Here’s to the new boss. Same as the old boss?

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen from our new front office what on the surface many would describe as moves made by the old front office: Inbound players Kyle Jensen, Adam Liberatore, Joel Peralta, Mike Bolsinger, and now the newest acquisition, Juan Nicasio. Not exactly headliners. Outbound players Onelki Garcia and Jarret Martin (waivers), plus Greg Harris and Jose Dominguez (traded), all of whom were prime “prospects” at one point or another. Part of the moneyball philosophy is to upgrade the fringe players, which all of these names would certainly apply. The question is, did they? That can be widely debated and we may not know the outcome for some time, but for the most part these moves have been met with a resounding, whatever. It begs the question though, if they had been made by our former baseball sage Ned Colletti, would everyone be up in arms? Its an interesting adventure into psychology and perception to say the least.



53 Responses to Here’s to the new boss. Same as the old boss?

  1. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I think the deal for Nicasio is a good one. He can be used as a fifth starter and pitch in both long and short relief.

  2. crash24now says:

    Beav: Nice job on the new post (including the song).

    32and53: I like your “Hamley” nickname for Hanley.

    I don’t know about these little deals. I’m looking forward to moving some outfielders that are not named Kemp and Puig to make room for Joc.

    Also, who will be the starting shortstop on Opening Day 2015?

    A) Erisbel Arruebarrena
    B) Miguel Rojas
    C) Alex Guerrero
    D) Alexei Ramirez (that would give us 2 Cuban Missiles)
    E) Jimmy Rollins
    F) Hanley Ramirez (by some strange trade)
    G) Corey Seager
    H) write-in candidate

  3. lbirken says:

    The only sure thing is none of us will be the starting shortstop on Opening Day, 2015. I do know this: the one big risk of putting Seager in the hot seat is what happens if he cannot do the job? Does anyone really have a lot of confidence in any of the players currently on the roster to do the job day in and day out? Clearly none of them can hit, or at least have not proven they can hit, at the major league level. If the Dodgers do decide not to trade or sign a “proven” shortstop, it will make for an interesting Spring training.

    I do think losing Sandoval will hurt the Giants much more than losing Ramirez hurts the Dodgers. Good luck to Hanley and Pablo trying to please Red Sox fans in Boston.

  4. griz says:

    I think we’ll miss Hanley’s bat and occasional stolen base, and I agree the giants will miss the Panda more than we’ll miss Ramirez. Maybe that left field wall is too inviting, but I’d helluva lot rather play in San Francisco than Boston.

  5. lbirken says:

    I do find it interesting that according to reports Hanley is expected to play left field, something he had to know and agree to before signing with Boston. But enough about him. For once we all agree that signing him to what Boston offered did not make sense for the Dodgers. I wish him well.

  6. JhallWally says:

    I see your point Beav.. If Ned makes these moves, we would call it stupid or Dumpster Diving… But, now that we know it isn’t Nedcompoop making the call, and it is our new found brain trust, we are somewhat Ok with it… That is the reality of it all… And, the very reason they should have fired Ned and Dildon from the takeover… It changes perceptions… And attitudes….. Some of our current players need a serious attitude adjustment…. JMO

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      How can we be sure that Ned is NOT involved in decision making?

      • enchantedbeaver says:

        I guess we can’t be 100% sure because we aren’t there, but I’d be willing to bet the farm he doesn’t have any say. I believe his “advisory” role is just a nice way of saying we’re honoring your contract, here’s your salary, don’t bother coming to the office.

  7. nedisajerk says:

    The Dodgers have traded IF Ryan Jackson to Kansas City for cash considerations.

    What was the point and not waiving him and kept Garcia on the 40 man roster knowing someone would try to pick him up. I can’t believe we couldn’t even get a non prospect for him.

