Home Cookin’

We begin a series with the Astros tonight…..they are actually playing very well and, we need to bring it in order to win. Here’s tonights lineup:

TGJ, cf

Herrera, 2b

Abreu, lf

Dre, rf

Hairston, 3b

Loney, 1b

Ellis, c

Gordon, ss

Kersh, p

Glad to see Hairston back……LET’S GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Ethier loves the Dodgers Home Cookin’


205 Responses to Home Cookin’

  1. trublu4ever says:

    Trying to find out who was sent down to make room for Hairston.

    • JhallWally says:

      Damn, you’re good!!! Nice post…..

      • 32and53fan says:

        You’re right Wally. Tru is really cooking with gas! She already has four posts. My vision of a Dodger blog where everyone can contribute is now a reality! OTD is OUR blog.

        • trublu4ever says:

          Thanks. I will work on better stuff in the future. Right now, I’m just a “basic gal” 😉

        • JhallWally says:

          And many thanks to you 32/53 for creating and giving us this great forum.

          • 32and53fan says:

            Ditto to you for all of your great posts and comments. I usually watch the game time shifted using my DVR so I do not always comment in real time but I enjoy reading all of the banter between everyone on this blog. Trublu4ever is the most active commenter on OTD so I am pleased that she is now posting as well. Go Dodgers!

    • JhallWally says:

      I’m thinking that Sellers is going on the DL…

  2. trublu4ever says:

    Lincescum just imploded! Once again…he and Billz must have the same work ethic. Gnats losing 6 – 3 bottom of 6th….hang on Marlins!

  3. trublu4ever says:

    Love the picture….he can come cook for me any time!

  4. Howdy boys and girls! Time to maybe pick up a game on the Gnats.

  5. vl4eccjr says:

    It’s time for Dodger Baseball!!!
    Unfortunately, I have to watch the Astros feed with their mental midget announcers that speak in a monotone like Ben Stein. UGH!

  6. vl4eccjr says:

    Sheeit! Sloppy defense!

  7. Game over. Giants lose. 🙂

  8. vl4eccjr says:

    Has any one seen the newest infield bobblehead yet?

    • trublu4ever says:

      I have…pretty cool. They had them for sale on ebay before the giveaway. And, the Ethier tote we got for free on Mother’s Day was going for $40 bucks 😉

    • vl4eccjr says:

      I saw a pic of one on facebook. They really overdid the Lopes’ hair givng him a big old ‘fro.’ LOL

  9. trublu4ever says:

    Love A.J.’s discipline at the plate.

  10. vl4eccjr says:

    Aw sheeeit!

  11. trublu4ever says:

    For a moment, i thought Billz was pitching!

  12. vl4eccjr says:

    The Stanley Cup Finals are set. . . Devils vs. Kings.

  13. Kersh is sure giving up a lot of homers this year.

  14. Not playing with much spark tonight are they? I’ll check in later to see if they’re doing any better.

  15. trublu4ever says:

    Oh, my…almost a huge collision! That would have been ugly.

  16. vl4eccjr says:

    I hope the Dodger bats awaken from their slumber soon. . .

  17. vl4eccjr says:

    Now the Stros announcers are talking smack about the size of the crowd. They have no room to talk with their piss poor attendance. The only sellouts they had were against the Rangers. The rest of the time they are lucky to break 20,000.

    • trublu4ever says:

      All the announcers should realize the size of our stadium….we can have over 30,000 and it looks bare. Most new parks only hold about that numer of people.

  18. trublu4ever says:

    Damn, James!

  19. vl4eccjr says:


  20. trublu4ever says:

    ( . )_( . ) ( . ) _ ( . )…….(_|_) (_|_) GO, DODGERS!

  21. trublu4ever says:

    Uh, oh…Belli not looking good either!

  22. vl4eccjr says:

    Giving up too many doubles tonight!

  23. vl4eccjr says:

    Hopefully they can get to their bull pen. Harrell was serving up alot of worm killers.

  24. trublu4ever says:

    If we score here…it had better be a bunch. Guess who’s warming in the pen? 😉

  25. trublu4ever says:

    Here we go team, here we go! clap….clap…clap!

  26. selltheteam says:

    Yay for the walked in run!

