Stoking the Fire


The Hot Stove is heating up as the General Managers begin their annual meeting in Orlando,  Florida.  Among Friday’s top reports, from and MLB Network Insider Ken Rosenthal, is that the Dodgers are listening to offers for outfielders Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford.


82 Responses to Stoking the Fire

  1. trublu4ever says:

    And, the Atlanta Braves are leaving Turner Field…going to a different county in 2017.

  2. JhallWally says:

    Sure wish we could unload Crawford……

    • trublu4ever says:

      Me too….Matt and Dre are money makers for the team….Carl…blah! 😉

      • JhallWally says:

        🙂 Hi’Ya Tru…. Unfortunately, Crawford is probably the least valuable and tradeable of the three… Boston got the ring, and we got the paycheck… I’m not terribly impressed with our new upper managements decisions so far. Starting with keeping Nedcompoop and Dildon….They should have cleaned the McCourt house.

        • trublu4ever says:

          Yes, I’m disappointed with Donnie & Ned….they still haven’t announced his so-called extension yet…wonder why? And, I wonder how many years we will be stuck with Mattingly? You are probably also right on Crawford but, I’d just as soon keep them all. Anyway, we shall see what happens.

          • JhallWally says:

            I tend to agree. Just keep them all, at least for 2014. Use the resources to extend Kersh, get us another stud starter, a better bullpen, and bench….. This team has some huge holes right now……

  3. It would be good IMO if one of the 3 outfielders mentioned above would agree to be a 4th outfielder, preferable Ethier and ride the bench more often than the other two but I don’t see anything like this happening so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who goes. I would assume it would be which ever one creates the best deal for the Dodgers.

  4. With Crawford proving his fragility and Matt having trouble overcoming his physical problems, I believe it’d be best if they left the situation alone regarding the outfield. Although I love Van Slyke, I doubt he’d have been able to pick it up like Ethier did last season. We shall see what we shall see . . . .

  5. 32and53fan says:

    It’s official. Tim Wallach is the new bench coach. Lorenzo Bundy has been promoted from Albuquerque to become the new third base coach.

  6. lbirken says:

    I agree we should not get too excited by anything we read about potential deals. The biggest deals seem to come as a surprise anyway. It is interesting to discuss possible moves and it should be expected that any number of deals are explored by GM’s at these meetings, most of which will never transpire. It would not be the worst thing if all four outfielders remained as we all know none of them will be injury free all season.

    So Wallach will remain with the Dodgers as bench coach. No surprise here. It seems clear Donnie will return for 2014 but it is interesting a deal has not already been reached.

  7. 32and53fan says:

    Dodgers Tweet: Don Mattingly and 9 coaches will return in 2014. Tim Wallach is the new bench coach and Lorenzo Bundy is joining the club as the 3B coach.

    Bleacher Report article :

    Interesting that no mention was made of a contract extension.

  8. Yasiel finished second in ROY voting.

    • lbirken says:

      If Puig had a strong finish he may have had a better chance to win but I am ok with this. He has enough going on in his head.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I don’t think they liked his attitude. In guess going at it at 100% is frowned upon! I think ALL awards are political.

      • I agree, Puig slow finished was what caused him not to win the award.

      • kahliforni says:

        I agree, Puig has enough going on with out winning the award. But it was refreshing to read how happy he was that his fellow Cuban won. I, too, think Puig has gotten a bad rap because of his “attitude,” an attitude that turned the whole Dodger season around. Haters will be haters…jealousy not far behind.

  9. kahliforni says:

    Dodgers would be imbeciles to even think of trading Kemp. This guy was THE man two years ago. Lets see if he’s healed up his beleaguered body…

    • I don’t think we’ll know how this outfield situation will end up until they have a good look at all 4 outfielders’ performances during spring training but it sure will be interesting.

  10. crash24now says:

    Here’s the starting lineup that I would like to see from Opening Day 2014 through the winning Game 7 of the 2014 World Series:

    Puig rf
    Kemp cf
    Hanley ss
    Gonzalez 1b
    Ethier lf
    Uribe 3b
    Guerrero 2b
    Ellis c

    With Kemp back in his 2011 Beast Mode, each of the top three in this lineup are capable of an OPS above 1.000. This lineup would be the most feared lineup in the NL. Donnie Boy needs to stop putting out-producers like Mark Ellis high up in the lineup.

