The Homies Are Ready


This was on Facebook today. My comment:
“Dodgers P.R. peeps be like…
No fucking way this picture gets on our homie social media sites.”

Fans are getting anxious for more news. Some writers are saying the Cubs are going all out to land Tanaka. Does anybody here know how the bidding process works? I assume that it works like an auction where all bidders keep bidding until they decide that the price is too high. If Tanaka and his wife care about other factors, it seems that L.A. is the best fit, based on all the Japanese culture and other opportunities here.


45 Responses to The Homies Are Ready

  1. 32and53fan says:

    What would Jon Weisman do with this pic?

  2. Dodger4life says:

    I think I read that they all submitted initial bids, unbeknownst of the others… That being said, reports have Ned remaining in daily contact with Casey Close. 6-7 years is the rumor on the length of the contracts at $20MM per… The latest I read was Cubs are gonna outbid everyone… The Yankees are gonna outbid everyone… and the Dodgers can outbid everyone???

  3. kahliforni says:

    Tanaka can choose any team making an offer…even the lowest offer, if that is the team he wants. So “outbidding” another team has no real bearing, unless he came to America solely for cash…which I doubt.

  4. lbirken says:

    I am getting tired of the Tanaka situation for a number of reasons. First, why can foreign born players sign as free agents to the highest bidder or team of their choice when American born players are subject to the draft? This is especially bothersome to me with regard to players from South America, Mexico and The Dominican. Does anyone else have an issue with this?

    Second, while the Dodgers would certainly be that much better with someone of Tanaka’s skills, it is not as if there are not enough arms available to go into the season with enough talent to compete with any team.

  5. Dodger4life says:

    I suspect Japanese players have already been subject to some sort of draft?? I also think the team has a good group of starters as it is. However should someone have a set back, such as Greinke did last season Tanaka would give us that much more depth, without sacrificing prospects later.
    Here are some stats from the past three years (inside the article)

    He also is just 25 years of age.

    I have heard that if Tanaka doesn’t sign with the Dodgers they may be looking at another arm as well.

    lbirken, as far as Dominican and other foreign players not being subject to the draft… I don’t know that this bothers me as much as it would if US born players weren’t subject to a draft. After a certain round the payoff of a college education outweighs the monetary value of the pro’s.

    • Dodger4life says:

      It is always a gamble when talking about Japanese pitchers and how they transform into the likes MLB. I’d like to think the Dodgers know pitching and if they spend the dollars it takes to acquire Tanaka…. there might be a good chance he works out?

      • Dodger4life says:

        It’s anywhere from a 10-16 hour plane ride from Japan… So I’m guessing he will be on one soon. Where that plane will land is anyone’s guess. But, I wouldn’t mind it being L.A..

    • Dodger4life says:

      $155MM 7 years with an opt out after 4, plus the $20MM posting fee.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I really don’t mind that we didn’t put out that kind of money for him. We need help in other areas, especially our bench. Our pitching staff will be fine.

  6. Wouldn’t have minded seeing him on the Dodgers, but I’ve got a funny feeling about him. He’s got a lot of mileage on that arm already and could flame out spectacularly. Besides that there are some arms down on the farm that I’d like to see tried and tested that need to have an opportunity that they wouldn’t get with a stacked rotation for years on end.

    Plus the Snakes didn’t get him so all is good with the world.

    • crash24now says:

      I also wouldn’t have minded a Kershaw/Greinke/Ryu/Tanaka/Any #5 rotation. Also, I totally agree that I didn’t want to see him on the Snakes.

      Now that the Yankees have him…I’m hoping for a ten year Yankees playoffs drought. We will be okay without Tanaka. But it is high time to find some more help for the infield. I’m not crazy about the idea of a bench that includes Sellers and Gordon.

  7. This is good news to me. The Yankees have a good chance of making it to the World Series. Now if the Dodgers can also get there, I have a great chance of seeing them in the World Series IN PERSON.

    • Dodger4life says:

      That would be sweet oldbrooklynfan… I dream of a Dodgers-Yankees Series, every year. I read where the Yankees needed Tanaka pretty bad. I think if like enchanted stated before… if his arm isn’t burnt out. He will be a good pitcher, his era has been below 2.00 the past three years in Japan.