  8. koufax1963 says:

    Desperation in Boston, OMG, Hanley had trouble throwing the ball to First from Short, I guess he will just play the richochet off the green monster and throw to 3rd. Ha! I suppose they wanted another clown in left named Ramirez. and the panda marketing in SF is gone, now pablo will be Chowdabowl, and that is if he plays well, it will be worse when he hits 300Lbs and bats 200.
    Its going to be interesting looking at SS and the BP for 2015. and do be sure padres, ROX and D backs will be in the hunt for the division.
    Funny Uribe left the gnats after their WS ring #2, now another 3rd Baseman after a WS season. SF has 3 now, this has got to stop.
    and a Happy Thanksgiving to all

  9. trublu4ever says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. JhallWally says:

    Happy Thankgiving Everyone…

  11. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. lbirken says:

    Wishing all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

  13. cpompe1 says:

    Hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving. Yeah, it is all about perspective. If Nedco had been making these moves we’d be screaming. I think Nicasio will be good at the back end of the rotation. If not, he can come out of the bullpen. I think it’s rather interesting that the Bosox decided to take both Hanley and Pablo. Hanley in LF? Well Manny was in LF too, so who knows? Good luck with that move. At least he;’s not our problem. I REALLY think it’ll be a bad move if Kemp is traded. But I guess it depends on who we get back. And we better get back A LOT for Kemp. As far as SS is concerned I think Rojas or Arrebuena (or however that’s spelled) will be there short-term until Seager gets more seasoning in the minors.

  14. griz says:

    I saw the team is trying to get Cole Hamels. I wonder what it would take to get Rollins for a year as well. Puig is unavailable, supposedly, and I’d be reluctant to give up Kemp. Also assuming Seager will not be traded either. You’d think this would also be about moving an outfielder or two, but really, our dealings with the Phils in recent history haven’t been all that great, but if you could get Hamels…
    Maybe these pitchers we’ve been picking up will eventually be used to sweeten a trade proposal.

  15. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Since the Dodgers were using Rojas and Aruebarreno last season in Hanley’s absence, I don’t see any reason not to continue doing so until Seager is ready.

  16. griz says:

    I think I would do the same, especially since Aruebarreno is getting paid a lot already. If he doesn’t perform there is superior defense with Rojas. The only problem is that the front office seldom asks for our opinion.

  17. griz says:

    Well, he got to serve some turkey the other day. Does that mean something?

  18. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Now that the holiday weekend is over, let’s get back to work.

  19. kahliforni says:

    All the trade chatter seems to center around Kemp. If they end up trading him, I’m going to assume it has more to do with his relationship with Mattingly, which I’ve always felt is cool at best. And if that really is the reason, that would be a shame. I hope that’s not the case.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      If that were the sole reason it would be more than a shame since I doubt Mattingly survives to the 2016 season.

  20. crash24now says:

    Before the club goes about trading Matt Kemp, they should be reminded of his second half performance: 17 HR’s in 64 games, along with BA/OBP/SLG/OPS of .309/.365/.606/.971. That kind of excellent offensive production in the middle of the lineup is not easily replaceable.

  21. koufax1963 says:

    would be funny, if ethier,of all the OFs,survives to return to RF.
    I would really hate it if Kemp is traded. just finding SS is enough of a challenge for the new front office brain trust.

  22. nedisajerk says:

    Dodgers manager Don Mattingly’s fourth son picked a good day to arrive in the world.

    Louis Riley Mattingly was born at 10:21 a.m. Saturday in Indiana to Mattingly and his second wife, Lori. He shares a birthday (Nov. 29) with Dodgers icon Vin Scully.

    Louis Riley was 7 1/2 pounds and 20 inches at birth. He is Mattingly’s fourth son. Mattingly also has two stepchildren with Lori Mattingly.

  23. JhallWally says:

    So, how about this;

    I could get on board with it… Makes alot of sense… Something we have not seen with Nedcompoop at the helm…

    What say you all????