  27. vl4eccjr says:

    Gifts are accepted. . .

  28. trublu4ever says:

    Damn! We will have to do it in the bottom of the 9th.

  29. vl4eccjr says:

    Golden opportunity wasted. . .

  30. vl4eccjr says:

    C’mon Josh!! Throw strikes!!!

  31. What person in their right mind sends DeJesus up with the bases juiced when you have VanSlyke and Sands on the bench?

    Shesh. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • trublu4ever says:

      I know…what the hell was Donnie thinking there?!

      • 32and53fan says:

        Steve Lyons said that maybe Mattingly was thinking that Van Slyke and Sands were more likely to strike out or hit into a double play. DeJesus was less likely but he struck out anyway.

    • vl4eccjr says:

      Oh well! Once again I hope Bills had his shit in one bag tomorrow, and gives a quality start.

  32. Why in the hell do you bat VanSlyke with nobody on?

  33. trublu4ever says:

    Oh, well…..there’s always tomorrow. At least the Gnats & Dbacks lost too.

  34. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Another close game but no cigar tonight.

  35. JhallWally says:

    Rats!! Tough loss. Kersh wasn’t as sharp as usual, but he got the job done. Major fail by the offense and defense. Unfortunately there are gonna be days like this. It’s always a little more discouraging when your ace loses. Hard to tell what Billz will bring tonight. I hope he gets his act together. Can’t wait to get Matt back.
    Anyway, have a great day everyone.

  36. JhallWally says:

    It’s sure looking like Ned Fecolletti signed the wrong player to an extension when he inked Billz and left Andre hanging. 4 more years and $46M for Billz. That would be a bargain for Ethier. It is looking like a bust for Billz.

  37. JhallWally says:

    Congratulations Nelly and Tru. I see where Michael was an honorable mention on his conference team. WTG Mike!!!!

    • nellyjune says:

      Thanks Jhall!! He had a great year as a freshman pitcher.

      • trublu4ever says:

        Yes, thanks, Jhall.

      • lbirken says:

        Nelly, it must have been both exhilerating and stressful watching your son play at that level. Best wishes to him for next season.

        • nellyjune says:

          Thanks lbirken! Tru, Collie and Michael can all attest to the fact that it’s both enjoyable and stressful, and there were days when stressful definitely outweighed the enjoyable – lol! Not that I would change a thing.

  38. nedisajerk says:


    Dodgers are averaging 39,001 which put them 6th. Astros are averaging 22,839 which put them at 24th so those Astros announces need to check out there attendance at home before they talk about someone us.

    • lbirken says:

      Anyone who has been to Dodger Stadium can attest to the fact that even with large crowds of over 40,000, there still are a lot of empty seats. Still, we hear all the time former players talking about playing in front of large crowds most of the time at Dodger Stadium and clearly, this reputation still exists. So perhaps these silly announcers are just perpetuating the myth and are surprised to see so many empty seats. As has already been said, most newer stadiums have much smaller capacities making for fewer empty seats.

  39. nedisajerk says:

    Dang is Bell going to blow another game just like he try to do last night.

  40. nellyjune says:

    Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go!

  41. nellyjune says:

    Bad Chad showed up early tonight – geez!

  42. nellyjune says:

    Why wouldn’t you bat AJ behind Andre. Kennedy has no threat value IMO.

  43. vl4eccjr says:

    Good evening all!
    I see Bills already has himself in a pickle. . .

  44. vl4eccjr says:

    Thanks Dre!
    That could have been much worse!

  45. nellyjune says:

    Andre saved his ass!!

  46. vl4eccjr says:

    Celtics advance & get the Heat next. Their chances are slim at best to get banner number 18 in the Garden rafters this year. I believe this is the west’s year.

  47. vl4eccjr says:

    No rest for the bullpen tonight.

  48. nellyjune says:

    Yeah Andre!!!!! RBI #41

  49. vl4eccjr says:

    Way to battle Dre! Another RBI!

  50. vl4eccjr says:

    I have to agree with nellyjune. When the hell is Dildon going to wake up & put A.J. in the 5 hole? It defies all logic to put a weak hitter with no homers & only 6 RBI there!!

  51. 32and53fan says:

    WTG TGJ!

