Recap of the Worst Game of 2014 (So Far)


First, the good news:

  1. Juan Uribe scored both runs for the Dodgers.  He started the scoring with a solo home run in the second inning.  He later added a double and was pushed across the plate with Justin Turner’s single.  Uribe added a third hit, a single, later in the game.  Juan has been on a tear hitting-wise and has continued his stellar play defensively.  This game had me thinking that Uribe should be batting fifth, but then again, there was 2011-2012.
  2. Josh Beckett was able to survive a couple of major jams and actually pitched shutout ball for five innings despite walking five Giants.  He was definitely shaky, but much improved from his first start.  I’m actually looking forward to his third start.
  3. Matt Kemp hit his first single of the year!  Maybe this is a sign that he’s not pressing so hard, not trying to hit every ball out of the park.  Eventually, Mattingly will see the need to start Kemp in every game.  Later, Matt added a huge double, which may have been worthwhile, if only…

Now the bad news:

  1. The FedEx bunt.  It not only did not deliver, it took away a run by erasing Uribe just prior to the Matt Kemp double.  We could have seen Uribe scoring all three runs and won the game.  I can’t wait for AJ to return.  The FedEx/Butera platoon works on defense, but it sure puts a hole in the lineup.
  2. Chris Withrow let a run score on him, just after the team showed confidence in him by sending Paco to AAA rather than Withrow.  Of course, this was just the first time that he allowed a run this year, unlike…
  3. Kenley Jansen blew yet another save.  Dodger fans far and wide must be wondering just what is going on here.
  4. Andre Ethier was unable to convert a scoring opportunity directly after Yasiel Puig hit a one-out triple.  Ethier left him on third base with a strikeout, when “Not Every Day Dre” could have scored him with an ordinary fly ball.
  5. The non-appearance of Brian Wilson.  Of course, this is completely on Don Mattingly.  It looked like Mattingly was holding the Beard back for a possible save situation.  To me, it appeared that Mattingly was playing the extra innings just to lose the game when he inserted…
  6. Brandon League.  Why is he even still a Dodger?  When will Ned Colletti and Stan Kasten wake up, recognize the sunken costs and abject failure of the League contract, and designate him for assignment (DFA)?

Losing the first game of this Giants series after it had seemed we would win is especially troubling due to the fact that Paul Maholm is starting for us tonight.  That makes it doubly difficult to come out of San Francisco with a series victory.



109 Responses to Recap of the Worst Game of 2014 (So Far)

  1. crash24now says:

    Josh Beckett’s decent start comes very timely, given that Billingsley’s return is now in question.

  2. lbirken says:

    I kind of expected to see Donnie criticized for this game but really, what would any of you have done differently? The Dodgers and Giants both had opportunities to win this game in 9 innings but both teams played this game as if they were avoiding getting a tooth pulled. Ethier’s numbers against Lincecum were bad so he sat Matt. He has four outfielders and three spots. I know everyone wants to get rid of Crawford but we all know that is not going to happen. The fact is the Dodgers and Giants both made so many fundamental mistakes in this game to last a season but in my mind Donnie had things set up for the game it was. He had a lead in the ninth inning with Jansen on the mound. When that didn’t work out he nursed the bullpen along going to League because he had no one else. One could argue that Wilson might have been a better choice but League would have been the only option after Wilson. Donnie may say he has confidence in League but does anyone really believe that? And really, the Giants did not really hit the ball all that well against any Dodger pitcher and the Dodgers did not hit the ball that well either. The defense also cost the Dodgers. Yes, this was a horrible game that lasted over 4 hours but the good news is they get to do it all over again today.

    • crash24now says:

      I agree with you (mostly). Typo on Ethier – he had good numbers against Lincecum.

      Donnie likely inserted League because Wilson is a one inning guy. You can’t use Wilson for several innings, because he would have to rest for the next couple of games. So you are right, Donnie’s hand was forced.

      It was a terrible awful game. I’d hate to see a repeat of it in the playoffs.

    • kahliforni says:

      lbirk, I said it yesterday, this morning, and I’ll say it again. Whatever else happened last night (and there were countless physical and mental errors) Donnie sitting Kemp on Jackie Robinson Day was a complete failure. Kemp has made it known on many occasions that Robinson was one of his heroes, that he studied him after becoming a Dodger, and became friendly with Don Newcombe because of Jackie. It’s not like Kemp is some bench scrub. With the Dodgers off Monday, Kemp was rested, and I really don’t want to hear about Kemp’s numbers against Lincecum. That’s for computers. This was a human thing.

  3. crash24now says:

    Too bad the Guggenheims didn’t see fit to open up the wallets for Tanaka. He shut out the Cubs today on two bunt hits in eight innings with one walk and ten K’s.


