Spring Training Has Begun


The pitchers and catchers have arrived at Camelback Ranch to begin the 2015 Spring Training season.


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  1. trublu4ever says:


  2. zonadodger says:

    Joba not the answer….Ya i’m ready for spring games…I dnt live far from Glendale

  3. koufax1963 says:

    Disappointing kenley not available, but better to have injury now than later. Im going to say this, which may be met with much negativity, but League is my candidate to close till Jansen returns. 63 IP, 2.57ERA, 65 H, 27BB, 38 SO with zero HR. He had a comeback year in 2014, compared to his off with his head 2013 peformance. Certainly others will be welcome to prove better, and there is room for that, but what other reason was League kept, especially when Wilson and other ex closers were dismissed.
    GO Dodgers!

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      I think for now League’s being kept for his ground ball tendencies, but his walks and hits to innings pitched is 1.46, which isn’t good. He also doesn’t miss a lot of bats (5.43K per 9) which isn’t good either. Too many runners and not missing bats is a bad combo IMO for closer. Nobody can throw that many DP balls.

  4. koufax1963 says:

    Im all for whoever is best, and thats what ST is for, Hatcher peralta nicasio all can do it, if they wanted him gone they could just DFA, but yea, the contract he had I understand why nobody wanted him.
    Im just saying, his performance last year much improved, and perhaps coming in the 6th,7th inning took the high pressure off. and thats a good thing if League delivers. It will be an interesting team this year, lots of changes.

  5. Dodger4life says:

    I heard Kenley was out 8 – 12 weeks?? Is that when he can resume baseball duties, or when he will be in shape and performing at his league leading levels?? I think the Dodgers should have more than one guy that can throw heat for strikes 20 times a game within the system.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Don’t see a downside to this with a potential huge upside if his arm is sound.

      • messagebear says:

        If one of three or four of these chances works out, it seems like a small cost to pay – much better than Ned’s signings of over the hill “talent”.

  6. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Besides the underrated Giants, the Padre pitching staff, rated 2nd in baseball will also be something to deal with this season.

  7. crash24now says:

    No Moncada for us. The Red Sox signed him. 😦

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Awful lot of money ($63M) for a “prospect” no matter how good. Time will tell if that’s a bargain or not, but isn’t his cut ($31.5M) just a bonus? or does that include his playing contract too?

      From what I hear though, with the Yankmes and Sox out of things, come July 2nd it leave us with much less competition signing other IFAs.

      • Dodger4life says:

        I think I read that it counts as a bonus?
        Bob Nightengale, USA TODAY Sports

        The Boston Red Sox did not blink in their effort to land a potential superstar on the international market, reaching an agreement with Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada on a contract that will include a $31.5 million bonus, according to a person with direct knowledge of the agreement.

  8. zonadodger says:

    Well looks like the dodgers will get Hector Olivera imo…..Really wanted Moncada

  9. koufax1963 says:

    The Dodgers have their Cuban “Prospect” that needs to prove himself worthy. Yasiel, Im calling you out.

  10. zonadodger says:

    Ya who knows if Moncada will even pan out…Hard to tell

  11. kahliforni says:

    This whole rush for Cubans is the by-product of Puig’s incredible talent and dominance……even though most “fans” outside LA constantly slam him. Everybody is looking for the next mother lode of foreign talent. Reality is…the Dodgers have the real deal already.

  12. Dodger4life says:

    It looks as if everyone is in camp already…Hey, Yasiel even arrived earlier than most (Atta-Boy)!! I wonder if someone took this time and schooled him on the art of sliding??? You know, so he won’t get hurt sliding like Rembrandt or Picasso???

  13. Dodger4life says:

    Almost forgot…Ol’ Whatshisname? Whatshisname? Whatshisname?

    Oh nevermind, #16!!

    He plays better pissed off!!

  14. Dodger4life says:

    The whiz-kids have certainly been busy investing in resurrected arms for the bullpen (Not counting the back end of the rotation).
    So much so, that I’m losing track of how many dollars they have spent in the process…Does anyone know if they’ve topped Ned’s resurrection project of $19 million to Wilson yet???

  15. griz says:

    Poor Jaime. 131 million and trying to ruin the team wasn’t enough.

  16. koufax1963 says:

    I would really like to see Dre succeed as a Dodger. If he thinks he can bring it, then I would hope (as Dre does) that he would be given the starting job in Right or Center. Age 33 is not over the hill. broken pinky etc are over. Dre comes in healthy, prepared and seeing the ball well could be major impact.
    Can’t undo what Ned did, but Dre certainly can take control of his part in getting playing time. yeah I have fond memories of walk-off wins!

