A Giant Series


This weekend series with the Giants could be a turning point for the season. After getting their butts kicked by the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Dodgers fell to 1.5 games behind the San Francisco Giants. After the game on Sunday, the Dodgers will be anywhere from 4.5 games behind, to 1.5 games ahead of the current divisional leader.

From Chris Haft’s article in mlb.com:
“The Dodgers aligned their post-All-Star-break rotation so their top three starters — Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw and Hyun-Jin Ryu — would face San Francisco in this weekend’s series at AT&T Park. By contrast, Giants manager Bruce Bochy’s top priority was the first series after the break, which happened to be at Miami. He arranged the starters by pecking order, with All-Stars Madison Bumgarner and Tim Hudson receiving the first two starts, reflecting Bochy’s belief that, with some exceptions, no single game is bigger than another.”

Several articles indicate that the Dodgers would like to trade Matt Kemp, including one from Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal that includes this excerpt: Manager Don Mattingly and Kemp are at odds, sources say, in part because of Kemp’s publicly stated desire to return to center field. Informed recently by reporters that Kemp views himself as a center fielder, Mattingly said, “That’s fine. He can view himself however he wants. I’m playing him in left.”


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  1. 32and53fan says:

    Hopefully the Dodgers are enjoying their day off in the city by the bay, breathing the crisp ocean air and getting recharged for the series starting on Friday.

  2. kahliforni says:

    Mattingly said, “That’s fine. He can view himself however he wants. I’m playing him in left.”

    Or right field, depending on what mood Donnie’s in or which way the wind is blowing… Ned, think twice about trading Kemp. He can win you games and will only get healthier. Donnie? If this is a power struggle, I side with Kemp.

    • trublu4ever says:

      I’d rather get rid of Donnie over Matty ….. I’d even keep Maholm to get rid of Mattingly.

    • 32and53fan says:

      I wonder what other reasons are causing Matt and Don to be at odds?
      While I am not crazy about Kemp’s Prima Donna attitude, I agree that he will continue to heal and has a good chance to return to becoming an impact player again.
      It would be helpful if whichever outfielder is sitting on a given day realizes that they can be used as a pinch hitter at a critical moment of the game and become the hero of the day.

      • trublu4ever says:

        Last year, Andre was Donnie’s target. I guess Matt just got lucky…it’s his turn now 🙂

      • Dodger4life says:

        I read somewhere that Donnie wants to bring up Joc, but some in the organization think he needs to work on his strike-out rate.

        Kemp has the most plate attempts of any outfielder in the past 30 days, with 84.

        At some-point I think center-field will be occupied by one of them.

        • 32and53fan says:

          Joc has struck out 34% of the time, 108 times in 316 at bats. They said his lack of maturity was reflected by him not hustling to first base and arguing about a called strike three.

  3. messagebear says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Kemp, but I wish he would give Mattingly a two point action:
    One – right in the solar plexus,
    Two – right in the mouth,
    as hard as you can, Matt!

  4. trublu4ever says:

    By the way, I heard Hanley is going on DL. Not sure if it’s true but, that’s what they are saying.

  5. Only 23 Hrs and 10 minutes before game time.

  6. JhallWally says:

    They should not be looking to trade Kemp… He will get healthier and contribute.. The surgery he had was major and it takes a couple of years to recuperate….. The biggest problem is Crawford and Ethier…. We really don’t need to trade away a right handed outfielder… We need to divest ourselves of one of our two underperforming left handers… Get rid of either Crawford or Ethier and the whole situation works its way out… Unfortunately, neither Crawford or Ethier are worth shit… That is the only reason that Kemp is being bantered about in trade rumors… He still has some, if little, value…. Crawford and Ethier have none…. I would DFA Crawford. Trade him for a bag of practice balls and eat the contract…… And, if you think Pederson is ready, trade Kemp…..
    I’m getting very tired of his act….. Freaking prima donna….

    • JhallWally says:

      And please don’t let Harens player option happen… He needs to be DL’ed and rested for two weeks… Or just released… He sucks… You cannot let his option vest if you have half a brain….

