Our All Time Favorite Dodger Player Is…


Okay folks it’s been a little slow… So I have thrown up this thread to hopefully create some fun discussion on who your all time favorite Dodger player is and why? If you don’t have a single favorite, that’s okay. Share your favorites and why?


58 Responses to Our All Time Favorite Dodger Player Is…

  1. Dodger4life says:

    I haven’t had much time to think this through…

    Don Drysdale rates pretty high on my list. Mainly because I am a fan of pitching. I never seen him play (although he once sponsored a rival little league team of mine and made a brief showing at a game I was catching in.) So, if I had to choose only one, this he would be my choice. I’ve shared the story before but what still sticks in my mind after 38 years. Is after leaving the school grounds between innings to chase him down on his way to his car, so that I could obtain an autograph. I asked him how he could sponsor the Giants and not my team the Dodgers? His response was something to the effect of “I don’t know? Other than a friend of his coached the team”. He then chuckled and said do me a favor kid, go beat em’ for me! I remember thinking, that was the best answer ever!!

  2. kahliforni says:

    Always have a soft spot in my heart for Ron Cey and Reggie Smith, the soul of those great 70s teams. Never forget Cey taking one in the helmet from Gossage in the World Series, me waiting for his head to fall off, only to have him return the next game and bat. Talk about fearless.

  3. enchantedbeaver says:

    I always had a soft spot for Bill Russell. Not a great fielder, not a great hitter, but he anchored the infield before and after everyone else was gone. I liked Cey a lot also. Always felt he was more clutch than Garvey. For pitchers, I liked Welch & Hooten. Only really started to follow Dodger baseball in ’74, so I never saw Drysdale, Koufax, Wills or Davis.

  4. trublu4ever says:

    I don’t really have an all time favorite. I as, Enchanted, liked Cey. I also was fond of Drysdale. Didn’t care much for Garvey. I did like Shawn Green, always tried his best and loved his on field demeanor. Also liked Yeager a lot.. .Hated Kent ( a real buzz kill).

  5. Dodger4life says:

    I think my favorite player, having had played during my time… would be a toss up between Fernando and Orel. For reasons that need no further explanation. I was really partial to the entire infield of Cey, Russell, Lopes, Garvey and Yeager as well. I don’t really have a favorite current Dodger player, I tend to enjoy the team as a whole these days… Although, A.J. Ellis is one player I enjoy seeing have success.

  6. Dodger4life says:

    I also enjoy seeing Puig with the youngsters… ( I remember how excited I was just to talk one on one with Drysdale). These kids will always remember and get a kick out of this.


  7. trublu4ever says:

    I also liked Orel.

  8. lbirken says:

    My all time favorites are Maury Wills, Duke Snider, Steve Garvey, Koufax, Drysdale, Fernando. I also liked Jarrod and Piazza. I don’t really have a favorite among the current team.

  9. I could say anyone wearing a Dodger uniform but I don’t think that’s appropriate. I would say Jackie Robinson was the premier Dodger player. All that’s true but I have to say the one player that I always remember that stands up in my mind was non Hall of Famer Carl Furillo. As a kid groing up I remember Carl as a big favorite.
    Apparently he was not HOF quality but we loved him here in Brooklyn and I always thought of him as my favorite.
    Gil Hodges, another non HOF of course will always be remembered and there are those who are still trying to get him elected. Another non HOF was Billy Cox, not home grown but one of the best clutch hitters this team ever had.
    Personally I wish the numbers 6, 14 and and 3 would be retired and it feels funny whenever I see an active Dodger wearing them.

    • As far a the LA Dodgers are concerned, the infield of Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell and Ron Cey.
      HA HA four more non HOFs seem to always pop up in my mind.
      I guess I feel a lot compation for those non HOFs.

  10. kahliforni says:

    Today I see where the Dodgers are pondering Michael Young for third base. While claiming his numbers are in decline, there’s not THAT much difference between him and Uribe (whose greatest asset may be his friendship with Hanley and Puig). So my poll question is whether you’d want Michael Young or Juan Uribe at third base…if those were the only two choices.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Both, that way Justin Sellers wont have to take over until May.

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Uribe because of his defense. There should be enough offense without having to have Uribe contribute. Young on the other hand will be far worse than Nomar ever was at third, and his offense isn’t going to be much more than anything Uribe contributes.

