It’s Time for the Dodgers to Bust Up the Rockies

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183 Responses to It’s Time for the Dodgers to Bust Up the Rockies

  1. 32and53fan says:

    The Dodgers need to bring out the sledge hammers and break the chains that are holding them back.

    Chain Gang on a truck

  2. crash24now says:

    Stan Conte should trade in his current training regimen for the one above. Spend six months swinging sledgehammers, then six months swinging bats. That may help the offense.

    Meanwhile, we have our top three starting in Denver. This year, when Kershaw starts, we are 6-5. When Greinke starts, 4-1. When Ryu starts 7-4. Other starters, 5-20.

  3. 32and53fan says:

    Peter Moylan up… Javy Guerra down.
    Dodgers needed to make this move so Peter’s out clause would not exercised tomorrow.
    l don’t know too much about him other than he seemed to be effective when healthy.

  4. crash24now says:

    Kershaw will need to hit three home runs tonight if he wants to win.

    M Ellis 2B
    Ethier RF
    Gonzalez 1B
    Hernandez C
    Van Slyke LF
    Schumaker CF
    Cruz SS
    Uribe 3B
    Kershaw P

    Who the hell made out this lineup? Was it Ned?

  5. lbirken says:

    Is it my imagination or is this the most fragile Dodger team ever? I have been watching Dodger baseball for a long time and injuries are part of the game but players on this roster seem so injury prone. I loved Crash’s lineup from yesterday’s post. Funny but then again, not.

  6. Dodger4life says:

    As you know, I have been listening to the AA, games and after that the AAA games the last couple of evenings. I have to say, I rather enjoy the Lookouts broadcaster. He is definitely more pleasant (at least to me), than Steiner? He was just talking about the scuttlebutt that Puig may be called up and he doesn’t think to think this will happen. He believes the organization is still working on his baseball skills at the moment. He did say he is just speculating however.

    I too thought Crash’s lineup yesterday was comical, then again Mattingly’s (I realize we are injured) lineup today… is as well.

    Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!

    • Dodger4life says:

      Hard to believe that I actually proof read this comment… I definetly need to find those glasses, get a bigger screen and hire a proofreader!!

  7. When I saw this lineup I thought someone was joking around but I guess with Clayton on the mound we got a pretty good chance of winning.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dodger4life says:

      I read earlier that Kersh’s record at Coors Filed is 3-3, and he holds an ERA of over 5.00, throwing from the Mile High mound.
      (I am just repeating what I read, I have faith!)

      We have our best three hurlers this weekend and everyone know’s we need them. Everyone know’s we need to plate some ballplayers as well.

  8. Just before that 6-3 DP, Rockie annoucers said that Cruz is not really a shortstop.

  9. At a way Mark Ellis.

  10. That was a big inning.

  11. Clayton having some trouble here.

  12. Those two poor fielding plays in the infield help the Rockies.

  13. crash24now says:

    Thank goodness for Kershaw’s two run double. Now he still needs one more RBI tonight to nail down the victory.

  14. Nice clutch pitching by Kershaw in the 7th..

  15. messagebear says:

    I’m coming to the conclusion that Ethier really stinks. Since he got his big contract extension he’s been worth about a bucket of warm spit.

  16. Clayton wasn’t too sharp but he held out very good.

  17. Phew!! Good job Kenley.

  18. Here we go. Finger crossing time.

  19. Well you can uncross your fingers.

  20. Dodger4life says:


  21. Well at least the game ain’t over YET.

  22. crash24now says:

    Yup. No surprises here. Another blown save by League. Kershaw needed another double or a home run.

  23. Dodger4life says:

    If Brandon League isn’t the worse closer in MLB, please tell me who is???


  24. A wild pitch would help.

  25. trublu4ever says:

    One run isn’t enough.

  26. crash24now says:

    Nice hit for Uribe!

  27. trublu4ever says:

    Oh, god….it’s up to BelliSORRYo

  28. nedisajerk says:

    I still can’t believe Uribe is having a good year and dang I hate contract year.

  29. Dodger4life says:

    The tandem team of Cruz and Uribe do it again…

  30. Looks like a volcher win for League.

  31. crash24now says:

    Yes!!! Never a doubt. Uribe with two big hits and two big RBIs from the #8 hole.

  32. trublu4ever says:


  33. crash24now says:

    Dodgers are now 18-10 when Kershaw, Greinke, or Ryu start.

  34. It’s June here in Brooklyn.

  35. vl4eccjr says:

    League needs to be kicked to the curb!
    Saying he stinks would be too kind!!

