The Bench Situation

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With Uribe’s recent re-signing, it looks as if the next order of business may be finding players to help coming off the bench and out of the bullpen.

Also on the back burner so far this off season are the futures of Mattingly, Hanley and Kershaw?


63 Responses to The Bench Situation

  1. Dodger4life says:

    Does Dee Gordon have a realistic chance of making the Opening Day roster as a utility player?

  2. lbirken says:

    My guess is deals for Kershaw and Hanley will happen before Donnie gets his deal. It still seems as if the Dodgers are unsure about him.

    And I would not be surprised to see Dee getting another shot at making the team but he still has done little to convince me he can help this team win.

    • Dodger4life says:

      I believe I read that Dee has been working out with his father and Barry Larkin. I think with his late start and speed they are trying to give him every opportunity they can. His offensive stats are better than Sellers who would seem to be one of his competitors as it stands today. I think he will have to have an impressive spring to be on the Opening Day roster though.

      • Dodger4life says:

        The Kershaw and Mattingly issues have me somewhat bewildered… I keep wondering if they are just waiting until closer to the season to announce the signings?

  3. messagebear says:

    I wouldn’t try to extend Mattingly, period. Let’s see what he shows in his season that’s already committed under contract. Why does a contract always need to be extended when it’s already in place. F that! As far as Kersh is concerned, if he wants to accept $200 million for 7 years fine; otherwise, he’s also under control for another year. I really don’t care if he gets upset by that.

  4. First, I’d like to see Kershaw with a new contract under the tree. If that’s at all possible, if not, before next season. Maybe it would be better to see how Mattingly does throughout the coming season just to see if he really deserves it. Hanley deserves one in my opinon.
    As far as Gordon and Sellers go, I think they could fill no more than utility rolls as I think the team is looking for Guerrero to get a shot at 2B.
    It will be very interesting to see how they fill the bench.

  5. kahliforni says:

    Chris Perez. Weird enough to get along with The Beard.

  6. JhallWally says:

    I hope we can get a deal done with Kersh… If he isn’t ready to go long term, offer him 4 years and $115-120M. That way, he can have another go at free agency when he is 30. Actualy, it would work out better for the Dodgers.. I would like to see it… I am not a proponent of the long term, mega dollar deals.. They don’t work out in the long run…

  7. JhallWally says:

    Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to all our OTD brethren… Have a great holiday everyone!!!!

    I look forward to bantering with you all in 2014. It’s been a pleasure… Thanks….

    • trublu4ever says:

      Merry Christmas to you too, Jhall….and, the rest of the OTD gang. I can’t wait for the 2014 season to start. Yay for Spring and Summer!

    • 32and53fan says:

      I’ve enjoyed reading your comments too.

      BTW, that’s a nice avatar you have there. 😉

      • JhallWally says:

        I thought of you when I saw that picture… It just jumped out at me. As, Koufax and Drysdale are two of my favorite Dodgers… They are the reason I am a Dodger fan…

  8. grizzy says:

    I’m puzzled by this news concerning Perez. Smoking a little hoona is not a concern. Smoking a lot is. A bigger concern is shoulder problems and loss of velocity. We can only hope management knows more about this guy than we do. Maybe they want a bullpen full of crazy people.
    It’s off to Phoenix and warm weather for Xmas. I’ll be sure to stir the pot with the d-back turn coats down there. All the best of the season to all of you on here.

  9. ZonaDodger says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all

  10. 32and53fan says:

    With Perez on board, we must have the most former all-star closers in baseball in one bullpen. If we can get him and League to perform like current all-stars, the bullpen will be in good shape.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Best wishes to all of you for the new year.

    Spencer Tracy once said (a line in a movie) of Katherine Hepburn, “Not much meat on her, but what there is, is cherce” [choice]. Well, OTD may not have the most participants out of all baseball web sites, but the ones we have are cherce. Thanks to all of you for making the Dodgers fan experience that much richer.

  11. lbirken says:

    I am a bit puzzled by the Perez signing but as we found out last season, a team never has too much pitching.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday. Keep it safe and stay healthy.

  12. 32and53fan says:

    Is signing Jamie the Wright decision?

    The bullpen is filling up. Will there be room for any young phenoms to break through in Spring Training?

  13. Perez and Wright? Wouldn’t surprise me they’re stocking up so they can trade some of the young guys for Price.

    Nice to see Ned get a “character” guy like Perez. Must miss Timmy something fierce.

    Oh well, have a great Christmas and new Years everyone!

  14. kahliforni says:

    Wright is the long man…sinker ball pitcher…he did a nice job for the Dodgers a few seasons ago.

  15. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families on OTD.

  16. Wishing all our “blogmates” here a very Merry Christmas.

  17. Dodger4life says:

    Merry Christmas All Y’all….

