Welcome back Sandy!

January 22, 2013


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The Dodgers announced that Sandy Koufax has joined the Dodgers as a special advisor to team chairman Mark Walter.  The former Dodger superstar will be on hand for the entire spring training to offer his expertise to Dodger pitchers.  He then will be available during the season, as needed.  In an official Dodgers press release, Koufax offered the following quote:

“I’m delighted to be back with the Dodgers. I’m looking forward to spending time with the team during spring training and to contributing in any way I can  to help make the team a success for the fans of Los Angeles. Some of my most cherished memories came at Dodger Stadium.”

“The Dodgers are thrilled to have Sandy back with the organization,” Dodgers’ President and CEO Stan Kasten said. “Sandy’s experience and perspective will be invaluable as we endeavor to do everything in our power to bring the city of Los Angeles a World Series champion.”

In other news, the Dodgers and Time Warner reached an agreement for cable TV coverage of Dodger games beginning in 2014.  The agreement is to create a new channel controlled by the Guggenheim Partners.


Time for a little pre-preseaon prognostication…

January 14, 2013

Hard not to be optimistic about the upcoming season when you have Kershaw and Greinke heading the rotation, some big bats that should be in or at least reasonably close [past] to their prime, and a bullpen that won’t include the likes of an Ortiz or MacDougal. Given what we’ve started the past few seasons with, win or lose a fun time should be had by all. Reality has a way of rearing its ugly little head though, so its time to take a look into the pre-preseason crystal ball and see what it foretells…

Lilly and Crawford open the season on the DL. Lilly mainly because Ned needs a place to stash him and Crawford because he won’t be able to throw better than Juan Pierre on a bad day. That’s one of the reasons why I think they’re waiting to deal Capuano and/or Harang (the other reason of course  being Billingsley’s health), and potentially teaching Gordon to play OF.

Hanley will be such a defensive liability that the Dodgers will be looking for a shortstop by the trade deadline if not sooner.

Cruz will revert to being the journeyman minor leaguer that he is this spring, and Dallas McPherson will be tearing it up in ST against A and AA pitchers to the point where everyone will want Dallas playing third to start the season (which will continue throughout the season ala Josh Fields last year.) Dallas of course will never see Dodger Stadium due to the giant hole in his bat against advanced pitching.

The team will hover at right about .500 through May before gelling and finishing the year with 92-95 wins (I’ve come down off my 99.)

Dre will make it through the entire season as a Dodger.

That’s what I see right now. What say you?

Yes…..Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

Yes.....Happy New Year!

Always thinking blue.