Time for a little pre-preseaon prognostication…

Hard not to be optimistic about the upcoming season when you have Kershaw and Greinke heading the rotation, some big bats that should be in or at least reasonably close [past] to their prime, and a bullpen that won’t include the likes of an Ortiz or MacDougal. Given what we’ve started the past few seasons with, win or lose a fun time should be had by all. Reality has a way of rearing its ugly little head though, so its time to take a look into the pre-preseason crystal ball and see what it foretells…

Lilly and Crawford open the season on the DL. Lilly mainly because Ned needs a place to stash him and Crawford because he won’t be able to throw better than Juan Pierre on a bad day. That’s one of the reasons why I think they’re waiting to deal Capuano and/or Harang (the other reason of course  being Billingsley’s health), and potentially teaching Gordon to play OF.

Hanley will be such a defensive liability that the Dodgers will be looking for a shortstop by the trade deadline if not sooner.

Cruz will revert to being the journeyman minor leaguer that he is this spring, and Dallas McPherson will be tearing it up in ST against A and AA pitchers to the point where everyone will want Dallas playing third to start the season (which will continue throughout the season ala Josh Fields last year.) Dallas of course will never see Dodger Stadium due to the giant hole in his bat against advanced pitching.

The team will hover at right about .500 through May before gelling and finishing the year with 92-95 wins (I’ve come down off my 99.)

Dre will make it through the entire season as a Dodger.

That’s what I see right now. What say you?


29 Responses to Time for a little pre-preseaon prognostication…

  1. kahliforni says:

    Uribe is finally DFAed…Capuano is kept around (lefties last forever), Harang traded back to Padres…Crawford opens the season in LF (can he be worse than Pierre’s healthy arm?), Dodgers pad outfield wall with flubber to keep Kemp healthy, Ramirez at 3B by the All-Star break after a pitcher’s revolt, Mattingley continues to pick at his face during interviews, and finally, Dodgers finish with 89 wins, a wild card spot, and Mattingley is toast come next winter.

  2. trublu4ever says:

    I see us winning our division…..with Matty, Dre and AGon leading us.I hope they DFA Uribe also. It will be an exciting season and, I hope we get a new manager next year.

  3. trublu4ever says:

    The new pricing plan was unveiled:
    4 Star games (start at $30 each) including Opening Day, Red Sox & Yankee games
    3 Star games (start at $20 each) including all Bobblehead games, Giants and Angels
    2 Star games (start at $10 each) 33 games, including Friday night games, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Tampa Bay
    1 Star games (starting at $8 each) 16 games with Colorado, Arizona, Washington and Cubs.

    I’m okay with this. A lot of other teams already do it.

  4. JhallWally says:

    This is an 86-88 win team. Too many holes. Billingsly will be gone by June. That is why they should keep Capuano. Trade Harang the first chance you get. If you can get a sucker/taker.

    They should trade Ethier, move Kemp to right, and sign Bourn. He can lead off and play outstanding CF defense. Solves a lot of problems.

    • JhallWally says:

      Ethier is totally overrated, and now drastically overpaid. He’s a 5-7M ballplayer, now being paid around 17M. The Dodgers sticking with him is ludicrous and is holding them back from becoming a contender. Unload him while you still can. He should have been gone at the trade deadline in June 2011.

    • JhallWally says:

      You may hate me now for my opinion of Ethier. But, mark my words, you will be on board in a couple of years when we are stuck with his contract and what he will be contributing.

  5. JhallWally says:

    Hey, who am I???

    I tear it up in April and May, tank mightily in June and July, and, then have a mediocre Aug an Sept.

    Can’t guess..

    Hint…. I can’t hit lefties worth a damn!!!!

    Still stumped? I parlayed my mediocre talent and performance into a 5 year/85M payout somehow…..


  6. I think this year a lot of pressure falls on Mattingly. If he don’t win he’s gone. Ethier will start hitting lefties or he’s gone. I don’t have a crystal ball, which I threw away long ago. This game is too hard to predict for me.

  7. ZonaDodger says:

    Buster at it again lol…..Buster Olney of ESPN.com reports that the Dodgers have evaluated Scott Rolen as a possible target…I’m ok with him as bench player…that’s it

  8. messagebear says:

    86 wins for the season will be my call. I think there will be a lot of excitement, but also a fair share of disappointment even with all the new wheels in place.
    Greinke may be a great addition, but I don’t think he’s won any more than 16 games in any season of his career. He lucked out on the huge payout, because it’s that kind of big money game now.
    Kersh is great, but I’m fearful that his hip was not just a one time aberration, so I don’t necessarily count on him being healthy the whole season – hope I’m wrong there.
    Gonzalez is not likely to have his best year, but he sure will beat Loney, so that should be on the plus side.
    I think we will be weak defensively up the middle, so that is cause for concern.
    I hope Kemp comes back early and strong, but I think Crawford will prove that his career best is already behind him.
    In spite of what anybody says, Andre may be the steady guy of the season – not spectacular, but delivering what’s expected of him.