      Anyhow moving along… Did anyone notice, Ned picked up a guy who walked out on his team last season in Olivio. And rumors have it the Dodgers are looking for a veteran starter on a short term deal?

  8. Jane Moe says:

    I’m just glad the DBacks didn’t get him!

  9. Wasn’t sure of Tanaka’s wife either having all her career aspirations that it wouldn’t have been a huge distraction for him and everyone around them.

  10. kahliforni says:

    Like I said yesterday, Tanaka could have signed with any team who made a bid. He obviously chose the richest contract. Good for him. He’ll probably end up facing Josh Beckett in Game 7 of the World Series, and Beckett will beat him 10-0. We shall see…….

  11. 32and53fan says:

    Tanaka may experience a difference in the baseball that he will be using in the U. S. I found an article about Japanese baseball’s and how they are standardizing on one made by Milan. Here is an excerpt :
    “It breaks better, moves more advantageously for the pitcher,” Hisashi Iwakuma of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, speaking in Japanese, said of the new ball. “Whether you throw a fork or a curve or a slider, the break is bigger. Even your fastball doesn’t have to be perfectly straight; you can make it miss the sweet spot of the bat.”

    Iwakuma said pitchers could manipulate the slightly lower height of the red stitches and their slightly wider spread.”

    Based on that, Tanaka could find it difficult to match the numbers he put up in Japan. Especially since he is not a power pitcher.

    The fact that he has never faced an MLB hitter, using an MLB ball, makes his 7 year, $155 million contract all the more remarkable.

  12. Just signed Chone Figgins to a minor league contract with an invite to spring training with the big boys. What think you?

    • 32and53fan says:

      Another Ned Colletti has-been, long shot. He’s hoping that after batting .187 in 2012, then not playing at all last year, Figgins can somehow make a comeback. He is below average defensively too.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I’m not thrilled at all either!

      • Total dumpster-dive not-so-special.

        • Ned being Ned.

          Was talking to a neighbor of mine (and Dodger fan) this afternoon and I was saying that Ned never can put together a whole team in the same year. One year he has starting pitching, one year he puts together a pretty decent hitting team, next it might be the bullpen, but NEVER the whole team the same year. This year’s bench is going to be brutal, and possibly 2nd and 3rd base are going to be real weaknesses IMO.

          • There’ll always be problems but since the team has been doing better every year and coming closer to the World Series, it’s hopefull we got a good chance to make it this year.

  13. grizzy says:

    I never did see the need for Tanaka, especially after the Haren signing. Plenty of candidates for number 5 starter. You usually don’t use your 5th starter a lot in the beginning of the season giving the team more time to see if Billz is ready, and Becket, Fife, and McGill are on hand. I agree second base is a more pressing issue.

  14. Dodger4life says:

    Borrowed this from Dodger Digest, it’s a list of players invited to the big league side of Camelback this spring.

    1. J.C. Boscan, C
    2. Sam Demel, RHP
    3. Griff Erickson, C
    4. Carlos Frias, RHP
    5. Brendan Harris, INF
    6. Zach Lee, RHP
    7. Daniel Moskos, LHP
    8. Chris O’Brien, C
    9. Miguel Olivo, C
    10. Red Patterson, RHP
    11. Joc Pederson, OF
    12. Chris Reed, LHP
    13. Clint Robinson, INF
    14. Miguel Rojas, INF
    15. Ross Stripling, RHP

    I’m just guessing that Stripling, Lee, Reed, Patterson and Demel are fighting to be the 5th starter at some point this season, judging by the way Fife, Magill and Beckett for that matter all struggled last year. I read that the team is also looking at Arroyo, but still, one of these guys will most likely get a call up somewhere along the way. I have read a little about Reed and the fact some think he is more likely to become a reliever. Lee we know was a #1 pick and some say likely to slot in as a #3, although on the Dodgers 2014 staff slotting as a #5 is more in tune. Demel is a reclamation project… But Patterson, I have read next to nothing about. Maybe the only thing that vaguely comes to mind was that the Dodgers plan for him was as a starter and not in relief. Wasn’t he a #1 pick from Florida?