  11. grizzy says:

    I guess I would have to break it down into different periods of time to pick a favorite, although….Carl Furillo was in decline by the time they came to LA, but he contributed. I wore 30 and played short as a kid because of Wills and that is another number that looks funny on somebody else. Can’t forget the Davis boys or Lou Johnson. In the 70’s it was Cey, but I also thought a lot of Baker and Reggie Smith. In the 80’s it would have to be Sciosia. Favorite pitcher would have to be Drysdale, but how can you forget whats-his-name, the lefty, or Fernando and Orel?
    I’d go with Uribe for the above reasons and his glove. Maybe he’ll whack a couple more this year when we really need one.

  12. messagebear says:

    I’m going back with Carl Erskine, not because he was an equal to Drysdale and Koufax, or even the likes of Hershel, Sutton, and Fernando. Erskine was my favorite pitcher at a time when I was first becoming a baseball and a Dodger fan. There were Snider, Hodges, Campy, and #42 of course who made the team great, but Erskine to me was kind of in a class by himself.

    • lbirken says:

      I had the honor of meeting Carl Erskine at Dodger Fantasy Camp and you are correct, he is one of the most classy people I have ever met.

  13. grizzy says:

    Good to see Uribe and his glove is back. Would rather have had a one year deal, but….

  14. koufax1963 says:

    HI Gang… and Happy Holidays to all, the faithful Blue crew here!
    As Koufax1963, it seems obvious who my favorite is, but wait Maury Wills is certainly a name I will mention, he just had excitement follow him, I would of liked to see Jackie Robinson play, actually that whole Brooklyn bunch play, and I was sad when Garvey and Cey were traded, it began years of finding corner infielders for the Dodgers, Currently I am excited about the team with kershaw as a favorite, and just dreaming of what Puig might do if he stays in blue.
    Uribe Deal, My daughter was first to tell me through the instant media she is linked to, Im OK with it if he starts up where he left off, but I have some yellow flags about him and his motivation, pick up the bat, put on the glove and show us your best Juan!
    My daughter was also the one to inform me of the liaison between Matt Kemp and a Kardashian, former Odom wife, big red flag here, I remember Matt and rhianon stuff, and not fondly based on Matts performance at that time. I wish Matt a wonderful life filled with satisfaction both professionally and personally, remaining a beast as a Dodger.
    Now acquire more bench, more bull pen(lefty) and especially a good utility infielder that may be a starting one at either 3rd, SS or 2nd depending on how things roll next year. Has Dee Gordon learned to hit yet? because the ridiculous was having him learn the outfield, if you laughed at Pierre, then I think Dee would be the younger version of the same. GO Dodgers! Stay Healthy and win game 4 of the NLCS in 2014.

  15. Dodger4life says:

    I agree that staying healthy is a big key. I was thinking of all the injuries we seem to acquire from the so called nucleus in the line-up and how there must be some sort of urgency among this club to finish what they have started on a high note…

    I can’t say I am disappointed in Uribe’s return. He obviously means a great deal to his teammates… And as enchanted stated… brings a note worthy glove. Although, had they moved Hanley to third and as kahli stated earlier on… put the best available glove at short regardless of how much experience they had at the big league level. I would have been okay with that. But the key here would have been keeping the nucleus healthy.

    I remember my father having much admiration for Maury Wills and also Manny Mota…

  16. Dodger4life says:

    M. Ellis appears to headed to St. Louis. Leaving Capuano, Howell, Young and Caaaaarlos Maaaarmol as the remaining unsigned free agent possible holdovers.

  17. 32and53fan says:

    Like Koufax1963, I also have a name that is linked to two dodger greats. Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax lead my list. My peak years as a fan were from 1968 to 1966, a period that spanned my time in Little League, and my first year in Babe Ruth League. I emulated Drysdale as a pitcher, throwing somewhere between sidearm and a 45° angle. I also liked to intimidate batters by throwing a curve that started by coming at the batter, then breaking over the plate. It’s a good thing they only used a couple of balls during the game and they got roughed up pretty fast. I couldn’t get that much break with a slick, new ball. I also liked the fact that Don grew up in Van Nuys, CA, four or five miles from my home on the southwestern edge of Pacoima.

    My favorites also included Gil Hodges and Duke Snider from the Colisseum years. Maury Wills was another favorite, along with Tommy Davis, Willie Davis and Ron Fairly.

    While not a star, I also liked Jim Lefebvre, who won the 1965 Rookie of the Year over Joe Morgan. Ron Perronoski was another favorite. He was one of the first closers and was usually lights out finishing a game for Koufax, Drysdale, or Johnny Podres.

    1967 to 1971 was a dark period for me, though I liked Wes Parker, Manny Mota and Bill Buckner. Jim Brewer was also a good reliever during those years.