  7. JhallWally says:

    Here’s an interesting concept, trade Puig…. But only if the team getting him takes Crawford and his entire contract. Then you play Kemp in right, Pederson in center, and platoon Ethier and VanSlyke in left….. Plus, we would have to get back at least two or three top prospects. Preferrably, a third baseman and catcher… Would solve alot of problems… The Rays might bite on that for Price???

    Just a thought…..

    However, our biggest problems that I see, are, our GM and Manager… They both suck…

  8. I have this feeling that something is about to happen by the non-waver trade deadline. So many things could happen but I find it hard to tell what. It seems everybody has their own ideas.

  9. crash24now says:

    A few somethings are going to happen by or on July 31st.

    1. We will offload at least one of the extra outfielders. Probably Crawford or Ethier.

    2. We will get a starting pitcher. I’d like Price.

    3. We will get a reliever.

    4. Outside the Dodgers will complain about the prospects that we gave away.

    • crash24now says:

      The only issue with Price is that Tampa Bay has run off a seven game winning streak and is back in the hunt for a playoff spot. I hope they get swept by the Red Sox and the Brewers before July 31st.

  10. lbirken says:

    I detest these situations that suggest discord between players and or managers. Some things should be left in the clubhouse. I don’t want to choose sides. I cannot expect any player to be happy about losing his spot or changing positions although some players handle these things better than others. However, when the organization has awarded a player like Matt with the big contract and all the promotional publicity, fallout when things don’t go right should not be unexpected. I think Kemp has handled things well. He said he is not happy but he also made it clear he would do whatever he can to help the Dodgers win. Andre has done the same thing. These guys face adversity everyday and it becomes part of who they are.

    Funny, when Donnie actually does take a stand he still gets flack.

    So there are worries about Joc Pederson’s strike out rate? The guys already on the roster should cause the same worries.

    So would I trade Kemp? No, I would rather see Crawford or Ethier go in a perfect world, not that I don’t like Ethier but I think Kemp still is the better player and could provide some much needed power if he ever gets 100% healthy.

    Ned has surprised us before and I suspect he will do it again.

    Enough random thoughts.

    • Something just might be in the works at this very moment and I think we’ll hear something pretty soon, unless it’s just the media making a lot of noise, which I doubt.

      • I actually think that Puig would be the only one that would surprise me if he were traded. I don’t see that happening but at least one of the other three would not surprise me at all.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Pederson’s K rate is a little misleading. If you look at it from an AB standpoint, its a horrific 34% (108 in 316AB). However, he walks A LOT (his OBP is .450), so if you look at his K rate in terms of plate appearances (391 for a rate of 27.6%) its not much worse than Kemp (25.8%), and Kemp’s OBP is only .333.

      I’d still like to see a Puig/Joc/Kemp OF for a period of time to see what they’d be able to do. Crawford and Andre are worthless.

  11. lbirken says:

    As much as Wally’s idea of trading Puig makes a certain amount of sense, I doubt the Dodgers would even consider it. He is the only player on this team besides Kershaw that can sell tickets.

    Interesting how much more the Dodgers seem to view this series than do the Giants.

    OK, so I did have another random thought.

    • I think the Dodgers are viewing this series more than the Giants is because they are the trailing team. The Dodgers can ill afford to lose this series. I’m sure they’ll win at least one game.

  12. koufax1963 says:

    There is no Outfield issue. The outfielder that learns to hit consistently will get playing time, the ones on the bench are there to PH or take over in OF due to injury or in-game strategy. The only trade deadline discussion should be pitching. Until about two weeks ago I thought it would be BP support, but with recent Haren and Beckett considerations, SP might be considered, anybody but Price (TB will want every reasonable Minor leaguer) not negotiable. If our GM is doing anything more than looking at pitching; he may be named Ned Colletti.
    Dodgers need to beat the Gnats, take the series, sweep would be sweet and possible, but not to gain on the division, not because they have won every series so far, but because they are the Giants and the Dodgers need to beat them for the Fun of it! I love seeing the astonished looks and frowns on the gnat fans as the the Dodgers win. “PRICELESS” and you may take that phrase in any meaning

  13. griz says:

    I think I would also hang on to Kemp as he should continue to heal and improve. Unless he is more of a problem than we are hearing about, I’d keep him.
    The idea of trading Puig is intriguing, but only if the team could accomplish all of the things Jhall mentioned. And only if he went to the other league.

