Dodgertown to Camelback

March 27, 2015


What a great time of year to have a birthday.  The gray, freezing winter has ended and the warm days of spring beckon us to go outside and see the emerald green grass and flowers emerging from the dormant ground.

This is the time for optimism to abound.  The reset button has been pressed.  All teams are returned to an even footing with thoughts of post-season glory wafting though Cactus and Grapefruit league stadiums from Glendale, Az to Jupiter, Fl.

Wide eyed rookies and grizzled vets alike are hoping they have what it takes to make the team.  A first chance for the former and maybe the last for the latter.

Our very own OBF has been along for the ride, and shared the hopes and dreams of the Dodgers for over 65 years.  Happy Birthday Joe.  I hope for this next year,  that you have good health, happiness and get to celebrate a Dodgers World Series Championship!

*** UPDATE ***

🎁 It’s Wally’s birthday too!  🎂



Opening Day is all downhill from here…

March 20, 2015

Camelback Ranch Elevation: 1152 ft, above sea-level
Dodger Stadium Elevation: 267 ft, above sea-level

(Trivia Question) Colorado’s ballpark (5183 ft, above sea-level) stands at the highest elevation in all of MLB. Can you name which ball clubs stadium stands at the second highest elevation?
We’re on the threshold of being halfway through Spring Training games. There are 16 days left until Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers have two off days in-between now and then, coming on Tuesday the 24th, as well as Sunday, April 5th. They have two split squad days left, coming tomorrow (Rangers & Rockies), and again on March 29th (Rangers and Giants). Innings and playing time are getting harder to obtain, and the prospects are mostly in minor league camp now. So, the Arizona limelight is beginning to shine more and more…on the regulars who up until this point, have been working on different aspects of the game than the younger guys. Pitchers are reaching the pinnacle of their arms performance and hitters are gearing up towards pitch recognition and timing, as well getting more time on the field of play itself.

It won’t be long now till we’re tipping our glass to the sound of “I Love L.A.!”

If you just can’t control your thoughts & emotions…feel free to display your concerns in the section below…

Counting down to 25

March 14, 2015

The first reassignments of spring have been made, with Chris Anderson, Julio Urias, Ryan Buchter and Josh Ravin being sent to the minor league side today. I believe the Dodgers started with over 60 players in camp, so we still have a way’s to go yet, but the journey towards the 25 man roster has begun.


I’ve been fortunate enough this spring to of had every minute, of every game on so far in 2015. Although, after a few innings…I end up fully engaged in my daily nap. So, I haven’t seen as much play as I would have liked. I really have nothing knowledgeable to pass along as far as how anyone has looked? Perhaps some of our other commenters can better assess the play to date.

Maybe discuss what you’ve seen from the positive side and the negative side of the youngsters being reassigned??? (No worries though, I just thought we could use a shorter thread)

62) Julio Urias
61) Chris Anderson
60) Ryan Buchter
59) Josh Ravin


Just a reminder:

(The blackout restrictions have been lifted during Spring Training when using Even without a subscription they have one free game of the day. Which is updated around 9am on I use an HDMI cable attached to my laptop and TV. I have found that as long as I defragment and run my cleaner before the games, it works as well as any other broadcast option. Plus there aren’t any commercials, which is usually how I begin to doze-off. Sometimes I open my eyes when they come back on…and sometimes I just let my subconscious listen in…

This sure beats the hot-stove season spent watching QVC. Yes, I said QVC! One day, the folk’s and I decided to see if they had a boat motor with a functional spinning prop, you know for 5 easy payments cause ours didn’t function any longer…They didn’t!  They did have a slop bucket with a functional spinning mop though…Dang thing is a dream machine, I tell ya’!! Only problem now is the UPS guy wakes me up about twice weekly during my thoroughly planned ballgame nap! I’m trying to train the dog to ignore him, but he hasn’t caught on yet! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!