Magic Moments at the Magic Castle

Since things are progressing a little slow this off season. I thought maybe we could reminisce about our favorite moments as Dodger Faithful. Whether it happened at the stadium, another stadium, or in any other enjoyable way, shape or form .
I’ll start this off… Since I have only been to the stadium twice in the past 30 some odd years. The ITD tour with OBF and many of you would be pretty high on my list. Another would be watching game 1 of the 88 World Series, for my father passed on before the 89 season. Also going to the phone booth with Tru, Nelly, her family and Collie and his young bride. The hostile environment was a rush and we won the game. (Thanks Nelly)!


99 Responses to Magic Moments at the Magic Castle

  1. Dodger4life says:

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed all the camaraderie that we shared at the ITD tour. I have an 80% hearing loss, from Mom having the measles during her pregnancy. So I tend to do better in one on one conversations than in larger settings. So, if I missed any of you… I apologize. I also felt that it was OBF’s day and enjoyed taking it all in from the shadows. Also, even if you weren’t at the ITD tour, I would enjoy hearing what your best memories are…

  2. trublu4ever says:

    I agree…the ITD tour was one of my favorites. I also remember my dad taking me to see the boys play at the Coliseum….nothing like the Ravine but, spending the day with my dad….priceless!

  3. 32and53fan says:

    In 1962, my brother took me to Chavez Ravine for the first time. We took the brand new Stadium Way exit off the Golden State freeway and made our way up, towards the ball park. It must have been late in the season, or maybe we just arrived late, because the stadium lights were on, beckoning us toward the majestic edifice the way that the view from the poppy field drew Dorothy and her friends towards the Emerald City of Oz. After months of anticipation, I still wasn’t prepared for that awesome first glimpse as we rounded the corner and saw stadium in all it’s glory.

    The fact that the game happened to be an Angel’s game, did not diminish my excitement of being in the crowd and gazing at the vastness of the pristine green field, along with tens of thousands of others. We were seated in the first row of the reserve level between first base and the right field foul pole. Leon Wagner was up and lined a foul ball towards my brother and me. It ricocheted off the hands of a man three or four seats closer to home plate and headed right to me. I was holding on to a megaphone shaped container of popcorn, which the ball hit, and was deflected down to the loge level along with the rest of my popcorn.

  4. I’ve only been to Dodger Stadium once, that was with the ITD tour in 2009, but I’ll never forget it, especially sitting next to 32and53 Fan and conversing with former owner Frank McCourt, .meeting the members of that (this) blog, in person, was certainly special. This past spring training at CBR with the guys and girls from the TBLA forum & blog (formerly Dodgerdogs) was also an exciting time and another dream come through as I always wondered what spring training was like since I’d never gone to Vero Beach.
    I look forward to seeing and getting autographs at Citi Field and Yankee stadium from the Dodgers whenever they play the Mets and Yankees here in New York. I’ve made several trips to other cities and ballparks to see the Dodgers on my own and with friends.
    Just being a Dodger fan and listening and watching them on T,V. is something I love to do.

    • 32and53fan says:

      I also enjoyed meeting you and sitting next to you during the game Joe. For all the flak that Frank McCourt received, he did go out of his way to meet and greet fans. I attended the unveiling of the Dodgers star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which was attended by a huge number of Dodgers players and front office staff. Frank was gladly meeting and shaking hands with the fans with a big smile. I doubt very much that Peter O’Malley did that kind of thing. I went to Dodgertown in Vero Beach 30 years ago and saw Peter O’Malley sitting in the stands. I was going to say hello to him but was waved off by an usher.

      BTW, both times that I saw Vin Scully in a public situation, at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and at the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters luncheon at Sportsman’s Lodge, at which Vinny left immediately. Before he could make it out the door, he was surrounded by a group of fans and reluctantly signed some autographs under duress with a pained look on his face. After his speech at the star ceremony, he left quickly. I have no doubt that Scully is friendly to people he meets at Dodger Stadium, but he does not like being in a crush of fans.

      The ITD tour was also a key moment for me with all the places that we saw. In the sixties, it was very rare to be allowed on the field.

