Dodgers Seek Big Bat, Bring Up Arruebarrena

August 19, 2014


Oh.  Well, perhaps those are not related actions.

At least now we’ve got somebody who has some fight in him.

Dog Days of Dumpster Diving

August 15, 2014


Ned goes dumpster diving one more time during dog days of August.  This time he has picked up Justin Germano from the Texas Rangers and deposited him in Albuquerque.  Germano is a 32 year old right-handed starting pitcher who has spent lots of time going back and forth between AAA and the MLB.  That experience will come in handy within the Dodger organization.

Why did Ned feel compelled to do this type of manuever?  He loves diving into dumpsters?  Well, yes, but besides that we have a lack of depth of starting pitchers.  Stephen Fife is having Tommy John surgery.  Zach Lee has regressed on his K/BB ratio.  Matt Magill is, well, Matt Magill.


August 11, 2014


What’s Brewing with the Dodgers?

August 8, 2014



Roberto Hernandez (aka Fausto Carmona) is all set to start the first game of this weekend’s series against the Milwaukee Brewers.  This leaves us all wondering what other pitchers will Ned Colletti pick up during the “waiver/trade” month of August?  Rumor is that he is shopping for a “swing-man” that can handle both long relief and spot starts, to replace Paul Maholm.  We could also use some more starting pitching depth, in case of injury or in case Dan Haren forgets which changes he made before Wednesday’s game against the Angels.  Other than that, we definitely could use some real help in the bullpen, somebody we can slot in ahead of Brandon League and Brian Wilson.



I-5 Freeway World Series Preview?

August 6, 2014

Ever since 1961, the year the Angels entered the American League as part of the first MLB expansion, there has been a dream of the two Los Angeles teams meeting in the World Series. To date, the two teams have made the playoffs in the same year three times: 2004, 2008 and 2009. This year, both teams are doing well with a good chance of reaching the post-season.

This could be the year for the Freeway World Series. While the past should have no bearing on future results, the Angels have given the Dodgers a lot of trouble since inter-league play began in 1997, winning 57 games while the Dodgers have only won 41 times.

There is an article written by then Dodgers General Manager Buzzie Bavasi about the Koufax-Drysdale double holdout in 1966. To me, Bavasi comes across as a real asshole. But that was a different Era, well before free agency and multi-year contracts. One thing he said does make sense “… nobody on the ball club, including me and Walter Alston, was ever going to get more than a one-year contract. As I recall, I said something like, “You’re both athletes, and what you’re selling is your physical ability, and how can you guarantee your physical ability three years in advance?” Paying players tens of millions of dollars in advance, when they no longer can perform as expected, has helped to price games out of reach for a lot of fans.

How to Make a Baseball Lineup Part 2

August 4, 2014

Move your proven power guy up in the lineup.


Gordon 2B

Puig CF

Gonzalez 1B

Ramirez SS

Kemp RF

Crawford LF

Uribe 3B

Ellis C

Greinke P


I’d like to see Matt Kemp hit a few more HR’s this week forcing Donnie to move him up another notch.

How to Make a Baseball Lineup

August 1, 2014

I thought Donnie might need some help, so I consulted the Internet.  I found the following from


1.  Decide what player is most likely to hit for a base hit. This doesn’t mean a power hitter but just someone who has the best average of making a hit. Write this player’s name in the number one spot. To the right of the player’s name write in the position he is playing. The position is shortened into two letters, such as 1B for first base, LF for left field and SS for short stop.

2.  Write in the second and third batters directly under the first. These players are also likely to make it on base but you also want these players to be fast. This is because they are likely to steal a base to make their way into scoring position.

3.  Determine what player has the most power on your team (the individual must likely to hit a home run). Position this individual in the number four spot. This is because if the first three players got on base you are more likely to obtain four runs from a home run (instead of one or two if you moved him further up in the lineup). The fifth batter also has a good amount of power and write in this player on the five spot.

4.  Fill in the remaining four players in the six through nine spot. Typically the lower the chances of each individual reaching base, the lower the spot in the batting order. This is because the further you are in the batting order the fewer times you are going to bat each game.


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