  17. messagebear says:

    Yes, I too am going to stand up for Andre. He may be overpaid and unable to live up to expectations of that kind of contract, but that’s not his fault. I don’t ever remember of him being accused of slacking off, and his attitude seemed to be all that one could expect, at least last year. And to me with all the memories of past accomplishments, Andre is a true Dodger – something that can’t be said about too many anymore. So, if Andre can muster another good season or two, I will stand behind him and root for that happening.

  18. griz says:

    Not a very good comparison.

  19. Dodger4life says:

    My feeling goes along with what enchanted stated earlier in the hot stove season…Andre will get traded either as Spring Training is nearing an end, or soon after the season starts, barring a major setback from Crawford, Puig or Peterson.
    I will say this though…anyone making $53 million, should play wherever and whenever they were asked. Unless they want to renegotiate their contract to a more suitable market value in order to assist their wishes. Why should the team have to eat money just to please the devalued players desire???

    • Dodger4life says:

      Is there anyone on this blog who wouldn’t be overjoyed to put on a Dodger uniform 486+ times and collect $53 million in the process???

      • oldbrooklynfan says:

        I think ‘Dre’s future all depends on himself, unless the Dodgers already have him on the block awaiting a good deal. I feel the same as koufax1963, hoping he remains a Dodger but I also agree that it will take some misfortune to happen to one of the other outfielders to help him stay with us.

  20. enchantedbeaver says:

    Interesting quote from Friedman:

    “Don has a job and that’s to manage our 25-man roster and deploy them on a nightly basis for what gives us the best chance to win, but there will obviously be debate over what that means, and there should be,” Friedman says. “Donnie is so mired in the day-to-day stuff that sometimes he doesn’t see things as clearly, while other times he has his finger much more on the pulse than we do. It’s all about us listening to each other.”

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      I always understood that the manager took care of the day to day operations on the field and the GM supplied the players.
      Right now, I have no idea of what function each individual has.
      I’m hoping things will become clearer as the season moves along.

      • Dodger4life says:

        It seems like I read where Zaidi stated…that they wouldn’t be involved in writing lineups, but would suggest certain situations that they would like to see happen??? Or something to that effect?

        • Dodger4life says:

          I also suspect that by pulse…they could mean what we’ve heard from Donnie in the past say about watching a guy’s actions and knowing whether he needs a day off..if his off field life is going well, if he’s playing injured, etc…
          I agree it is interesting… Conference calls before every series/game???

  21. crash24now says:

    Four scenarios for Andre and Joc:

    1. Andre and Joc both play well in ST. Joc wins starting cf position for the Dodgers, Andre wins a trade to a team where he will start in the OF.

    2. Andre plays well, Joc doesn’t. Andre is the Dodgers starting cf for now, Joc plays in OKC until he’s ready (maybe in July). Andre gets traded on July 31.

    3. Joc plays well, Andre doesn’t. Joc is the Dodgers starting cf, Andre is the fourth of (bench bunny). Dodgers can’t trade Andre, cuz who wants a corner outfielder who has no power?

    4. Neither play well. Yikes. Joc goes to OKC. Heisey plays cf until Joc is ready. Andre is the bench bunny.

    Like OBF said, Andre will either play himself into or out of a starting job. Such starting job may be with the Dodgers or with somebody else.

    • messagebear says:

      The only thing missing from your scenario is the possibility, maybe even a probability, that Scott VanSlyke will outplay both Joc and Andre, as he pretty much did last season. What then?
      Scott’s my man, as some of you may remember. He too had a fine minor league career, and without any hype he showed that he belongs at the major league level – maybe more than Joc at this point, and maybe more than Andre at this stage of their respective careers. Frankly I’d rather have him regularly in my lineup than either of the other two.

      • crash24now says:

        SVS is a fine hitter and I don’t doubt he can get to the place where he mashes right handed pitchers enough to earn a full time starting position. However, I cringe at the thought of him playing defense in center field. So if the starters are SVS, Puig and XYZ, then XYZ better be able to handle center field. I don’t think that XYZ=Carl Crawford, so SVS’s goal is to beat out Carl Crawford for left field.

        Tell me if you disagree about the defensive issue.

        • messagebear says:

          I agree with you that SVS will never be a defensive phenom and probably does not belong in CF. Alternating between corner outfield positions and 1B is probably his best venue. I don’t recall that he was considered a defensive liability in the minors either, so if he can hit near .300 with power, I’ll still take him.

      • crash24now says:

        I guess the other possibility is to have Puig back in cf, while SVS takes rf. But the new front office guys seem set on having Puig in rf.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Don’t forget…It’s always possible that Magic Johnson will move Andre into the bullpen!