      • Dodger4life says:

        I had moved up to the handicapped section when Frank arrived, and was on my second beer, by the time he left. So, I followed him down the landing a ways. He had stopped to greet some fans and had his back turned to me when I caught him. His big bodyguard (whom was the same guy from the show “Rock of Love with Brett Michaels”) was next to us when I gently grabbed his shoulder and said Mr. McCourt! He seemed a little miffed that I was able to contact his persons from behind without his consent. His bodyguard was looking at me and laughing (which I thought was rather odd but cool). I then told him who I was and thanked him for bringing OBF out to L.A.! (But the look on his startled face was priceless).
        By the way, nice ending to your story 32and53fan

        • Dodger4life says:

          Shortly after that about 15 minutes or so, there were a ton of security in my general area.

          • Dodger4life says:

            When we were at the phone booth, I startled Ned as he came out from the stadium as well. It was dark and as he walked passed me I said in my deepest voice. “Hey Ned!” He kinda jumped back a bit. Later he was taking photos with some fans, when I tried to get Nelly to pose for a picture and right as I snapped the photo turn and do Trumps trademark, “You’re Fired” sign! She wouldn’t do it.

          • Dodger4life says:

            Nelly said she didn’t want a picture of Ned… I don’t blame her, but we could’a got some miles out of it’s use.

          • enchantedbeaver says:

            I was hoping on the second ITD tour they held that Nells would be able to get Ned to sign one of the songs I wrote about him. Alas he wasn’t there.

            Best stadium memories… was there with my first wife to be when Guerrero and Yeager went back-to-back on Ron Guidry. Guidry was dealing pretty good that night too so that was pretty cool.

            Was at one of the Fan Appreciation days once when my buddy’s ticket was called. Came back with a Steve Garvey pop-up batter set. Thought that was appropriate for Garvey in his last couple years as a Dodger since he was Mr. Pop-up.

            Got to see one of the Olympic games in ’84 and was trading pins with people. That was with the first wife and our two best friends.

            Got divorced from #1 in ’88 and they haven’t won since. I’m on #2 now, but I’m willing to take one for the team if you think it will help.

  5. grizzy says:

    Can’t remember the exact year, probably ’65, when Ron Fairly snaked a line drive around the foul pole in right right and Drysdale made it stand up. Beat the Pirates 1-0.
    Fairly is involved indirectly in my other favorite. He was in the mid-season trade that brought Maury Wills back to the Dodgers along with Manny Mota. This must have been in ’69. In a game with the Reds, the Dodgers were winning in the ninth, when Pete Rose hit a homer to tie it. I must admit I was inching toward the exits when this happened and my butt was immediately back in it’s seat. The situation came up that the Reds felt the had to walk Wills and pitch to Mota, to the disbelief of the hippies (these guys knew the game) sitting behind me. Of course Manny hit a walk off single to send us home happy.

  6. JhallWally says:

    Happy Belated Birthday (Nov 29) to Mr. Vin Scully…. Happy 86th Vin, and I hope many more…..

  7. crash24now says:

    Bye Bye BelliSorry-o. I’m sure Tru will shed a tear over this. A tear of joy.

    • trublu4ever says:

      LOL…this made my day!

    • enchantedbeaver says:

      Not sorry-O to see him go. Never knew what you were going to get from one game to the next with this guy. When he was on he was great. When he was off he sucked big time. Still, you would’ve thought they could have traded him before now for at least an A prospect.

  8. Dodger4life says:
    The article say’s.. that Wilson is willing to become the set-up man for Kenley.

    • trublu4ever says:

      I’m really glad Brian will be sporting Dodger Blue once again.

      • Dodger4life says:

        Yeah, he was a stud (as kahli say’s) for the team last year.
        And the report mentions a one year contract as well. Which is a good idea since he will probably get in a lot of work and is coming off his second Tommy John surgery.

  9. lbirken says:

    I have been to Dodger Stadium many times and games tend to blend into games after all these years. I do recall meeting Tommy Lasorda coming out of the Stadium Club some years ago and he was nice enough to pose for a photo with my daughter. And I have had the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch thanks to my wife’s entry into the Think Blue Week contests the Dodgers used to hold. She told the Dodgers about my collection of every ticket stub I had for each game I have ever attended (on which I write the final score) and it must have impressed the judges enough to select me for the honor. Also, thanks again to my daughter for being lucky enough to win a drawing, we got to run out on the field together like the kids do before the game and get an autographed ball from Shawn Green, my daughter’s favorite player at the time.

    I do have memories of watching Wills, Koufax and Drysdale and more recently Fernando and the excitement those players generated.

