last night’s game already and since it takes more then a genius to figure out what this team will do next, all I can say is….
    GO DODGERS!!!!

  37. Dodger4life says:

    And on the last game of the home-stand…which is the rubber game of the series.
    Donnie say’s, Let there be rest.
    Apparently, the beef is in the lean-cuisine… spare-me, please.

  38. Today’s Dodger lineup has 109RBI and 21 HRs. Mattingly must want to show how much confidence he has in winning today.
    No Puig, AGon,Hanram, nor Uribe,

  39. lbirken says:

    This is a season of firsts for me. After being fortunate to have been in attendance for Kershaw’s no hitter, I was also at the game last night so I got to see the Dodgers hit (and mostly run) into a triple play. I agree with OBF, forget yesterday’s game and hope the Dodgers can find some runs with this lineup today.

  40. The way Bauer is pitching Raburn’s HR could be it, today.

  41. crash24now says:

    Ouch, down 2-0 on a 2 run HR by Raburn, only his second one this year.

    Given our lineup today, that may be a insurmountable lead.

  42. trublu4ever says:

    I feel like I’m watching Groundhog Day!

  43. Dodger starting pitchers are hitting well too.

  44. crash24now says:

    The pitchers are a-hittin’ (first Beckett, now Ryu)!

  45. lbirken says:

    Kind of like watching USA soccer. They lull you to sleep and then just as you are drifting off, they wake you up by doing something interesting.

  46. Yes!!! atta way “Dre.

  47. crash24now says:

    Damn the Beard and his lack of control.

  48. trublu4ever says:

    Well, isn’t this the shits?!

  49. So Wilson blows the save and gives up two more runs and the Tribe leads 5-3.

  50. lbirken says:

    This has been a team effort today. Seems as if the Dodgers went back to how they were playing before June.

  51. Wait, it’s not over yet. SVS HRs.

  52. messagebear says:

    Any way that this turns out today, the Beard SUCKS!
    I hate the Beard!

  53. I hate when they swing at ball 4.

  54. Nice double by Ethier.

  55. Dodger4life says:

    Show us some beef

    • Dodger4life says:

      A walk-off win to close it out at home would have been nice….

    • No beef today, D4L. Would have been sweet, though.

      • Dodger4life says:

        Donnie drives me nut’s when one day he claims they need to win series and the next day, he trots out some ridiculous line-up.
        I’m sick of chicken winging our way through the season… I’m ready to see these guys grab the bull by the horns and show us some.. GRADE A PRIME BEEF.

  56. crash24now says:

    Matt Kemp 0-5, left seven men on base. Just sayin’

  57. lbirken says:

    No heroics today. Tough to lose this game but if the Dodgers played better fundamental ball maybe they win this game. Still hard to watch the bullpen give up leads late in games. This cannot continue if the Dodgers are going to win the division and go deep into the playoffs.

    • crash24now says:

      What really hurt in the eighth inning was walking the first two batters. The Indians only got two singles in that inning, yet they scored three runs.

      • Dodger4life says:

        Agreed… A reliever who can’t throw quality strikes is worth about .99 cents.

        • Dodger4life says:

          How many errors did my above mentioned, young wizards with the gloves make today… I woke up from a nap right as Wilson was entering the game…

          • Dodger4life says:

            Even chicken wings are worth more than .99 cents. .99 cents is Bar S brand, everything but beef bologna territory…

  58. enchantedbeaver says:

    Don’t know who’s worse. Wilson because he can’t find the plate, or Donnie because he keeps insisting Wilson’s the set-up man. Nice pathetic line-up he trotted out there too. I’m going back to boycotting these assholes.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Boycotting the team is boring…. Telling them that losing, especially at fucking home, is way more fun.

  59. grizzy says:

    Nice. Just when Wilson showed some signs of coming around. Who do you turn to?

  60. kahliforni says:

    Didn’t watch the game today (what else is new) but the post-game callers were wondering why Hanley (who can’t run with his tweaked calf) was on first base with two out (after his walk) in the ninth and only reached third on Ethier’s double. Just asking…….

  61. lbirken says:

    Donnie was looking for a miracle with Hanley today. The only choice be had was to use a pitcher to run for Hanley or let him run for himself. Neither was a good choice. If Kemp drives in runs in his last at bat nothing else would matter. Sometimes baseball can be cruel.

    At least the Cards did their part by besting the Giants.

  62. grizzy says:

    I read the other day where a writer was asking Haren about trading for David Price. Well screw that. It should be pretty obvious to anybody the bullpen needs some help and soon. I think the starting five is good enough and if one goes down, go to AAA for your replacement. Shore up the pen. With a real pitcher, not one these guys off the scrap heap that had a good season three years ago.

    Now the problem becomes what you would have to give up to get one.

  63. JhallWally says:

    Unacceptable!!! The bullpen blows it again…. I am really starting to detest the beard.. BWilson is hosed… Good Grief….

    And Kemp really sucked……… I think he cashed in and got his money, now, he is more interested in his private life…. Freaking bum……

  64. Maybe we’ll start winning again tonight against the Rockies.

  65. grizzy says:

    I hope so, oldbrooklyn, ’cause I’ll have to see it. Actually, I’m glad to see any of their games, being out here in the sticks. Too bad I’m not a Rockies fan. I’d see them all. Or not, the year they’re having.

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