First place Dodgers host Braves

July 29, 2014


After that huge sweep of the Giants, our team returned to home base. With a day off to relax at home, the Dodgers should be healthy and ready to take on Atlanta.

To open the three game series, Josh Beckett goes up former Dodger Aaron Harang. Zack Greinke takes on Alex Wood on Tuesday, followed by Clayton Kershaw vs Julio Teheran on Wednesday.


A Giant Series

July 24, 2014


This weekend series with the Giants could be a turning point for the season. After getting their butts kicked by the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Dodgers fell to 1.5 games behind the San Francisco Giants. After the game on Sunday, the Dodgers will be anywhere from 4.5 games behind, to 1.5 games ahead of the current divisional leader.

From Chris Haft’s article in
“The Dodgers aligned their post-All-Star-break rotation so their top three starters — Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw and Hyun-Jin Ryu — would face San Francisco in this weekend’s series at AT&T Park. By contrast, Giants manager Bruce Bochy’s top priority was the first series after the break, which happened to be at Miami. He arranged the starters by pecking order, with All-Stars Madison Bumgarner and Tim Hudson receiving the first two starts, reflecting Bochy’s belief that, with some exceptions, no single game is bigger than another.”

Several articles indicate that the Dodgers would like to trade Matt Kemp, including one from Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal that includes this excerpt: Manager Don Mattingly and Kemp are at odds, sources say, in part because of Kemp’s publicly stated desire to return to center field. Informed recently by reporters that Kemp views himself as a center fielder, Mattingly said, “That’s fine. He can view himself however he wants. I’m playing him in left.”

The Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio

July 21, 2014


The Dodgers earned home field advantage, should they face the Cardinals again in the postseason, by nipping St. Louis 4-3 on Sunday night. The Dodgers blew several opportunities to widen the lead when they failed to score with men in scoring position, costing Kershaw a victory.

The Dodgers arrived at Three Rivers Stadium battered but unbowed. The ball got away from the fireball throwing Cardinals pitchers hitting Puig and Ramirez on the left hand, and Hanley on his left shoulder. Although all agreed that the pitches were not thrown to hit the batters, they were intentionally thrown to move them off the plate. Clayton Kershaw delivered a clear signal that hitting his teammates was unacceptable by drilling Matt Holliday in the thigh on his first pitch in the 4th inning. Hopefully, this will unify and inject some energy into the lately lackadaisical Dodgers.

The Pirates are well above .500 and will be another challenge to offensively challenged Dodgers.

Let the Second Half Begin

July 18, 2014


The Dodgers, despite their spotty offense, have the best record in the National League as the second part of the season starts tonight in St. Louis.
Dan Haren, with his 11.57 July ERA and 0-2 record, takes the mound.

With the Cardinals, followed by the Pirates, and finishing with the Giants, this road trip will not be a walk in the park. It will require the Dodgers to add some timely hitting to the expected good pitching that has put them on top so far.

Matt Kemp has made his wishes to play everyday, preferably in Center Field, publicly known, through his agent, former Dodgers pitcher Dave Stewart. His “play me or trade me” position can’t be helping the climate in the clubhouse. What a great team player. Not.

Home Stand

July 10, 2014


Detroit for 2

July 8, 2014

Our own Mr. Puig has been invited to the 2014 Home Run Derby.

High in the standings… and the Rockies

July 3, 2014

Despite the last two poorly played games, the Dodgers are sucking in that thin Denver oxygen only a half game back of the division leading Giants.

As the Rockies are the second worst team in the National League, this would be a good time for the Dodgers to get their first four game winning streak and hopefully retake first place.