Decision Time

October 31, 2014


The World Series is over. Now is the time for Andrew Friedman to step up to the plate. The next few months will set the course for the Dodger’s future.

The first decision will be what to do about Hanley Ramirez. The Dodgers have until 2 p.m. PT on Monday to offer a qualifying offer to Ramirez, a one-year, $15.3 million contract that if he declines would give the Dodgers a supplemental 2015 draft pick in between the first and second rounds. It is a safe bet that he will decline the offer. All 22 players in the two years since the qualifying offer system was enacted have declined, though some wish they hadn’t.

With the departure of Logan White, Friedman has one more top lieutenant spot in his scouting and player development team to fill. White’s departure leaves the Dodgers with three key vacancies: Scouting Director (White’s former role), Director of Player Development (DeJon Watson left for the Arizona Diamondbacks) and General Manager (Buh bye, Ned Colletti).

While the core of the team is intact, Friedman and the rest of the Dodger brain trust need to bolster the back end of starting pitching, the bullpen, and, if Ramirez leaves, find a shortstop who can hit, as well as field. Finding a catcher who can provide offense, as well as handle a pitching staff, and trading one or more of the excess outfielders is also on the agenda.


What’s Brewing with the Dodgers?

August 8, 2014



Roberto Hernandez (aka Fausto Carmona) is all set to start the first game of this weekend’s series against the Milwaukee Brewers.  This leaves us all wondering what other pitchers will Ned Colletti pick up during the “waiver/trade” month of August?  Rumor is that he is shopping for a “swing-man” that can handle both long relief and spot starts, to replace Paul Maholm.  We could also use some more starting pitching depth, in case of injury or in case Dan Haren forgets which changes he made before Wednesday’s game against the Angels.  Other than that, we definitely could use some real help in the bullpen, somebody we can slot in ahead of Brandon League and Brian Wilson.



Recap of the Worst Game of 2014 (So Far)

April 16, 2014


First, the good news:

  1. Juan Uribe scored both runs for the Dodgers.  He started the scoring with a solo home run in the second inning.  He later added a double and was pushed across the plate with Justin Turner’s single.  Uribe added a third hit, a single, later in the game.  Juan has been on a tear hitting-wise and has continued his stellar play defensively.  This game had me thinking that Uribe should be batting fifth, but then again, there was 2011-2012.
  2. Josh Beckett was able to survive a couple of major jams and actually pitched shutout ball for five innings despite walking five Giants.  He was definitely shaky, but much improved from his first start.  I’m actually looking forward to his third start.
  3. Matt Kemp hit his first single of the year!  Maybe this is a sign that he’s not pressing so hard, not trying to hit every ball out of the park.  Eventually, Mattingly will see the need to start Kemp in every game.  Later, Matt added a huge double, which may have been worthwhile, if only…

Now the bad news:

  1. The FedEx bunt.  It not only did not deliver, it took away a run by erasing Uribe just prior to the Matt Kemp double.  We could have seen Uribe scoring all three runs and won the game.  I can’t wait for AJ to return.  The FedEx/Butera platoon works on defense, but it sure puts a hole in the lineup.
  2. Chris Withrow let a run score on him, just after the team showed confidence in him by sending Paco to AAA rather than Withrow.  Of course, this was just the first time that he allowed a run this year, unlike…
  3. Kenley Jansen blew yet another save.  Dodger fans far and wide must be wondering just what is going on here.
  4. Andre Ethier was unable to convert a scoring opportunity directly after Yasiel Puig hit a one-out triple.  Ethier left him on third base with a strikeout, when “Not Every Day Dre” could have scored him with an ordinary fly ball.
  5. The non-appearance of Brian Wilson.  Of course, this is completely on Don Mattingly.  It looked like Mattingly was holding the Beard back for a possible save situation.  To me, it appeared that Mattingly was playing the extra innings just to lose the game when he inserted…
  6. Brandon League.  Why is he even still a Dodger?  When will Ned Colletti and Stan Kasten wake up, recognize the sunken costs and abject failure of the League contract, and designate him for assignment (DFA)?

Losing the first game of this Giants series after it had seemed we would win is especially troubling due to the fact that Paul Maholm is starting for us tonight.  That makes it doubly difficult to come out of San Francisco with a series victory.


The horror! The horror!

