Vin being Vin Week

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Jim Tracy Rant

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Is there an anthology of all of Vin’s greatest conversations.

In the news, Uribe getting DFA’d by weeks end. Hallelujah !!!

ps- Hello fellow Dodger fans. Been out for a long time, but here’s to a strong finish and a stable rotation and some RBI’s.


93 Responses to Vin being Vin Week

  1. DodgerZona says:

    Dodgers optioned OF Jerry Sands to Triple-A Albuquerque. Dodgers sent Tony Gwynn Jr. outright to Triple-A Albuquerque..Dodgers activated INF Adam Kennedy from the 15-day disabled list.

  2. DodgerZona says:

    So Uribum stays?????? Not surprised….

  3. trublu4ever says:

    This is really a stupid move….surprise, surprise! Cannot stand the fact that our bench will be filled with Uribe & Kennedy!

  4. grizzy says:

    It’s getting hard for me to stand the fact that Loney and Rivera have a combined 3 rbi’s in their last 10 games. No doubt this has been pondered at great length in the front office and I do not know what can be done about it now. Just sucks.

  5. Sands getting sent down and Uribe getting another stay of execution is as shocking as Rivera hitting into a DP with the bases loaded last night.

    • trublu4ever says:

      Yes and, I’m just waiting in eager anticipation for Donnie to load the lineup…….Rivera, Uribe, Kennedy……with poor A.J. expected to clean up the mess!

  6. trublu4ever says:

    By the way, welcome back Yung… Keep up the good work.

  7. trublu4ever says:

    Just curious, is it Donnie’s decision or management’s to decide who comes and goes?

    • trublu4ever says:

      …..because, to me, I’d rather leave Kennedy down and keep Sands to fill in at first…..I think he’d do a better job than Rivera. Still think management should have DFA Uribe!

  8. trublu4ever says:

    As you can probably tell, Tru is miffed just a tad! 😉

  9. DodgerZona says:

    no really Tru lol

  10. Management doesn’t seem to understand that there is very little return on investment when keeping Rivera, Kennedy and Uribe. They’re all quite past their prime and their presence hurts the club more than helps. I don’t get it – and I am also a bit miffed, too!

  11. koufax1963 says:

    Ok Dodgers fans, I get it! In the clubhouse during the rockies series, treanor has them all glued in about his wife and the olympics, a worthy distraction and congrats to their gold medal, also the recent remodeling of the team (actually like TGJr), but the stretch is on, the gnats are playing well, they actually have hitting.
    So if Loney is going to show his late season surge it better start now, but between traffic accidents in the off-season, a name mentioned in every trade and the constant platoon at First base, I think he is done, I hope he is not because what he did last season at this time is what the dodgers need now. Has lopes gone mellow, he needs to fire up these guys as bowa was the foil to torre, because Donnie is not getting ballistic, ala lasorda. When Uribe is DFA’d it will be a party, and note to kasten they are very few former gnats that work out well in dodger blue. GO Dodgers I have a feeling hanley will have one heck of a series in Florida.

  12. nedisajerk says:

    Bobby Abreu clears waivers

    Updated: August 9, 2012, 4:55 PM ET
    By Jerry Crasnick |

    Bobby Abreu has cleared waivers and accepted a minor league assignment from the Los Angeles Dodgers, the veteran outfielder’s agent said Thursday.

    The Dodgers designated Abreu for assignment last week to create a spot on the roster after acquiring Shane Victorino in a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies. Abreu had a .359 on-base percentage in 70 games with Los Angeles but hit just two home runs in 179 at-bats.

    Abreu decided to accept an assignment to the minors after the Dodgers were unable to find him a new team in a trade. He expects to rejoin the big league club in early September, when the roster expands to 40 players.

    “We discussed this with Bobby and the Dodgers, and we think this is his best chance to get back to the majors by Sept. 1, if not sooner,” said Abreu’s agent, Peter Greenberg.

    Abreu, 38, has 2,434 hits and a .396 career on-base percentage in 17 seasons. He made two All-Star teams with the Phillies in 2004 and 2005.

    Abreu began this season with the Los Angeles Angels. They released him in late April and he joined the Dodgers in early May. The Angels are still responsible for paying most of Abreu’s $9 million salary this year.

    • messagebear says:

      And just why would the Dodgers bring Abreu back when the roster expands? Does that mean that there’s nobody better qualified in our minor league teams to help the big club?
      SAD! Is that the best you could do over the years, Ned?
      Don’t even answer that.

