Who Can it Be Now?

September 29, 2013

Almost seven months ago, some of us donned the turban of Professor Marvel,  while others preferred that of Carnac the Magnificent.  We peered into the same genuine, magic, authentic crystal used by the Priests of Isis and Osiris in the days of the Pharaohs of Egypt — in which Cleopatra first saw the approach of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, and — and so on — and so on.  We consulted the infinite to predict the number of wins in the 2013 season. 

Wins Playoffs Who

100 WS win dodger4life

95 no guess grizzy

95 NL West Nellyjune 

94 NL West vl4eccjr

94 NL pennant crash

93 in the NLCS 32and53fan

92 no guess trublu4ever

91 Wildcard enchantedbeaver

91 NL West oldbrooklynfan

89 yes lbirken

88 no jhallwally

87 Wildcard messaogebear

n/a yes kahlifornia

161 games later,  it has come down to Trublu4ever and moi, 32and53fan.

Who can it be now?

Whatever happens today, it has been one helluva ride.
While Outside the Dodgers doesn’t have the largest readership among Dodgers blogs, it certainly is among the best in terms of passion, knowledge of Dodgers history, and respect for other OTD members. Thanks to all of you that have added to the fun this year. And the real fun is just about to begin. Let’s win 11 in (month) 10!


Good Evening Everyone…

September 27, 2013

It’s the last Friday night regular season (2013) game at the Ravine!


Grab yourself a Rally Hat and let’s WIN this thing…

Moving right along to our Greinke, Saturday Night at the Ravine…

The Rally Hats are on the way…

In the meantime…


The Home Stretch

September 24, 2013

Home stretch race - sausages
Source: Washington Post

Now that the division is theirs, the Dodgers along with the Braves, Cardinals, Reds and Pirates, have turned the corner and are headed down the home stretch seeking the prize of home field advantage.  All teams are within 2 1/2 games of each other, with the Braves and Cardinals leading the pack.

Don Mattingly has six games in which to balance keeping the core players healthy vs. overtaking the Braves and Cardinals to get the best record in the National League.

The West Was Won

September 20, 2013

The West Was Won

Now, the work begins!

It Takes Two

September 16, 2013

It Takes Two

The Dodgers must feel like they got into Doc Browns Delorean a week or so ago and emerged back in May 2013.  The beautiful coach is back to a pumpkin, the proud white stallions are back to their true identities as field mice, and the Karl Hubenthal drawing of the powerful he-man with a cleft chin and barrel chest is now back to the iconic image of the Brooklyn Bum.

The Dodgers of the fantastic winning streak after the All Star Game are back to playing like they did when mired in the cellar a few months ago.  But, apart from the 19-3 beat-down at the hands of the Giants, the majority of the losses during this losing streak have been low scoring games decided by one run.

While it takes a 25 man team (except for September) to win a division title, the Dodgers have had to contend with a multitude of injuries to their key players, including the starting outfielders:  Hanley Ramirez (pinched nerve in neck causing hamstring pain), Carl Crawford (back), Andre Ethier (ankle) and Yasiel Puig (?).  Ironically, Matt Kemp, who has missed most of the season, most recently with the ankle and hamstring injuries, could be the healthiest of them all.  He is likely to be activated before tonight’s game.

Two seems to be a theme in many songs and sayings in our culture: “It Takes Two”, “Tea for Two”, “Just the Two of Us”, and other songs, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd” and other sayings.  Tony Jackson reminded us in his DodgerScribe blog that the Magic Number is not four, but two as we go head to head against the Snakes.  Each game that the Dodgers win against Arizona results in a two game subtraction from the Magic Number.

It’s time for this year’s version of “The Stuntmen” to step up the plate literally and figuratively, suck it up, and get the job done and get the Dodgers back to winning.  After all, it only takes two.

The Rivalry Continued – 2013 Edition

September 12, 2013

The San Francisco Giants come to Dodger Stadium tonight for a four game series, that runs through Sunday.

The two rival’s began the season at Dodger Stadium in 2013, with the Dodgers losing two of three to the Giants. The Boy’s in Blue then went up North, where they were swept. The next meeting between the two teams, here in LA, the Boy’s returned the favor by sweeping the Giants. Later they returned up North, again, to take 2 of three from the Giants and even out the score.

Which is where it currently stands for the year. Tied at 6 wins a piece.

The Giants will enter the contest tonight a half game behind the Padres, looking to climb out of last place. The Dodgers will enter the contest 12 games ahead of Arizona and as we all know, the Magic # to clinch stands at 6

So that means the Dodgers and the Giants can be friends now right?

Dodgers Giants
We can treat this like the All Star game.

Buster and Panda can pose for photos besides Kershaw and Puig

Dodger Giants Rivalry

Hanley and Romo can seek out a soul, together, whose foot they can set ablaze.


Hold On A Minute You Say!!!

This Is Still Serious Business!!

The Giants aren’t gonna just wag they’re tails, bob they’re heads and roll over!

Well okay then… But you know what I mean!

The Dodgers have amassed a record of 47 – 17 since the start of July, with the last meeting between the Giants, taking place July 5th – 7th.

This was right before Bochy, spurned Puig for an All Star nomination and started the local kid Harvey over Kershaw in the mid-summer classic.

Yeah, I’d say the rivalry still exist!!


Dodger Pride!!
Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!

All About the Magic and the Numbers

September 9, 2013


1955 * defeated the Yankees * 4-3
1959 * defeated the White Sox * 4-2
1963 * defeated the Yankees * 4-0
1965 * defeated the Twins * 4-3
1981 * defeated the Yankees * 4-2
1988 * defeated the Athletics * 4-1

PicMonkey Collage WS Dodgers

It’s as simple as black & white


Red, White and Blue

God Bless America