When Will Our Next ROTY Come?

September 10, 2011

It’s obviously a weird subject to touch upon, but in all seriousness, when will our next ROTY come?

It’s been almost 15 years since the last Dodger rookie put it upon himself to rise above the competition and play at a level worth rewarding.

These 16 players below have not only represented the Los Angeles Dodgers within my lifetime, but have also done so throughout the Brooklyn and golden years of this team.

1. Todd Hollandsworth

2. Raul Mondesi

3. Mike Piazza

4. Hideo Nomo

5. Eric Karros

6. Rick Sutcliffe

7. Steve Howe

8. Fernando Valenzuela

9. Steve Sax

10. Ted Sizemore

11. Jim Lefebvre

12. Frank Howard

13. Jim Gilliam

14. Joe Black

15. Don Newcombe

16. Jackie Robinson

These players have represented this franchise, and even when there was no Dodger player named as ROTY, there was always one player in consideration who wore Dodgers across his chest. But what happened.? Obviously, those days are gone, but why.?

I do so believe that the lack of minor league recruiting talent has diminished to the sense that we’ve underspent on signing Draft picks whom could make a difference. Think about this?

Since 2004, the first season that Frank McCourt was officially entrusted as the brain-trust of this team, this team has drafted notables such as:

-Blake Dewitt

-Scott Elbert

-Jamie Hoffman

-Javy Guerra

-Luke Hochevar

-Ivan DeJesus

-Josh Bell

-Jonathan Meloan

-Brent Leach

-Trayvon Robinson

-Scott Van Slyke

-Chase D’Arnaud

-Clayton Kershaw

-Bryan Morris

-Preston Mattingly

-Chris Withrow

-James Adkins

-Andrew Lambo

-Ethan Martin

-Josh Lindblom

-Kyle Russell

-Dee Gordon

-Cole St. Clair

-Nate Eovaldi

-Allen Webster

-Aaron Miller

-Garrett Gould

-Brett Wallach

-J.T. Wise

-Austin King

-Zach Lee

-Shawn Tolleson

-Devon Ethier

-Cody Martin

-Chris Reed

-Alex Santana

-Ryan O’Sullivan

Out of all these drafts, only six players are currently in the majors with this team, while most have yet to break through due to their slow development. Many have been traded, such as I count 10 who are no longer with this organization.

At what point are we going to stop signing pitchers whom furthermore have yet to produce more than Clayton Kershaw, who was rushed and made to learn on the fly. When are we going to sign talent whom we could use now and in the future. When are we going to tap into the Asian, Latin, and African continent for players.

I do not speak for many, but for the lack of money, we have diminished the talent level in the minors, and thus, what once in a while ago was deemed as a common thing, is now foreign to us. Who will finally break through and capture this now unattainable trophy. We have a probable Cy Young and MVP within our ranks today, and to think that we could someday have a 3rd piece of hardware to add to that in a ROTY, it would signal the overturn of an organization that as of now is in turmoil, and will continue to be in turmoil while this ownership group, and to reiterate this brain-trust is finally put out to pasture and shot down in the spirit of all that is decent and holy. Sorta to put it outta it’s misery.

This Day In Los Angeles Baseball History

September 10, 2008 – With a 4-2 victory over the visiting Yankees, the Angels clinch the division flag on the earliest date in the history of the American League West. The Halos, the first club this season to secure a post-season spot, have finished in first place four times in the past five seasons.

(If you know anything of interest that happened in Dodgers history, go ahead and post a comment.)


Work With Me Here Dodgers!

August 22, 2011

So what’s to say after a tough loss at the hands of Hawksworth.? Can we say that we can only trust our starters named Kershaw now to pitch us a good game. Can we continue onto say that we can’t win a game, even with a lead when given to our best option outta the pen in Guerra. Granted he had his first case of the yips, but all in all, it came out pretty clean when seen as to who was his opposition. Can we say that this team is gutsy to the point where the kids are now the leaders. Are we doomed to lose a starter every single month this year.?

Many questioned can be asked, but are there many answers to be given anymore. I have never seen a team rely more on backup players than this team this season. To be certain, you can relate this to what is probably going to happen in California real soon. The grocery workers are scheduled to strike against major grocery chains in an effort to get better health care options amongst other things. To add to what is already a dreaded forecast, the grocery chains are going to solicit the services of back up workers, otherwise known as scabs.

They make minimum wage, don’t get the benefits associated with the job at first, and are prone to excuse their learning curve as a fault of the people which they replace. The same can be said of those that are now playing the role of starter for this Dodger team. Sellers, Gwynn, Barajas, Navarro, Miles, Rivera, Carroll are all backup players at best on any other team. A well equipped team would have these players mixed in with others and use them accordingly, but on this team, they have started more than their counterpart.

So what can be said about this team besides the fact that we are seeing our own strike in action. Maybe they don’t get paid the same as do the supermarket workers, but in the end, the people that are supposed to work aren’t able to work, and others are brought in to replace them. Just makes you wonder the almighty question, when will the Dodgers get workers that are capable of playing as starters, and leave the backups to their intended roles.

This Day in Dodger History

August 22, 2000 – Hitting a solo blast and a three-run round tripper during a nine-run sixth inning of a 14-6 victory over the Expos, Dodger first baseman Eric Karros becomes the first player in the 111-year franchise history to hit two homers in an inning.