Snakes for Two



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  1. trublu4ever says:

    The lineup tonight is just as expected:


  2. We need Puig to show something.

  3. trublu4ever says:

    Hernandez is not impressing me!

  4. We’re tied up on Inciarte’s single.

  5. CC still hot 3-2 Dodgers.

  6. The same for Turner 4-2.

  7. A.J. singles in Crawford.

  8. Hernandez bunts in Turner and Gordon knocks in A.J. 7-2.

  9. They’re still mad about the call on CC at the plate.

  10. A-Gon’s 90th RBI on SF8 makes it 8-2.

  11. Now it’s up to Roberto.

  12. It’s 8-3 on Inciarte’s single. They better get Roberto out of there.

  13. Roberto seems to have settled down.

  14. lbirken says:

    Good to see the Dodgers score some runs tonight. Figures they might need them with Hernandez but he seems to have settled down.

    I must say Donnie has done well with his challenges but replay still begs the question: except for balls and strikes, do we really need umpires if every close play will be challenged and reviewed? We can all see the easy calls. Just a thought.

  15. trublu4ever says:

    League still sucks!

    • JhallWally says:

      Yep Tru, he does… And I just hope Dildon is making a note of it… League is not the one to bring in with a close game…..

  16. griz says:

    I went to bed after the 6 run inning. I figured the bullpen couldn’t screw that one up even on a bad day.

  17. JhallWally says:

    Woo-Hoo, win streak!!!! Nice job by Hernandez….. Bullpen wasn’t great, but got it done… The offense finally showed up… Let’s keep it going tonight… Go Dodgers……..

  18. It was a good night for batting averages and RBI

  19. Turner playing 1B. What was all that talk of Ethier working out at first base?

  20. messagebear says:

    Let’s face it – Andre is no longer wanted as a Dodger. By the Guggenheims that is.

    I hope Andre takes full advantage of the millions that he’s still owed. Hope he studies how to become a hedge fund manager and is successful enough to become a billionaire; then he can buy the Dodgers after it’s the Guggenheims’ turn to go bankrupt, which I’m hoping they eventually will.

    • Well either he has a sore back or what you say Bear could be true, or maybe it’s Mattingly.
      Whatever, I think from now on, the better he hits the closer he’ll be to being gone.

  21. Dodger4life says:

    In the last 30 days, Turner and Crawford have been the hot bats. Making it hard to find room for Either… Not to mention Miley is left handed and Van Slyke has dominated him this season

  22. Matt’s double makes it 2-0.

  23. I can’t believe Kersh got through that 3rd inning without allowing a run.

  24. It’s 3-1 now on Pacheco’s hit. SVS hurt.

  25. I don’t know why CC tried to steal 3B.

  26. Kershaw looked more like himself in the 7th.

  27. Kersh looking good. He finished strong.

  28. And Kenley does a masterful job. We win!

  29. Dodger4life says:

    San Diego here we come…
    Nice 2 game series sweep, Boy’s…

  30. Good thing we won, because so did the Giants.

  31. crash24now says:

    Keshawn is 16-3. Simply amazing.

  32. trublu4ever says:

    Was thinking on our day off…bitch about Dre all you want… Yasiel is the one who is floundering…even Vinny mentioned it. So, if anyone needs a break it is Mr. Puig!

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      I can’t disagree with that. Something has to be done, other than just wait for him to break out of his slump. There’s no reason to not give ‘Dre some ABs. There’s the opening right there.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Mr. Ethier’s career has jumped off a bridge. We’ll see whether or not the bungee cord is fastened on if and when he finds himself on another team to bounce back with. His huge contract extension was always a head scratcher given his diminishing skills, but that’s what happens when you do the popular thing rather than the baseball thing. His value is almost zero now, so if we got a A-league batboy it should be considered a victory. Personally though, I think he’d enjoy a bounce back year or two if he was in Boston with his buddy or at home in AZ, if nothing else than just for spite. He hasn’t been clutch since what was it 2009?, and all I get is disgusted when he [grounds out or Ks] bats.