      Look what that move did for Dan Haren…his best work last season came after Magics revelation. Not only that, the Dodgers were able to unload him to the Marlins in the off season!!

  22. 32and53fan says:

    André told David Vasseigh that at 33, he can’t play centerfield (at a high enough level) anymore.

    With all the pitchers, not to mention other players added this offseason, I don’t know the Dodgers can fit everyone on the 40 or 25 man roster. It is quite a juggling act to put the best 25 on the team at any given time.

  23. kahliforni says:

    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but it seems mundane to me to worrying about who play where when ownership doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the fan base and Vin Scully.

  24. JhallWally says:

    Might as well face it Dodger faithful… Both Ethier and Crawford are going to be big losses… The team needs to move on and neither of these overpriced primadonas is in the future…. We will eat alot of contract money to finally be rid of them….

    My question is, why is Crawford more well regarded by this current management than Andre… It seems like since he was part of the trade from hell, he is entitled.. Because management has to save some face… The big trade was ill advised and they are paying for it now…


    • messagebear says:

      Yeah, the big bold move with Boston was obviously designed to bring an immediate entry into the World Series – didn’t happen, just to show that big money can’t buy everything, especially if it’s assholes who are spending it. I don’t believe that Crawford has much left, and between the two I’d prefer Andre anyway. But neither one is of the future – they’re both over the hill in a sense. Unfortunately, and imho so are all the Guggenheimers, from Magic on down. For better or worse, GO DODGERS…
      F the Guggenheimers!

      • JhallWally says:

        I agree Bear,

        F the Guggs!!!!!! They are getting rich while Dodger fans are left out of TV and a serious championship team…

    • JhallWally says:

      But its Guggs money. What the hell do I care… They are sitting up there getting fat off the TV money and not even worried that a large sector can’t even watch them…

      Total greed!!!!!

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Interesting that they thought Beckett, Crawford, Gonzo and Punto would help them to a WS quickly when obviously they weren’t helping the BoSox to one.

      I’m going to differ though. I think given both Crawford’s and Dre’s current skill sets, I’d take Crawford. Power is about the same now. Speed is no contest. Crawford is a better hitter for average now too. Only place Dre is marginally better is on D.

      Now if you ask me is Crawford $5-$10M a year better than Dre, then the answer is no.

  25. crash24now says:

    Juan Pierre has officially hung up his base-stealing cleats (and his noodle arm).

    Probably related to the fact that Ned’s signing pen has been taken away.

  26. koufax1963 says:

    Hmmm, if spock were the dodgers manager, he would just do a mind probe on each of the players and make the line up that way.
    of course, Kershaw couldn’t pitch everyday…………
    Funny about the negativity toward the ownership here,it never ends, and justifyably shouldn’t, with McCourt we saw TV coverage of the hits, fouls and errors that happened both on the field and in the McCourt Mansions, with the Magic plus ownership we don’t see anything free on TV, although I read hits, errors and fouls still occur, and the dodgers still cant get pass game 4 in the play-offs under both regimes.
    To the above: Crash’s #4 resonates with me, and Bear’s thought on SVS may be the dark horse, oh yea, Crawford gets hurt by late May.

  27. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I saw many movies that included Dodger baseball but for the life of me I’ve never seen “Rhubarb”, although I’ve been reading or hearing of it probably since it first came out.

  28. messagebear says:

    I read that Guerrero has flat out said that he will not agree to a minor league assignment, and according to Ned’s contract the Dodgers won’t be able to make him. Now it would be great if in Spring Training he hit the hell out of the ball and scooped up every ball in the infield and thus made himself indispensable. If that doesn’t happen, who do you think is out there that would bail the Dodgers out by taking him off our hands? If nobody, there’s a spot on the 25 roster that will be clearly wasted.

    • Dodger4life says:

      If Guerrero is part of the 25 man roster due to his contract only…I’d think he would become somewhat of an outcast with his teammates.

      • messagebear says:

        So, what are they going to do about it – bite off his ear?

        • Dodger4life says:

          Is his ear organic???

          • Dodger4life says:

            I’m just saying, that the Dodgers seem to want a harmonious clubhouse… So, my best guess is he will have to bring some value to the roster. Before they do anything drastic, I suppose they give him every chance to find a spot. Or, Ned is gonna solve the problem by slipping some of Manny’s female fertility pills into his organic iced tea, then surprising him with a welcomed 50 game maternity leave…

        • enchantedbeaver says:

          I’ve pretty much counted his $25M as another bunch of money Ned wasted. Seems to me with this regime if he’s going to be a distraction or just plain not good enough to make the team they’ll just give him his release and pay the contract.

