Does It Really Matter?

So Frank and Jamie have settled.  What?!!  Again!!!!!

Good News? Who knows…..?

Good news for the writers as it gives them something to scribble about. Not a lot going on so it is a nice little tidbit for them.,0,2826184.story

Doesn’t really mean anything until the judge approves it anyway.

And the big question. Where is the money coming from to pay her off? The only source of income Frank has is the Dodgers, and he has tapped that out to the tune of having to auction off the TV rights of 2 years from now to keep his present day boat afloat.

I don’t think it really matters or changes things. Just puts a number on how much Jamie gets to shut up and go away. The real decision comes starting Oct. 31st when Bud and Frank square off in Delaware.

The funny thing is: after reading this breaking news about Frank and Jamie, the thing that still gives me the most concern is:

Our incompetent GM….

All of this really just keeps blinding people to the fact that this team will never become a championship caliber team as long as they continue to employ a GM that is inept.

The court battle for ownership could drag on for quite some time. The Dodgers can however make a move to make them better immediately. Get rid of NedCompoop!!!!!!!

There won’t be any WS rings in the future as long as Ned is the GM. Regardless of who owns the team. Mark it down.


37 Responses to Does It Really Matter?

  1. selltheteam says:

    Smart move on Jamie’s part. When Frankie loses the Dodgers, he won’t have dime one. And Ned won’t have a job.

  2. JhallWally says:

    Anyone can see, nothing really matters,
    Nothing really matters,
    Till Frank-N-Ned leave…….

  3. nellyjune says:

    Is Wally watching “those” movies again? Whatever he posted is restricted due to possible adult/sexually explicit material. It’s a youtube thing, but it is still funny seeing it and wondering what I’m missing – LOL!!!

  4. nellyjune says:

    So, if we know that Ned is an idiot, don’t you think the players, or at least their agents, think that?

    • JhallWally says:

      I’m sure the other GM’s, agents, and players have some interesting back room comments about Ned. I would venture to guess that the words idiot, moron, and stupid are well represented in their dialogue.

  5. Colliethec says:

    What’s shakin everybody?!

    This is how I see it playing out…

    The Judge will now rule in Fanks favor.

    MLB will then try to pull his ownership or disband the Dodgers from MLB.

    Frank will then try to sue Bud & MLB while Fox sues Frank.

    This will hold us fans hostage for a couple of years.

    I hope I’m wrong but this is what I think will happen in the next acts of this drama.

    As long as Frank owns the Dodgers I won’t be helping his wallet. If he ends up winning in all of this I’m not sure that I’ll be able to be a fan of the Dodgers. As it is I barely have a football team to cheer for. Maybe I’ll become a Royals fan as their uni’s are close to my beloved Blue.

    • trublu4ever says:

      You are right, Collie….we are all being held hostage. I hate the thought of Frank keeping the Dodgers. And, I’ll bet most players feel the same way.

    • nellyjune says:

      So, once again, now that the season is over for the Dodgers, the players have to be wondering what is their future with the Dodgers. Wouldn’t any player be if they were in this situation of not knowing how this drama will unfold? Even if we wanted Prince Fielder or Albert, would they really want to play for a team who’s ownership will be in question for an undetermined amount of time. It will be certainly interesting to see how this winter goes for the Dodgers.

    • Nellyjune says:

      Collie – If it comes to that, you can always come out and watch some Cabrillo Seahawks baseball. It’s great watching possible future MLB players 🙂

  6. selltheteam says:

    The most interesting provision of the $130-million divorce settlement announced Monday by Frank and Jamie McCourt could be this one: If Frank has not paid Jamie in full by next spring, he has to put the team up for sale.

  7. vl4eccjr says:

    Seems the turds in the puch bowl are getting larger. They’re displacing more liquid now than before. . .
    It appears my hopes of Franks departure before the start of next season are fading. 😦

  8. 32and53fan says:

    Nice thread Wally! Thanks for posting it.
    McCourts lawyers are going to earn their money if they can prevent the sale of the team. I hope that doesn’t happen and he is forced to sell. That can’t happen soon enough but it will probably drag on for a long time.

    • JhallWally says:

      Thanks 32/53.

      I’m wondering how the lawyers are getting paid. They must be waiting in line with the other debtors for the sale of the team or the sale of the TV rights….

      Sounds like Jamie’s lawyers finally wised up and advised her to get what she could while there was something left to get. Not gonna be a lot left after all the debts and taxes are settled.

      • The way I see it, Jamie’s gonna do what get’s Jamie the most money period. The fact that she’s willing to take a measly $130M on what could be half the team means that (A) her lawyers really think Frank’s going to have to sell, (B) $130M is more than half of what’s expected to be leftover, (C) bidding for future TV rights ain’t gonna happen, (D) Frank’s NEVER going to get a cable deal, and (E) she knows Frank will litigate until there’s absolutely nothing left.

        • trublu4ever says:

          I hope it’s “A”.

        • nellyjune says:

          I am thinking “E”. I think he would have sold along time ago once it started crumbling around him, but the fact he hasn’t had even the slightest notion of selling, I think Jamie’s lawyers are telling her Frank will litigate until there is nothing left.

        • JhallWally says:

          Hi’Ya Beav.. I think it is a combination of all the above. It is looking more and more like Frank is finally running out of time and options. I don’t like to get my hopes up too high as he somehow seems to come up with some eleventh hour maneuver to save his sorry ass.

          • Actually I meant the above factors altogether and not an either/or. Jamie’s going to get the max, so for her to take $130M you have to think Frank’s pretty much circling the drain. If she really thought Frank was going to win OR he would get some big TV deal, she’d have hung in there and fought for half of that.

          • JhallWally says:

            I agree with you. If Jamie and her lawyers thought that Frank was going to cash in on a big multi Billion Dollar TV deal, I seriously doubt she would settle for a mere $130M. Her lawyers are advising her to get while the getting is good. A real good sign that Frank is not going to get the TV deal and keep the team.

  9. 32and53fan says:

    I took Nelly’s lead from the last thread and placed a link on the bottom of the right side that will show you the countdown clock to the first game in Spring Training.

  10. trublu4ever says:

    Just too bad we don’t have a clock counting down Frank’s last days!

    • Well, lets start taking bets then. What’s Frank’s last day of ownership?

      I’ll take January 10th, 2014. I think he’s got at least two more years plus of litigation. Even if he loses now, he still has appeals in bankruptcy court, not to mention trying to sever all the different entities and selling them off one at a time. Then I’m sure there’s the various injunctions he’ll file when they won’t let him parcel out the entities. Yeah, its going to be awhile.

      • trublu4ever says:

        Damn…that’s way too long for me! But, you are probably pretty close.

      • JhallWally says:

        Wow!! That is a dose of reality. I agree it will probably take longer than we would like. I really have no idea how long it will take. The one good thing the way I see it is, that he will have to sell the Dodgers with all the land, stadium, and other entities the way he bought them to sell for enough to cover all the debt and back taxes he has accumulated.

  11. messagebear says:

    Shooting him would be a lot quicker.

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