Now what?

Now that the General Managers meetings are over, Andrew Friedman and his mathematical minions are getting acclimated to their new surroundings and duties. They are also preparing for the next MLB get together. The 113th annual Baseball Winter Meetings will be held from December 7 to the 11th in San Diego, California at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

There has been lots of speculation about trades and signings, but not big news. The mandate for the Dodgers is to get cheaper and younger, but also to win the championship. Stan Kasten also mentioned that he wants the new roster to be “more nimble.”

The next few weeks should be interesting for the brain trust. And I trust that Ned Colletti’s brain will be out of the loop, and he doesn’t spoil the dynamics of the new group. Is there anybody here who wouldn’t like to be a fly on the wall for all the internal meetings?


100 Responses to Now what?

  1. oldbrooklynfan says:

    You’ll have to explain “more nimble” to me.

    • 32and53fan says:

      Nimble is defined as something quick and light in movement or action; agile.
      I believe that Kasten was referring to the terrible contracts that make it very difficult to quickly make changes to the roster through trades.
      He also may have been talking about the attributes of younger players vs guys on the downside of their skills and abilities.

  2. messagebear says:

    I don’t expect that the new guys will be able to undo the mess that Ned and the new ownership’s largesse has already created by overpaying some guys with big contracts that have not resulted in any trip to the World Series. Nobody is going to take on Crawford’s or Andre’s contracts through trade or otherwise, so if the ownership now wants to reduce that overall payroll, how do you expect they’ll do that? I see this team sliding in the wrong direction, because those big contract guys aren’t likely to get any better from year to year, and we’re unlikely to afford a new set of big contract players. Serves the Guggenheims right – unfortunately the fans will also come out on the short end.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      I suspect bear that we’ll be seeing more of what we wanted to years ago – minor leaguers getting a chance. That’s the only way they’ll get younger, more nimble and cheaper unless Ned goes to work for another club and we can unload a bunch of worthless contracts on him.

      Bullpen I think will be comprised of Ned’s untradeables League and Wilson, plus Kenley and Howell. After that, I suspect Paco, Frias, Dominguez, and a host of others will compete for the other 4 spots.

      I think Arry or Rojas will play short until they feel Seager is ready. Guerrero will get a spot as will Pederson if they can unload an outfielder.

      I don’t look for this team to add any big names or impact players until they can slough off another $40N-$50M in payroll, and even then its iffy.

      I think we’re going to have a rough 2-3 seasons while the new FO is rebuilding.

      Ned, the gift from SF that keeps on giving.

      • messagebear says:

        I agree. The only thing worse than Ned under ordinary circumstances is Ned with a lot of money to spend. What a lesson for the Guggenheims, not that I feel sorry for them.

        • enchantedbeaver says:

          Yup. I’ve always said the only thing scarier than Ned with no money is Ned with money. He had no more business being a GM than the man in the moon.

          • JhallWally says:

            Isn’t it funny Beav… We were never on board with hiring Ned in the first place… We all knew he was a nincompoop… I agree with Bear, the Guggs are going to take a hard lesson and a bath by keeping Ned and Dildon. They should have cleaned house from the start….

          • JhallWally says:

            Although, I believe Kasten is to blame for the ill advised Red Sox trade….
            Mostly because of how bad our farm system was…

          • enchantedbeaver says:

            Hard to say what exactly was right and wrong about that Sox trade. They almost had to do it to show the fanbase they were serious about being competitive, but from a pure baseball standpoint it was a pretty bad move.

            The thing that leaves the worst taste in my mouth though was signing Ethier to a 5-year contract. That was just plain stupid no matter how you looked at it. They did the purely popular thing rather than the smart thing and now they’re not only hampered with bad contracts for the Sox guys, they have another albatross that they’ll need to eat 80-85% of the contract in order to get even a little return.

  3. 32and53fan says:

    Here are a couple of good articles about the direction Colletti took and how it led to his downfall.

  4. Dodger4life says:

    If Crawford turns into Danks? What does Kemp and his contract turn into?

  5. messagebear says:

    Kemp, with the way he finished up the season, is the only one I see with an upside for 2015. Gonzalez had a very good season, but can he duplicate that? Even with Kersh, can you expect him to duplicate his? Puig, you never know what to expect. It might be hard for Greinke and Ryu to duplicate theirs.

  6. Dodger4life says:

    Kemp wasn’t running at the end of the season, as well as he had been years past. When he is happy and healthy…his bat is among the best. Gonzo was the leagues RBI leader, he’s a professional in every sense of the game. The entire pitching staff, needs help through the bullpen, including Papi Kersh.