    • lbirken says:

      This is what the offseason is about: dreaming about the possibilities. Even if you switched Kemp and Ethier, this certainly would be a great lineup. If only the players could stay healthy.

      • What ever happened to Crawford, Crash? Where would he end up? I don’t think it’s that easy. Although I hope you’re right.

        • crash24now says:

          Not sure. If Puig and Kemp can bring the offensive production, it doesn’t matter so much who is the third outfielder. Maybe trade away both Ethier and Crawford for one outfielder who can hit .300 with 25 home runs. Neither Ethier nor Crawford can do that right now.

  11. crash24now says:

    It is entirely fitting that Al Bundy will be our new 3rd base coach. Third base coaches don’t get no respect. If he sends the runner, and the runner is out, it’s the third base coach’s fault. If the runner is safe, it’s to the runner’s credit. The only way this could be better would be if Rodney Dangerfield was the third base coach.

  12. koufax1963 says:

    With Donnie boy not getting mgr of the year perhaps the extension for him managing will be done. He never deserved it.

    • JhallWally says:

      Dildon sucked!!!!!!! He doesn’t deserve anything but an escort to the doorway out. And Ned should be the escort, and leave with him…..

  13. messagebear says:

    Looking at the current free agency numbers being thrown around, I personally wouldn’t give a 10 year $300 plus million contract to anybody, be they Cano or Kershaw.

    • lbirken says:

      I wouldn’t either but surprisingly, someone probably will. It all goes back to that stupid contract A-Rod got when he joined the Texas Rangers. Look at the deal Pujols got with the Angels. One year in and no title, nothing. Pujols did not even finish the year. Think the Lakers like the deal they did with Steve Nash? It seems having the money to makes deals does not insure those deals will work.

  14. trublu4ever says:

    Nick (the Shredder) Punto is now an A….one year deal.

  15. koufax1963 says:

    Wally, if crawford goes then who is lead off man. I really had no problem with Crawford, except the DL he was on, but kemp had even more.

  16. koufax1963 says:

    Clayton wins the CY

  17. 32and53fan says:

    Reports are that Brian Wilson might come back if he is paid closer wages. I wouldn’t mind him being the closer, or he and Kenley can share closer duties.

  18. grizzy says:

    I think we should make a serious attempt to keep Wilson.

  19. kahliforni says:

    Awesome thoughts from J.P. Howell on bullying…from the L.A.Times:

    “In the clubhouse, Howell said he had no problem with the tradition of directing a rookie pitcher to carry gum and sunflower seeds to the bullpen in a little girl’s backpack. He had a huge problem, he said, with pressure in some clubhouses to party and drink late into the night.

    ‘You have to know that you can say no and you’ll be all right,’ Howell said.

    When he broke into the major leagues, he owned one suit, a gift from his father. A veteran player — Howell would not identify him — cut up the suit and did not replace it.

    ‘I didn’t know how to handle the situation,’ Howell said. ‘I wish I would have. I was distracted. I was scared to be around him in the gym. If you’re intimidated by somebody because of their actions, that’s bullying.’

    Howell said he saw Yasiel Puig bullied in the Dodgers’ clubhouse, though he would not discuss who was involved, or what happened to Puig.

    ‘The guy is such a champion,’ Howell said. ‘He has such a big heart. Sometimes he acts like a jerk, but that is his defense mechanism. It’s not really him.

    ‘Someday, he is not going to be 22. He’s not going to be like that. I love the guy. I hope he never changes, just maybe matures.'”

    After reading the article I immediately thought that whoever bullied Yasiel will either be a free agent not re-signed…or a player traded.

  20. JhallWally says:

    Just get a deal done with Kersh…. That is the #1 priority…. Once that is done, then you can move on…

    I hate to say it, but, look into a deal with Uribe. Not over two years…. He would jump at a two year deal with 3rd year options/incentives…. I’m only on board with it because of the dearth of 3rd base talent on the FA market, and our lack of anything close from the farm…

  21. JhallWally says:

    Seems to me from the JP Howell/Puig bullying banter, Dildon really didn’t have the clubhouse the way it has been portrayed. I’m not surprised. Dildon is a fraud and only riding Puigs’ coattails to a contract extension. Total crap…. He does not deserve an extension. He is a bad game manager. And, from what I’m reading, he really isn’t that great in the clubhouse either…… Geez!!!!!