    As for Donnie and Ned, the sooner gone, the better as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Dodger4life says:

    The A.L. will win the All-Star game, causing game 7 of the World Series to be played in Anaheim, where after winning 100 games during the season the Dodgers celebrate their newest championship…

    • Dodger4life says:

      Oh and we start a lopsided win streak “head to head” against the Giants…that my generation will never see the end of…

  10. koufax1963 says:

    There are so many loose ends to contemplate, Id rather see how Spring Training goes, though not predictable to how the season goes. I would certainly want them to win the division, because the WC, for all its effort, becomes a one game playoff. I think it will be a slow start unlike last year. The team mindset is different, last year elated at the sale and possible new players. This year the deals have been done, Donnie and Ned have got what they asked for, and now the pressure to deliver is on. Will our Korean starter prove to be worth something, perhaps not now, but later. Will Kemp and Bills be healed or will that wait. Are the Boston refugees ready to give 100% or will they be complacent. Im hoping 95 wins gets the division and the dodgers do that, but the DL looms large, I trust it doesn’t hit hard. Fundamentals are essential, and I hope ST brings this team together for the common goal. Because this is the team for the next several years, it can be good, it could be great and then the dodgers may be laughed at as the most expensive non performers.

  11. lbirken says:

    I do find it hard to predict where the Dodgers will end up this season. There is certainly a different feel than last year but then Ned kept reminding us the team might look a lot different the later in the season as compared to when the season began. I kind of expect this will happen again and a lot will depend on who stays healthy and who does not. There is every reason to believe this team should do more than just compete for a playoff spot and enough reasons to believe this team still might not have what it takes to produce a champion. I do agree that a lot of pressure will fall on Donnie as at least he has been given a much better roster to mess with than under the previous ownership.

    I do hope Andre proves the doubters wrong but it will take a super effort from him to do so. Hanley will have to figure out how to play defense at whatever position he is destined to play and not let those defensive problems effect his offense. And somehow the Dodgers need to get some production from the leadoff position, whoever that may be. Still a lot of questions.

    What we do know is the Dodgers will get a lot of attention from the league and the media over the payroll and deep pockets. I am hoping this is just a start to getting the Dodgers back to competing for a championship every year.

  12. nedisajerk says:

    We just lose 2 great former O’s manager Earl Weaver and former Cardinals player Stan “the Man” Musial.

    • nedisajerk says:

      I really hope Al Kaline isn’t next. Is Al Kaline the oldest AS player to still be alive? Kaline is 78 years old

  13. I see Sellers was arrested in Sacramento for doing wheelies on his motorcycle and evading police.

    Don’t think there’s any question now who’s the next to be replaced on the 40-man roster, and it ain’t Uribe.

  14. My condolences to one of the greatest baseball icons of all time Stan Musial also known as the man,who past away yesterday. I remember him, he was truly great.
    And to Earl Weaver an incredible manager.
    May they rest in peace.

  15. JhallWally says:

    My sincerest sympathies go out to the Musial and Weaver families.

    I wish I could have seen Musial play. He is definately one of the top 10 players in baseball history. And, a truely class act.

    • lbirken says:

      I would have to search my old ticket stubs but if my memory serves me (and as you all know that is not a given for many of us) I do think I did see Musial play at least once and realizing at the time, even at my young age at the time, that I was watching someone special.

  16. nellyjune says:

    All I want is a productive season, which leads to at least a playoff spot. I honestly don’t care who’s on the team and what they are getting paid. My outlook on life has changed a lot in these last few months. I just want to enjoy watching this wonderful game of baseball (whether its college, minor league or MLB), and nothing is going to change how I feel about the Dodgers.

    • lbirken says:

      While I do think it is interesting to talk about specific players and be fans of those players, I have always felt it better to support the uniform/team as players come and go. I think the game has gotten away from us with all the distractions of money, PED’s, ownership, contracts, media, and all the sordid off field stuff. The game is still played by individuals with different skill sets and personalities. Baseball, as with all the other sports on which we spend so much time, money and energy, is still just a game for entertainment purposes.

  17. grizzy says:

    I saw Musial once in the coliseum. Sometimes I pick an all star team made up of players from my era and Musial is always on first. The batting order gets a little tough, though. I really do hate to see those old timers go.

  18. grizzy says:

    I usually come up with something like this

    Rose 2B
    Mays CF
    Williams LF
    Musial 1B
    Mantle RF
    Berra C
    Robinson 3B
    Smith, O SS
    Koufax P

    Others have done as well or better than some of these guys (Bench, Aaron, for example), but these are the ones I’d go with.

  19. kahliforni says:

    Did I really read Mattingley whining about the Dodgers not picking up his option…about managing as a “lame duck” this season. Sorry, but Alston and Tommy always managed on a one-year contract. Mattingley was basically given this gig by Torre with Ned’s puppet approval. Donnie, go earn your keep.

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