Getting excited


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  1. trublu4ever says:

    Happy St, Patrick’s Day! Can’t wait for the season to begin.

  2. Happy Se Paddy’s day to you TB4ever and to all the rest of you out there.

  3. lbirken says:

    Great to hear Vinny’s voice today.

  4. nellyjune says:

    Jhall – Congrats to your Buckeyes for being Big 10 Champs! Wishing them the best during March Madness!!!
    GO DODGERS!!! 🙂

    • JhallWally says:

      Hi’Ya Nelly… Thanks…. I think the have a good shot at making the final four. Again, thanks for your thoughts and good wishes.

      • nellyjune says:

        You are most welcome! This is the only time of the year I really enjoy watching basketball. My hubby being a UNLV Alum is hoping they get there as well. So, maybe your teams will be playing each other in the final four.
        GO DODGERS!! 🙂

        • JhallWally says:

          I agree. Good luck to your hubbys’ Runnin Rebels.
          I hope all is well with you and your family.
          Looking forward to the baseball season getting started. Gonna be interesting to see what our Dodgers can do. Right now I am cautiously optimistic. In other words, I want them to do well and kick butt, however, I will not be surprised if they bomb.

          Take Care

          • nellyjune says:

            I am cautiously optimistic as well when it comes to the Dodgers. They seem to be doing well in spring training, but we all know it’s just spring training. The family is doing well for the most part. Michael is looking into colleges for baseball so we will see where this leads him.

          • JhallWally says:

            Great to hear. I’m glad you are all doing well. Keep us posted on Michaels progress..
            I am rooting hard for him.

  5. Dodger4life says:

    All I care about is kicking the fucking Giants ass….
    All Season Long!!!

  6. colliethec says:

    I just popped in to see what’s happening. I trust all is well with everybody! I was reading the last thread. I agree with the reasoning of the new owners spending and the way they’ve gone about running the team for the short term and long term. I totally agree with what Beaver posted. I also don’t think it’s been horrible. It takes awhile to turn the Titanic around… But I also don’t think we’re the top team in the division. That I think will be the Padres or the Giants. Looking forward to the start of the season and chatting with you guys.

  7. crash24now says:

    I’ve got a new favorite Dodger. Puig just crushed one!

  8. I like to see Crawford and Puig fight it out for the LF spot. One with the Dodgers and the other in the minors. May the best man win. I wish them both luck, even if Crawford has the advantage being with the team after and if Puig is sent down.

  9. crash24now says:

    4-for-4 with a triple and a homerun. Would have hit for the cycle if had hustled on that third hit.

  10. Puiglover says:


  11. lbirken says:

    Let’s hope Puig turns out to be the real deal but I will be o.k. with him starting in the minors. I mentioned on the previous post I was more concerned about Kemp than Puig. I am also concerned about the starting pitching situation with regard to who will be ready when the season starts. The problems don’t seem to be serious but they have disrupted the normal workload leading up to opening day with Kershaw being the only exception. Spring training is too long but the Dodgers will need every minute to get ready.

  12. I was bored, so here’s my first (and last?) song of 2013. This one’s for Tru. Bob Seger – Strut:

    DRE’s BUTT

    In Dodger gear she’s fitted
    With Andre co-dependence
    But she’s ableedin’ Dodger Blue
    Her cage they try to rattle
    When Dre goes to battle
    He’ll hit some
    He’ll miss some too, that’s right
    But oh, Tru loves to watch Dre’s butt
    Oh it’s such a chiseled cut
    She loves to watch his butt

    She loves Dre’s butt

    Umbrage to non-believers ‘n
    Statistical deceivers
    But she’ll sit back and always keep it clean
    She don’t mind all our talkin’
    She’s too busy gawkin’
    Sublime are what his buttocks have been deemed (have mercy)
    Oh Tru loves to watch…
    Oh it’s such a chiseled…
    She loves to watch his butt

    Tru loves his butt

    Watch his butt

    Oh she loves to watch…
    Oh it is so chiseled…

    How she loves to watch his butt

    Love his butt, oh yeah

    Loves to, loves to, loves to watch his butt

    Watch his butt

    Loves that Andre’s butt

    She loves his butt

    She loves to watch Dre’s butt

    ©Nedco Broken Records 2013

  13. 32and53fan says:

    Nice tribute to Tru’s obsession.

  14. Enchanted does it again!!!

  15. lbirken says:

    Hope Hanley’s thumb is o.k. and this does not become an issue.

    • trublu4ever says:

      Just heard he could be out 2 – 10 weeks depending on severity of the injury. Hope it’s two….ten would be awful.

      • Now let’s see, this along with Dee’s ankle. Who’s at short? Is it Punto, Hairston, Uribe….
        GO DODGERS!!!!

        • crash24now says:

          Cruz can slide over to ss. Hairston can man third. Hanley to the disabled list, making room for Puig on the 25 man roster!!!

          • I’d just as soon see Dee play short if his ankle is OK. He’s been walking a lot more this spring and a Gordon/Crawford 1-2 could be pretty dynamic (and it could just as easily suck, but I digress.)