      • kahliforni says:

        Look on the bright side…Come September 1, Donnie will have the obscene riches of Abreu, Gwynn (who also accepted a ticket to Albuquerque), Uribe, Kennedy, Rivera, Hairston, and most likely a couple over-rated “sluggers” like Sands and Van Slyke from which to choose for a vital pinch-hitting assignment.

  13. lbirken says:

    The natives are a bit restless today after finally winning a game against the last place Rockies. I hesitate to think about the mood had the Dodgers lost last night.

    Bear, I think it is unfair to say this management or any management short of the Indians owner in the movie Major League is not serious about winning just because it makes a move you or I don’t like. For reasons you already know, the Dodgers are limited in the moves they can make and crticism in that direction is justified. I think Ned does a great job playing the system that allows any GM to move players back and forth even if those moves seem to make no sense to the rest of us. Ned has always favored known talent ( or lack thereof) over unkown and I don’t expect him to ever change.

    I have often wondered how much say a manager has over player moves. Does a manager ask for a specific player? Does he have a lot of say about who gets sent down? Did Lasorda have much say? This is probably something we will never know.

    • 32and53fan says:

      A manager can offer suggestions and make recommendations, but the GM is responsible for all the moves. Besides the manager, a GM will also get input from the scouts and owner/president.

      • Its just that it appears Ned ignores them all.

        If you’ve gotten rid of a guy because he sucks, and 29 other teams thinks he sucks even more than you do because he cleared waivers, then how is it he’s magically going to get better in a month that you have to keep him around to stink up your roster again?

        I’ve never seen a GM like Ned, and I hope to never again.

  14. trublu4ever says:

    I see for tonight, Hairston is playing 3rd again….so poor Cruz must be on Donnie’s shit list! Like Jerrry has been lighting it up….give me a break! I hate having Rivera and Hairston in the same lineup.

  15. grizzy says:

    Abreu is the best pinch hitter available to us.

  16. Tru, I’ve finally got Ned figured out…

    He’s one of them there environmentalists – never throws anything away and is always recycling other teams garbage.

    • trublu4ever says:

      That is so true…..but, Donnie puts the lineup on the field…..I think he is in way over his head!

      • The apple didn’t fall far from the tree did it? He and Joe may be able to handle personalities, but to put a decent line-up out and manage in game, they’re both dumb as a rock.

        • kahliforni says:

          They both prefer older players, figuring diminished reflexes serves as a bonus somehow.

          • trublu4ever says:

            We can only hope Kasten & Co. feels the same way….I beginning to think they do….you’d have to be blind not to see how incompetent those two are!

          • trublu4ever says:

            ……actually, I’d get an all new crew.

          • I would too Tru. Only one I’d keep around would be Lopes. For sure something’s got to change, and they say you can’t fire the team. Trouble always has been, Evans left them a young up and coming team, and then they hired a tired old man to lead them who had a total disdain for youth. Mattingley picked up that personna also. Couple them with Ned, who never met a vet he didn’t like and they took a team that should’ve been good for years and ran it into the ground. No way with the young guys they had in Kemp, Loney, Martin, Dre, et al. that they shouldn’t have at least one pennant to their credit.

  17. Great first inning. When are they going to take Kahli’s suggestion and bat Ramirez second? M.Ellis is sinking like a stone back to his career norms.

  18. trublu4ever says:

    Crap…another shitty umpire! See, Kersh has strike 3 but, noooooooo, next pitch, boom!

  19. We’re just kidding ourselves thinking these clowns have a real shot at making the playoffs. They ain’t got the horses, they ain’t got the heart, and they sure as hell don’t have anyone to lead them.

  20. I’ve already seen enough. Since I’m a glutton for punishment I’ll check the score later, but I’ll be surprised if they can even get that run back.

  21. trublu4ever says:

    YES!!!!! Way to go guys!

  22. trublu4ever says:

    Good grief….looks like, easy come….easy go!

  23. trublu4ever says:

    Wow….I’ll take that rbi Hanley 😉

  24. grizzy says:

    Wouldn’t want to break it open or anything. Can’t have the pitchers working with a big lead.

  25. trublu4ever says:

    Hairston sucks at 3rd! I want Cruuuuuuuz!

  26. trublu4ever says:

    Great…Choate walks a .189 hitter!!