    Ned has also invited several catchers to camp this year, as he did last season. I know they talk about organization depth here, but I can’t seem to shake what’s his name sending Fed-Ex down for a bit in 13 and then them carrying 3 catchers as well?

    The rest of them look to be in a battle with Figgins… who I am assuming will get every opportunity to make the squad for a bench position
    Anyone else have any thoughts along these lines?

    • Dodger4life says:

      I left out Pederson, but I think it goes without saying he is next in line to be an outfielder should the need arise. I also know nothing about Frias or Mosko’s???

  15. Dodger4life says:

    Oh yeah, just in case you need further proof that times are prosperous… Ned flew all the way to the Dominican Republic to gauge talent and didn’t make the trip alone.

    Remember when he had to fork over money out of his own pocket to get a return flight on Southwest, from some destination, a few years ago.

  16. crash24now says:

    Dave Stewart says Kemp will not be ready by March 22. When, then?

    I’ll tell you what. It takes an awful lot of time and effort to rehab a broken ankle….and don’t mess with an achilles heel – they are related after all. When the leg is in a cast, the achilles tendon will tighten up a lot.

  17. lbirken says:

    I wish Tanaka best of luck with the Yankees and like the rest of you, glad he did not end up in the NL. I am not upset the Dodgers did not sign him but glad they were in the hunt. A few years ago under prior ownership we would have bemoaned the fact that the Dodgers did not have the resources to make a realistic run at this caliber of player.

    When I heard about Figgins on the radio last night I immediately thought about the reaction here about PVL’s, a term I had hoped I would never discuss again. Could it really be possible the Dodgers felt they could easily replace Schumaker, Punto and Mark Ellis rather than paying those guys more money in 2014? Funny how valuable those guys look right now. My feeling is Figgins will not pan out and will be but a footnote to ST. The only thing I know for sure is the Dodgers will have 25 players suited up when the season starts and some of those players will not be around when the season ends.

    • kahliforni says:

      Ned Colletti’s theory of General Management…I’ll call it “Funny Ball”: First two months…find our what you need…second two months…go get it….last two months….go win. That how Campanis did it????

      • Trouble is, he never does win. Its nice to make the playoffs, but he never puts a team together that can make it past the last two hurdles – a pennant and championship. There are winners and pretenders, and Ned’s teams are pretenders – good enough to get there, not good enough to go all the way.

        Right now I see this team as another pretender. Non-durable infield, an absolute sucking bench… No way this team makes more than a playoff appearance [again.]

        • kahliforni says:

          If I had to grade Ned, I’d have to agree—the bench is horrific, certainly not good enough to help the team withstand the inevitable injuries, both nagging and serious, and not nearly good enough for a deep run toward a championship. Who the heck is coming off the bench for a late-inning, pinch-hit AB? The fourth outfielder? Where have you gone Vic Davalillo and Manny Mota????? Donnie has a maddening way of bringing in Ethier, only to be countered by some lefty-eating southpaw. On the flip side, the Dodger pitching staff will be an anchor, both the pen and the starters; I think youth (read AAA and AA) will end up saving the day, at least on the mound.

  18. lbirken says:

    To answer my own question, I think the Dodgers did believe they could replace Punto, Schumaker and Mark Ellis with lower cost options. But did they factor in how important these types of players are on the bench and clubhouse? Don’t Punto and Schu have a World Series ring? Didn’t Mark Ellis inspire with his style of play? Are we making too much of these former Dodgers? Until the Dodgers show they have replaced them I don’t think we are.

    • crash24now says:

      I wouldn’t mind having Punto back in 2014. Of course, it’s too late now. Schumaker was not as productive as the Little Pony was in 2013, nor do we need Shoe in the outfield in 2014. Mark Ellis would have been an expensive bench player if Guerrero pans out. We may be discussing that decision again later this year.

  19. crash24now says:

    What comes around goes around…

    …Trayvon Robinson has been signed to a minor league deal.

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