          Hopefully though he rakes in ST and some AL club wants him (at a discount of course) as a DH.

  29. kahliforni says:

    Darwin Barney and Justin Turner seem set for bench infielders. That leaves two bench spots for four guys (assuming Puig, Crawford, and Pederson start in the outfield): Ethier, Van Slyke, Heisey, Guerrero. Do the math. With the way the Guggenheim businessmen work, I don’t see Pederson breaking camp on the major league roster. The great “he has options left” will rear up and bite him.

    • JhallWally says:

      Kahli, I think you are spot on… Unless he just kills it, I see them using the option to buy time on Ethier…. I think you nailed it my friend……

  30. Dodger4life says:

    Tomorrow is the final day without meaningful baseball, until November!!!


  31. Dodger4life says:

    Actually, there’s 3 games scheduled on mlb/tv for tomorrow and 8 through mlb/audio… I’ve read that the Dodgers will have at least 1 game on everyday except for their scheduled day off…and, I’ve also read that games played in the spring are not subjected to black-out restrictions…I’m not sure how many will be available through mlbtv as the free game of the day…but in years past, I believe most were?
    Vinny is scheduled to bring us at least one game, I think against the Giants around the end of March?
    I haven’t seen this mentioned by anyone yet…but, Vinny has said he will only call home games…at least until later in the year…

  32. JhallWally says:


    Who does this guy think he is??????

    Yep, so much for club house harmony

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      How you doing my brother? I hear its a bit cold up your way.

      Interesting though, it reads how you want to slant it. Hard to say how it was said in Spanish and how it was taken in English. Could be he said it in a way that he’s not going down because he’s determined to make the team, and not that he’s just being obstinate. Could be too that it sells more papers to play up the statement out of context. Probably the biggest strike against him is that Boras is his agent, so its naturally assumed he’s being a dick.

      His contract though is on Ned. $28M for a guy they evidently didn’t know enough about, plus an out clause that totally favors the player is pure Ned at his idiotic peak.

      • Dodger4life says:

        The more I think about this…the more I think Guerrero’s best option may be just to accept his assignment if he’s asked to go down to AAA. It keeps him from souring any reputation he has acquired to this point. Boras and the Dodgers can rework the deal that has an opt out date further down the road. But this would be dependant upon his attitude of course. Just a thought…

        • Dodger4life says:

          I’m just thinking that if his goal is to play everyday…He might need to improve on defense and that being a bench bat elsewhere may not be the best option…meaning a minor league assignment may be in his future anyhow??? A good attitude may go a long way if such is the case???

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      ”Maholm played on some good teams in Atlanta and L.A., and we have a need for starting pitchers,” manager Bryan Price said.

      Yeah, “played on” and “contributed to” are two different things.

      Can’t wait til we get to Cincy.

  33. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Won’t Guerrero be placed on waivers if he don’t make the team or at least on a trading block?

  34. Dodger4life says:

    Uribe hit a shot off of Kershaw and Paco in on field batting practice…With the two trades made, he will be a catalyst to supplying some of the power needed. He’ll need a little help from others too though…

    Camelback Organic Lumberjack Contest

    Who do you think hits the longest bomb of the spring???

    a) Heisey
    b) Kee-Kay
    c) Guerrero
    d) Gonzales
    e) Joc
    f) Schebler
    g) Uribe
    h) Van Slyke
    I) Rollins
    j) Kendrick
    k) Crawford
    l ) Barney
    m) Turner
    n) Grandal
    o) Ellis
    p) Barnes
    q) Greinke
    r) Puig
    16) Bench Bunny
    Extra Credit
    Pick a darkhorse for just hitting one…

    1) Kershaw
    2) Barney
    3) Hyun-Jin Ryu
    4 Zack Lee
    5) Other
    I’ll guess – e) Joc, and 5) Anderson

  35. kahliforni says:

    Don’t blame Guerrero if he chooses not to go down. It’s in his contract…just like Greinke’s opt out. I’d rather play at the major league level, too. It’s not like the Dodgers are the end all.

    • Dodger4life says:

      True kahli!! Someone may have bid enough in the beginning to give Boras leverage over KasteNed.

      Greinke is an Ace on some clubs…

      Guerrero still needs to learn how to play adequate defense on any club. He has a chance to be patient, and start, even if through a utility role with the Dodgers is all I’m saying.

  36. Dodger4life says:

    I bumped into my “smokin” Cracker Jack gal today…
    Which means, it be, music time… I bring ya’ll the Doobie Brothers! Enjoy!

