It’s Time for the Dodgers to Bust Up the Rockies

May 31, 2013

…discuss amongst yourselves…



May 27, 2013


Boy, do we need you!

Home Sweet Home

May 24, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Cards in town

An anxious off-day

May 23, 2013

All of the turmoil surrounding the Dodgers last place position, and the questions about Don Mattingly’s responsibility for it, make today not just another Thursday off for the team.

As we all know, there has been no shortage of news stories, blog posts, radio and TV commentary, and chats around the office water cooler speculating if the Dodgers will soon have a new manager.  Most of that information can be found by following some of the links listed on the right side of this blog.

The shocking public pronouncements against some of the players, and indirectly about Ned Colletti, adds a new level to this soap opera.  For some reason, I am getting the image of the ongoing SNL sketch, “The Californians”  in my head.  It would be hilarious if some clever writer could make their next episode about what is going on with Mattingly and the Dodgers right now.

I was wondering if Walt Alston ever blasted his players publicly and found a nice article written about Alston right after his death.

Here is an excerpt:

”Although people were always saying Alston was too conservative, there were lots of times when he threw the book away and won with whatever he decided to do ,” (Dodger coach Monty) Basgall added. ”And he knew just how to handle those big egos on the Dodgers so they remained happy and productive. But if someone wasn’t doing his job, Walter didn’t hesitate to blast him or take his money, only it was always done behind closed doors, man to man. He didn’t believe in letting the press in on anything like that.”

Walt had enough confidence not to worry that he managed under 23 consecutive contracts and not to air the team’s dirty laundry to the press.  The same can not be said about Mattingly.

Should the Dodgers fire Don Mattingly?

Should the Dodgers fire Ned Colletti?

Next Stop

May 20, 2013

Next Stop

Hope we give Kershaw a win.

Road Trip

May 17, 2013

Road Trip

Another tough series.

The test begins…Nationals in town

May 13, 2013

While a 2 game winning streak is a beginning, the Dodgers have a long way to go just to get back to .500, let alone rise to the top of the division.

The Washington Nationals will be the first hurdle for the Dodgers. Keep those positive vibes coming…