    1. Kershaw
    2. Greinke
    3. Ryu
    4. Tanaka

  4. crash24now says:

    Lineup against Vogelsong:

    Gordon 2b
    Crawford lf
    Ramirez ss
    Gonzalez 1b
    Kemp cf
    Ethier rf
    Uribe 3b
    Butera c
    Maholm p

  5. Giants draw first blood.

  6. Hoping the hand is not as bad as the rip for Hanley.

  7. grizzy says:

    Interesting news coming out concerning Puig.

  8. grizzy says:

    It’s a lot more interesting than the Dodger box score lately.

  9. JhallWally says:

    Actually, this one was worse… Jansen blows it in the ninth and League loses it in the 12th…. Good Grief!!!!!

    I am not surprised that League blew it.. He sucks and should not even be on the roster.. But, I am somewhat concerned about Jansen…..

  10. JhallWally says:

    Once again, Dildon earns his moniker…. What a moron!!!!

  11. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I was surprised not to see anyone commenting on the game last night. Were you waiting for the Dodgers to take a lead or didn’t anyone expect anything good to happen. Well I hope some of you will be around for today’s game.

    • crash24now says:

      I was on the road last night, so I couldn’t join you here. Listened to Vinny for the first three innings, then the knuckleheads from the Gnats after that. It was a bad game all together, except for Dee’s triple. I couldn’t believe that Maholm scored from first and Dee didn’t pass him by.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I didn’t get to watch it….Giants’ networks made sure of that. So, I just got updates on MLB Network. I was not a happy camper!

  12. crash24now says:

    Lineup against Bumgarner:

    Gordon 2B
    Turner SS
    Puig RF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Kemp CF
    Van Slyke LF
    Uribe 3B
    Federowicz C
    Ryu P

    I guess we’re gonna see what magic Dee can perform against a lefthander. I don’t care for Turner batting second. Perhaps Gordon/Puig/Kemp as 1/2/3 would be better. I don’t think that Donnie believes that Kemp is quite yet 100% with the bat.

  13. trublu4ever says:

    Puig being Puig!

  14. Puig being Puig at his best.

  15. koufax1963 says:

    HI OTD Gang,
    Been quiet, but reading, but nothing like a Dodgers/gnats series to bring out the beast in me. what has been said about the first two games is done, but wow this game is just luck for the dodgers. if we avoid a sweep the baseball gods have smiled on the blue.

  16. Ryu pitched a gem and the beard got out of the eight unscath.

  17. grizzy says:

    Who is going out for the ninth? My guess is Perez.

  18. koufax1963 says:

    I dont know gang, but that game was abit much, the Torture in the 8th and then this jiggly jansen thing that keeps reoccurring. A win is a win, but wow…………. could of gone the other way. all one run games

  19. As a believer in the “law of averages”, I’m nervous because I don’t believe the D’backs are as bad as they’ve been playing lately. I expect them to break out of this slump. I just hope it’s not before this series ends.

  20. grizzy says:

    I really enjoy the Dodger wins over the d-backs. My whole family roots for them, despite the fact we are all originally Angelenos. I don’t twist the knife, so to speak, but I really do enjoy it when those turn coats lose to us.

  21. Montero breaks the ice.

  22. 32and53fan says:

    We need hits… and runs.

  23. The Dodgers better start hitting if they want to get back to the Postseason.

  24. 32and53fan says:

    WTF! Withrow melts down.

  25. What has happened to the offense? The scarcity of runs really sucks!!!

  26. crash24now says:

    Ugh…the wild pitch.

  27. crash24now says:

    I love Uribe!


  28. lbirken says:

    Uribe and League keeping the Dodgers in the game. Go figure.

  29. Well they’ll try again.

  30. The D’backs were due for a win.

  31. crash24now says:

    Oh well, just another 12 inning loss. We need a new post.

  32. grizzy says:

    You’d think this lineup would be scoring a little more lately. Actually, a lot more. Take some pressure off the relievers who seem to take turns screwing up…but experience tells us we have a long way to go with many twists and turns to be seen. Last year I was about to start pulling out my hair when this Cuban kid showed up and they went into overdrive. I do not think anything like that is going to happen this season, but I do think they’ll start to score.

  33. Dodger4life says:

    17 errors in 17 games, does not a championship team make.

    • Dodger4life says:

      This doesn’t count all the undocumented mental mistakes… Throwing like my sister on a pitch-out. Not helping your teammate advance a base when caught in a rundown, sleeping while leading off a base, dropping fly balls that were once in the web of the glove etc…

      • Dodger4life says:

        If they cannot concentrate on the less challenging fundamental aspect of the game… I certainly wouldn’t expect them to be sharp at the difficult task called the hitting side of the game either.