      That said, as long as he’s still here a few days off for Mr. Puig should be in order. Puig’s hit a wall [metaphorically rather than physically for a change] and needs some R&R for a good week.

  33. lbirken says:

    I don’t know how much longer Andre Ethier will wear a Dodger uniform or how much playing time he will get as long as he does. If he goes to another team I will thank him for what he has done and wish him well. We need to remember back to the days when many of us were clamoring for Andre and Matt to get a chance to play and eventually they both did. When I see both have been on the big club since 2006 it reminds me how quickly things can change for a player. Andre was and still is a fan favorite but he never was able to follow up on that wonderful season when he had all the clutch walk off/game winning hits and hit for power. The bar was probably set too high but at the time he was the best option for the job. He hit lefties until they figured out how to get him out and for whatever reason, Andre has not been able to adjust. He seems to do a good job coming off the bench but I cannot imagine he is happy about it.

    Not sure what to make of Puig’s current struggles. He seems to have regressed with his approach to the plate. My gut reaction is he is a talented player but not easily coached, not so much because he rejects the coaching but because he believes he can impact the game on every pitch, every swing, every ball hit to him or every time he is on base. I don’t even get the sense this is a selfish act on his part but just part of his DNA. How else can you explain running into what turns out to be the last out of a triple play twice in one season? As I have said before, we might just have to accept him for what he is: a highly talented and entertaining player who just as easily can excite us as incite us.

  34. kahliforni says:

    Playing time is always a key for a hitter…and if Ethier had been shown the same confidence as Crawford, meaning extended at-bats, day after day, game after game, regardless of outcome, he’d probably be hitting by now, too. But that doesn’t excuse his slide the past few seasons and his ineptness at hitting lefties. Crawford has more speed, Ethier better defense. Otherwise, they’re about the same hitter. Streaky. But in all honesty, if Joc Pederson is the real deal, neither will be playing much in the future, at least not for the Dodgers. As for Puig, I just think he bushed. The guy plays a billion miles per hour. He’d never say it, but even studs get tired.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      The whole 4 OFer thing was just a disaster waiting to happen IMO. Going to be the same thing with Joc next year if all they unload is Andre or Crawford this winter. Ned didn’t know what he was doing 8 years ago and he still doesn’t today.

      • JhallWally says:

        Has it really been 8 years that we have been calling for Neds head….. I’d bet if you went back, Beav and I were advocating his release (I know I was and I’m pretty sure Beav was also)… He is an inept moron… Why in gods name is this imbecile still employed….?

        • JhallWally says:

          Of course, as Birk points out, we have the Guggenhiems who are proving to be just as inept.. So far, they have not impressed me.. They’re just out to make a buck……

  35. The Giants just won and cut the lead to 4 1/2. They take on the Brewers this weekend, while we have the Padres.

  36. koufax1963 says:

    good commentary from all. im looking forward to a super september, call ups and the core 25, all putting it together. Im waiting for this team to get HOT! ! and if not , then we will be together to say GO DODGERS! 5.5 up come monday AM

  37. lbirken says:

    As I recollect, most you didn’t like Ned on ITD, you didn’t like Grady, you didn’t like Torre and you still don’t like Donnie or Hunnycut. Most of us lobbied for Kemp and Ethier to get a chance when the term “PVL” was a common description of the players in their way, we chafed at McCourt ownership and we never understood the signing or handling of A. Jones. Pretty much every free agent signing was blasted, JP was skewered, and some people put paper bags over their heads. Other than the paper bags, not much has changed. The one constant is our desire to bring a championship back to Los Angeles and taking the season one day at a time.

    • kahliforni says:

      I think you pretty much nailed it. Honeycutt has proved his worth to me over time, but the rest have been a long litany of adequate employees who have delivered zero championships, and nary even one World Series appearance. As a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan and UCLA alum, I can only add that the past 20 years have been a huge black hole for me, fan wise. Thank heavens for the L.A. Kings…and the sad fact that I’m simply getting older and don’t care as much as I used to!!!!!!

  38. Well Ethier is in the lineup and Puig is benched. Just what we asked for last night. It also could be DM is show casting him.

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