  18. trublu4ever says:


  19. Masahiro Tanaka is going to post! Will we get him or not is the question!

    • Dodger4life says:

      I was reading a little about this earlier. I remember Ned saying they weren’t in on any other starters. Technically Tanaka wasn’t available then though. Should be interesting to say the least.

  20. 32and53fan says:

    Crawford gives 1.4 million dollar engagement ring to his fiancee, a Basketball Wives reality TV star, who was also involved with a NFL player. Something tells me this is not going to end well.

    • You are probably right, but she is pregnant with his child, so he’s doing the “right” thing . . . I guess.

      • 32and53fan says:

        I saw a couple of episodes of “Baseball Wives” on Hulu. The women they showed were all high maintenance, glammed up social climbers who did not seem very desirable, unless a player is looking for a woman who wears way too much makeup, it’s a bottle blonde, and is filled with silicone. Maybe (probably) the producers went for that type on purpose and there are some really nice, grounded baseball wives out there. Kershaw’s wife is completely the opposite of the women on that show, very plain looking, bright, and dedicated to helping others.

        Maybe the baby will help that lady settle down, but I can’t see that marriage lasting many years. Hopefully Carl will not be too distracted by their relationship.

  21. lbirken says:

    Sometimes I long for the time when we really did not know everything about the players and we just concentrated on what they did on the field.

    • 32and53fan says:

      I don’t care what players do off the field as long as it for not affect their performance on the field. As long as he put up monster OPS numbers, not too many fans cared that Babe Ruth ate and drank to excess, and had sex with large numbers of women. He often used profanities and absolutely loved to drive his car very, very fast. More than a couple of times, Babe Ruth crashed his car. Those antics did put him at odds with some of his teammates and manager however.

      I hope that the Dodgers are professional. I can see how a young, handsome man with millions in the bank could attract lots of good looking women that may not have the player’s best interests in mind.

  22. Dodger4life says:

    Dang Carl… You could of given her 7 shares of…

    But then again… What fun would that be…

    Maybe I should have just wished them both the best of luck… (I wish them both a long and happy life together!)

  23. grizzy says:

    lbirk’s post has something to it. Before the Dodgers came to town the Yankees and Mickey Mantle were my favorites. Mantle’s escapades were kept out of the papers, something that would not happen today. How much of that type of behavior tolerated today?
    Some of it. He could make a ball disappear.

  24. lbirken says:

    I stand behind what I said above about how we know too much about players (and just about everyone in public life) but I can easily argue the other side as well. Don’t we have the right to know when a player or public figure does something illegal, immoral or downright stupid if it affects his or her performance? Should the press have just left alone all the rumors about Lance Armstrong or the use of steroids by some of baseball’s most popular players? Is it not the duty of the media to inform the public even when sometimes this may go too far in damaging a reputation?

    Clearly there needs to be a fine balance between the public’s right to know and respecting individual rights of the celebrity. In those long ago days, the press seemed more friendly to its subjects and respected what it believed was private activity. Today there is little respect for even the mundane activities of public figures. At the same time one has to wonder about the poor choices some celebrities make when they have to know their lives are an open book, easily open to anyone with a cell phone.

    All of this makes me think again about how much time and energy Vin Scully devotes to letting us know how human the players, coaches, umpires and even the fans are when he broadcasts a game. He wants us to know these people as people, no different than anyone else beyond whatever marvelous talent they may have. He seldom dwells on the negative while not totally ignoring it. I know there are many times I have wanted to hear what he really thinks about a player or issue and sometimes he teases us with a thought here and there. But to him it is all about the people and not just the games, yet he manages to do it in a magical way that tells us just enough.

  25. messagebear says:

    On the same topic it looks like Puig’s been at it again – this time down in Florida. It’s about time they took his driving license away for a while. I wouldn’t even mind if they kept him in the slammer for about 90 days. Young, rich, spoiled Ahole!

  26. grizzy says:

    Looks like Alligator Alley was the section of I-75 where Puig was speeding. It’s a straight shot between Miami and Naples (where I lived) and would be easy to have a car build up some speed before you realize it. Cruise control at 75hph is a good idea there. Wild life and the swamp rats in their odd vehicles wander across that road.

  27. 32and53fan says:

    While I don’t advocate going a hundred ten miles per hour, calling it reckless driving could be misleading. On a wide interstate highway with very little traffic, a brand new luxury car like a Mercedes, built for the high-speed Autobahn in Germany, could easily safely go a hundred ten miles an hour all day long. I would call it reckless driving going that speed on a two lane country road with multiple crossings and blind curves.

  28. grizzy says:

    I tend to agree with 32. We go to Grand Junction in Colorado for bulk food and items not available in our little town, and the highway had no traffic to speak. I don’t consider our rav-4 a luxury car, but it does roll. Had it up to 100mph a couple of times when nothing was around.
    It’s hard for me to imagine what it must be like for Puig. Growing up in Cuba, he could not have had much. Now here is this kid from a entirely different culture turned loose in the toy store. He definitely could stand some mentoring, but I don’t think he has screwed up yet. I think he’s going to provide us with plenty of discussion as time goes on.

