Phillies Game 3 Chat

June 6, 2012

Elian Herrera is making it hard for Donnie to take him out of the lineup.  His 2 out, 2 strike double drove in 2 runs in the 8th inning leading to a 2-1 Dodger victory against a dominant Cliff Lee.  He moves to 3rd base for tonight’s game.

A.J. Ellis will catch Capuano for the first time this season.

Dodgers Lineup

Gordon SS
Herrera 3B
Abreu LF
Ethier RF
Ellis C
Loney 1B
Kennedy 2B
Gwynn CF
Capuano P


The Return of Matt Kemp

May 29, 2012

When Matt Kemp went on the DL, I thought the Dodgers offense would be dragged down with him.  But the first hint that everything would be okay?   Matt was slumping while playing with an injured hammy, and yet the Dodgers record was 4-0 while Matt was 0 for 13.  During Matt’s time on the DL, the Dodgers record was 9-5.  Contributing to this success has been some great offense by stalwarts ‘Dre, Abreu, and AJ Ellis.  Tony Gwynn and Elian Herrera have performed well, too.  Then, how could we forget late-game heroics by the likes of Scott Van Slyke and Ivan DeJesus, Jr.?


After a nice little warm-up at Albuquerque, where Kemp was 5 for 7 with 2 HRs and a double, Kemp will inject that power into an already potent offense.  It’s going to be nice to see him back in the three-hole where he belongs.


Gwynn LF

De Jesus 2B

Kemp CF

Ethier RF

Hairston 3B

Loney 1B

Ellis C

Gordon SS

Eovaldi P

Watch out for snakes!

May 14, 2012

It is spring and rattlesnakes are once again active in California.  If you venture outdoors, keep in mind a few safety tips:

  • Never go barefoot or wear sandals when walking through wild areas. Wear hiking boots.
  • When hiking, stick to well-used trails and wear over- boots and loose-fitting long pants. Avoid tall grass, weeds and heavy underbrush where snakes may hide during the day.
  • Do not step or put your hands where you cannot see, and avoid wandering around in the dark. Step ON logs and rocks, never over them, and be especially careful when climbing rocks or gathering firewood. Check out stumps or logs before sitting down, and shake out sleeping bags before use.

RotoRooter may charge a little extra to clear this blockage!

Though the most common rattlesnake in the Los Angeles area is the  Southern Pacific Rattlesnake (Crotalus helleri ) , a cousin of theirs, the Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) is now in town in the form of their baseball team namesake.

Clayton Kershaw takes to the mound for the opening game of the series with the D’Backs.

Matt Kemp was scheduled for an MRI to check how much damage there is to his hamstring.  He needs to end his consecutive game streak and rest for a few days to make sure he does not reinjure it. His personal desire to keep the streak going is not the potential risk of him being lost to the team for several months.

With Kemp slumping, it is fortunate that A.J. Ellis, Bobby Abreu and even Juan Uribe have contributed offensively lately.

We found out

September 15, 2011

On Tuesday night, Gerardo Parra hit a home run, then paused before running the bases just a little too long to suit the Dodgers.  The home run followed a previous at bat by Parra in which he had to duck an errant throw from Hong-Chih Kuo.   A.J. Ellis yelled “You’re better than that.” to Parra after his showboat antics when he crossed the plate.  Clayton Kershaw went ballistic in the dugout and traded shouts with D’backs pitcher Daniel Hudson, who at some point asked Kershaw what he would do about the situation.  “You’ll find out!  You’ll find out!”, came the heated reply from Kershaw, well within earshot of hundreds of fans, players, coaches and umpires.

Last night, leading in the 6th inning 2-0, Kershaw threw a pitch several inches inside to Parra, nicking him on his elbow.  Home plate umpire Bill Welke immediately ejected Clayton from the game.  While Rod Barajas and Kershaw were arguing about that decision in disbelief, Don Mattingly emerged from the dugout just about as angry as he has been this season and argued the case.  Soon however, he crossed a line and was also tossed from the game.  It was highly unusual that Kershaw was thrown out of the game since there were no prior warnings given.

Rookie pitcher Josh Lindblom hurriedly warmed up then took over the pitching duties, determined to hold the lead for Kershaw.  Lindblom made 29 pitches while striking out five batters in two innings.  He was removed for pinch hitter Trent Oeltjen in the bottom of the 7th inning.  Nathan Eovaldi and Kenley Jansen followed with solid performances and the Dodgers won 3-2.

Despite his ejection, Kershaw improved his standing in the race for the Cy Young Award by winning his 19th game and throwing five shutout innings and striking out five.  Welke’s poor judgement robbed Kershaw of the chance to pitch more scoreless innings and build up his strikeout total, further improving his Cy Young chances.

Tony Jackson has more on this event and the reactions from Kershaw, Mattingly and umpiring chief, Tim Tschida in his column.

Today’s probable starters are Dana Eveland, 2-0, 0.60 ERA going against the Pirate’s Ross Ohlendorf, 0-2, 8.03 ERA.

This Day in Dodgers History

September 15, 1978 – In front of 47,188 fans at Dodger Stadium, Don Sutton throws a six-hitter to beat Atlanta, 5-0. With tonight’s attendance, Los Angeles becomes the first team to draw three million fans at home in major league history.

Conundrum Amongdem

July 18, 2011

Since its on everyone’s mind – who do we root for this series? On the one hand, how can you ever root for the Gnats? On the other hand, we know what Ned’s thinking.  A three game sweep by the Gnats almost assuredly means Ned at least won’t be a buyer at the trade deadline. A three game sweep by our boys in blue would almost certainly mean Ned will trade the farm, or what’s left of it. I’m of the opinion even winning two will encourage Ned into thinking he can find the right piece(s) to make a run, even though we’ve already lost a game in the standings since the all-star break, which flies in the face of Ned’s “if we can make up one game a week” scenario.

Billingsley may make the decision easier.  He’s been pitching well of late, but not so coincidentally it was with A.J. Ellis behind the plate. Now that A.J. is back in the desert and its Barajas/Navarro, will Billz revert back?

Who will you be pulling for this series?