    • Quote from Steve Dilbeck about the bullying issue:

      Left-handed pitcher J.P. Howell has recanted a statement he made in Friday’s editions of The Times about seeing Yasiel Puig bullied in the Dodgers clubhouse.

      He did clarify that Puig has been bullied by the media and opponents’ fans, but that is all.

      But I do agree that Donnie boy needs to go – far far away and for a very long time.

    • I just read that Howell said he was misquoted and the bullying did not take place in the clubhouse and definitely not by teammate.

  22. trublu4ever says:

    I’m really worried….Dodger4life (Bob) has dropped out of sight….no more Facebook….no more OTD and, I even sent him an email, with no response. I hope he is just taking time off from things and, nothing has happened to him.

    • Dodger4life says:

      I have been trying to stay busy, so I shut Facebook down for a bit, hasn’t been much to add here… Now, I am selling oranges on a street corner a few blocks from the house. listening to Bob Marley songs all day… My beard is coming in and will be selling Christmas trees on the corner soon…Ho! Ho! Ho! Thanks for asking tru 🙂

  23. JhallWally says:

    If I’m Kersh, I’m getting out of this mess as long as Nedcompoop and Dildon are still around… Idiocy is to keep doing the same things and expect a different result. This team needs a major management shakeup… If I’m Kersh, I’d jump this sinking ship….

  24. I don’t think he will at thime with the team seemingly on the brink of a championship after just missing the World Series by two games. He wants to win a ring more than anything else right now.

  25. Dodger4life says:

    Left Fielders

    Jeff Baker (33)
    Jason Bay (35)
    Brennan Boesch (29)
    Trevor Crowe (30)
    Chris Dickerson (32)
    Raul Ibanez (42)
    Reed Johnson (37)
    Jason Kubel (32)
    Darnell McDonald (35)
    Nate McLouth (32)
    Mike Morse (32)
    David Murphy (32)
    Laynce Nix (33)
    Juan Pierre (36)
    Delmon Young (28)

    Center Fielders

    Rick Ankiel (34)
    Trevor Crowe (30)
    Rajai Davis (33)
    Jacoby Ellsbury (30)
    Curtis Granderson (33)
    Franklin Gutierrez (31)
    Grady Sizemore (31)
    Andres Torres (36)
    Dewayne Wise (36)
    Chris Young (30)

    Right Fielders

    Jeff Baker (33)
    Carlos Beltran (37)
    Roger Bernadina (30)
    Brennan Boesch (29)
    Shin-Soo Choo (31)
    Tyler Colvin (28)
    Trevor Crowe (30)
    Nelson Cruz (33)
    Jeff Francoeur (30)
    Mike Morse (32)
    Casper Wells (29)

    Where would you rank our top 4 outfielders among this list??? I say this thinking that this type of talent could work as an inter-division trade. Perhaps San Diego would be willing to talk about swapping for Headley??

    I don’t blame Kershaw for wanting a break from baseball/related matters at the moment. Especially as he is about to embark off to Africa again. I hope things will get worked out before the spring though. As I am sure we all suspect that the Rangers would be willing to accommodate him, if his heart belongs in Texas…

  26. kahliforni says:

    The Dodgers should seriously consider promoting a kid for third base (or shortstop if Hanley moves over) for the simple reason of health. How infuriating is it when players constantly shuffle in and out of the line-up due to minor tweaks or more serious injury? If Puig was 32 instead of 22, how much time would have been lost to injury with all of his wall colliding and diving catches? A lot! Face it, young players stay in the line-up because they rebound much quicker. Father time is cruel but predictable…

    • Dodger4life says:

      Promote whom? Luis Cruz was at the top of the list, or was that Herrera/Gordon, Sellars? Seager they say, is still a couple years away from being ready?

  27. JhallWally says:

    Pretty slow around here. How about this, trade either Crawford or Ethier for whatever you can get. Sign a lefty mashing outfielder to platoon with whichever one is left. They both suck against lefties.

    • We do have Scott Van Slyke, who is something of a masher. Why go outside the organization? But the biggest question is “Would Mattingly consider playing him consistently against lefties?”

