You just may be a redneck…

…if you signed with the Kansas City Royals because of a bow hunting trip in Georgia.

The New York Post has an article saying that Jonathon Broxton was persuaded to sign with the Royals after he was hosted on the 40,000 acre Jeff Foxworthy Farm.

I am sorry to see the meltdown of Broxton after such a promising future that was touted for so long. He had great stuff but seem to lack the killer instinct and focus needed by a closer. Perhaps he will be a lot happier and more effective in the relative quiet of Kansas City.

So far this off season has not yielded very much. As it stands now, the Dodgers have a weaker team going into 2012 than the one they finished with this year. Ken Gurnick reports on the dire prospects the Dodgers face at this weekend’s meetings in Dallas.


75 Responses to You just may be a redneck…

  1. trublu4ever says:

    You Just May Be a Redneck if……you think the last words to the Star Spangled Banner are “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”!

  2. JhallWally says:

    Sounds like KC is gonna be a good landing place for Brox. I hope he does well.

  3. trublu4ever says:

    You think safe sex is a padded headboard 🙂

  4. Hi Everybody
    Right now without Kuroda I have to agree that the Dodgers are a pitcher short of the end of the past season. If he doesn’t come back the Dodgers will have to go into the season in hopes of somehow picking up someone like Capuano.
    We can only hope Broxton can clear his head, forget the past and have a new start.

    • 32and53fan says:

      He is certainly young enough. The question is if his arm is 100% and he still throws heat. If not, he better come up with a reliable change up.

    • Well what diya know? Yesterday (and above) I stated: “If (Kurodo) doesn’t come back the Dodgers will go into the season in hopes of somehow picking up someone like Capuano”. I think this is one of Colletti’s better moves, I can’t think of anyone that was out there that could match Kuroda better. He had a pretty good year for the Mets. Just hoping it all works out.

  5. trublu4ever says:

    And, for you, Enchanted & Dodgereric…..the week’s top Redneck Country tunes of the week:
    7. I Never Went to Bed With An Ugly Woman, But Woke Up With A Few.
    6. If The Phone Don’t Ring, You’ll Know It’s Me.
    5. Wouldn’t Take Her To A Dogfight ‘Cause She Might Win.
    4. I’m So Miserable Without You It’s Like You’re Still Here.
    3. She Took My Ring And Gave Me The Finger.
    2. She’s Lookin’ Better With Every Beer.
    And, the number one tune of the week is:
    It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass All Day.

  6. 32and53fan says:

    From the Dylan Hernandez Twitter feed:
    Former #Dodgers IF Tony Abreu has signed a minor-league deal with the #Royals, the team announced.

    One more ex-Dodger prospect that never panned out.

  7. dodgereric says:

    How about, “How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?”

    • How about,

      “You raised me out the back of a Chevy && washed me at the Car Wash”
      “The NASCAR Blues”
      “Waking up next to my gun is better than a women”
      “Where’s my truckers hat”

      && the Ultimate ballad:

      “I didn’t know it wasn’t you, You and your sister look the same with the lights off”


      On a side note, idk if most people on here took the time to listen in to Dodgertalk 790am KABC after the Dodger games this past couple seasons. I did, and for the most part, they did speak the truth about that nights game. But with the new broadcasting flagship changing to 570am, they decided to fire Josh Suchon and Joe Block from their post. To me, that’s a tragedy in its own right, but mainly, it means that someone inexperienced and probably straightnozed will manage the lines. Papadakis or Petros or whoever they have overthere is paltry compared to these two men. I wonder what ya’ll think?

      And to comment on the AK signing. WTH?. Thought we were in on signing Jerry Hairston Jr. or something. That’s what I read a couple days ago. Now we sign weak-er hitting Kennedy for less than $1 mil. For that, we could of just left De Jesus Jr. to man that position. Heck, we still don’t have Kuroda back. I say cut him lose already and sign a pitcher because Kuroda is pulling Ned’s leg.

  8. 32and53fan says:

    You may be a redneck…

    … if you shave Dale Earnhart’s number out of your back hair.

  9. trublu4ever says:

    Looks like the Dodgers are going to sign lefty Chris Capuano….I guess the two Tommy John surgeries made him acceptable to Neddie… also means no Kuroda.