  36. crash24now says:

    Puig/Pederson update:
    Both played tonight in Mobile. Puig played CF, was 0-4 with 2 strikeouts. Pederson LF 0-3 with 2 strikeouts.

  37. lbirken says:

    A pitcher’s win-loss record is probably the most meaningless stat there is in baseball. I am sure Kershaw is happy with the team win and probably wants to talk more tonight about his hitting than his pitching.

    • I agree, he knows and we all know, in fact everybody knows he pitched another fine game.
      Also a win is a win no matter how it’s acchieved.
      In fact it was a rather exciting win at that.

  38. grizzy says:

    Every closer gets dinged once in awhile, unless you’re Gagne on steroids, but League is just screwing the works up. Wins have been much to hard to come by to have this guy keep giving them back.
    I’m starting to think Uribe should be the every day 3rd baseman. It’s a day late and a dollar short, millions in fact, but he’s producing now, and our runs have to come from somewhere besides Gonzalez.

    • JhallWally says:

      Yep Griz, Uribe is in his walk/contract year… It is amazing what these bums can do when they are concentrating on their next contract…. Unfortunately, if Uribum has a decent year, it will be our very own Nedcompoop that signs and overpays him…. Geez!!!

      • Dodger4life says:

        They were saying on Dodger Talk, that League threw all fastballs to Helton last night and just missed with location. I happen to catch that part on the live look in… They panned in on Mattingly and McGwire and even they looked worried. You could tell that the way Helton was battling them off, League had to be perfect.

        It was refreshing to see the Boy’s battle right back, and lock up the win. One down against the N.L. West… If we are going to climb back into this race we must continue to do this.

        It is rather disappointing that Andre hasn’t been part of these late come from behind surges… Well, we haven’t had many, but this is what made Andre, so valuable in the past.

        Anyhow, last night was a refreshing change in the way we finished a game. League’s blown save aside.

  39. JhallWally says:

    Ughhhhh!! Ugly win…. League is a POS (piece of shit)… Something is fundamentally wrong when he can go out and give up a 2 run lead and then get the win…. Another Nedcompoop boner….. Geez!!!!!

  40. I argued a lot with people on these type of wins. What people forget is that the team came back after a blown save, Many times all the wind gets blown out of a team (and it’s fans) when a closer fails in a save situation or a team is unable to hold a 5 (or so) run lead but to me it’s like a team coming back from the dead when they come back and win.
    It’s tough for the starter after pitching a good game but it makes the win more exciting (at least to me).

  41. messagebear says:

    That’s how scoring has been done for as long as I can recall.
    It may seem unfair at times, but I hesitate to introduce some new scoring rule that would avoid such happening. We’ve already got too many new-fangled rules and business considerations to contend with.

    I agree with you, OBF that coming back from a blown save is a moral victory on top of the traditional W. That should help with the momentum, if we can capitalize on last night.

    As far as these bad looking lineups caused by all of our injuries, I have a different take on who should be playing than obviously Ned and Donnie have. Rather than playing the Cruzes, Ramons (in spite of his last couple of games), and several guys in the bullpen, this would be the time to bring up a couple of prospects and see what they can provide for our offense – screw the options and the fact that we might lose a guy or two who’s out of them. That’s how you find out whether a Puig and Pederson are really destined for the major leagues and when. We should already know that there’s no future in Cruz and Hernandez beyond a couple of guys healing and coming back off DL.

  42. lbirken says:

    Bear, I am not ever sure how much influence a manager has with regard to the roster. We just do not know, so to blame Donnie may not be entirely fair. The big question is how an organization makes player personnel decisions. Perhaps all organizations do it but clearly the Dodgers make these decisions based on what options they have for the player and certainly financial considerations. This is the business side where most of us only want to see the baseball side. If the team were doing well and injuries were not an issue, would anyone really be talking much about Puig or anyone else?

    I agree that sometimes bringing up a player can spark a team. It has happened many times and certainly could happen again. Apparently management is not as interested as the fans are to see if that can happen this season. I still remember how difficult it was for Kemp and Ethier to become everyday players as management just did not want to take the chance until those players forced their way into the lineup. But remember both Kemp and Ethier had more experience than Puig when they finally were given the opportunity. His time will come.

    Uribe is one of those enigmas; crappy for two years, still on the team and then finally when there are no alternatives, makes the most of his opportunities. I still can’t understand how he ever hits the ball with his swing but kudos to him for being a survivor and finally earning his keep and I hope he has continued success. I am not concerned at the moment about what happens to him next season if he has continued success.