  24. lbirken says:

    There is an interesting article in this week’s Sport’s Illustrated by Tom Verducci justifying the signings by Boston of Sandoval and Ramirez. His point is great hitting is so rare these days that it makes sense for these contracts even with the risks that go along with each of these players. He gives some stats about how well Pablo and Hanley hit against relief pitchers. He makes an interesting argument and is worth the read.

    I too would be disappointed if the Dodgers traded Matt Kemp but again, other factors may be involved. Not sure where I saw this but someone pointed out that if Kemp stays with the Dodgers another two years, he becomes a 10 year player with one team that gives him leverage over subsequent trades. Would the Dodgers try to move him now when he has the best value and the team has the leverage and not the player?

    • kahliforni says:

      Despite the chatter, I’m hopeful that with Hanley gone, their need for right-handed power trumps everything else. I know this is not an original thought but it’s still fact. Losing Kemp leaves the team far too unbalanced on the left side, hitting wise.

  25. zonadodger says:

    hmmmm ok..Not getting this one lol

  26. zonadodger says:

    From what I’ve read on Heisey.. He’s very solid in the OF and can play CF pretty decently. Outside of that he has a little pop

  27. zonadodger says:

    Something else has got to be in the works

    • trublu4ever says:

      I agree….something is in the works.

      • enchantedbeaver says:

        Or it could just be organizational depth. We lost a lot of AAA minor league OFers to free agency. This guy’s numbers aren’t very good to expect even replacement level out of him other than on D. Plus he’s 29.

  28. zonadodger says:

    Well glad they tendered AJ,Jansen,Gordon.JT a contract…Will c what Nicascio and Heisey bring

  29. zonadodger says:

    I’m ok with Barney signing 1 yr deal

  30. zonadodger says:

    Jansen,Gordon,JT no brainers..Hope AJ has a better yr offensively

  31. nedisajerk says:

    I see Martin clear waiver maybe they should had put him on waiver 1st than Garcia. I can’t believe we lost him.

  32. griz says:

    Good to see AJ offered a contract. If I had my druthers, sure, I’d rather have Johnny Bench, but everything considered we need to keep him.

  33. JhallWally says:

    Just don’t trade Kemp…. I think that would be a huge mistake… Unload Crawford and/or Ethier…

    Eat the money and get rid of one of them…. Or both if you can… I’d like to see Ethier get a shot to play somewhere… I think he can be a productive player in the right situation….

  34. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I’m not intelligent enough about this game when it comes to understanding this trade of Magill for Heisey. I thought we had too many outfielders. ???

  35. koufax1963 says:

    Im waiting. are the dodgers going to give the phillies a whole new OF for hamels? I don’t know, of course you say, but signing another OF(heisey) is beyond the face value of this move.

  36. crash24now says:

    Maybe this deal sets up a deal for SVS. Heisey is a better defensive replacement than SVS, but doesn’t have the offensive production. Likely we will see SVS traded for a piece that will help the team. Maybe a catcher. Maybe a pitcher.

    • kahliforni says:

      crash, you open an old wound for me…the sight of SVS patrolling center field was, for me, a stubborn Mattingly move which did nothing but slight Kemp publicly. Even Donnie had to admit how lame it was by finally putting Puig out there. My point is, Mattingly showed Kemp zero respect. Just one of many reasons for my wishing for a different manager…one who knows how to manage men like a man, not a guy who tells the media to go ask the players why they suck.

      • crash24now says:

        Speaking of opening old wounds…Dodgers Digest did a review of Hanley. They reminded me that the Dodgers were leading 8-0 in the seventh inning when Hanley blew Kershaw’s perfect game. Too bad Mattingly doesn’t know how to use players. Rojas and Uribe(or Turner) should have been covering ss and 3b by then.

  37. lbirken says:

    As most of you, I was puzzled by the trade for another outfielder but something in what I read caught my eye: options. Heisey has minor league options so my guess he is needed to fill a minor league spot while still serving as insurance down the road. Why else would they do this?

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