    From 1972 through 1981, the Dodgers put together another good team. Bill Russell, Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes and Ron Cey were obvious favorites from that era. Don Sutton came before these years, starting in 1966, and lasted with the team until 1980. Dusty Baker was another favorite in those years.

    Once I became older than the players, I stopped looking up to them the way I did in Little League. I appreciate their skills, but have no interest in meeting any of the or getting an autograph. Do any of you feel the same way?

    That’s all for now. I may think about the years from 1982 until today and jot down my thoughts. Goodbye for now.

    • Dodger4life says:

      I also am not an autograph hound these days… Oh, I have acquired a few in the past (under 10, I’m guessing). If I happened to be sitting on a bar-stool and one of them came in and sat down. I’d have no problem joining any worthwhile conversation they were willing to engage in.

      I bump into quite a few of Boise State guys here in the local honky tonk. One night a friend handed me two ice cold beers, I happened to be standing next to a booth that Doug Martin was sitting in. So, I reached over and sat one of the beers on their table and said if anyone would like a beer, it’s yours. That beer sat there for about an hour, I looked at Doug and asked if anyone wanted it. He said no. A few weeks later, I bumped into him at the bar, sitting by himself. I looked at him and smiled, then (in my best redneck voice) said. Dougie! It’s against NCAA regulations for me to buy you a beer. But it ain’t against NCAA regulations for you to buy me one. BEER ME DOUGIE! He busted up laughing, and told the girl behind the bar to bring me a beer. It was just fun to get him to laugh…

      I left out the part about the girls dancing in that elevated booth… One of them came over and tried to suffocate me by throwing her leg over my shoulder and gyrating… She almost killed me, I tell ya!

      • Dodger4life says:

        Just for the record…I have retired from the drunken honky tonk fun. Okay maybe just semi-retired… I mean beer and honky tonks are a lot of fun.

        • Dodger4life says:

          About a year and a half or so ago… My youngest daughter moved in with me… when this happened, I reduced my alcohol intake to a beer once every blue moon. She eventually came to miss her mom and moved back to her place. But, during the time she was with me, I learned that I didn’t miss getting drunk all that much. I have been to the honky tonk once since… and that was to see a concert. I rarely drink these days and when I do. It’s usually a glass or two of wine while watching the Dodgers.

          I can honestly say that I don’t miss the massive amounts of alcohol! My daughter on the other hand… I truly enjoyed!

          • Dodger4life says:

            I just seen this as I was about to log off

            Vin Scully will take over the @Dodgers twitter account at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Ask questions by tweeting at @Dodgers with the hashtag #AskVin.

        • 32and53fan says:

          I have no idea where in the honky tonks are located nearby. I guess the closest thing to one would be a bar and grill going up the mountain on Hwy 33, north of Ojai. There may be something close to it in Ventura. The San Fernando Valley had a club named The Palomino that comes pretty close.



          I drove by it many times when I lived in the area but never went inside.

          • Dodger4life says:

            That Palomino Club looked like fun…

            The one here in town is about 6 blocks from my house. They bus all the kids in from the campus and bus them back home. On Thursdays it’s all you can drink beer night for $6 from 8-2. This was my main intention for attending usually. Now they have a thing called Nashville to You, where they bring in rising country stars and the tickets are $5.

            My Dodger cap and I attended this concert last weekend:)


            I walked down there through about a foot of snow in -10 degree weather.

      • 32and53fan says:

        Cause of death: suffocation by vagina

        • Dodger4life says:

          Almost… perhaps if whatever song was playing was any longer. I was just standing there minding my own business when that happened too.

          My cousins took me to this place once in the 80’s

          Mule Lip Saloon and Restaurant–1067 N. Mount Vernon Ave., Colton, (714) 824-6006. Open Wednesday-Sunday 5 p.m.-2 a.m. with music by Tricia May and Calico throughout the month of February. Plenty of room for line dancing on their 7,000-plus square-foot dance floor. Two half-hour lessons by Sharon on Thursdays 8:30-10:15 p.m., Sundays 6:45-8:30 p.m. Admission is $2 on Fridays and Saturdays. On Wednesdays, free lessons from members of the Denim & Lace Dance Club at 7 p.m. and a dance contest.

          It was huge with a Grand Ole Opry style stage…

          They also took me to some place called The Sock Hop (I think?) 50’s music and decor, it was more fun than the honky tonk.

  18. grizzy says:

    I neglected to mention Shawn Green. I saw him in AZ in the middle of his hot streak the year he hit all those homers (46?). He hit two the night I saw them, one was basically a line drive over that tall center field wall they have there. The ball was really jumping off his bat then. I hated it when he got traded to the same d-backs and I got to see him hit another home run for them that landed about five rows right in front of me. My turn coat family was really letting me have it about my favorite hitting a homer against the Dodgers, but Jeff Kent was very hot that night and I got the last laugh.