July 3, 2012

He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision—he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath—”The horror! The horror!”
— Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

Like the Conrad novel, later adapted by Francis Ford Coppola for the movie “Apocalypse Now”, the duality of human nature is explored through the Kurtz character who tried to tame the natives along the Congo River in the former and those along the Mekong River in Viet Nam and Cambodia in the latter. The above quote was uttered just before he died when he realized the mass destruction that he wreaked without reaching his goal.

One might see some parallels between Kurtz and Ned Colletti.  In the Coppola movie, Martin Sheen plays Captain Benjamin L. Willard, a US Army officer charged with navigating up the Mekong River to “terminate” the command of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, played by Marlon Brando. In the case of the Dodgers, an Enchanted Beaver, assisted by some of the OTD minions, is making his way from the streams winding down the western slopes of the Sierra mountains, up the Los Angeles River to the northern edge of Chavez Ravine to terminate the command of General Manager Ned Colletti.

When he looks to the field from his luxury seat at the team he has assembled, Ned has to be whispering to himself, “The Horror! The Horror!”

Dodgers lineup:

  1. Gordon SS
  2. Ellis C
  3. Abreu LF
  4. Rivera RF
  5. Kennedy 2B
  6. Loney 1B
  7. Cruz 3B
  8. Gwynn CF
  9. Capuano P

(I apologize to Crash for stepping on his post.  It wasn’t here when I started this one.)

Chicago Chat

May 4, 2012

As you have already heard, the Dodgers today announced the signing of OF Bobby Abreu to a 1-yr contract & optioned infielder Justin Sellers to AAA Albuquerque.  Previously, Ronald Belisario was activated and should be ready to go today.  Mike McDougal was designated for assignment to make room.  Abreu commented:

“I’m just happy to be back right now,” Abreu said. “I’ll do anything I can do to help the team — as a pinch-hitter and whenever they give me time to play.  Of course I have to make an adjustment and get used to it,” Abreu said. “The good thing is we talked about it. I know what my role is here, and it’ll be no problem. I’ll always be ready. You see, as an everyday player, you don’t pay attention to that stuff. Right now, it’s OK. I’ll get used to it fine.”

Stan Kasten announced that Ned Colletti will not be subject to a specific payroll limit.  He wants the best available players to fit the needs of the team.  He added:

“I expect moving forward it’s going to be north of where it is now,” Kasten said. “But I have to tell you, I never focus on a target in getting the 25 guys. Because as you know, there are some teams that are really good with very low payrolls, and you would rather have those teams than a higher payroll team that’s not.

“So focus on the players that we get and don’t worry so much about the payroll. I don’t have a set number for you because we’re not going to do it that way. We’re going to take every opportunity that we can. If that means increasing payroll, then that’s what’s going to happen.”

It hurt to lose the series against an inferior (so far) Colorado Rockies.  It is not mandatory, but a sweep against the last place Cubs would be nice.  At least win the series.

Fan Feedback

If you want to have your comments sent directly to the new management team, use the new email link to that is now on the bottom of the sidebar.

Getting closer to the Spring

February 3, 2012

We are now in February and only a couple of weeks away from the pitchers and catchers reporting date.  Getting closer but not getting better.  This off-season has been another dud.  The Dodgers look worse coming into the upcoming season than they did last year.  What are the chances that Kemp And Kershaw will improve upon their great season last year?  Ned is betting the farm on Ethier, Loney and Uribe having vastly better performance this year.
Meanwhile, I can hardly wait to see what Ned’s next move will be.

Does It Really Matter?

October 17, 2011

So Frank and Jamie have settled.  What?!!  Again!!!!!

Good News? Who knows…..?

Good news for the writers as it gives them something to scribble about. Not a lot going on so it is a nice little tidbit for them.,0,2826184.story

Doesn’t really mean anything until the judge approves it anyway.

And the big question. Where is the money coming from to pay her off? The only source of income Frank has is the Dodgers, and he has tapped that out to the tune of having to auction off the TV rights of 2 years from now to keep his present day boat afloat.

I don’t think it really matters or changes things. Just puts a number on how much Jamie gets to shut up and go away. The real decision comes starting Oct. 31st when Bud and Frank square off in Delaware.

The funny thing is: after reading this breaking news about Frank and Jamie, the thing that still gives me the most concern is:

Our incompetent GM….

All of this really just keeps blinding people to the fact that this team will never become a championship caliber team as long as they continue to employ a GM that is inept.

The court battle for ownership could drag on for quite some time. The Dodgers can however make a move to make them better immediately. Get rid of NedCompoop!!!!!!!

There won’t be any WS rings in the future as long as Ned is the GM. Regardless of who owns the team. Mark it down.