Welcome Superbas!

August 29, 2017

For those of you who came here after Dem Bums was shut down, the new blog in town is Superbas at http://superbasblog.wordpress.com created by crash24now to keep the conversation going.  He did a great job with his posts to Outside the Dodgers and Dem Bums in the Blue Toybox.  Now it’s time for him to be in charge of his own WP blog.  Good luck crash!


Dem Bums is Gone

August 26, 2017

What happened to Dem bums? It has disappeared.

Everyone is welcome to return to Outside the Dodgers if you wish to have the news and Twitter feeds and other resources available. Or you can build up the new site, http://superbasblog.wordpress.com Crash. Either way, Dodgers fans will have an uncensored voice.

Thanks to Crash for doing most of the posts to OTD before everyone left and for creating a new site. OTD will become essentially his site if he wants to use it. I have no desire to create daily posts.

I made a mistake in giving everyone full editing privileges where anybody could delete anything and I suspect that those disappearing posts may have been an inside job.  Nothing else makes sense.