Dodgers go to Arizona for the last series

September 26, 2011

Clayton Kershaw may have clinched the pitching triple crown barring an out of order appearance by Ian Kennedy in the next three games.  He finished the season first in Wins (tied), ERA and strikeouts.  His record puts him in strong contention for the Cy Young Award.  However, it is not an absolute lock.  He trails the Phillie’s Halladay and/or Lee in several other stats including WAR for pitchers, Bases On Balls per 9 IP, complete games and shutouts.

One area where Kershaw is head and heals above his peers is his commitment to an orphanage for vulnerable children in Lusaka, Zambia.  He promised to donate $100 for every strikeout he pitched this year.  Finishing with 248, Clayton will donate $24,800 out of his $5oo,ooo salary, almost 5% of his check before taxes and other deductions.  It is like Hiroki Kuroda making a $595,200 donation.  This is one of the best stories of the year.

Matt Kemp did not make much progress in his quest for the Triple Crown.  Entering today’s game, Kemp is tied with Albert Pujols for the league lead in homers with 37, he leads the league in RBIs with 120, and his batting average of .324 is third in the league, seven points behind Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun.   Kemp needs to go 7 for 14 in his last three games to raise his average to .32836 and three home runs to reach the elusive 40/40 club.  If Ryan Braun goes 2 for 14 in his last games, he will finish just below Kemp at .32807.

Dana Eveland, who will probably be pitching his last game as a Dodger, goes up against Daniel Hudson tonight.

This Day in Dodgers History

September 26, 1997 – In a 10-4 win over the Rockies, Dodger catcher Mike Piazza hits the longest home run in the history of Coors Field. The 28-year old backstop’s sixth-inning blast travels 496 feet and hits the left center field billboard between the scoreboard and Rock pile.


Off-Season Thoughts

September 5, 2011

With almost $50 mil coming off the books, and what looks like a sudden youth influx of good to OK talent, what do we need but a bat that isn’t named Uribe.  Who knows what this off-season may bring, but something that probably will occur is Bud Selig’s insistence that if Frank is still owner during off-season, that any money he takes out in loans or which way attainable, are used exclusively for the team. Pujols, Prince, etc. Maybe that Yu Darvish fellow? Who knows, but for now, this team rides the trains with the baggage they have, and a sudden resurgence of Loney and Ethier amongst others have helped ease the pain most have felt throughout the season.

Do we need more help in the rotation, or do we re-up with Kuroda-San, and keep the team as is. Do we go all in with the chance at luring Prince or getting a now 30 year old Pujols, who some consider is now in his decline. Maybe, just maybe we become buyers this off-season, probably buying way above value just to get people to sign. Or do we get new management, new front office brain-trusts, and lure someone with the promise of a new direction. All that assumed, can we as Dodger fans actually see a brighter future around the bend?

This Day in Dodgers History

September 5, 1955 – In an 11-4 win over the Phillies, Dodger pitcher Don Newcombe hits his seventh homer establishing a National League record for home runs by a pitcher in a season. The victory is Newk’s 20th of the season.