  7. Dodger4life says:

    It was -1 degrees when I woke up this morning…after getting 8 inches of snow… Add Padron and mix and my entire backyard is Fukushima Margarita…

  8. Dodger4life says:

    Kemp is the key to the championship….He needs to relax (Ironic, huh?) and have the wherewithal and focus of a true professional…When he separates himself…from his duties as a Dodger… He will become what he longs for…

  9. griz says:

    There’s that word “nimble” again…I think it means fewer, and younger, outfielders.
    The Dodgers will be paying their salary whether they are with the team or not. I think being more nimble was referring to the roster in general.

  10. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Weird as it may sound to most of you, I’m hoping for one of the top free agent pitchers.

    • messagebear says:

      A free agent pitcher doesn’t sound at all preposterous. I don’t see anyone near ready in our own system, and I expect that Greinke will opt out of his contract if he has anything like another decent year in 2015, so the need for somebody good to replace Greinke will be there.

  11. enchantedbeaver says:

    Looks like we dodged the Wussybat 5-year bullet. If that had been Ned we’d have had him for 6 years.

  12. kahliforni says:

    enchanted, I assume you mean Russell Martin. No great loss. But if the Dodgers enter 2015 with either Butera or FedX as Ellis’ backup, it’ll be deja vu all over again.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Yup, I think I could spit and hit a better backup catcher than Ned ever got.

      There was a lot of press about the Dodgers being in on Martin, but c’mon, is a sabermetrics guy going to be in on a 32 year old catcher who spiked a not so career year and who wanted over $80M for 5 years? Is Ned giving advice to the Blue Jays?

  13. 32and53fan says:

    Giacarlo Stanton signed a 13 year contract for $325,000,000!

    That, coming from the Marlins, whose 2014 payroll was $52.3 million, really blows my mind.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Weren’t they the ones that Gave Reyes a huge contract then traded him a year later? Don’t suspect Stanton will go more than a year or two before he ends up a Cub or a Yankee.

  14. crash24now says:

    Kemp will never run like he did before he broke his ankle going into home plate.

    His value is as a #5 hitter who can hit and hit for power. He’s still got a good arm in right field, but he can’t get to as many balls as he used to, either.

  15. griz says:

    That Stanton contract is pretty dumb in my estimation. I wonder how much a beer is going to cost in Miami this year.

  16. lbirken says:

    I think we need to just sit back and watch what happens with the so called new direction the Dodgers seem to be taking. It is the price paid for not getting to the WS. Odd they would keep Ned around since it was his doing but he did not throw out these contracts without support from above. I think you are all selling Kemp short. Perhaps this season he will be healthy and he still has some productive years ahead. I also think Agon still has some productive years as well as long as he stays healthy. But clearly the Dodgers want to go in a different direction by gradually getting younger (and cheaper) while still trying to win. It won’t be easy but it is time to stop pointing fingers at Ned and hope the new guys know what they are doing.

    • kahliforni says:

      I’m a Kemp fan. Never lost faith in his abilities. Sans Hanley, he becomes even more important.

      • Dodger4life says:

        Kemp’s ability to become less than focused at times, is what worries me…He’s one…I didn’t see the corner of the bag, away from losing most of his value.

    • Dodger4life says:

      I read that the Dodgers have hired 17 new people…I’d have to believe, just by sheer mass…they have seen a vast amount of youngsters, just about everywhere…

  17. griz says:

    Not that the Boston trade was great, for obvious reasons, but the Dodgers needed a first baseman that could hit. Punto was a good addition and I always liked Becket. In the end just a whole lot of money moving around, being thrown away to be rid of some of the older guys. Looks like the front office is determined to move some outfielders, though I’d keep Kemp. I think he’s just now getting healthy.

    • JhallWally says:

      I totally agree on Kemp…. I would not trade him unless we get an unbelievable offer… Crawford and Ethier; I’d trade either one or both for some used catchers equipment if somebody would take their ridiculous contracts…. It is unfortunate that the trade with Boston to get AGon has saddled us with Crawfords contract…

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      I think it would be better going young at short when Hanley leaves. It’s the only position right now where they can get younger aside from pitching. We have enough young talent to play shortstop. I’m pretty sure this will happen.

  18. enchantedbeaver says:

    Hard to say what a bunch of moneyball execs are going to do when they actually have money.

    Seager’s the heir apparent at short, so basically all we need is a 1-year rental. Alternatives are, you bite the bullet defensively and go with Guerrero, or you bite the bullet offensively and go with Arry.