  28. Dodger4life says:

    Y’all know me…and how playing GM for a day isn’t my thing.

    But I can’t help but think/wonder? If the lack of movement as of yet… Has to do with one of our outfielders being traded?
    I read earlier that Kemp is creating some talk among clubs. The latest being Boston?

    Here’s a little piece from “SB Nations-Over the Monster” and what they think about this?

    Sure would enjoy reading/hearing what any of you have to say?

  29. messagebear says:

    Just my take.

    Van Slyke will be a successful major leaguer for some club – not spectacular, but an everyday solid average with power kind of guy. I think he’s shown that at every level, albeit growing into it may take a year or two, but isn’t that fairly normal at the major league level?
    I personally hope that we have the patience and keep him.

    If we could get reasonable value, especially in a couple of solid prospects, I would trade Matt. It’s not his fault, but he’s become damaged goods. I believe he’ll struggle for a couple of years, but never get back to the level we expected, and he may even be gone before his long term contract expires. Sad, but it happens.

    • It would be great to see Kemp’s health inprove and hopefully return to, at least, close to what he was. It looks like he or Ethier will most likely go in a trade, both for different reasons. Kemp for what he can bring back in a trade. I don’t think he’ll be traded unless there’s a good return but I think he’s the most wanted by other teams. Ethier has proven that he’s not the player he use to be even in good health. He’s proven that he can play any outfield position so that will help other teams to accept him in a trade if a situation comes up.

  30. lbirken says:

    As much as I like Kemp and Ethier, I too would consider a trade for either (but probably not both) depending on what value can be received. Remember without Ethier, the Dodgers still have Puig to play right field on a daily basis assuming he can become a consistent offensive threat and cleans up the other problems with his game. While it may not be the best solution, at least Ethier can play center field if Kemp is not available. Van Slyke still has not demonstrated that he can be a solid everyday player although he really has not had the chance. I still maintain a player has to force management’s hand for a chance to be a productive, everyday player, something that both Kemp and Ethier did even if it did take some time. Are the Dodgers ready to give Van Slyke that chance?

  31. kahliforni says:

    Trading Kemp right now makes zero sense, in my opinion…a knee-jerk solution to “fixing” the problem of a superstar who has been hurt the last two years. I can just hear the bellowing in LA if Kemp starts mashing in Seattle or Boston or Texas. Don’t believe hot stove stories. Papers need to sell copies.

    • lbirken says:

      I think the Dodgers will listen to all offers but even with what I said above, I do not believe the Dodgers would trade Kemp and I am ok with that. I would be ok with not trading Ethier either if that is what happens. This Dodger team is built to win now and the pressure to do so must be strong even from within the organization.

      • kahliforni says:

        I agree…keep Ethier, and I’d still bat him in the two hole. He batted crazy in front of Manny. Crawford is the guy I’d trade, If I had to. His defense is nowhere near to Puig, Kemp and Ethier.

  32. Looks like we signed Haren for one year with a vesting option for 2015 if he reaches 180 innings.

    Not a bad signing for the back of the rotation.

  33. kahliforni says:

    Haren can be awesome. If we want to dream, have Beckett and Haren return to dominant form. Billingsley, even healthy, has always lacked that “something.”

  34. trublu4ever says:

    I also like the Haren signing.

  35. JhallWally says:

    So Dodger faithful, what do we do about 3rd base. I’m all for bringing back Uribum for at most 2 years…. But, he wants 3. The way 3rd base is looking around the leagues, he is in a good position to get what he wants. He should give the Dodgers a discount because of the way he played his first 2 seasons…. I guess it doesn’t work that way. Geez!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t give him another ill advised 3 year, overpriced contract Ned….

  36. JhallWally says:

    And, quit dicking around. Trade either Crawford or Ethier (preferrably Crawford) and platoon VanSlyke with the remaining one.. Geez.. It isn’t rocket science….

    • Dodger4life says:

      I’d be shocked if Uribe gets 3 years from the Dodgers. Maybe 2 and a team option. We could resign M. Ellis to a short term deal, move Hanley over to third and insert a new short stop. Sign someone who can be a utility guy, maybe Jamey Carroll again.

  37. Dodger4life says:

    New thread, just because… carry on please.

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