  14. crash24now says:

    Lincecum Linked to Loss Lineup

    Gordon 2B
    Puig CF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Ramirez SS
    Crawford LF
    Kemp RF
    Uribe 3B
    Ellis C
    Greinke P

    1. I’m pleasantly surprised that Hanley’s back in the lineup.
    2. Not a bad lineup, but I’m confused as to why Crawford is in front of Kemp
    3. PUUUUUUIG!@!@!@! in center field!!!!!!

  15. crash24now says:

    Watch out Kemp and Crawford – Hear my train a’comin

  16. koufax1963 says:

    yes puig in center, could be dangerous as that triples alley at the phone booth is tricky, and now he can collide with two fielders!
    If hanley can hit bring it on and show it, and crawford over ethier?, excuse me if we are trying new things in the OF let Dre play left, he is not facing a lefty pitcher. my complaint: Gonzo speed in front of han ram, crawford and kemp.
    Gotta give kudos to Donnie for stirring it up. Grienke get through the first couple of innings, then I know he is back to form, and we have a rested BP

    • crash24now says:

      Yeah, Wright, Maholm, and Perez all got the day off yesterday. Just jokin’

      Let Hanley and Puig take batting practice off Greinke. Then he expends his bad pitches when it doesn’t count and he starts the game at pitch #16.

      I don’t get putting your .650 OPS guy at #5 (Crawford) and your .850 OPS guy at #6 (Kemp).

      Well maybe Kemp isn’t at .850 but he could be. Look at his OPS by month this year:

      April .814
      May .655
      June .900
      July .592

      A virtual Jekyll & Hyde

  17. trublu4ever says:

    Crawford over Dre makes no sense ….. forget about whether or not you think Andre can or can’t hit ….. CC has an arm like Juanpy!

  18. Well it’s almost game time.
    Go Dodgers!!!!!

  19. Good to see Puig and Agon give us an early start.

  20. Dee Flash junior makes it 2-0 and Puig’s second triple makes it 3-0

  21. 3 triples in one inning and it’s 6-0 Dodgers.

  22. Well, I don’t know what got into the guys tonight, but I hope it continues! Go Dodgers!!

  23. Dodger4life says:

    Clearing bases, sure is a lot more fun, than simply driving in runs!!

  24. crash24now says:

    Hope that big inning has uncorked the offense.

  25. I think we got the beef tonight 🙂

  26. lbirken says:

    3 triples in one inning is impressive but 3 triples from Puig (plus a double) is astounding. Good way to start the series.

  27. crash24now says:

    Donnie: “Perez didn’t cause any damage. Let me try Maholm; maybe he will be nicer to the Giants.”

  28. crash24now says:

    Dodgers win! I’m thinking that Puig is going to enjoy being the everyday centerfielder.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Did you see Gordon and Kemp smiling, after Gordon tracked down the pop-up… I envisioned, Gordon explaining the difference between hearing, I got it, vs, the sound of a galloping wild horse.

  29. With Kershaw going tomorrow night, the Dodgers have a good chance of going back into first place.

  30. griz says:

    I was surprised to see Perez and Maholm got into the game, but it makes sense. Big lead and you are saving your effective relievers for the next two games with the giants and you’ll no doubt need them against Atlanta. The boys finally brought the beef, so rest the pen when you can.

  31. Just hoping the Dodgers score some runs for Kershaw like they did last night for Greinke

  32. trublu4ever says:

    Uh, oh….Giants must be in panic mode. They just traded for Peavy so he can throw against us on Sunday.

    • Dodger4life says:

      I’ve only read about the Dodgers being linked with two starters so far, Price and Lee. With several pitchers being traded and Ned’s name, not even remotely linked to any of them………….

  33. Dodger4life says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. A game I can manage to stay awake and enjoy once, and also have a desire to re-watch the next day.
    Yep, spark…they brought the beef. [Driving the rawhide, past the outfielders]
    Gordon and Puig have been solid most of the year.

    As amazed as I am that Puig hit three triples. One coming back-to-back, with Gordon’s stand-up act. I can’t help but think about how well Gordon has played this season.