  29. Unbelievable,..I mean what’s with this guy?

  30. Dodger4life says:

    So, I read where Ned claims the Dodgers are done this winter, although he stated he would like to add a utility guy. He also refused to comment on Tanaka, but I think putting up the posting fee is a given.
    Also, what are the early predictions for Puig, next season??
    Anyone care to speculate???

    • lbirken says:

      At the moment I hope he shows up for ST without an ankle bracelet.

      • He better drive carefully if he wants to get there.

        • Dodger4life says:

          I suppose we should be glad alcohol wasn’t a factor in his decision to hit hyperspace on that stretch of Florida highway. I also find it surprising that this is an arrest-able offense. (The most remarkable thing after reading the Times this morning, is that he had his mother in the car).

          I know I have been guilty of doing 100+ on a certain freeway in California late one night. So, I won’t throw stones here.

          For what it’s worth… my thought’s on Puig (the ballplayer) next season, lean towards how he will handle the pressure of an extended slump and how well he will have adapted to making better defensive decisions without giving up his edge.

  31. grizzy says:

    .310 ba
    25 hr
    90 rbi
    no known stats for missing the cut-off man

  32. jane moe says:

    Puig isn’t the team. I’m getting tired of his actions.

  33. Jane Moe says:

    Trying to get her back on my phone 😊

  34. lbirken says:

    Puig may not be the team but his actions both on and off the field will be scrutinized not only by local media but national as well. I am not too concerned how the Dodgers will deal with all of this but I am concerned with how Mr. Puig will deal with it.

  35. enchantedbeaver says:

    I hit 115 once on the back road to Chowchilla when I had my 3000GT. Then I got to thinking, damn, if I even hit a rock at this speed it might not end well. Had plenty more in that car too. Think I could’ve easily hit 130, maybe 140 topping out. Sad thing was, I was in my early/mid 30s when I did it. Got a ticket for doing 85 once in that car also on the Grapevine back when it was only a 55 limit. CHP guy asked me why I was going so fast. I told him, “because I could.” He just looked at me and the car and said, “yeah.”

    Puig is just an A#1 knucklehead and its probably going to take a few years for him to grow out of it (if he ever does.) Question is going to be how much will the team put up with.

    Of course, Ned doesn’t have any problem with a guy that sends pot addressed to his dog, so my guess is Puig has a rather LONG leash.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Just the one CHP, enchanted… I had 6 cruisers steer the 68 Camaro I was driving over to the side of the road. They boxed me in as I was exiting I-5 onto the Van Nuys interchange… They found a dinner receipt in my pocket that showed I was in Stockton 5/6 hours earlier… having a taco.

      • Dodger4life says:

        The original cruiser… pulled up beside me and shouted something over the loudspeaker before passing me and driving out of my sight. I couldn’t make out what he said, so, I assumed he told me to slow down.

        • lbirken says:

          You guys sure sound proud of you speeding exploits. LOL

          • Dodger4life says:

            lbirk… a buddy of mine asked me to drive his other car to his new home. (he just bought a new 300ZX Turbo) and was moving from Santa Rosa to Thousand Oaks… I had no address of the new location or a phone number and it was all I could do, too keep him in eyesight. He had everything he owned packed into that Camaro. The CHP thought we were burglars… (they boxed him in as well). They kept asking whose car it was? I kept saying… his! Whose stuff is this? once again, his! I ended up getting thrown in jail (although I was released within minutes), and the car was impounded. All I had was the location of the impound yard, but couldn’t retrieve the car, since it wasn’t mine. I spent three days in what appeared to be a low budget porn motel, waiting for my buddy to arrive and find the note I attached to the windshield of one said Camaro. (I will never forget seeing all those cruisers as I tried to enter the new freeway, I honestly thought they said slow down!) It could of been worse, as I was out of money and may have had to seek quick employment in order to stay another night. )

          • Dodger4life says:

            This event happened around the same time the Dodgers won their last World Series. These days, I rarely hit 55 mph and when I do… I usually think… slow down fool! Which made it rather difficult to drive the last time I was on a California freeway.

  36. messagebear says:

    I don’t know what Colletti or anybody else can do about Puig’s behavior – after all, he’s got a contract. Speeding isn’t the worst of things. All will be forgotten if he resumes his best on the field. What I’m more concerned about is that many more of the teams will now have the book on him, and he wasn’t doing so well at the end of the season. I don’t know how capable or mature he is dealing with adversity if that were to befall him this coming season. It’s not like he’s proven himself in the majors at this stage – dealing with accolades and publicity is one thing, boos and shaming is another.

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