Another Heartbreaking Loss for Kuroda

July 17, 2011

With a career low 3.12 ERA, Hiroki Kuroda must feel like he just can’t get a break.  It seems like unless he can pitch a shutout every time, he will continue to have difficulty winning a game for the RISC challenged Dodgers.

We can only hope Ted Lilly gets some runs to work with today.

Come on in ITD readers, the water’s fine.  This blog belongs to all of us.  I look forward to seeing your comments and maybe some new threads.  Meanwhile, lets have some fun.



A Place to Call Our Own

July 10, 2011

Outside the Dodgers is a place that Dodger fans can call their own.  There will be no $15 parking, $12.50 beers, $7 sodas, or $6 Dodger Dogs.  Nobody will “invite” us to buy $150 jerseys or $30 caps.  Some of us long time fans remember the way Dodger Stadium was in the early 1960′s.  It was a pristine place that welcomed fans without inundating us with ads covering just about everything within sight.  There was a small Union 76 sign on the message board and along side the auxiliary score boards along the first and third base lines.  I hope that this blog will remind you of those days when we could just enjoy talking about the game with no advertising distractions.

This blog is for all of us.  There will be no need to search out an old ITD post to find a place to chat.  This blog will be open to anyone who wants to create a post of the day.  All of the regulars at ITD including enchantedTheBeav, selltheteam, northstateblues, mlblogsnellyjune, trublu4ever, sparkleplenty1s, vl4eccjr, dodgereric, nedsajerk, lbirken, JhallWally, Collie, kpookiemon, messagebear and many more are invited to contribute if you wish.

Welcome to Outside the Dodgers!