    Kemp I think you keep, otherwise you have mostly no offense. Agon’s another one of those that I think has deceiving numbers. A lot like JP used to have when he’d get close to 200 hits a year. You get that many ABs with men on base, even an average hitter’s going to get 100 RBI. And I sure as hell didn’t see a gold glove out there at first. I think you keep him though for lack of anything better on the horizon, but he’s slow and plodding on the basepaths which if there was some sort of metric on it, would show up in the number of runners that didn’t score behind him because he can only go station to station.

    • oldbrooklynfan says:

      A.Gon may be slow of foot but adds a lot to the Dodger offense. Changes have to be made but I hope they leave Dee and Uribe alone. Kemp and Puig and what’s ever left should be a solid outfield. It would be good to see the Dodgers pick up a top notch 5th starter but that doesn’t seem like that would ever happen. Here’s hoping the bullpen comes around with whatever help they can get there. The bench hardly ever stays the same so we’ll see what happens there.

  19. griz says:

    Hey!! We have a pitching cross checker now. Anybody have any idea what that is?

  20. 32and53fan says:

    Here is some insight about how the scouting system works.

  21. griz says:

    Thanks, 32

  22. Dodger4life says:

    I just seen that midnight tonight (est.) players need to be added to the 40 man roster…that are eligible to be taken in the upcoming Rule 5 Draft.
    Dodger candidates
    Zach Lee
    Scott Schebler
    Chris Reed
    The 40 man roster currently has 37 players on it.

  23. lbirken says:

    I have attended a few UCLA baseball games and usually sit behind home plate amidst scouts armed with radar guns and notebooks. I have been reluctant to strike up conversations with any of these people but they all seem to know each other. I am fascinated with the little notebooks they all seem to use. I have noticed many of these scouts are young as opposed to the grizzled image we usually have. Maybe one day I will try to learn more about what these guys do and for whom they are working.

  24. koufax1963 says:

    My take is wait and see. I was disappointed (being polite) with our bullpen last year, but besides being older and what that speaks to, those pitchers were once very good. can they man up?
    what OF problem? Play the guys that hit, all are on warning of being benched, because we have RVS, ethier, puig, kemp and crawford. Sorry but Joc couldnt Hit MLB pitching, yet!
    Our whole team could collapse, uribe, gordon, turner and gonzo duplicate what they did last year, love it, but I doubt it.
    Pitching same thing: Kersh get 3 CY in a row doubtful, grieke, ryu and haren duplicate what they did last year. Doubtful
    SS is a major problem, we have no bat there, sorry segar wasnt even called up in September. I like gordon at 2nd,but the rojas, arreubuena could do that also and move gordon to SS. Yes wild!
    Its up to these guys on the field to guide the direction to the play-offs, can’t give it to Donnie because he is incapable. Id feel better with tulowitski at SS, Rollins NO way.
    and the cable TV has got to show this team to the dodgers fan base in their home or the Dodgers will be irrelevant to the upcoming generations, and we will be teaching our grand children through an oral tradition of what was once a dominant team in the history of baseball. and I hope Maury wills makes the HOF!

  25. enchantedbeaver says:

    Going to be interesting if we play even a little moneyball this year because in order to get the most out of match-ups, platoons, and playing to each of your players strengths and the other guys weaknesses, you have to really grasp the nuances and strategies within the game being played, which of course Donnie hasn’t demonstrated he can remotely comprehend in the 4 years he’s been managing. I really expect this to be his last year.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      On the surface it does seem like such a Ned move.

      Bigger question is, the way Donnie “manages” a bullpen, does it really matter who we get? He’ll never use guys the right way anyway.

      • JhallWally says:

        Good point Beav!!! Dildon will screw it up no matter who he gets… He’s a Joe Torre ass kisser that doesn’t have a clue…
        Torre didn’t have a clue either… He got real lucky with the Yankees and the talent they had. If you look at his managerial record aside from the Yankee gift, he sucked……

  26. zonadodger says:

    I like Peralta but not sure on other guy

  27. nedisajerk says:

    What the heck a 38 years old reliever that look like an average reliever? I have a bad feeling he would turned into another Carter. I would rather kept the 2 youngster (Dominquez and Garcia) and how was Garcia even waiver eligible when he was in the same draft as Paco? Apparently Friedman have a short memory on Peralta considering that was 1 of his player in Tampa. I don’t know how he couldn’t get 1 of Cobb or McGee? I know it would’ve been impossible to get Moore or Archer after he signed that 6 years extension to stay with the Rays.