  10. kahliforni says:

    In 1971 I was a senior in high school. I attended half the home games that year…with a twist. As an art student I would collect countless ticket stubs from the field boxes after games I attended (maybe I had one from lbirk!!!). I’d cut, peel and paste different days, dates, and teams, and create a “current” ticket stub for that night’s game. I’d buy a cheap seat up top, head to the lost and found, hop on the elevator, and ride down to the field, scrambling for any available awesome seat. Times have changed: the tickets look completely different now, the security structure has changed, etc., etc. But those were the good old days.

    Looks like The Beard may be back after all.

  11. dodgereric says:

    More memories than I can count.

    Watching games with my legs cramped up. Since someone hit one out, I couldn’t change my position. Good luck was good luck.

    Bat nights in the bleachers, with the whole little league.

    My mom teaching me how to keep score – in a Peterson Scoremaster. Oh, how I wish I had those back. I had a Sandy 1-hitter in one of them.

    Chocolate shakes, frozen like a brick, trying to eat it with one of those stupid wooden spoons. They were ok if you let them soak in your mouth for a few minutes.

    Watching Sandy, Campy and Jackie having their jerseys retired from the Reserved deck along 3rd base, the first 3 having been so honored.

    Getting to sit in the old dugout seats behind home plate, only to step on Peter Falk’s foot. “HEY, why doncha watch where you’re goin’?”

    Watching from my nose-bleed seat at the top of the Reserved Deck along the right field line with my Dad as Joe Ferguson throws out Sal Bando at the plate in Game 1 of the ’74 Series. We lost anyway.

    Watching from my left field bleacher seat as Bobby Welch struck out Reggie Jackson for the final out of Game 2 in the ’78. I shook the hand of the Yankee fan sitting across the aisle and wished him good luck. But we were going to NY up 2-0. We had it in the bag. Except we didn’t win another game.

    After a bazillion close calls, finally getting my first foul ball, just last year. Field box, just to the right of the Dodger dugout. It hit the facing of the 2nd deck and hit me in the back of the neck.

    Watching with amazement as Fernandomania took hold, but just a little melancholy. It became tougher to get a good seat on the day of the game, as the average attendance started to rise.

    All those Fan Appreciation Days when I never won shit.

    Sitting in the left field bleachers with a drunk, watching him stand up, polish off a flask, screw the cap back on and whistle it past the right ear of Pete Rose. “I SWEAR TO GOD, I NEVER SAW THIS GUY BEFORE IN MY LIFE!!!!”

    And last but not least, begging a ride to a double-header one day in May of ’74 from a hot chick who came into my gas station with her little brother and his two friends. They sat in their father’s seats behind home plate in the Field Box. I sat in the right field bleachers. We’ve been married over 30 years.

    All these and many, many more, I owe to my Dodger Stadium.

    • lbirken says:

      I have all my scorebooks (including the Peterson variety) going back to the 60’s. I still keep score most games I attend. Not too many people do that anymore.

      • lbirken says:

        Ah, those frozen chocolate malts. We used to buy one for my daughter when she was maybe 3 years old. It would keep he busy at least 3 or 4 innings to make a dent in the darned thing before she would give up and fall asleep. Now she takes her 4 year old to the games and he doesn’t need anything to keep him busy because he is watching the game.

  12. crash24now says:

    Watched ‘Dre hit a homer off Timmy Lincecum. It was Lincecum’s first defeat at Dodger Stadium.

    Bought a Puig shirt before the game. Watched Puig hit a game-winning home run in the sixth inning. Dodgers win 2-1. Game time temperature 88 degrees and humid. Watching that Puig HR was almost better than sex.

  13. Dodger4life says:

    Seeing all these stories is fantastic… All of them have been great reads…

  14. Dodger4life says:

    This also makes me wonder? What (and I am sure most would be humble and say all of them), the players, owners, coaches, managers, organist, trainers , Vinny, etc… would say…

  15. lbirken says:

    I do remember taking my son to one of his first games when he was maybe 5 years old (he is 36 now) and watching him hold his own in a debate with someone about Steve Garvey.

  16. JhallWally says:

    I saw Valenzuela’s No Hitter at Dodger Stadium… What a night….

  17. I remember listening to the 1955 World Series in our 1949 Ford while traveling from LA to Brooklyn to visit family. That was when I became a lifelong fan of the Dodgers.