  37. enchantedbeaver says:


  38. koufax1963 says:

    so DRE gets the start in CF for todays game, while joc does the DH,
    im sure it will be a new OF by the 6th inning.

  39. messagebear says:

    And so far Joc is doing fine, and Andre seems ready for the shit pile. I really can’t believe how a once prominent player at his age can fade so fast and so completely. WHAT A WASTE!
    Send the guy home – maybe he can at least be a good daddy. Heaven knows (and Ned too) he won’t be lacking money for the rest of his life. Actually I’m so fed up, I’d like to shoot his ass.

  40. trublu4ever says:

    I don’t get the game until 6….from what you are posting, I don’t have to watch it.

    • messagebear says:

      I’m sorry, Blu. I so much wanted him to prove everybody (but you) wrong. He struck out both times he was up, and I’m not sure how well he played in the field. I just wish he had whacked a couple – maybe next time.

  41. koufax1963 says:

    We know not to judge too much by the first ST game. But Oh My bases loaded and the DP struck again. This is something that must change this season. Glad to see my coworkers cousin Okoye Dickson hit an HR! He wants to be a 1B.

  42. enchantedbeaver says:

    Looks like round one goes to Joc. I score it 10/0.

    Joc 1
    Dre 0

  43. messagebear says:

    So far I also give:
    Guerrero 1
    Front Office 0

  44. Dodger4life says:

    It may only be spring and numbers can be overwhelming here, but the aging process is easily spotted!! Dre isn’t a CF and his legs lost out to Crawfords today, too.
    Dre plays better pissed off!!!

    Had he turned and ran with his right shoulder leading, he would have caught this though.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Yup, ball should’ve been caught. Think we can dispense with the Dre in CF crap. Its Joc, Heisey, Puig or bust.

      I have to agree with Bear, I’ve never seen a guy fall off a cliff as quickly as Dre.

    • vl4eccjr says:

      Nice updated video D4, but I still remember how Jeanna Thomasino used to float my boat on the original. 😉

  45. kahliforni says:

    Gentlemen…first day of ST and a deep shot hit directly at you…zero depth perception. Patience, my young apprentices. An elitist corporate conglomerate partnered with sabermetric hotshots doesn’t exactly get me all warm and fuzzy for the future. This, indeed, is not our O’Malley Dodgers anymore.

  46. vl4eccjr says:

    Hey there! Hi there! Ho there Dodger fans!
    It’s been a long time!!

  47. Dodger4life says:

    Kershaw and Seager today…
    “Playin a little too loud, and having a whole lot of fun doing it!!”

    • trublu4ever says:

      He will be gone and much happier…..Crawford will prove to be the real liability, mark my words!

      • JhallWally says:

        I think you are totally right… Crawford is just flying under Ethiers smoke screen… Because they owe Crawford a little bit more money… It really just comes down to the money in the big scheme of things… Sad, but true… At least Ethier got his…

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Donnie has no business managing a checkbook, let alone a ML ballclub. ST, who cares?, but I’m willing to bet the house he does the same idiotic things during the season that he always has.

      Funny though that Donnie’s said that as they should, upper management will have input on the daily line-ups. WHAT? Management obviously knows he’s too incompetent to fill out a metrics driven line-up, so why is he still here? The team is built for small ball and sound fundamentals, and Donnie knows not of either. In order for this team to go forward they’re going to have to find a Maddonesque manager that knows how to get the most out of his players and their metrics in any given situation, not little Donnie 2 Trips.

  48. messagebear says:

    One thing that’s able to sustain a level of incompetence in a manager is a talented roster of players on any ballclub. That’s been basically true for Donnie for the last two years and for Torre before him for a lot more, in fact that’s Torre’s mark for his entire career with the Yankees. It’s a shame that we don’t have someone who can really manage and take advantage of the players we’ve had. I don’t see that anything is going to change in that department, and the way the Guggenheims handled that, they don’t deserve any better. The fans do! But what does that matter to the Guggenheims?

  49. crash24now says:

    If Andre can’t hit unless he plays every day, then he’s no good to us as a bench bunny. Send him and $53 million to some team that wants to pay him $1m a year.

  50. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I didn’t get to see the game until 9:00PM ET. I agree that Ethier should’ve caught that ball but it was just one of those things. He makes the catch more times than not. It’s not his fielding that’s working against him.
    I enjoyed the game and feel the “Pace of Game” thing will probably get me to bed earlier.
    Well, they almost pulled it out in the ninth.