  10. trublu4ever says:

    And, for a mere cost of about $10m for 2 years.

    • How is it we have $10M for this guy, $8+M for Ellis, $4M for Rivera and nothing for Kuroda?

      • trublu4ever says:

        Financial wizards, aren’t they? 😉

        • Here’s what I don’t get Tru – its not going to be Frank’s money they’re paying these guys anyway, so why not sign someone worthwhile? Wouldn’t a better team sell for more money? Wouldn’t a better team increase ticket sales and wouldn’t that be something a buyer might be interested in?

          As it is, not only does the potential buyer have to contend with Frank’s bullshit about the parking lots and media rights, and an outdated albatross of a stadium, they’ll have to totally rebuild the farm system AND (save for Kersh and Kemp) put an entirely new major league team on the field.

          It may cost the buyer $1B for the team, but it’ll probably cost an additional $500M just to fix everything that needs fixing. I don’t see much hope for this team for the next 5-6 years.

      • nedisajerk says:

        Ned probably got too patience with Kuroda decision.

  11. dodgereric says:

    I’ve seen worse than this…….

    “[Magic] Johnson announced Friday that he had joined forces with Guggenheim Baseball Management, an arm of a financial services firm that controls more than $125 billion in assets, in hopes of buying the Dodgers.

    “With Johnson serving as the point man for a group that will be backed by the prestigious Guggenheim brand and led by respected veteran baseball executive Stan Kasten, it’s a potential dream team.

    “The complete list of bidders hasn’t emerged, but at this early point it would be difficult to find a group with a stronger combination of deep pockets, a deep Los Angeles connection, and deep affection for the Dodgers.

    “I am so hyped, I’m ready to start right now,” said Johnson in a phone interview Friday morning. “The Dodgers have been so important to this community for so many years, for so many reasons. I’ve lived through it all like everyone else and I want to make them great again.”

    “The Dodgers are my next big thing,” Johnson said. “This is not just millions of my money, this is dear to my heart. This is bringing back the brand for the people of Los Angeles.”

    “Johnson said his investment is based on memories from 30 years ago, when the Dodgers were bigger than even his beloved Lakers.

    “When I first got to town, the Dodgers were on Page One of the L.A. Times and the Lakers were on Page Three,” Johnson said. “I’ve seen how the Dodgers can be as big as the Lakers, and I want that to happen again.”

    “In searching for the right fit for his Dodger dreams, Johnson researched six prospective Dodger bidders, then interviewed each of them, beginning each session with one question.

    “I asked them, ‘What is your play here; do you want this team for the baseball or the real estate?”’ Johnson recalled. “I wasn’t interested in anybody who wasn’t going to make baseball the priority.”

    “If they answered the first question correctly, Johnson asked them a second question.

    “I would then ask them, ‘OK, once you buy it, do you have enough money to turn them into champions?”’ Johnson said. “There are groups that will spend everything just to buy the team, and I didn’t want that.”

    “When Johnson met Mark Walter, Guggenheim’s CEO, he was convinced.

    “The first thing I asked Walter was, ‘Do you want to win, and do you want to put money in?”’ Johnson said. “He said, ‘Absolutely.”’

    “Johnson said the interview with Walter reminded him of discussions with another owner.

    “Listening to Walter talk about winning, it was like listening to Jerry Buss,” Johnson said. “He told me three times, all I want to do is get to the World Series. I know great owners, and this guy can be a great owner.”,0,5578186.column

    • JhallWally says:

      Hi’Ya Dad/Eric. Thanks for the link. I’m totally on board with this group. Sounds almost too good to be true.

      • lbirken says:

        It (meaning the sale to someone relevant) can’t happen soon enough but me thinks Frank will find a way to drag this out in hopes of wearing down suitors.

    • 32and53fan says:

      Stan Kasten was the president of the Braves during the period from 1991 to 2003, when the Braves won 12 straight division titles, 5 National League pennants, and the World Series championship in 1995. Of course he had John Schuerholz as GM making all the baseball decisions, not Ned Colletti. Maybe the Magic team will come in with winning baseball management and set this team on the right track again.

  12. JhallWally says:

    Double Whammy!!!!