  43. Hi
    It was April over here on the East Coast when Helton hit his game tying HR. But it was June when the Dodgers finally won last night (or tthis morning), let’s hope the luck has changed along with the month.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!.

  44. Well the RISP situation seems to have stayed the same 0-2.

  45. I hope Greinke does a lot better than he’s done in his last two starts.

  46. crash24now says:

    At this point, I’m really looking forward to July 31 when we trade away Ethier.

  47. crash24now says:

    Need Greinke to bear down and keep the damage to one.

  48. Greinke looks shaky already.

  49. crash24now says:

    Nice double play – Ellis to Punto to Gonzo. That helps a lot.

  50. crash24now says:

    FedEx Delivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. crash24now says:

    Greinke extends his hitting streak to four games.

  52. crash24now says:

    Ducks on the pond – let’s score these guys, and make it 3-1!

  53. I just noticed when I made up a scoresheet that Fed-Ex hadn’t hit an HR yet.
    Nice shot.

  54. crash24now says:

    Crap – “it’s my hammy, it’s my hammy”

  55. trublu4ever says:

    Crap…looks like CC pulled his hammy!

  56. crash24now says:

    Gonzo brings in one.

  57. Agon the egg and potato man strikes again 41 RBI.

  58. Andre’ lucked out that time.

  59. crash24now says:

    Ethier saved from another GIDP by an error. I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt. I want him off the team tomorrow. Trade him for a bucket of balls and a bucket of goat piss.

  60. crash24now says:

    RBI for Hairston, Wallach gets a little greedy.

  61. Well at least we got one run in on that. Nice going Hairston.

  62. crash24now says:

    Cargo plays Ethier into a triple.

  63. crash24now says:

    Now that we have two outfielders down with hammies, could we please please bring up a really fast guy who can rake?

  64. crash24now says:

    FedEx drops the ball! I’m surprised.

  65. crash24now says:

    Andre’s scorecard so far today – 2 GIDP’s, one pop fly.

  66. I always worry when Cargo is up there.

  67. Greinke looks done.

  68. crash24now says:

    I was so busy telling the family stories about Psycho Steve Lyons that I totally missed the Cargo home run.

  69. Atta way to go FED-EX.

  70. Arenado is getting to be a tough out.

  71. lbirken says:

    With another on field injury is there any concern the Dodger trainers might pull a hammy with all time they have spent running from the dugout attending the injured players?

  72. Well at least Greinke went past the 5th inning this time. 5.1

  73. Where have you gone Andre Ethier?

  74. crash24now says:

    Nice hit for Skip!

  75. messagebear says:

    Andre will probably be going on the DL soon – if he isn’t hiding something, Ned will make something up.

  76. Sippy adds to the lead.

  77. crash24now says:

    Here come de Belly – thank goodness nobody is on base.

  78. I was just going to write “Can we expect two good outings from Beli in a row?”.

  79. crash24now says:

    I’m sorry, but why is Cruz a better pick to pinch-hit versus Kershaw or Ryu?

  80. Can the Dodgers pull this one out?

  81. crash24now says:

    Nice inning for Howell.

  82. WAYTAGO J.P.Howell.

  83. Here comes Andre’

  84. Who needs Kemp?
    We got Ethier.

  85. crash24now says:

    Ethier scorecard today:

    GIDP – inning ending
    GIDP – but the second baseman booted the ball
    Pop fly

    I know what his problem is – someone cut off all his curly hair! It’s Samson & Delilah all over again!

  86. Bottom of ninth ….no room for error, today.

  87. crash24now says:

    Nice play by Ellis – he really wanted the DP, but didn’t get it.

  88. crash24now says:

    Survived the inning – Howell doing a good job – let’s play extras!

  89. Another nice inning for J. P.

  90. crash24now says:

    Yasiel Puig not in the Lookouts lineup tonight. I think he’s coming up to teach Andre how to hit.

  91. crash24now says:

    Ughhh – GrrRear!

  92. crash24now says:

    Damn the GrrrrRear – did he not even try???

  93. lbirken says:



  95. koufax1963 says:

    Grreearr threw all strikes! Ha! Never use Beli two days in arow, donnie wake up, oh your not there

  96. crash24now says:

    Now we really need to win the rubber game. Come on, Hyun-Jin, we’re counting on Ryu!

  97. grizzy says:

    I had a co-worker make a comment about relievers having a good year or two and then losing it. Unless you’re Mariano Rivera. Seems to be true in our case.

