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I am experimenting with adding new Google web elements and other features to the blog.  Right now they are not working like I expected.  I added a couple of news feeds and thought the feed would be seen on the right side panel.  Instead, it is a link that will bring up a new page with the latest Dodgers news.  Useful but not that elegant.  Oh well, I will keep looking for a better solution as time permits.  For the moment, you can go to the bottom of the panel on the right and click on the Dodgers News link and the Google RSS Dodgers Feed link which will open up a new page with current Dodgers news.

One item that I saw there that was interesting was the Huffington Post article about potential new Dodgers owners.  You can’t tell the players without a scorecard and here it is:


30 Responses to New Features on OTD

  1. 32and53fan says:

    Nice slideshow about the Dodgers bidders.

  2. I just hope we end up with great owner(s). I really pray that everything works out for the best. BEST WISHES FOR ALL THE FANS, AND THE DODGERS!

  3. 32and53fan says:

    More from the news feed ( Fantasy Baseball Breaking News):

    Ken Gurnick of reports that the Dodgers are close to re-signing reliever Mike MacDougal.
    As expected. MacDougal, 34, posted a 2.05 ERA and 41/29 K/BB ratio over 57 innings with the club in 2011. The Dodgers inked him on a minor league deal last offseason, but he’ll likely get a guaranteed major-league deal this time. Jan. 5 – 3:03 pm et
    Source: Ken Gurnick on Twitter

  4. 32and53fan says:

    For your convenience, I added the Dodgers 2012 Calendar to the blog under a new page. It is located at the top of the blog just under the title Outside the Dodgers.

  5. 32and53fan says:

    This one’s for OldBrooklynFan. Gil Hodges was my favorite player when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Here is another letter advocating his long overdue entry into the Hall of Fame.

    Mr. and Mrs. Gil Hodges and their children posed at Dodgertown on March 16, 1956. The late Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman and New York Mets manager should be in baseball’s Hall of Fame, many fans argue. (AP Photo/Dan Grossi)

  6. That was a wonderful letter. I had an aunt through marriage that was good friends with Joan Hodges who’s still living. I sure wish Joan can see Gil make it some day. Regardless, I’d love to see the Dodgers finally retire #14, in his name.


    Ned signed MacDooDoo for another year + option.


  8. JhallWally says:

    I thought we needed another lefty more than another middle inning righty like Guerrier and Hawksworth.

  9. JhallWally says:

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is wrong with this picture besides that we only have one lefty. The Guerrier contract is right up there with Uribe as one of the dumbest I’ve ever seen. I guess Ned was trying to top his big three of Schidt, Andruw, and Manny deals.

    CL Guerra $485,000 team control
    RHP Jansen $500,000 team control
    RHP Guerrier $4,750,000
    RHP MacDougal $650,000
    LHP Elbert $485,000 team control
    RHP Hawksworth $500,000 team control
    RHP Lindblom $485,000 team control

  10. Nellyjune says:

    I really have nothing to add other than to reiterate that Ned, indeed, is an idiot.

  11. MacDougal did well out of the ‘pen last year and was a little difficult to re-sign. That’s why it took this long. This hasn’t got anything to do with needing another lefty.

  12. How about put all this information and bidding process be put on ESPN or on the Prime Ticket. Most Dodger fans, if not all, want to see this as transparent as possible, meaning, seeing the money in a pile, their bank account info, verified of course, IRS there in person to make sure they actually have value, FBI to see to it that their not part of some investigation, and of course, who is bidding, and who they represent and who’s part of the group.

    I’d love that better than THE DECISION on ESPN.

    I’d just like an owner that stays the whole game, has a smile on his face, and walks up and down the stadium greeting fans and hires good people. Improves ammenities, bathrooms, and treats players and the GREAT VIN SCULLY with respect that he’s earned and deserved. A walk of fame/ museum and the renovations to the stadium and parking lot.

    The money and dedication is 1B for me whereas the ambiance and atmosphere is 1A.

    • Nice idea yung. I think we’d all like to see that. Too bad with messers McCrook & Bud it’ll never happen.

      I can’t remember an off season where we’ve had so little chatter. I think we’ve finally become numb to all that goes on with our boys in blue. I for one will believe Frank sells when I see it, and even then I still expect a few lawsuits on the way out.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I think I’m way over numb and am suffering from permanent nausea 😉

      • I think the lack of chatter stems from the fact that this is a period of waiting for a new owner and really there’s nothing else to do but wait. When the new owner is in place, than it’s time for opinions of the new owners and than the chatter begins again..

  13. trublu4ever says:

    As for chatter…we have made moves in the off season that have very little to talk about. Other teams got stronger and we have done little to improve. Damn, we weren’t even brave enough to give Kersh an extention…that pisses me off more than anything else we have done so far.

    • I honestly don’t dread going into this season as much as the last two. I definitely don’t think we’ve gotten any better personnel-wise, but I don’t think we’ve gotten much worse either. It still is a matter of Loney, Dre, Billz and Uribe having better years and Kemp and Kersh keeping their elite status. The rest is as it always has been with Ned – nothing but filler, though at least I’m not seeing a Sweeney, Anderson or Thames to waste ABs on (though I haven’t seen Kennedy swing the bat yet.)

      • trublu4ever says:

        That’s S.A. or T. is a very good thing. And, the thought of a new owner makes start to believe once again.

  14. grizzy says:

    I check the Times, this site almost daily, and ITD two or three times a week. Old Brooklyn is right in that there is not much to add.

  15. Dodger4life says:

    Happy New Year All…I have been refreshing my page here since, New Years…Only to see no activity. Finally today, I stumbled onto this post…( It’s been a while )
    I am still a little weary (understatement) of Franks intentions…It just seems that the higher the price becomes, the more options will be available to him…I do hope for the best however…As always I enjoy the comments…Peace and Go Dodgers!!

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