St Louis Blues

May 29, 2015

While blue is the color of their name on their uniform, the Dodgers have their work cut out for them to prevent that color from describing their mood after their visit to St. Louis.  The boys in blue limp into the river city atop the NL West, but down to a half game lead over San Francisco.  The Cardinals with the best record in MLB, lead the Central division by 5.5 games.

Going up against the Cards without Kershaw and Grienke will test the Dodger’s mettle.  They will have to be at their best to win this series.


Whip Out Your Banana

May 25, 2015


Despite winning two out of the three games with the Padres, the offense is still sputtering.  A couple of games ago, Kiké Hernandez grabbed his banana and held it out so the whole team could see it.  It became known as a Rally Banana.  It didn’t work too well, but if we all shake our bananas like pom poms, maybe we can generate some excitement and cause a run spurt.
It’s worth a try.  Just beware of Braves fans bearing tomahawks.

Dry Spell!

May 22, 2015


You know the sad story.  The Dodgers offense has entered the witness protection program.  Nobody knows where it is.

They were schooled by the World Champions about the way to play baseball.  Despite the preaching of Don Mattingly,  Mark McGuire and John Valentin, some of the guys have failed to have professional at bats and have not been able move runners.  On the contrary, Hunter Pence gave himself up by shortening his swing and hitting to the right side to advance a runner from second to third base.

The home stand begins with the Padres and Grienke on the mound.

Dodgers vs. Giants, 3.0

May 19, 2015


The Dodgers meet the Giants for the third time this year.  They were swept out of San Francisco the first meeting, then won two of three at Chavez Ravine.  The team has to bear down and put up more runs as the Giant’s bats have been red hot the last few games.

Underlying the Dodger’s fast start to the season, is the fact that they have had an easy schedule  thus far.  The Giants are the only team they have played that has an over .500 record.

With Ryu likely out for the year, the Dodgers are whistling as they walk by the graveyard as they try to fill out the back of their starting rotation.  Every game is important, so Mattingly had better rethink sitting four regulars at a time.

It Never Rains – Dodgers/Rockies

May 14, 2015


It never rains in sunny Southern California.  But when it does, it pours, it pours.

Will we get the game in tonight?  If we do, it will be with Rollins in the 2-hole.

Marlins Series

May 11, 2015


The Dodgers open up a three game series tonight against the Miami Marlins.  The Dodger’s ace pitcher, Cla Zack Grienke,  will face the Marlins with their league leading in WAR star, Dee Gordon.

Jimmy Rollins #2 or #8?

May 8, 2015


This post is devoted to the question of where Jimmy Rollins should bat in the lineup. First, we will summarize his recent offensive success, or lack thereof. Next, we will explore his prior slumps to see whether we can draw a conclusion to the question of whether he is in just another slump. Finally, we will do an experiment to determine what would happen should he stay as in the lineup at the number two hitter.

So far in the Dodgers 2015 season, Rollins has played in 27 of 28 games. He has hit three home runs with 11 RBI’s and 12 runs scored. But his BA/OBP/SLG/OPS is just .162/.246/.305/.551. When he came to us, we knew he was not a stellar hitter, with a career average of .267 and OBP of .327 in fifteen years with the Phillies. Yet he had slugged 216 homers with Philadelphia, so we said, “hey, he’s got some pop!”. Well, he’s still got some pop, but he just is not getting on base nor moving runners along enough to warrant the number two slot in the lineup.

Is this just a normal slump? He’s hitting just .162 in his first 118 Dodger plate appearances. Did that ever happen before? Here are his worst ever months with the Phillies, in terms of batting averages (I picked only those below the Mendoza line and at least 100 plate appearances):

Aug 2013 .190 / Jun 2010 .182 / June 2009 .167 / Aug 2005 .188 / Jul 2002 .160 / Sep-Oct 2002 .194

So he’s obviously had some months in his career that are as bad or nearly as bad as his current slump. Then the question becomes, will he come out of this slump? That’s the $64 question. In my opinion, the Dodgers have plenty of other options to put into the top part of the lineup. Would that be an ego-deflator for Rollins? Possibly, but (a) he is 36 years old and (b) he is likely to be replaced in 2016 by a much younger Corey Seager.

Now let’s turn to our experiment. Just for fun, let’s say that Rollins was the #2 hitter in yesterday’s final game of the series at Miller Park against the Milwaukee Brewers. We’ll just replace Grandal’s six plate appearances with Jimmy Rollins’ most recent six plate appearances. For now, we’ll ignore the fact that Grandal is a catcher and Rollins is a shortstop, since we are just looking at the offensive production aspect. Here’s what would have happened:

Inning 1. Pederson strikes out. Rollins Home Run. Kendrick groundout. Gonzalez strike out. Dodgers 1-0.

Inning 2. Guerrero Home Run. Ethier lineout. Uribe strikeout. Hernandez Popfly. Dodgers 2-1.

Inning 3. Frias strikeout. Pederson walks. Rollins Groundout to 1b, fielders choice – Pederson out at 2B. Kendrick Single to RF, Rollins to 3B. Gonzalez Single to CF, Rollins scores, Kendrick to 3B. Guerrero flyball out. Dodgers 3-1.

Inning 4. Ethier lineout to CF (no intentional walk, so use his most recent plate appearance prior to this game). Uribe strike out. Hernandez strike out. Dodgers 3-1.

Inning 5. Frias strike out. Pederson strike out. Rollins Groundout to 2B. Dodgers 3-3.

Inning 6. Kendrick lineout to RF. Gonzalez groundout to 3B. Guerrero walk. Ethier triple, scores Guerrero. Uribe Single to CF, scores Ethier. Hernandez Double to CF/RF, Uribe to 3B. Turner groundout. Dodgers 5-3.

Inning 7. Pederson walks (no intentional walk, so use his most recent plate appearance prior to this game). Rollins groundout to 1B, Pederson forceout at 2B. Kendrick ground ball double play 2B-SS-1B. Dodgers 5-3.

Inning 8. Gonzalez groundout to 1B. Guerrero HBP. Ethier groundout 2B-SS, Guerrero forced out. Uribe flyball out to LF. Dodgers 5-3.

Inning 9. Hernandez Single to CF. Heisey walks, Hernandez to 2B. Pederson strikes out. Rollins groundout to 1B, Hernandez to 3B, Heisey forced out 1B to 2B. Kendrick walks, bases loaded. Gonzalez flyball out to CF. Dodgers 5-4.

So the Dodgers would have won a close game by a score of 5 to 4. No harm no foul? Well, perhaps you don’t mind scoring five runs rather than scoring fourteen runs. For me, I don’t want to see Rollins batting second anytime soon. Should he be batting eighth? Should he be in the lineup at all? So far in May, his batting average is .083. If he finishes May below the Mendoza line, then Corey Seager should playing shortstop for the Dodgers on June 1st.