Fearless Predictions

April 1, 2013

It’s time for you all to chime in with your fearless predictions on how our Dodgers will fare this coming season.

OK, I will lead off…

88-74..  No playoffs…

Too many injury and defensive issues..  Alot of overrated and overpaid players (starting with Ethier), except for Kersh and Kemp…   And Kemps injury issues are starting to become a concern.. 

What say you?????????????????????????????????



May 19, 2012

Clayton Kershaw, LHP
3-1, 2.22 ERA
Kershaw is in Cy Young mode, coming off a duel when he out-pitched, and out-brushbacked, Ian Kennedy with seven scoreless innings. Kershaw complained a bit about his command against Arizona due to two walks, but he kept the ball in the park.

Facing another tough pitcher tonight in righty Jake Westbrook:  4-2, 2.35 ERA

Westbrook endured his shortest start of the year on Monday, when he was chased after throwing 107 pitches in five innings. Westbrook goes as his sinker goes, and it wasn’t sharp early in that outing. He allowed 11 hits and a season-high four runs.

Tonights Lineup:

  • Gwynn      CF
  • Herrera     2B
  • Abreu        LF
  • Ethier        RF
  • Kennedy    3B
  • Loney         1B
  • AJEllis        C
  • Sellers        SS
  • Kershaw    P

I think this is about as good a lineup as we can field right now with all the injuries.    Unfortunately, Dee isn’t getting it done.  I think it is time to pull the plug on him in the lead off spot.  He really needs to go down for awhile to work on things. 

Go Dodgers!!

04/21/12 GAME THREAD

April 21, 2012

Kershaw still looking for his first win.

Todays Starting Lineup:

Gordon SS
Kennedy 2B
Kemp CF
Ethier RF
Rivera LF
Loney 1B
Sellers 3B
Ellis, A  C
Kershaw P

We really need someone besides Kemp and Ethier to step up and provide some offense.

Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!


April 5, 2012

It’s time for Dodger Baseball!!!!!


April 4, 2012

Greetings True Blue Faithful

Once again we find ourselves on the eve of opening day and another Dodgers season. Seems like an appropriate time to weigh in with our 2012 season predictions.

Last year Bear was the closest with a 79-83 prediction.
Beav at 75 wins and DodgerEric at 72 were the front runners until the last 6 week surge by the youngsters, Loney, Lilly, and Rivera.

I’m sure you’ve all been reading the leading blogs and their predictions. Most have the Dodgers winning between 81 and 86 games and finishing 2nd or 3rd in the NL West and missing the playoffs.

Could this team win 88-90 games and make the playoffs? Sure, anything is possible, if everything goes just right.
It just isn’t very probable in my opinion. Too many questions and holes. This team has alot of big time suck potential.   The Ned effect…..

I don’t look for any drastic moves by the new ownership right out of the chute. Unfortunately, I think Ned will survive until after the season and be replaced this fall..
I am optimistic that the better baseball minds coming in with the new ownership will have the final say on any deals he wants to make, thus preventing anymore of his bonehead trades and deals going forward….

My biggest questions are:
How long do Ned and Donnie stick with Uribe at 3rd if he continues to stink it up, and,
what are we going to get from Billz?

I’m not very optimistic about either one of them right now.

I think our success on offense hinges on how well Gordon and MEllis set the table for Kemp, and how well the combination of Ethier, Rivera, and Loney protect him.
On the pitching side, we really need one of the starters to emerge as a solid #2. I don’t think it will be Billz.
Also, on the pitching side, the middle of the bullpen with Guerrier, MacDooDoo, Coffey, and Wright makes me very nervous.

Last year we were atrocious hitting with runners on base and also with allowing inherited runners to score.
These two areas need to improve drastically for this team to sniff the playoffs…..

All in all, I think this is a .500 team. I think we will go 81-81 and finish 3rd in the division and miss the playoffs. 
Gonna be a tough year but better seasons are coming once the new ownership is in place and Ned and his crap signings are gone….

I hope we do much better and I will be pulling for all of our guys to have great years. 

OK, its your turn.. How are you all feeling about the upcoming season?


October 19, 2011

What’s Up Outsiders?!!

Looking forward to tonight and the start of the World Series.
It goes without saying for me, Go Rangers!!!!
There are only 4 teams in baseball that I would even give a thought to wanting them to not win the WS. And damned if one of them hasn’t gone and made it that far. At least it makes it somewhat more interesting for me to follow. Hopefully, this year I will get a better outcome than last year and one of the teams I dislike, will not win it.

On another note. Just read this article about Frank and the divorce settlement. I found the last lines very funny and very true.


That’s the way Frank McCourt has lived his life. One legal issue after another, and when he doesn’t get his way, he just appeals and appeals. How many times have his rivals simply given up. Frank prevails in court not out of principle, but out of perseverance. He’s got to be the most patient man alive. Never mind that he is the most despised man in Los Angeles. He doesn’t care, as long as he continues to clutch the reigns of Dodger ownership.

When the nuclear holocaust hits and the world is obliterated. Two things will emerge, cockroaches and Frank McCourt.

How appropriate.

McCockroach…… Kind of says it all……

Does It Really Matter?

October 17, 2011

So Frank and Jamie have settled.  What?!!  Again!!!!!

Good News? Who knows…..?

Good news for the writers as it gives them something to scribble about. Not a lot going on so it is a nice little tidbit for them.


Doesn’t really mean anything until the judge approves it anyway.

And the big question. Where is the money coming from to pay her off? The only source of income Frank has is the Dodgers, and he has tapped that out to the tune of having to auction off the TV rights of 2 years from now to keep his present day boat afloat.

I don’t think it really matters or changes things. Just puts a number on how much Jamie gets to shut up and go away. The real decision comes starting Oct. 31st when Bud and Frank square off in Delaware.

The funny thing is: after reading this breaking news about Frank and Jamie, the thing that still gives me the most concern is:

Our incompetent GM….

All of this really just keeps blinding people to the fact that this team will never become a championship caliber team as long as they continue to employ a GM that is inept.

The court battle for ownership could drag on for quite some time. The Dodgers can however make a move to make them better immediately. Get rid of NedCompoop!!!!!!!

There won’t be any WS rings in the future as long as Ned is the GM. Regardless of who owns the team. Mark it down.