  19. I’m very glad to see that except for Mark Ellis the Dodger starting lineup is stll with us. I hope we can get someone outstanding to play 2B by either a trade or FA. If it’s someone from our farm system that would be better than signing Michael Young.

  20. lbirken says:

    I am ok with Uribe only because there is no one else to play third. We can only hope he carries the same enthusiasm he had last season into this one and his health is good. If he does what he did offensively and is actually still playing on a regular basis at the end of the season, the deal probably makes sense. I am sorry to see Mark Ellis go if in deed that is the case.

    I think it is easy for fans to pass judgment on player contracts such as how much money we might think a player is worth or the length. The problem is we don’t know what a player is willing to accept or what is available to him. I may think that Uribe should accept a generous one year contract but the reality may be that such a deal will not work. There is no such thing as loyalty from the team or player. Players are basically mercenaries and GM’s are trying to get the jump on the player, his agent and other teams. It is not a game I would enjoy playing.

  21. ZonaDodger says:

    Glad to have JP back

  22. enchantedbeaver says:

    Looks like we have Bell & Howell on our side now.

  23. JhallWally says:

    It has become apparent that you need a great bullpen to win a WS title… I’m glad they ponied up and signed Howell… I don’t mind shelling out big money for relievers if they get it right. Nedcompoop has wasted money on Guerrier and League…. Nobody in their right mind would have done either of those deals…

  24. If it’s official, I’m glad we got Howell signed up. I’m also informed that the Dodgers are planning on bringing up Alexander Guerrero to play 2B. I’m still puzzed on what they’ll do if this doesn’t happen.

    • crash24now says:

      Right now the possible back-up plans include Gordon and Sellers. Certainly, we need to pick up somebody who is more capable. As in, can hit major league pitches.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I agree.

      • enchantedbeaver says:

        Can’t say as I’m impressed with the bench building so far. No way Uribe starts 162 games and neither does Hanley for that matter. Unless they move an OFer, they’re gambling on Guerrero to be a ML 2B, and no solid back-ups for 2B, 3B or SS. Right now it appears Bell is their back-up plan for 3B, Gordon/Sellers for SS and Harris for 2B. That’s as pitiful a damn bunch as Ned’s ever assembled.

        I’d try and sign Chavez to back-up Uribe and be a decent LH bench bat. Gordon I think makes the team in some capacity. Hell, I’d even welcome back Young at this point.

        Right now anyone goes down and we’re SOL.

  25. lbirken says:

    With JP Howell now signed, I too hope Ned can solidify the bench. Sorry to see Mark Ellis go, especially to the Cardinals. Not sure that Dee Gordon is much of a backup player but the Dodgers may not have too many choices. Not sure about Michael Young either. He did nothing for the Dodgers off the bench but we all know he is a solid guy to have around. At the moment the bench we had last season looks a lot better now than it did then.

  26. kahliforni says:

    As far as I’m concerned the Dodgers have no bench right now, except for the fourth outfielder. Ned used to dumpster dive for PVL arms. Now he’s dumpster diving for no-name infielders. Doubt that’s Plan A for Kasten. Long way to Spring Training. Maybe Ned can pony up some cash and swap League for a bench player with pop. And please, not Van Slyke. We’re talking World Series run, here.

  27. The bench. That’s probably the next big thing to address. I hope they sign someone for more than a year. It’s no matter how well these guys coming off the bench help the team, they’re never re-signed. I think in the past few years the Dodgers would be nowhere without their bench. It’s ashame they have to keep changing it.

  28. lbirken says:

    Speaking about bench players and money, it is interesting that last season’s bench players for the Dodgers have found such lucrative contracts with other teams for this coming season. Why do other organizations value these players so highly?

  29. Dodger4life says:

    A few short years ago we let Jamie Carroll go after he was a gamer for us. Last season in a limited role he failed to hit above .200.

    So, I would suspect that trying to find reserves that can produce while playing part time is a challenge/risk. So, my other guess is these other clubs outbid the players previous team to try and minimize the risk part. I would also add that if a guy is young and he can produce in a limited role, he would be on the field everyday. I suppose the fact that we somehow manage to find these guys and get something other teams eventually want has been a fortunate thing.

    However in the process we have had our share of Jay Gibbons and Garret Andersons.

  30. Let’s just hope we don’t need bench players as much as we have in recent years and our regulars can manage to get through the season without the need of the DL..

  31. Dodger4life says:

    New Thread

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