  51. zonadodger says:

    Hello…Just got back from game at Camelback Ranch…Pretty impressed with O’Koyea Dickson…Joc had a nice game….Kershaw looked great..Spring game but still was pretty impressed with the youngsters i seen

  52. zonadodger says:

    Kyle Jensen hit a bomb to

  53. JhallWally says:


    Interesting as Beav and myself were calling for the
    Dodgers to trade him 3-5 years ago when you could have gotten something… And, just about everyone on this site knew the Nedcompoop deal for 5 years and 85M was a huge mistake… We will be paying for Ned’s incredible ineptness for the next 5 years….


  54. koufax1963 says:

    There was a red flag from the time McCourt brought Colletti in.
    I can deal with a Maldonado, or brett Butler, even a perfoming Brian Wilson wearing Dodger Blue. Hell I even went through the shock of Marichal wearing the Royal Blue, that was a sight!, although short-lived, and If Roseboro can forgive, I must also.
    But to bring a second sargent from the gnats to become the Dodgers commander GM, Fuck That! The fact that Dre was Neds first deal, and it disptached the volitile Milton Bradley, and Dre performed well, all justified Ned. But that was his best, and from that point his performance slid faster and farther than Dre’s On Base percentage.
    I still have conspiracy theory about the McCourt-Selig Colletti Collusion as an attempt (succesful) to degrade the Dodgers!
    We should write a Fictional Novel about it, In my chapter Ned is getting money from Sabean of the Gnats

  55. Dodger4life says:

    Grandal and Barnes traded places at Camelback…Barnes is catching, Grandal DH

    Jurias will pitch in relief over at Maryvale in the Milw. game

  56. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I enjoyed watching yesterdays game, reminiscing of days gone by as I watched some of the newer Dodgers perform on the field, remembering other young talent that came and went from the team.

  57. messagebear says:

    I too am enjoying the performance of some of the prospects, including some of the newly acquired ones.

    On a different subject I note that the guy instrumental to bringing Puig to the U.S. was sentenced to prison time and pretty much lost all of his property and finances – for violating immigration laws. Strange, first of all, that some immigration laws are actually enforced. By the same token, wouldn’t Puig also be guilty of violating the same immigration laws, even if only as an accomplice?
    Not looking to him being suspended, of course, but something seems out of whack here.

  58. crash24now says:

    Good grief, Stan Kasten extended Ned’s contract through 2016. At least he’s no longer the GM, but why is he still even involved?


    I guess after Joc takes Ethier’s job, Ethier’s contract will be extended another two years so he can carry Joc’s strap.

    • JhallWally says:

      Unbelievable!!!!!!! Somebody clue me in. I just don’t get it.

      This guy was an incredible debacle as a GM…. I doubt he could get another gig with another team… I wouldn’t let him near my team… Geez!!!!

      What can he possibly contribute as a gofer/adviser…

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      I enjoyed reading that article about Ned by Bill Dwyre. It’s good to know that Ned is happy with his new job.

  59. griz says:

    I saw a funny thing on ESPN Dodgers report downplaying rbi’s and Gonzalez’ contributions. Some players and front office people using analytics with those funny formulas (the ones like: hits plus walks during the third inning of day games using black bats) don’t seem to think runs driven in are very important. All this time I thought a team had to score runs to be successful.

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      I agree, one of the most important statistics has to be RBI. You got to score runs to win.

    • 32and53fan says:

      Maybe the sabermetricians realize that sometimes RBIs are due to the luck of having lots of players in scoring position when they bat. Going 4 for 4 with two doubles and two triples with the bases empty earns 0 RBIs. A well placed bloop double could easily earn 3 RBIs.

    • kahliforni says:

      I’ll take runs scored over RBIs. That’s the guy who actually touches home plate.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Seems to me the more important stat is the percentage of runners driven in vs. the number of runners on base when you come to bat. I believe there’s an analytic stat for that, but I don’t know how to find it. Assuming like everything else there’s a league average, it would be interesting to see who’s above and below it, though I’d surmise we’d find Agon at least slightly above.

      Maybe even more telling stat would be 2-out RBI where you can’t be given credit for an RBI with any kind of out.

      • oldbrooklynfan says:

        I think some hitters are more successful hitting with runners on base than others. Although you’ve all brought up some interesting points, I think you have to give these more successful hitters some credit.

  60. griz says:

    The article also pointed out there were a lot of base runners on for Agon and his batting average went up with runners in scoring position.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      I know we all harp on hitting with RISP, but if you really look at it, RBIs even in that situation are subjective. Say Ellis is on 2B vs. Dee Gordon. A hit would plate Dee, but maybe not Ellis.