  98. trublu4ever says:

    Hearing Ryu might not be able to pitch today…sore foot…Magill may have been called up already. Boy, we are the M*A*S*H* unit!

    • JhallWally says:

      Very sad Tru… This team doesn’t have the resources of the Cardinals, Yankees, or any number of teams that have a good farm system.. The Fox and McSlime years have left us devoid of a deep minor league system and it is really showing now..
      It is a shame. It will take awhile, most likely, a long while, to rebuild our farm system. Right now, the Dodgers are a bad joke…

      And, fire Ned!!!!!!

      • JhallWally says:

        The bad part is, it is going to get worse before it gets better…….
        These things have a lag time….. We are just now getting into the wake of the Fox and McSlime negligence and mismanagement…. Gonna take awhile to fix….

  99. messagebear says:

    I agree JHall. In my opinion the new ownership has mostly been going about it the wrong way – spending a huge amount of money for a bunch of mostly worn out guys that other teams were willing to give up. Just think how many real prospects could have been gained for the farm system with probably less investment. But then, having Ned anywhere near the decision making process will do that for you. That’s why they should have cleaned house right in the beginning.

    Anyway, at this point I still say FIRE DONNIE – because he has an idiot for a GM.

  100. trublu4ever says:

    It’s official….Magill to start today for Ryu.

  101. messagebear says:

    I expect Magill will do all right. I kind of like his approach and stuff.
    It’s a question of what kind of offense we can mount today, and I think it’s getting critical for us to start winning series against our division competitors. I frankly thought that this last place standing was going to be the trough of our performance and that we would vacate the cellar by now. Bad as things are going, I’d never thought we’d wind up last in the division.

  102. Hi Everybody
    Just got back from somewhere.

  103. messagebear says:

    I guess there’s not much to say the way this game is going, and that’ll be another series in the loss column. I don’t expect we’ll be asking Magill to make another start soon. Maybe we should see what Lee can deliver when the next starting assignment comes open.

  104. Dodger4life says:

    Anyone care to guess who gets called up after this game and who gets sent down or worse???

  105. I see Schumaker has the 2 RBI, did he hit a HR?

  106. messagebear says:

    I think he doubled.

  107. trublu4ever says:

    Magill optioned…Puig coming.

  108. JhallWally says:


    Another stinker…. This team sucks, fire Nedcompoop!!!!!

  109. 32and53fan says:

    Another waste of three hours that we will never get back.

    It will be interesting, and hopefully fun, to see if Puig can handle the real thing, not just exhibition games.

  110. trublu4ever says:

    Here we go again…no Cappy tomorrow…sore triceps….wonder who will get thrown to the wolves?

  111. crash24now says:

    Unfortunate news about Cappy. Don’t know if Fife is ready to be back in the mix. Bear’s right – just try Zach Lee. Put him on the same plane as Mr. Puig.

    I am really anxious to see what Puig can do starting in CF every day. Wonder where Donnie will slot him into the lineup?

  112. trublu4ever says:

    I just heard it is Fife getting the “spot” start.

  113. kahliforni says:

    Puig will probably pull a hamstring…geez, this team is made out of paper mache.

  114. And here we thought that Nomar was fragile – now we have a team of Nomar clones.

  115. Dodger4life says:

    I hope y’all will join me in a moment of silence for the first third of the 2013 Dodger Blue season.

  116. JhallWally says:

    Bottom line folks, this is not a good team…..

    Might as well face it………

    Fundamentals are out the window, Dildon has lost this clubhouse, and the GM is a nincompoop…….

    It is time for a major shake up….. Fire Ned!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, fire Dildon………… Then, fire Conte….

    Geez, these guys are pathetic and hard to watch……….

  117. Dodger4life says:

    Now that we have laid that to rest…

    Welcome Route 66… It’s a Yasiel Monday everyone!!

  118. messagebear says:

    Hard to know what to expect from Yasiel. I’m at least hoping for some excitement. Watching the Dodgers this season has been like watching the grass grow – and just as predictable.

    • Dodger4life says:

      This is true, it seems to me that every time he has been put to the test, so far. He has taken the bull by the horns. I would go as far as to speculate that he has been waiting for this day, with much anticipation and desire. And that is what I think we all want in a ballplayer. Someone with something to prove.

  119. This tread will most likely be gone before game time tonight but I’d just like to say that I’m looking forward to the start of Yasiel Puig’s career.

  120. Dodger4life says:

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