    He joins Ramirez, Gonzales, Uribe and Kemp, with OPS’s in the .400’s. His extra bulk, from working out in the off-season, seems to help with him driving balls past the outfield. And he seems to be, somewhat, consistent in doing so.

    He leads the team in hits, with 116. Puig is the other player to hit triple, [pun intended] digits, with 111.

    When he hit the ball that Panda snagged over at third base last-night, he manages to take away what would of been an energizing play by the Giants. At the time the crowd, not the seagulls, were rather silent.

    On defense he is a spark as well. He does have the 8 errors, second highest behind Hanley, but I’d be willing to bet, that he’s made 4 or more spectacular plays in the process.

    Gordon as we all know leads all of MLB in bases-stolen, to date, this season.
    That was a fun game last night. Greinke was outstanding and watching Maholm and Perez, became rather comical, due to the big lead.

  34. kahliforni says:

    Bad news about Peavy. He’s a Dodger killer…I don’t care what his current stats are. And he’ll be fired up wearing Giants gear and facing the Dodgers in his debut.

  35. lbirken says:

    Funny how all of a sudden this series got a lot more important for the Giants with the Peavy trade just in time for him to start Sunday’s game.

    • kahliforni says:

      Sabean was bound to upgrade the pitching before August 1…too bad he couldn’t wait a couple days. 🙂 I have a hunch Peavy beats the Dodgers Sunday.

      “Peavy has also had great success historically against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s 14-2 lifetime with a 2.21 ERA over 25 games.”

  36. messagebear says:

    This is not the same team that Peavy accumulated that record against, nor is this any longer the same Peavey. I’d much rather go against him on sunday than I would Bumgarner.

  37. griz says:

    I think bear nailed that one. Boston turned him loose for a reason.With all these pitchers on the move, I’m surprised none of them were mentioned in connection with the Dodgers. I’m also grateful, ’cause none of them are better than what we’ve got.

  38. Comon’ Dodgers, make it two straight.

  39. Even Crawford got a hit tonight! 4-0 . . .

  40. 4 runs could be enough for Clayton.

  41. crash24now says:

    5 runs are even better.

  42. griz says:

    Get out the brooms.

  43. trublu4ever says:

    Kersh was amazing.

  44. crash24now says:

    A two hit shutout. Quite impressive.

    But it took 113 pitches. On August 10, 1944, Red Barrett used just 58 pitches to two-hit the Cincinnati Reds. HIs Boston Braves beat the Reds 2-0. I wonder if having many of the best hitters in the military during WWII had anything to do with this achievement.

  45. crash24now says:

    Ummmm,…..by the way….. First Place!! Woo Hoo!! Way to go, Dodgers! Way to go, Kershaw!

  46. lbirken says:

    The pitching has been terrific this series and the offense has taken some pressure off the pitching staff. Hopefully this will be the same Sunday. A sweep would be so sweet.

  47. Dodger4life says:

    Ryu > Peavy

  48. Dodger4life says:

    Is Kenley rested…

  49. messagebear says:

    I thought all along that Puig was the best fir for CF – he’s the fastest among our outfielders and probably has the best arm. Teach him right, and he could be a fixture there. That means that now Andre is all the more expendable, and that Pederson is blocked if he wasn’t already before. So, what can you get for Andre and Pederson these days? Throw in Lee as well, because he really isn’t any damn good, and probably was over-hyped from the start.

  50. griz says:

    I’m not completely familiar with Pederson, just that he’s a work in progress with a big upside. Strikes out a lot to go with the good batting numbers. What I’m wondering is does he have to play center? And would we absolutely have to give him up for a good reliever (mean while hoping Beckett can some how be effective for two more months).

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      He actually projects better as a corner OF, but with the lack of a true CF, he’s the best they have at that position in the minors. His K rate is high (27+%), but since the AAA all star break he’s been cutting that down a lot. He walks a ton, so his OBP is .450. Night before last he was 2 for 2 with 4 walks. Not that it is going to translate equally to the majors, but I don’t see how you keep him off the team in favor of Crawford or Ethier, especially Crawford.

      Their stubbornness holding onto Crawford is illogical. He was a cost of doing business to get Gonzalez. Since he’s a sunken cost, and rarely plays anyway, I don’t see why you don’t just cut him loose.

      Dre and SVS would then be fine being what they are – bench players.