            But why worry, we can always slide Cruz over to short. Remember, we still have Juan Uribe to play third!

  16. grizzy says:

    Do you know where these girls live?

  17. crash24now says:

    Another triple by Yasiel. Who said Puigs can’t fly?

    • crash24now says:

      A single – he’s 2-2 today, 6-6 yesterday and today.

      So I’ve got to ask, what’s it going to take to beat out Crawford (or Ethier) – does Puig need to go 40-40 over the next 10 ST games?

  18. Can we just give Harang and Guerrier their walking papers? Neither one are worth the powder to blow them to hell.

    • trublu4ever says:

      I think they will.

    • JhallWally says:

      LOL!! So, how bad are the Uribe, Guerrier, Lilly signings a couple of years ago looking. Geez!! I would not have done any of those deals regardless of Frank McSlimes money situtation. And, thanks to Nedcompoop, I think we are still paying the Curaceo Cow….


  19. lbirken says:

    Crash, Puig will get his chance. Look how hard it was for Kemp and Ethier to force their way into the lineup and look at what they had in front of them at the time. Obviously the Dodgers are taking a good look at him this Spring. We should all hope the Dodgers don’t need to bring him up soon because that would the team is playing well, the players are producing and staying healthy.

  20. Puiglover says:

    Ethier, Kemp, Loney and others had a hard time breaking in because of JoJo The Tory.
    It is hard to see where to get Puig in. It’s also beginning to seem hard to keep Puig out.

  21. Puiglover says:


  22. crash24now says:

    Hanley out for eight weeks – surgery on thumb needed.

    • lbirken says:

      Unfortunate injury that will be used again against the WBC. Hope Dee Gordon heels quickly and has figured out how to get on base. If Crawford is ready Donnie will have to decide who leads off although having Gordon hit in the 8 spot negates his speed should he get on base in the first place.

      As much as I dislike the DH I do believe it is time for discussion on making both leagues the same, and I think it is safe to say the AL and player’s union will never agree to get rid of the DH.

    • 32and53fan says:

      That was exactly why I posted my concern about letting him play several weeks ago. Hanley is a $15,000,000 per year investment. Why risk it? Besides, I thought he needed more work at short.

  23. I guess until Gordon’s ankle heals we’ll see an array of shortstops.

    • Gordon’s playing tomorrow from what I hear.

      Hanley being out greatly strengthens the defense even if Gordon is at short. I assume that if Gordon and Crawford can go, they bat 1-2 in the order. If Crawford can’t, then I look for Puig to be in left since they need another power bat with Hanley gone.

      Its all good any way it works out.

  24. kahliforni says:

    Donnie Baseball seems inclined to play Cruz at short and a PVL at third. I have no problem with Cruz at short…just a PVL at third. Get Puig a infielder’s glove and tell the pitching staff to jam lefties and work the outside corner on righties for two months!!!!

  25. crash24now says:

    I’m not a happy camper.

    A day without Puig is like a day without bacon – and everything tastes better with bacon.

    • 32and53fan says:

      Like the dog, every Puig will have his day. His may not come this year on a regular basis unless they trade Ethier or Crawford. The third base idea is interesting, but may be a waste of his speed. Maybe his quickness would be used at short. If that is the case, maybe they will have him learn to play shortstop at Chattanooga. Next year, Hanley can move back to third. In that scenario, Gordon should learn to play second base and can take over when Mark Ellis is gone. Or have Puig learn second and make sure Gordon learns to play a better short.

      Does that make sense or am I just getting delusional?

      • If Puig tears it up in AA/AAA this year, they’re going to have to find a place to play him, probably RF. I don’t think eating a big hunk of contract will deter Kasten from trading either Crawford or Dre for whomever brings back a real 2B/3B in the offseason. Which position they upgrade though I assume will depend on what kind of strides Seager makes this year. It wouldn’t surprise me he’ll be ready sometime during 2015.

  26. lbirken says:

    The thing to remember is the roster that begins the season seldom resembles the roster that ends the season. The injury to Ramirez has already upset anyone’s projected roster prior to this week. It does seem as if the Dodgers went into Spring training committed to Ramirez at short no matter what kind of Spring Gordon had. Even with the injury to Ramirez it seems the Dodgers still are not sold on Gordon and are willing to man that position by committee. Odd that other than Ron Cey third base has been a problem for the Dodgers for as long as I can remember. And just as odd is the prospect that Juan Uribe may actually get a chance to redeem himself and make a positive contribution. I hope he does because it means success for the team.

  27. crash24now says:

    Puig is starting in CF today. Crawford starts in LF tomorrow. Let’s do a compare and contrast.

  28. kahliforni says:

    I hope Ethier bats in the two hole (we know Joe, I mean Donnie won’t bat him 5th, lefty, lefty behind Gonzalez). I’ll bet if you check Ethier’s stats these past few years, that’s where he excelled most. When pitchers were leery of Manny and then Matt, Ethier saw a lot of cookies. I hate Punch and Judy bating first and second. No stress on the opposing pitcher.

  29. crash24now says:

    Puig makes an out. Send him to the minors.

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