    Losing Kuroda already weakens the Dodgers. How much more will it be in our face if he is pitching against us in the NL West race.

    Way to go Nedcompoop!!!!

    • trublu4ever says:

      Kuroda in Coors Field….kaboom!

      • JhallWally says:

        LOL!!! Just about everyone not named Kershaw is Kaboom at Coors Field. If I’m the D’Backs GM, I’m going hard after Kuroda. Same with the Angels.

    • I think the biggest trouble is the Dodgers were beginning to hit and score runs in support of Kuroda after he refuse to leave and if he gets on a team that scores a lot he’ll be trouble against everybody.////////We’ll just have to see about Capuano.

  13. JhallWally says:

    I don’t know about you all, but, Kuroda matching up against Lilly, Billz, or Capuano doesn’t exactly make me feel optimistic.

  14. Time for another holiday tune. Carol of the Bells:


    Frank! please do sell, PVL’s swell
    Bad players stay, good go away
    Meetings are near, nothing to cheer
    Too many old, team’s still not sold
    Same song, same song, Ned gets it wrong
    Years since a ring, ooh that one stings
    Our biggest fear, nuther lost year
    Club everywhere in disrepair
    ‘Ribe is round, paid by the pound
    Over the hill, pitching is ill

    Old ding-a-ling, its Larry King
    Pain in my rear, Ned’s boys are here
    Capuano be another Ned mess
    Capuano be another Ned mess

    Downwards the trend. When will it end?
    Bud’s on the phone, throw us a bone
    All parking lots, certainly not
    Fans always say Ned over-pays
    Wisht he weren’t here out on his rear
    Into the fold, Treanor we’re told
    Sing song, sing song, need us King Kong
    Jamie’s lil’ fling started this thing
    Words that were feared, divorce is here
    From everywhere, fans in despair
    Andre has frowned, hopes have all drowned
    ‘Roda is gone, but we’ve got Juan

    Oldies we bring, dreading next spring
    Reasons to sneer, A.K. is here
    Capuano be another Ned mess
    Capuano be another Ned mess

    Frank! please do sell, PVL’s swell
    Bad players stay, good go away…

    ©NedCo Broken Records 2011

  15. nedisajerk says:

    I don’t know how I feel about Kuroda going to the Red Sox?

    • Be quite hypocritical of him don’t ya think? He wouldn’t accept a trade which could’ve brought us a decent prospect, then flip-flops when its about money?

      I have a feeling Kuroda’s trying to stick it to Ned, while Ned’s trying to stick it to Kuroda for not accepting last year’s trade.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I’d like to stick something very unpleasant to Ned! Use your imagination 😉

      • JhallWally says:

        I agree, it certainly makes you wonder about Kuroda if he does a complete 180 and goes to the east coast after all the “Love LA” and his family is happy here crap.

        However, with Ned involved, if there was a bungling of the situation, you can pretty much figure it was on his part.

        I look for Kuroda to end up with the Angels.

  16. trublu4ever says:

    Uh-oh…..Manny is filing for re-instatement.

  17. trublu4ever says:

    Remember, Neddie loves dumpster diving…and, he promised us a “Big Bat” 🙂

  18. trublu4ever says:

    I’m reading the Dodgers could be in for a barren winter.And, I said who the hell is he! 😉

  19. trublu4ever says:

    And, Jose Reyes is a Marlin.

  20. My daughter Claudine called me about two hours ago and said, “The deal is done.” She tried to be strong but I could tell it in her voice, she was hurting. “He’s a Marlin.” All I could do is remind her why I don’t wear shirts or jerseys with current players names on them. Somehow I thought of Ethier, whose rumored in a few trade talks. His number’s coming up. I sure hope he can make it to the new ownership and they can afford to keep him.

  21. messagebear says:

    MLB is such a farce – cutting Manny’s suspension time in half is an equal farce. The only thing they ought to cut on this perpetual cheater is his balls off – then throw him out about a hundred miles offshore for shark bait. FU, Manny, if you don’t remember me from a couple of years ago.

    • Dear Bear,

      There’s a job opening on the next thread I think you may be qualified for. I’d apply for it myself, but feel you have a better way with words than I. Besides, I’m waiting for the GM spot to open up.



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