  51. When the Dodgers face Peavy, it’s like facing the Yankees in the World Series back in the days when they were in Brooklyn. We can throw all the good playing and winning out the window.
    Let’s Go Dodgers, beat Peavy.

  52. Dodger4life says:

    I may be one of the youngest participants on this blog, but boy do I feel old today. I took a face-plant [sober] on the driveway last night, trying to exit my truck, just a little before game-time. I managed to cushion the blow with my left hand and beer belly somewhat though. After that, I was thinking about how hard it would be to grip a bat with a hand injury. I couldn’t even lift my pillow.
    Anyhow…Even know I watched the game last night, it’s all a bit foggy.
    I have a good feeling about tonight’s game.
    Bring the Beef, Boy’s….

  53. griz says:

    Dodger4- everything ok now? no lingering effects?

    • Dodger4life says:

      Just a little soreness in the wrist today…it will be better tomorrow probably…The gravel rash still smarts though. I felt like such a dummy and I am certain the neighbors seen me do it…they see everything else. Thanks for asking griz…

  54. Good luck to the Dodgers as they go up against Jake Peavy.

  55. trublu4ever says:

    Psst, Donnie …. Dre here …. I’m sure I can go 1 for 10 and besides I can throw the ball!

  56. Good to get that run back in a hurry.

  57. koufax1963 says:

    Im sorry, but the dodgers may of had more, if they would bunt the runner to 2nd with 0 outs

  58. trublu4ever says:

    Good throw CC 🙂

  59. Dodger4life says:

    Go away, the Dodgers and Giants are on.
    Go Away.
    Knock-knock… Sir you called for a pizza with extra beef.
    Oh yeah…
    Now that that’s been taken care of…Maybe, I can watch the dang game….
    What’d I miss….

  60. I thought Ryu would’ve walked Crawford with first base open and Peavy coming up.

  61. lbirken says:

    You missed the Dodgers finding a way to score 3 runs by taking advantage of the Giants. This is not the Peavy I remember.

  62. We got to get Posy’s HR run back.

  63. I like it better when we have a 7 run lead.

  64. lbirken says:

    Bottom of the ninth, here we go.

  65. Keep your fingers crossed.

  66. Jansen strikes out the side for his 30th save.

  67. trublu4ever says:

    I LOVE L.A. !

  68. lbirken says:

    Outstanding series against the Giants. Let’s hope the boys can build on this series win.

  69. Awesome series – great win tonight! I love those series sweeps, especially when we do it to the gnats.

  70. kahliforni says:

    The oddest thing about the sweep was seeing Crawford play all three games and bat 5th. The three scenarios I can see are 1) showcasing his health for a trade 2) Ethier is hurt or 3) Donnie being Donnie. I mean, didn’t Mattingly say, no more than a couple weeks ago, that the outfield was set and Crawford was the roll player on the bench? If I’m Ethier I’m not sure I could play for this guy if Mattingly was just messing around with the line-up.

  71. I think the outfield alignment is good as long as Ethier is O.K. with it.
    Somebody has to draw the short straw. I’m sure he’ll get plenty of playing time. This is the way it is right now. Let’s just see how it goes.

  72. enchantedbeaver says:

    That’s as good as these guys have played all year. No reason they shouldn’t be playing that way all the time.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Looking at overall defense in the N.L.. The team sits in the 5th spot. Behind the Reds, Cards, Phillies and the Braves. 7 of these 15 teams have more errors than we do, including the team we just swept.

  73. Dodger4life says:

    play dre……….play dre,play
    play dre……..play dre
    play dre…..play dre
    play dre…..play dre
    play dre…..pay dre
    play dre…..play dre…play dre
    play dre…..play dre……play dre
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    play dre…….play dre…….play dre
    play dre……….play dre.play dre

  74. Dodger4life says:

    I’m not sure I see Puig as our center-fielder, should we make the post-season.

  75. kahliforni says:

    Everyday Dre……………..

  76. koufax1963 says:

    wow! had to wake up and that sweep was not a dream, let me bask in this for a day!

  77. JhallWally says:

    Woo-Hoo, win streak!!!! Nice team win….