  34. Dodger4life says:

    Pitchers will not continue to pitch Figgins on the outside of the plate. So, his value of drawing a walk will diminish. Turner is no Punto, Loretta, or Carroll and we all know how valuable this blog deemed them. Fed Ex is playing horrible on both sides of the field. The guy is a sucker for anything up in the strike zone. The other valued bench player is Butera. Leaving Van Slyke and Gordon as the cream of the crop.
    All that aside, the everyday guys are playing like you would expect the above mentioned group to perform.

  35. Dodger4life says:

    I’d bet, that there are Little League teams playing for the love of the game that make less mistakes then these high dollar knuckleheads are at the moment.

  36. Dodger4life says:

    Oh and the once valued Mailman of 90012… is playing like just that, a Mailman.

    Play dre……….play dre play
    play dre…… dre
    play dre… dre
    play dre… dre
    play dre… dre
    play dre… dre…play dre
    play dre… dre……play dre
    play dre… dre………play dre
    play dre… dre………play dre
    play dre… dre………play dre
    play dre…….play dre…….play dre
    play dre……….play dre play dre

  37. Dodger4life says:

    After a mere 17 games played, mostly against your own division… there are 4 guys hitting above .300. None of them named Hanley, AGon, Kemp, Crawford or Ethier. One is a Cy Young pitcher with 3 plate appearances, the second only plays against left-handed pitching, while the third only plays against right-handed pitching. Leaving only Juan everyday player showing consistency.

  38. Dodger4life says:

    Oh heck, why not just fast forward to the post season and that sofa called home field advantage now…
    Take it away Etta.

  39. Last night the D’backs outplayed the Dodgers especially on defense.

  40. kahliforni says:

    Someone PLEASE clarify a point for me. With a runner at third and one out in the 9th, Withrow falling behind 2-0, Donnie calls for the intentional walk to set up an inning-ending double play. OK, fine. Withrow then wild-pitches in the run. With the count now 3-0, did Donnie call off the intentional walk (and Withrow simply throws ball 4) or did Donnie complete the intentional walk for absolutely no reason? Because if it’s the latter, I give up. I had the radio on…but Seinfeld, too!!! So I am foggy on the sequence.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Fed-Ex stayed in the crouched position. Withrow’s pitch was low and outside. His target was low and middle.

      • Dodger4life says:

        They were trying to pitch Prado low and away… first one was an off-speed pitch in the dirt, second one was waist high outside edge of the plate (could have been called a strike, but wasn’t). The third one was the IBB in which Fed-Ex gave a target with his bare hand. Withrow threw the pitch with some velocity, but no follow through. The pitch was off target (inside of Fed-Ex), about 8 feet high and sailing like a cutter. The next pitch was ball four but also could have been called a strike in my opinion, just not by this ump at this time.

  41. Dodger4life says:

    They are 25th in team defense… 21st in team offense. Like I mentioned before, account for all the mistakes that don’t show up in the stats… and this team would rank even worse.

  42. kahliforni says:

    Thanks, D4, for the clarification. Already a bit of rumbling from the 5-man outfield today in the LA Times. Both Crawford and Ethier say whatever works is fine, but say that Mattingly has not met with the outfielders to explain who would play, and when. A minor glitch, perhaps, but I thought Mattingly’s strength was communication.

  43. Lousy defense strikes again . . . .

  44. There goes that damned defense again.

  45. trublu4ever says:


  46. And Haren is falling apart, too. I don’t think I’m happy with all this cr*p!! Bothers me because this is one of those rare opportunities I get to watch our Boys in Blue get to play. Bah humbug.

  47. The D’back must be glad they finally got to Dodger Stadium.

  48. Dodger4life says:

    Owings took advantage of the Bison out there grazing on his bubble gum.

  49. At least we’re in the game and that is a good thing 🙂

  50. trublu4ever says:

    That’s my boy! All you doubters can kiss my ass 🙂

  51. You can’t be too sure anymore with this Dodger infield.

  52. Glad that the t-bags can’t field either.

  53. ALL RIGHT we tied it up.

  54. trublu4ever says:

    Loving this!

  55. And Matt steals a base . . .

  56. Well they still make big innings———–for us too.

  57. A very good outing for Haren. He may not have given up those 4 runs if that DP was made.

  58. Getting close… a two run game now.

  59. Nail bitting time……if you bite your nails.

  60. Can’t just make it a 1-2-3 ninth inning – it just wouldn’t be the Dodgers if they did.

  61. trublu4ever says:

    Much better tonight!

  62. This was Jansen’s 6th save.

  63. It’s been fun chatting with you all tonight. Have a blessed Easter!

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