Rejoice OTD Fans, Dodgers Games Are Back

February 26, 2014

OTD FansOur long wait is over. Dodgers games are here again.  The Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia were a nice diversion, but for baseball fans, there is nothing like having Dodgers baseball games back on the air.

For some of us, the new Dodgers TV channel, SportsnetLA, is a welcome addition.  Besides games, there will be a lot more pre and post game content.

Most of us, those from out of state, and those without Time Warner cable service, will have to listen to the games using MLB At Bat 14, MLB-TV, or whatever else we can find.

Whatever the way we get our Dodgers fix, the euphoria of the spring training season is back.

The participants of Outside the Dodgers, make the baseball season more enjoyable for this Dodgers fan, and hopefully for you too.


The Sounds of Beloved Dodger Baseball (2014 edition)

February 15, 2014

Ash-wood legit, don’t take no sh*t
Double Bubble, Double Bubble, Double Bubble, stick

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Spring Training is Here

February 9, 2014

Spring Training is Here

1949 Brooklyn Dodgers huddled around new mechanical age “Foster Pitching Arm”.

Rejoice! Our winter doldrums have ended. Glorious Spring Training is upon us. It’s time for Dodgers baseball!