  27. trublu4ever says:

    I’m here by myself but, anyway, way to go Dodgers…..nice start to the road trip.

  28. vl4eccjr says:

    Nice start for the road trip!

  29. 32and53fan says:

    Not a pretty inning but all’s well that end’s well.

  30. nellyjune says:

    It is strange the Dodgers are tied for first, considering they haven’t been playing that well. However, it means the gnats can’t figure things out either.

  31. lbirken says:

    Congrats to Dodgereric for getting another letter to the L.A. Times sports section published. Short and sweet but nice to see his is still paying attention.

    It has already been said but bears repeating: the Dodgers were certainly not as good as their play demonstrated early in the season but are probably not as bad as their play is now. At the same time, the Giants and D’backs were probably not as bad as they demonstrated while the Dodgers were hot and all three teams have reached about the same level of inconsistency, even with the lineup changes. Perhaps that is the most confounding issue. The moral of the story: anything can happen and probably will.

    If nothing else, the rest of the season should be entertaining and hopefully not too frustrating.

  32. 32and53fan says:

    There are some nice articles about the Dodgers in the Aug. 17 issue of the Hollywood Reporter. They can be read at:

  33. trublu4ever says:

    Let’s get this win tonight, Dodgers! Gnats won so we need to take care of business!

  34. trublu4ever says:

    Poor James….gold glove, lead bat 😉

  35. Here’s the thing Tru, how is Loney, or Rivera for that matter, ever going to get in anykind of groove (other than a rut) by not playing everyday? Here Rivera smacks a homer yesterday, so he’s on the bench today. Loney could go 5 for 5 tonight and he’d suffer the same fate. Its insane. Platooning hasn’t worked all year, so why would it now?

  36. trublu4ever says:

    Sweet……love Matty & Dre!

  37. See Donnie, good things happen when you steal a base now and then. Now let’s try some hit and run.

  38. 5 bucks says James gets a hit with no one on.

  39. If our former manager didn’t get it in his head that Loney should be a power hitter, he would never have tinkered with his batting stance. He did quite well as a consistent .290 hitter, with lots of doubles, and picking up around 90 rbi’s per season. Is that bad? And he used to play against both lefties and righties. I think Donnie does him a huge disservice by sitting him down. He’s a much better first baseman than Rivera, too.

  40. trublu4ever says:

    Blanton is beginning to look like Brad Penny!

  41. Maybe we can do something against Zambrano.

  42. Then again, maybe not . . . .

  43. Too many early wasted opportunities.

    Still don’t have any pitching past Kersh. Blanton’s just another Harang who’s just another Billz. Cupaguano is pitching to his norms. And its Fife, who was at least pitching effectively, who gets sent down.

    Still nothing impressive about this line up either. They’d have done better starting over and building up rather than the typical patchwork they always do. Don’t know how they’re going to get a first baseman for next year – Lee is the best among the FAs… that’s how bad the available FAs are.

  44. grizzy says:

    It doesn’t look to me like there is enough consistency with the current team. Gotta score to win. There is still enough time to jell as a unit and make a run, but if I were to guess, the team could win the division, but will not go deep into the playoffs. Teams that do that seem to have entire rosters of guys having career years, something we do not have. If I’m wrong I’ll be more than happy to go out in the yard and get one of those mouthy crows we have around here and chow down. At this point I’m pretty happy about keeping the top pitching prospects.

    • trublu4ever says:

      I think we could have more consistency if Donnie Boy would put the same lineup on the field……everyday it is different.

      • Its my greatest hope that Kasten is using this “pennant run” as an audition for Donnie Boys true talent as a manager, and that he’s just giving him enough rope to hang himself.

        I have to think that no one who mismanages a daily line-up, bullpen and in game decisions as bad as Donnie does can keep his job, especially with a real baseball man like Kasten watching.

  45. trublu4ever says:

    Okay… it NOW, Matty!

  46. trublu4ever says:

    Damn…..only one run! Too many wasted opportunities, once again!

  47. trublu4ever says:

    That’s much better guys!

  48. trublu4ever says:

    Okay….a win on get-away day….nice!

  49. vl4eccjr says:

    Cappy did well today. Glad they won the rubber game to take this series. On to Shittsburg!

  50. lbirken says:

    Tremendous performance from Capuano Sunday. Big series with the Pirates. Go Dodgers!

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