      What it all boils down to is who can execute at any given time. Analytics can give you a player’s historical probabilities, but unless there’s a crystal ball involved that can absolutely foretell the future, that’s about it.

      That’s not to be confused with the magic 8 ball that Donnie uses as an in game management tool.

      • oldbrooklynfan says:

        My point is you have to give AGon a lot of credit when you measure his talent next to those who usually fail in those opportunities.

  61. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I like to say that I’m really enjoying watching the Dodgers’ top prospects performing on the field. I’m memorizing their names, although I know some will be traded away.

  62. messagebear says:

    It’s early, but so far I’m unimpressed with Rollins, Kendrick and Heisey. I am impressed with the hitting prowess of Guerrero and Jensen. I know that Rollins and Kendrick will be starters, but let’s lose this Heisey guy, and I wish we could lose Crawford too( never liked him as a Dodger). From what I’ve seen I’d rather keep Jensen than Ethier – some power is needed. Of course, all of that could change with another week in the books.

  63. crash24now says:

    Both Yasiel Puig and Brandon League look to be in regular season form today.

  64. lbirken says:

    The only stat that matters at the end of a game is which team has more runs. How they got them really does not matter all that much. The rest is just details.

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      It’s hard to go by “who wins the game” when it comes to spring training games. Big leads are blown in the last few innings by what comes out of the bullpen.

      • lbirken says:

        Of course. Stats in spring training mean little. I was referring to regular season and even post season. I do realize there is a lot of interest in statistics and the analytics are useful. It is the only real way to compare players as long as we understand the inherent flaws and the fact that many stats depend on conditions that are not in the players’ control, such as speed or even skill of base runners, how many runs are scored for a particular pitcher, runners on base that score after a relief pitcher enters the game and so forth.

  65. JhallWally says:

    I know it’s early, but, League sucked… Will our brain trust cut him loose and eat the money???? I hope so…

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Would you believe I’ve heard his name mentioned as possible closer while Jansen’s out? Makes you wonder if these people even follow the game.

      • lbirken says:

        League looked good in his previous outing. Go figure.

        • enchantedbeaver says:

          That’s the trouble with League. Its a total crapshoot what you’re going to get. Great one day, beyond awful the next. No way can you have that as a closer, and really, with all the other upside arms we have, his services shouldn’t be required.

  66. Dodger4life says:

    The first week of Spring Training games were rather boring!!

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      I have to disagree, as far as I’m concerned. For the first time in years I’m getting quite a pleasure watching these kids. Guys like Seager,Schebler,Dickson,Jenson,Britton,Barnes,Sweeney to name a few. It looks like we have some young studs waiting in the backround

      • messagebear says:

        I too believe that this Spring Training has the best young prospects showing their stuff in many years. It speaks well for the future. In fact, I find many of them more exciting than the Rollins, Kendrick, and Uribe bunch. At least when some of them fail, we’ll have some new talent to root for.

        • enchantedbeaver says:

          I think the roster/organization is as deep as I can ever remember it being. Have to give credit for that to the new front office. I’m sure Ned would’ve already traded Urias and Seager for a bag of cucumbers by now.

        • Dodger4life says:

          I’ll agree that seeing the top prospects is a bonus… But, the games sure are better when they count!!

    • Dodger4life says:

      81 Series: Game 3
      What a throw by Lopes over Winfield (as he pops up from the slide), to double him and Pinella up…

      • Dodger4life says:

        Inside out double, down the right field line for Lopes!!
        What happens next???
        (32:38 in…) Bill Russell bunt’s for a base hit!! 1st and 3rd, no-outs!!
        Baker flies out to 2nd
        Righetti’s throwing heat, but Garvey goes down swinging at an off-speed pitch.
        2 outs! 2 on!
        As Ron Cey steps into the batters box!!
        Cey hits one just foul, but plenty deep…
        Cey fouls off one, no, two more of the hard throwing Righetti’s pitches
        (42:08 in…)

  67. Dodger4life says:

    Okay, that’s enough of Puig in center!! Next!!

  68. griz says:

    Thanx, Dodger4, Cey has always been my favorite.

  69. Dodger4life says:

    Name the 2 teams that have never been to the World Series???

    • Dodger4life says:

      Both Washington teams. The Nationals and Mariners have never played in a World Series.

      • Dodger4life says:

        23 ball clubs have made an appearance in the Fall Classic since 1989! The 7 that haven’t…
        1) Nationals
        2) Mariners
        3) Brewers
        4) Orioles
        5) Cubs
        6) Pirates
        7) Dodgers

        • Dodger4life says:

          I’d almost wager that this changes this season???