    I wonder if he’s a switch pitcher like his dad. At least Dominguez would be on the same team as his cousin Colume.

    • nedisajerk says:

      The Dodgers were trying to outright Garcia to triple-A Oklahoma City without being claimed off waivers, but the Chicago White Sox once again went for another Dodger reliever. Ironically, Chicago had to designate former Dodger reliever Ronald Belisario for assignment to make room for Garcia. The White Sox also had previously signed former Dodgers reliever Ramon Troncoso during the 2012 offseason. Javy Guerra was also claimed off waivers by the White Sox in March.

      If the White Sox are desparate for RP’s how about League and Wilson? If Wilson want to close then he should be traded to the White Sox. This is the 2nd years in a row (Shawn Tolleson to the Rangers and had a good year) that an AL team claimed one of our reliever.

  28. nedisajerk says:

    I’d rather overpaid for Gregerson instead of trading for a 38 years old average pitcher in Peralta and his pine tar incident years ago that also have 2 team options in 2016 and 2017 which would be in his early 40’s.

  29. oldbrooklynfan says:

    It’s about time the Dodgers finally made some changes with the relief corps. I think just turning the personnel around and shaking things up helps a lot.

  30. lbirken says:

    Not sure what to think about the first trade under Friedman and Company but as with all trades, we have to wait and see. At least the trade is an attempt at starting to fix the bullpen, if that is even possible. Not sure what any of you would have done differently if you had to manage the bullpen Donnie had last season. And the criticism of La Russa is interesting given his overall success as a manager.

  31. zonadodger says:

    Gregerson would be a good addition to bp..Andrew Miller? But been reading he want’s 4yrs

  32. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Sometimes I wonder if it was the spotlight of the postseason coming into view that effected the bullpen, as they seemed to get worse as the regular season drew to an end.
    I guess all they can do now is to shake it up and hope things straighten out by next year.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      There were a lot of factors that led to last year’s ineffective bully. I think a lot of it was Donnie’s overuse over the course of the season – he has no bullpen management, most of the time using 3-4 pitchers in the 7-8-9th when 1 or 2 would’ve sufficed. I’m sure Howell was spent by September, just like Paco the year before. The main reason the bully went to pieces though is that Perez and Maholm had no business being in the bigs. Wilson was putrid. League is usually terrible, and Wright was about what you’d expect – decent sometimes, mediocre most. Even Jansen wasn’t as sharp as the two years past.

      After the new FO puts together what it thinks is a functional bully, I believe here more than anywhere else is what will get Donnie dismissed after this season. His ineptness in handling a bullpen will be on full display all season to real baseball people, not Ned.

    • nedisajerk says:

      Dylan Hernandez ✔ @dylanohernandez
      Mike Bolsinger threw at Erisbel Arruebarrena in a triple-A game and started a bench-clearing incident, notes @Josh_Suchon

  33. zonadodger says:

    Ned still making moves? lol

  34. nedisajerk says:

    Is Martin waiver eligible to?

  35. zonadodger says:

    Look’s like Hanley is signing with Red Sox

  36. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Well,at least we got a draft pick to look forward to.

  37. zonadodger says:

    I’m not sad to see Hanley go…..Pouting yes…Just a lazy player imo

  38. zonadodger says:

    Could careless about Pablo

  39. zonadodger says:

    Boston going to have to trade an OF now…Would not surprise me if they didn’t go after Cole Hamels

  40. kahliforni says:

    Boston sure isn’t run by Money Ball guys. Pablo was a force in the locker room. Gnats will miss him.

  41. lbirken says:

    So the big contract insanity continues. Makes no sense to me. So does buying panda headgear.

  42. zonadodger says:

    LOL Ned still making moves…..Nicasio sucks

  43. zonadodger says:

    Not impressed

  44. kahliforni says:

    For the moment, Dodgers seem to be shopping at Big Lots.

  45. zonadodger says:

    Big Lots lol kahli..I agree

  46. zonadodger says:

    The Los Angeles Dodgers now also in pursuit of Phillies ace Cole Hamels, joining Redsox and others. Per Bob Nightengale

  47. zonadodger says:

    If that includes giving up Joc and Seager…No deal

  48. 32and53fan says:

    Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Hamley’s deal will be 4 years – $88 million with a vesting option of $22 million.
    He should get a lot of doubles off of the Green Monster plus a few more homers.

  49. lbirken says:

    And we wondered where Ned got his ideas for trades and signings.

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