    The first game I attended in person was a 6-4 win against the Phillies in 1964. We sat next to the bullpen in the left field pavilion and chatted to the pitchers. Quite a high for a 15-year old.

    The first game I kept score to was Koufax’s perfect game in 1965. Had him autograph it, too 🙂

    One of the greatest highlights was attending the first ITD tour. So good to meet so many good people.

    The one thing that has always delighted me is the view of the stadium from the Stadium Way entrance. I still get chills even thinking about it. Even seeing the lights when I take the train through LA is exciting to me. Ah, what can I say – once a Dodger fan, always a Dodger fan.

  18. Dodger4life says:

    Hey everyone…once again, awesome stories…
    With the winter meetings, starting Sunday, it looks like the hot stove is beginning to heat up.

    So, I pose the question/questions:

    What concerns do you have about our team going in. I am also reading, conflicted reports (I know… rumors, rumors, rumors… rarely equate to anything).

    About Ned’s shell game of outfielders. Some reporting that he isn’t all that anxious to deal, with others saying everything from Pedroia and Dre playing together in Boston. And Kemp being sought by Seattle, Boston and Texas…

    Speaking of Texas, when do we begin to worry about Clayton getting a new deal in L.A.??

    Is Uribe’s free agency, grabbing any of your thought’s and if so, do you overpay again?

    What about M.Ellis, where do you see him in the equation for 2014?

    What do think we should do to add strength in the bullpen, besides sign Wilson.

    Who would you like to see as extra’s on the bench? I am also seeing reports that Gordon may make the squad as a utility guy, any thoughts there?

    What do you think about Steiner and Garciaparra with the new Dodger Network? What are your thoughts about the New Dodger Network?
    Perhaps you have thoughts about Wallach as bench coach, with Bundy taking over at third?
    How do you see Mattingly’s impending contract working out?

    Do you have any ideas as to which guys in the minors you would like to see on the squad in 2014?

    What would you like to see happen with Bills and Beckett?

    Who would you want leading off in 2014?

    Do you see the Dodgers improving their running game this season?

    Are you hoping NedCo Records settles the strike anytime soon?

    Are further improvements to the stadium of any concern in 2014?

    Now that the Yankees have spent a ton of money… Do you see Cano as a distinct possibility?

  19. Dodger4life says:

    I think my biggest concern and it grows everyday… Is Clayton’s contract situation. Both him and his wife seem pretty partial to Texas and being that he is young the gamble to stay healthy may be one worth risking.

  20. kahliforni says:

    Speaking of memories, what about those fantastic Union Oil portraits they handed out, one per week, at the 76 gas stations in the early 60s! lbirk, you must still have some of those. Wish I would have saved mine.

    As for Kershaw, if he wants to go home, he’ll go home. It certainly won’t be because the Dodgers wouldn’t pony up the cash.

  21. 32and53fan says:

    50 years later, I still remember the artist… Nick Volpe. Those pictures must have made an impression on me. I had trouble remembering the name of my wife’s uncle whom I have known for 35 years.
    Some folks kept theirs:

  22. Wow those were great portraits 32and53fan, And they really pull on the memory strings.i

  23. kahliforni says:

    The Beard is back…one year, $10 million.

  24. grizzy says:

    Looks like he will be back. Very good.

  25. trublu4ever says:

    Me too!

  26. 32and53fan says:

    Belisario will be at Camelback this coming spring training. However, he will be on the other side of the property. He just signed a new 1 year, 3 million dollar contract with the White Sox.

  27. Dodger4life says:

    Non-Dodger News:

    According to the New York Daily News team, Cano and his representatives from CAA and Roc Nation Sports arrived in Seattle with an eight-year, $200MM offer in hand from the Mariners and eventually received assurances that the Mariners would go to nine years and $225MM. However, a late change by agent Jay-Z in which he once again demanded $252MM over 10 years caused Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln to “explode,” prompting the meeting to end.

    Hard to believe the Mariners were willing to pay $225MM for nine years. It will be interesting (at least to me) to see what Jay-Z and Cano eventually get in years and dollars.

    I am happy to see Brian Wilson came to terms with the Dodgers…


    • crash24now says:

      Next, we need to sign Kershaw to a long term contract.

      Then, we need an infielder that can start at third base or shortstop.