          • Dodger4life says:

            The Yankees have played in 40 World Series, twice as many as the Giants with the next best showing. The Cards have won 11 of the 19 they’ve played in. The Dodgers have won 6 of the 18 they’ve been to.

          • Dodger4life says:

            It took the Yankees 18 years to reach the World Series (1903-1921) – The Series wasn’t played in 1904…

      • oldbrooklynfan says:

        The Washington Senators(Minnesota Twins) beat the Giants in the World Series.1924.

  70. JhallWally says:

    •The new Dodgers front office is finding its hands tied somewhat in putting together a final roster, as Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register writes. While the organization likely would prefer to open the year with recent acquisitions Chris Heisey and Enrique Hernandez on the bench, the contracts of Andre Ethier and Alex Guerrero make that difficult. Both Heisey and Hernandez have options, creating some flexibility, and will presumably start out at Triple-A unless the team swings a trade.


    • JhallWally says:

      I don’t know about you all out there but I am getting very tired of the Ethier/Crawford outfield jam… I would just cut them both loose and be done with it… They can afford it and it will ultimately let the team thrive….. JMO

      • messagebear says:

        I agree – this team gains nothing by having Ethier and Crawford on the team. On the other hand, neither Heisey nor Hernandez has shown me anything deserving of being on our team either.

  71. lbirken says:

    It is still early to make any sense out of what the Dodgers will look like for sure on Opening Day but it is a given that it will most likely look a lot different by the end of the season, if not earlier if past seasons are any indication. So I am not so sure how important who starts the season in Dodger Blue as compared to who finishes. That being said, we can only hope that the Dodgers can avoid the serious injury bug that seems to plague every team sometime during the season. It does look as if the organization is preparing for any changes injury, trade or performance demand by having players move around defensively. With all the changes in the front office and on the field one might expect a lot of uncertainty but I don’t see that at all. So we wait to see what actually happens. Isn’t that what Spring Training is all about?

    • Dodger4life says:

      Matt Kemp faces the Dodgers for the first time ever tonight…
      It’s the free game of the day on MLBtv.

  72. enchantedbeaver says:

    Wonder if last night’s game is a preview of the season with our current offense.

    Joc looks pretty uninspiring at the plate until he turns on one. Don’t know what to make of him yet.

    I thought Dre got hosed on the strikeout. Still, he doesn’t look happy and it would be better for everyone if they found him another city to play in. I think its going to take a late ST injury, desperation, and the club eating all but $5M a year on his contract before they can persuade another team to take him.

  73. Dodger4life says:

    I wonder which one of the smart guys solved this Ned problem??

  74. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Wadauno? Another tie. Last night against the Reds (Friday night)

  75. lbirken says:

    I was able to see Will Farrell’s appearance at the Dodger-Padre game the other day (I have TWC) and was a bit disappointed he made only one pitch and did not have any plays in the outfield. I thought it was a big buildup to nothing but after watching the whole day’s highlights on the Internet, I changed my mind about the whole stunt. I know it was done for a good cause and of course Farrell gets a bunch of publicity but he handled things well. The fans showed great support and interest as did all the teams involved. He did not embarrass himself too much on the field and he clearly has respect for the game and the players. He did not act like a clown on the field and made a lot of funny comments along the way and at the end of the day. His best comment of the day: “I can’t believe I am ending my career as a Padre”. Hopefully this will not be the start of other celebrities trying to emulate what Farrell did.

    My question: He struck out in both plate appearances. In one he took two called strikes and then swung and missed the third pitch. He did foul off a pitch in his other at bat. I can relate to his experience because I had one at bat against Jerry Reuss at Dodger Fantasy camp some years ago and took a pitch, then fouled off a pitch and finally struck out. I don’t recall if I took any pitches for a ball but I don’t think so. So here is my question: Would you take any pitches that looked like strikes in such an at bat to prolong the experience or hack away?

    • Dodger4life says:

      With my current frame…I’d probably get hit by the 1st pitch…then if I wasn’t injured, I would fake one, so I wouldn’t have to run the bases. In my earlier and better fit day’s…I swung at the first 3 pitches regardless of where they were thrown at. Probably the reason I only managed to get one hit all through high school… It was a good thing I could field well and pitch…otherwise, I wouldn’t have played much!
      So yeah, I’m swinging!

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      I’d probably take the first pitch because I’d be in awe of the speed (assuming they weren’t taking anything off), even from a guy like Reuss.

      I’d be hacking after that though.

      Guy I always wanted to stand in against was Nolan Ryan. Have him toss me a couple fastballs, then throw that curve that fell off a table.

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