Here’s to the new boss. Same as the old boss?

November 25, 2014

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen from our new front office what on the surface many would describe as moves made by the old front office: Inbound players Kyle Jensen, Adam Liberatore, Joel Peralta, Mike Bolsinger, and now the newest acquisition, Juan Nicasio. Not exactly headliners. Outbound players Onelki Garcia and Jarret Martin (waivers), plus Greg Harris and Jose Dominguez (traded), all of whom were prime “prospects” at one point or another. Part of the moneyball philosophy is to upgrade the fringe players, which all of these names would certainly apply. The question is, did they? That can be widely debated and we may not know the outcome for some time, but for the most part these moves have been met with a resounding, whatever. It begs the question though, if they had been made by our former baseball sage Ned Colletti, would everyone be up in arms? Its an interesting adventure into psychology and perception to say the least.



Time for a little pre-preseaon prognostication…

January 14, 2013

Hard not to be optimistic about the upcoming season when you have Kershaw and Greinke heading the rotation, some big bats that should be in or at least reasonably close [past] to their prime, and a bullpen that won’t include the likes of an Ortiz or MacDougal. Given what we’ve started the past few seasons with, win or lose a fun time should be had by all. Reality has a way of rearing its ugly little head though, so its time to take a look into the pre-preseason crystal ball and see what it foretells…

Lilly and Crawford open the season on the DL. Lilly mainly because Ned needs a place to stash him and Crawford because he won’t be able to throw better than Juan Pierre on a bad day. That’s one of the reasons why I think they’re waiting to deal Capuano and/or Harang (the other reason of course  being Billingsley’s health), and potentially teaching Gordon to play OF.

Hanley will be such a defensive liability that the Dodgers will be looking for a shortstop by the trade deadline if not sooner.

Cruz will revert to being the journeyman minor leaguer that he is this spring, and Dallas McPherson will be tearing it up in ST against A and AA pitchers to the point where everyone will want Dallas playing third to start the season (which will continue throughout the season ala Josh Fields last year.) Dallas of course will never see Dodger Stadium due to the giant hole in his bat against advanced pitching.

The team will hover at right about .500 through May before gelling and finishing the year with 92-95 wins (I’ve come down off my 99.)

Dre will make it through the entire season as a Dodger.

That’s what I see right now. What say you?

Memorial Day

May 28, 2012

Those Now Gone

          by Roger W Hancock   

Fallen Servicemen,

for country fought; liberty, freedom,

the primary reason.


They gave themselves,

that we be free


Fathers, mothers,

sisters, and brothers; our dearly departed,

life for country given.


Families broken,

for liberty.


Veterans who served,

and lived to tell; the horrors, and risks,

now sleep in peace.


Served their country,

for our security.


Unknown Soldier, MIA,

remembrance our way, to honor you as well,

victims of a warriors hell.


Served, now lost that,

our lives be free.


Sleep now Sleep tight

rest now, duty done, price paid in life or death. The vigilance now be ours.


Late Bloomers

May 20, 2012

It rally time for Billz.


Strictly bloomers.

Lilly up, burnt Coffey on the back burner

April 14, 2012

With Ted Lilly back from the DL and needing to make a corresponding roster move, word on the street has “pitcher” Todd Coffey going on the DL with a knee injury. Sure would hate to see us lose a quality vet like Coffey, but fortunately Ned knows just how to keep them around… In the meantime, I guess we’ll just muddle through with Josh Lindblom. Lilly will be making his 2012 debut after getting shelled in his only rehab start for Rancho Cucamonga.

Also making his 2012 and Major League debut will be one of the Padres top prospects, starting pitcher Joe Wieland, whom they acquired at the 2011 trade deadline from Texas.

At 7-1, the Dodgers are off to their best start since 1981 when they opened the season 9-1 on their way to a world championship.

Going For The Sweep

April 8, 2012

With the Dodgers off to their best start in 13 years, Aaron Harang faces his former team today as the boys in blue go for the 4-game sweep.  Kemp’s off to a fast start, Dre’s knocking in runs, Gordon found his mojo last night, and AJ Ellis is doing better than most anyone could expect.  


Donnie blew through the pen again yesterday, so Harang will need to step up as Billz did and give a solid 6-7 inning performance with Lindblom the lone rested arm backing him up.


With the team doing so well, all eyes now turn to Uribe, and bets are now going to be taken as to if/when he get’s his first hit of the season. What’s your guess?

Conundrum Amongdem

July 18, 2011

Since its on everyone’s mind – who do we root for this series? On the one hand, how can you ever root for the Gnats? On the other hand, we know what Ned’s thinking.  A three game sweep by the Gnats almost assuredly means Ned at least won’t be a buyer at the trade deadline. A three game sweep by our boys in blue would almost certainly mean Ned will trade the farm, or what’s left of it. I’m of the opinion even winning two will encourage Ned into thinking he can find the right piece(s) to make a run, even though we’ve already lost a game in the standings since the all-star break, which flies in the face of Ned’s “if we can make up one game a week” scenario.

Billingsley may make the decision easier.  He’s been pitching well of late, but not so coincidentally it was with A.J. Ellis behind the plate. Now that A.J. is back in the desert and its Barajas/Navarro, will Billz revert back?

Who will you be pulling for this series?