    Now, let’s see if we can keep it up against the Braves…

  78. crash24now says:

    Some random thoughts on a Monday morning:

    Get better Dodger4life, I hope you’re feeling fine today. We’re gonna need you for the pennant chase and the playoffs. And beyond.

    Sweet sweep of the Giants! First place!

    Kemp should be batting fifth, regardless of who plays left field.

    Ethier is the better fielder and marginally a better hitter than Crawford. Put Crawford on the bench, and then we can use him as both a pinch hitter and a pinch runner.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Feeling really good today, thanks crash.
      I too have been thinking… both times Crawford has come off the DL, he has struggled to get going. In the past 30 days, he has been to the plate 36 times and is hitting .139. Once he gets going he has hovered around the same average as Ethier. Playing the Giants in the phone booth, hostile crowd and all, having some speed to close in the gaps a little quicker, helped keep balls from hitting the wall and giving them momentum [at least in theory]. Crawford did have a run scored and an RBI, in last nights 1 run win. So, he contributed…

      ‘Dre was reported last week to be a little banged up. Factor that in with his ability to come off of the bench and maintain his average, [even if it has suffered some this season], makes him the more valued bench-bat [for now]. Perhaps if he can get healthy, his numbers will get better as we head towards October. He has shown to have some clutch ability in the past. And come October this could be a good thing to have [Just saying, rest for him is a good thing.] Getting ‘Dre healthy should bring better cage-time, and that will translate to better field play.
      The stat I put up of the errors committed by outfielders, isn’t misleading…Moving Kemp out of center and platooning everyone, but Puig, has strengthened the defense.
      This is also the reason, I have doubts as to Puig playing center from here on out. I just don’t think he is refined enough yet. I’d like to see him prove me wrong though. If he can keep guys from advancing from 1st to 3rd, 2nd to home would pose a challenge as well. He wasn’t very accurate with his toss to 3rd on the ball hit to the wall, yesterday, though.
      Ryu and the entire pitching staff did the job last night. Getting the ball in Kenley’s hand, with a lead, was just outstanding. Kenley having been rested didn’t disappoint either.

      I’ve heard management say, we just want them to hit the ball hard. If you hit the ball hard, anywhere, you improve the chances you reach base. They hit the ball hard this weekend, even sent a few past the outfielders, and that clears bases, gives you momentum and is just plain fun.

    • Everyone knows Ethier is one of my favorite Dodgers, but while in the lineup on a daily bases he hardly showed any power and had trouble keeping his average over .250. Let’s just see how Crawford makes out as the regular left fielder or Kemp and Puig for that matter in this latest alignment. Maybe one will falter and ‘Dre will get another chance. I’m disappointed he’s not in the regular lineup but I’m sure we’ll see him often in this utility role.

  79. messagebear says:

    Read over the weekend that the Red Sox were keenly interested in trading Lester for Kemp. I hope that isn’t all there is, because Lester would only be a two months rental, while Kemp is locked in to what may be an overpriced contract, but he is likely to get better and become worthy of that contract for at least a portion of the remaining length. I might give up Andre on that two months basis, but not Kemp. The other option might be to make such a trade conditional on the Dodgers first signing Lester to a reasonable extension – then I might see using Kemp as the bait.

  80. Zona Dodger says:

    Welcome to the Dodgers Darwin Barney..Bench player…per mlbtraderumors

  81. griz says:

    This lineup worked out pretty well this weekend. Let’s leave things as they are for awhile and see how it shakes out. And keep Kemp.

  82. kahliforni says:

    Barney. Now we need to find Andy. Mr. Figgins must not feel too well this morning.

  83. koufax1963 says:

    Some random Observations on the off day:
    Pitching this weeknd was great, perhaps insignificant, but worth a nod, Cris perez had a 1,2,3 inning friday night, and Brian wilson, who surely got a heap of abuse while warming up at his old home, did really well, yes a walk but that may of been better outcome on his 3 ball pitch than Ryu on his 3-0 pitch to Posey (HR).
    Puig did not make a critical error out in CF, for his first time there and not in his home ballpark, very good, it could of been worse.
    AGon silenced any doubters about his hitting. Han Ram needed a break, I though he might hit the DL, but AS break and the pirate series sure made him hitting ready for SF.
    OF, geez I hate the polarizing affect this has, but Puig and Kemp are in, if they switched positions so be it, deal with it. If Dre is hurt, please heal, crawfords arm is so weak, I thought for sure Donnie would put van slyke for defense late in the game. Healthy Dre over crawford, unless crawford starts hitting, I was surprised not to see Dre vs. Lincecum a 275 BA with 2 HRs 51 ABs compared to crawfords 12 ABs and 3 hits. Im all for giving crawford the chance to get back to where he was before ankle roll, but how long?
    Which segues to Donnie, same line up in all 3 games, wow!, still refuses to move runners over with a bunt, he got away with it, but in some game it will hurt.
    and now Haren gets rest will he be able to go the distance. Beckett starts Tuesday this will be a telling test if he keeps going or we lose a productive pitcher, and the trade deadline coming we make a move for starter. really dont want to lose seager in AAA for a rental.

  84. lbirken says:

    I think one problem Donnie has is he talks to much, which is probably why the media loves him. Ask him a question, he gives an answer. Ask him the same question a few days later, probably get a different answer as something has changed. If you had asked him a few weeks ago about Puig playing center, he would have said no. Then all of a sudden Puig is in center. Why? Because Matt Kemp seemed to come alive playing right while Puig was out with the hand injury. I like Andre as much as the next person and I think he did a great job playing center field but there have been a number of balls hit his way that he had to go back on that he could not catch. Not because he did not try or he made a bad play but simply because he was not quick enough. Most of us have said we believe Kemp is more valuable to the Dodgers than Andre, not because we like one over the other but because we are trying to judge talent. That brings me to Crawford. He is an average player at best in left field with a below average arm (or from what I see an average arm since most teams seem able to run on whoever plays left field). But he has something Andre does not: speed. So maybe Donnie made the right choice, maybe he just got lucky.

    And if Donnie talks too much, so does Dave Stewart, Kemp’s agent. Please, keep this stuff away from the media and the fans. We want to believe every player wants to be here he is and is happy enough just to put on the uniform.

  85. crash24now says:

    Trade Joc Pederson for Jon Lester? Discuss.

    1. Lester is pitching really well.
    2. Haren is done and Beckett may not be capable of holding it together through October.
    3. Pederson is, as yet, an unknown quantity in the majors.

    1. Lester is a free agent after 2014, so this could be a two month rental
    2. Lester is a lefty; do we want to do battle in the playoffs with three lefties (Kershaw, Ryu, Lester) and one righty (Greinke)?

    Other Considerations
    1. Ask Boston to take Crawford and his salary – would they still do the deal?

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Only way I’d do a Pederson for Lester is if Lester would sign an extension. 2 month rental, no way. Add to that Lester has already hinted he’d go back and sign with Boston the very next year and I think he’s made himself untradeable for any elite prospect.

  86. I don’t understand this Barney deal. Why do we need him?

    • I thoroughly agree with you OBF. We need pitchers, not infielders.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Slick fielder who’s got a little better bat than Rojas. Needed depth because Arry’s in the doghouse and will probably be suspended a few games for his antics the other night. It would also keep us from ever having to see Truinfel again, and that’s worth it right there.

      • JhallWally says:

        Thanks Beav… Not a bad move… Didn’t cost us squat….. It is a nice move.. I’m not sure why some people can’t see it… He’s still better than Uggla.. LOL

  87. kahliforni says:

    sparkle, that is awesome. Thank you. As for Barney, I like the deal. It’s a small enough move…one that Ned seems to do well. Gold Glove. Cub fans on the blogs seem to love him.

  88. Dodger4life says:

    Harang-a-tang vs Beckett.
    That link brings hopeful news spark. I hope they can come to an agreement that works for all.
    As for Barney…enchanted covered the subject well…I look forward to his assessment when Ned acquires Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone as well.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Arubarunner or whatever his name is…sure messed things up. I think he would of provided more offense. We shall see though.

  89. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Is Barney any relation to Rex? (lol)

  90. crash24now says:

    DirecTV is not yet agreeing to the proposed arbitration, so 70% of the Dodger fans in LA are still in a “wait to see” mode.

  91. Dodger4life says:

    Someone asked about the underside of the bill, being black, on the new caps… I stumbled across an older model…

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