The Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio

July 21, 2014


The Dodgers earned home field advantage, should they face the Cardinals again in the postseason, by nipping St. Louis 4-3 on Sunday night. The Dodgers blew several opportunities to widen the lead when they failed to score with men in scoring position, costing Kershaw a victory.

The Dodgers arrived at Three Rivers Stadium battered but unbowed. The ball got away from the fireball throwing Cardinals pitchers hitting Puig and Ramirez on the left hand, and Hanley on his left shoulder. Although all agreed that the pitches were not thrown to hit the batters, they were intentionally thrown to move them off the plate. Clayton Kershaw delivered a clear signal that hitting his teammates was unacceptable by drilling Matt Holliday in the thigh on his first pitch in the 4th inning. Hopefully, this will unify and inject some energy into the lately lackadaisical Dodgers.

The Pirates are well above .500 and will be another challenge to offensively challenged Dodgers.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Raphael Has Left the Building

July 31, 2011

Tony Jackson of ESPN/LA writes that he will never forget the impact that Raphael Furcal had in Los Angeles.

…”By the time Saturday night’s game was over, the Los Angeles Dodgers having lost 6-4 to the Arizona Diamondbacks before 37,139 at Dodger Stadium, Furcal’s locker had been cleaned out, with only two bottles of lotion and a pair of shower shoes left behind.


Gary A. Vasquez/US Presswire

One source whispered to me privately that Furcal had left around the fourth inning, which would seem to be an unmistakable sign he had chosen to accept a trade to the St. Louis Cardinals rather than using his “10-and-five” rights to block it, even though that trade still hadn’t been officially finalized. Another source, one close to the Cardinals, said the only reason for the delay was that they have yet to actually tell the still-unidentified minor league outfielder they are sending to the Dodgers for Furcal that he has been traded.

At any rate, the deal appears to be done, even if no one will actually say it.”

This Day in Dodgers History

On July 31, 2004 – Ten minutes prior to the trading deadline, Steve Finley gives the Diamondbacks permission to deal him to the Dodgers. The trade sends the four-time gold glove center fielder and backstop Brent Mayne to Los Angles for minor league catching prospect Koyie Hill, flycatcher Reggie Abercrombie and southpaw Bill Murphy, who acquired in yesterday’s trade with the Marlins.