Here’s to the new boss. Same as the old boss?

November 25, 2014

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen from our new front office what on the surface many would describe as moves made by the old front office: Inbound players Kyle Jensen, Adam Liberatore, Joel Peralta, Mike Bolsinger, and now the newest acquisition, Juan Nicasio. Not exactly headliners. Outbound players Onelki Garcia and Jarret Martin (waivers), plus Greg Harris and Jose Dominguez (traded), all of whom were prime “prospects” at one point or another. Part of the moneyball philosophy is to upgrade the fringe players, which all of these names would certainly apply. The question is, did they? That can be widely debated and we may not know the outcome for some time, but for the most part these moves have been met with a resounding, whatever. It begs the question though, if they had been made by our former baseball sage Ned Colletti, would everyone be up in arms? Its an interesting adventure into psychology and perception to say the least.



Now what?

November 15, 2014

Now that the General Managers meetings are over, Andrew Friedman and his mathematical minions are getting acclimated to their new surroundings and duties. They are also preparing for the next MLB get together. The 113th annual Baseball Winter Meetings will be held from December 7 to the 11th in San Diego, California at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

There has been lots of speculation about trades and signings, but not big news. The mandate for the Dodgers is to get cheaper and younger, but also to win the championship. Stan Kasten also mentioned that he wants the new roster to be “more nimble.”

The next few weeks should be interesting for the brain trust. And I trust that Ned Colletti’s brain will be out of the loop, and he doesn’t spoil the dynamics of the new group. Is there anybody here who wouldn’t like to be a fly on the wall for all the internal meetings?