      Finally, we need another starting pitcher, because Billingsley won’t be ready at the start of the year and we don’t know what Beckett’s capabilities are. I’d sure like to get Tanaka. Could you imagine a starting five that goes Kershaw/Greinke/Ryu/Tanaka/Haren? Tanaka was 24-0 in Japan last year. I’d love to find out what he can do pitching half his starts at the Magic Castle.

    • Dodger4life says:

      That didn’t take long… Cano and the M’s agree to a 10 year, $240MM deal.

    • Dodger4life says:

      Sounds like a good plan to me, crash.

  28. kahliforni says:

    The Cano contract really surprises me. Shades of Pujols and Hamilton. Baseball is a weird sport……..

  29. lbirken says:

    The Robinson Cano signing, as well as even the more modest deals marginal and barely average players seem to find these days still amaze me. However, it does make it more of a challenge for a GM or owner who is trying to win and stay fiscally responsible. So when you look at a deal and say you would never make such a deal if you were GM, think about what other opportunities you may have to better your team. It is a big cat and mouse game and it seems the players still have the upper hand.

    • JhallWally says:

      Just underlines the importance of a strong farm system… The Cardinals being the best example.. Funny, but, the Cardinal system now reminds me of our once infamous farm system…

      Go Figure!!!!

      • 32and53fan says:

        The Cardinals system was the brainchild of Branch Rickey. He later duplicated it for the Dodgers. McCourt tore it apart.

  30. JhallWally says:

    So who is playing 3rd base next year? We’ve got a serious hole. Please don’t over pay again for Uribe… Talk to Eric Chavez for one year… Geez!!!

    • trublu4ever says:

      Uribe wants big money and at least 3 years….Dodgers said NO…thank goodness!

      • JhallWally says:

        Touche’ Tru… He’s got a lot of nerve asking for anything from the Dodgers…. He basically did nothing for 2 1/2 years of the 3 year contract.. He should be paying us…

        • trublu4ever says:

          You watch, Neddie will work something out with him…..true Colletti screw up probably.

          • I think it will depend on the market or if there’s anyone out there that will give Uribe three years. Maybe he’ll find out that he’s asking for too much and will be availabe to the Dodgers for less. Unless the team decides otherwise.

          • JhallWally says:

            Colletti and screw up should be an antonym…

            Wow, I just Collettied it.

  31. kahliforni says:

    All this chatter about trading Kemp does my nervous system no good. Keep him…see if he’s healthy. When healthy, he’s a monster.

  32. koufax1963 says:

    I agree, Kahli. More chatter about Kemp, but Ned seems to have a fair perspective, “I am not shopping him, but if you want to make deal tell me about it” (I paraphrased). Kemp admitted he was not honest about the pain in the shoulder last year, now he had the shoulder worked on and should be lifting weights come Spring, the ankle is another story though, and see if that clears up. GIve me a break Kemp is the legit 5 tool, when healthy, monster, beast don’t quite do him justice. He leads the charge. It would be very unwise to trade him, when his potential is questionable, let him play next year and see. The dodgers put up with Dre’s fractured pinky and other assorted ills, and he was the productive, healthly last year, yes I know we were short handed with injuries to crawford and kemp, so Dre did get to play, but kemp has so much more on the upside rather than trade him, and my worst fear is he winds up shuffling to the Gnats.

    • crash24now says:

      I agree, Koufax. Ethier’s abilities at this point in his career are roughly equal, maybe a little more, to what used to be called a journeyman. Kemp’s potential is that of a superstar. He may not get back up to his 2011 numbers, but even if he gets to 90% that would be great.

      That being said, given the likelihood of injuries to the four outfielders (Kemp, Ethier, Crawford, and Puig), I would not mind if the Dodgers kept all four. Meanwhile, we have a gaping hole at third base that needs to be filled.

  33. grizzy says:

    oldbrooklyn is probably right in that Uribe will not find anyone willing to give him a three year contract and in the end will have to listen to deals offering less time. I wouldn’t give him more than one year guaranteed with an option on the second.
    Still not the time to trade any outfielders.

  34. lbirken says:

    I think even Ned agrees that giving Uribe a three year deal does not make sense to the Dodgers. If Uribe can find another team willing to do so, then so be it and good luck to him. With the home run he hit in the playoffs the memory of his first two years with the Dodgers cannot be dismissed. Everyone knows this team needs to get younger but it cannot be done quickly. I did find it interesting that Kemp’s agent, the outspoken Dave Stewart, found it necessary to comment in public about his thoughts on the Dodgers trading Matt but then again, it is Dave Stewart. So what if teams have inquired about the availability of Matt or any other Dodger? Matt has nothing to prove to me about wanting to remain a Dodger. He already proved it by playing hurt and not being totally honest with management about his physical condition. So we will just have to wait and see what happens. Sometimes the best trades are ones that are not made.

  35. 32and53fan says:

    I don’t think Mr. Stewart is soliciting a trade for Kemp. The last time he solicited anything, it was for a lewd act in public with a transvestite prostitute in a back alley in Skid Row.

  36. dodgereric says:

    My apologies to whichever of you most excellent of Dodger fans may have posted this in the past, but it was the first time I’ve ever read it.

  37. grizzy says:

    Some of this speculation about Price and our best prospects makes me nervous. Having Price in the rotation would be great, no doubt, but I do not think we need to part with our best kids to do this. I don’t think it’s a good idea, considering the rotation we have now.

  38. JhallWally says:

    If you are going to trade an outfielder. It has to be one of the lefties.. Crawford or Ethier… They both suck against lefties……. I would love to see them deal Crawford before Ethier…. But, of the two, Ethier has more value.. Not saying much… Crawford is just about worthless…
    Boston gets the title, and we got the bill.. So far, I am not impressed with our new ownership and their deciscions….. Especially keeping Dildon and Nedcompoop…

    • dodgereric says:

      Let’s see……. I’m going to grade this comment.

      Agreed……. Yes……. Right on………Absolutely……..Yep……….Well, I’m going to give the new owners some more slack, but I sure wish the Two Stooges were looking for work. And if they trade Kemp, it’s back to writing to The Times for me.

  39. grizzy says:

    I suppose I should point out that this article involving Price is probably an attempt to sell a story. I don’t think there is any indication Ned wants to do this. Still makes me nervous, though.

  40. Dodger4life says:

    Once again, just for the sake of conversation and well… that about covers it.

    If they acquired Price, and it’s been said valued prospects would have to go in return.

    Wouldn’t they have to turn around and reacquire more valued prospects, through some sort of acquisition??

  41. It almost looks like the Dodgers might trade one of the 4 outfielders for Price. I would think the Dodgers would add some young minor league arms in with the deal especially if the outfielder is not Matt Kemp.
    As always it looks like some interesting things could happen during these meetings or just after…but …maybe not.

  42. lbirken says:

    I still hope the Dodgers resist whatever temptation they may have to trade any of the few top prospects in the system. And I agree I would rather see Crawford traded than Ethier but also agree Andre has more value. I am ok with keeping all four.

  43. crash24now says:

    Would you trade Ethier plus Zach Lee in exchange for David Price? Would the Rays do such a deal?

    • dodgereric says:

      Yes, I would in a heartbeat. And no, I can’t believe they would. Because they don’t have to trade him. Yet.

      Actually, I would be surprised if the Rays trade Price at all this offseason. I think his value will be greater at the trade deadline, unless of course, injury rears its ugly head. And that’s the risk for the Rays.

  44. Dodger4life says:

    This didn’t answer my question, but it shed more light on what dodgereric has stated…

  45. It’s being said that the Dodgers are “getting close” with Uribe. I’d say if Hanley is still phsically able to play short, I’d like to see Uribe come back.

  46. kahliforni says:

    Finally! Kemp’s agent, Dave Stewart, says, “I just met with them (front office). “They said they have no plans to move him — bottom line.” Sanity prevails. It’s not like this team is cash strapped…so why was this ever an issue? The guy’s a stud. Period. I’ll bet a bag of potato chips and onion dip he has a monster year.

  47. lbirken says:

    It is an issue because people like Stewart and certain media folks with nothing else to say make it one.

  48. Goodbye to Edinson Volquez – glad we didn’t get to know you any better!

  49. This is a little unusual for me but I thought I’d mention this. I read in my Daily News that the Yankees turned down a trade offer from the Reds that could’ve sent Brandon Phillips to them for Brett Gardner, They say that It’s possible finances played a part.
    Just wondering if the Reds will give Colletti a call.

  50. crash24now says:

    Ned begins the annual stockpiling of PVL’s. Today’s additions of PVL’s are for the bullpen.

  51. Dodger4life says:

    New thread

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