  52. vl4eccjr says:

    Woo hoo!
    Tony Gwynn has been money with RISP!

  53. nellyjune says:

    Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go!!

  54. vl4eccjr says:

    Norris is laboring!

  55. nellyjune says:

    On the screws and right to the guy. It’s okay Andre! Let’s see if Chad can help now.

  56. vl4eccjr says:

    This is going to be a long one. Might as well prepare & get the whiskey & shot glass ready. . .

  57. vl4eccjr says:

    Nice job Scott!

  58. 32and53fan says:

    Don’t blow it Javy!

  59. trublu4ever says:

    Come on Belli….do it tonight!

  60. vl4eccjr says:

    Beli can’t find the zone!

  61. vl4eccjr says:


  62. vl4eccjr says:

    Holy shit!

  63. trublu4ever says:

    yep….crapola, for sure!

  64. vl4eccjr says:

    Walk off time.

  65. trublu4ever says:

    Shit…how dare they hit my Dre!

  66. nellyjune says:

    Andre would have much rather hit that ball than have the ball hitting him.
    Let’s go AJ!

  67. trublu4ever says:


  68. nellyjune says:

    Way to go AJ!!!!

  69. vl4eccjr says:

    Late inning drama is getting to be a regular thing at Dodger Stadium this year. . 🙂

  70. oldbrooklynfan says:

    YES A.J. Atta way ta go guy.

  71. nedisajerk says:

    Another cheap BS for Jansen and another win after the BS.

    • 32and53fan says:

      He is becoming like Phil Regan, “The Vulture” as named by Sandy Koufax for his knack of grabbing late inning wins. I can’t remember if Regan got some of those wins by first blowing a save. I just remember that he went 14-1 in 1966.

  72. nellyjune says:

    As for Billz, he did settle enough in the 3rd, 4th and 5th to give us a chance. Gotta give him credit for not totally imploding.

  73. trublu4ever says:

    Sheeit……Gnats won today 😦

  74. nellyjune says:

    After that triple, he seems more settled now. We should be able to get that run back.

  75. nellyjune says:

    Wooo Hooo! Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go!

    • JhallWally says:

      WTG Tony. I’d like to see them leave him in the lineup and leading off when Kemp comes back. At least for awhile. Of course Fecolletti and Dildon will give Abreu and Rivera all or most of the LF playing time whether they are getting the job done or not. And they need to leave Gordon in the 8 spot. Less pressure.

  76. nellyjune says:

    Broxton got his 10th save today.

    • JhallWally says:

      Low pressure and he needed a change of scenery. Plus he finally admitted he was injured last year. Big stupid bastard. I’m still happy he is gone.

      Billz needs a change of scenery. Or we need a pitching coach that can figure him out.

  77. JhallWally says:

    Crap.. Happ is making Andre look bad…

  78. nellyjune says:

    It’s bad enough the Astros have to at a day game tomorrow in Colorado, bit they are playing a night game tomorrow as well. Just wonder what MLB scheduling department is thinking sometimes.

  79. nedisajerk says:

    Wow I guess Hairston maybe the prefect fit in the 2nd spot ahead of Kemp but I think player taken advantage of these spot ahead of Kemp and Ethier. I remember last year I wanted to see Loney stay in the 3rd spot.

  80. JhallWally says:

    Whew… Capp wiggled off the hook.. Go figure freaking Treanor?!

  81. nedisajerk says:

    Once again nice signing Ned on Capuano.

  82. trublu4ever says:

    Okay….more runs this inning guys!

  83. nellyjune says:

    Yeah Jerry and Andre!

  84. JhallWally says:

    Big error there. That was a DP.

  85. trublu4ever says:

    The Astros’ 3rd baseman is playing like Dorn from Major League.

  86. trublu4ever says:

    Good eye Bobby!

    • JhallWally says:

      Well, you got your insurance run Tru… A real gift. That inning should of been over on Andre’s DP ball… Sometimes there is no substitute for good old luck…

  87. trublu4ever says:

    Damn…was hoping for more!

  88. trublu4ever says:

    I feel we will score more this inning.

  89. trublu4ever says:


  90. nedisajerk says:

    Gwynn still continue his hot hitting with risp.

    • JhallWally says:

      WTG Tony and Jerry. They need to keep TGJ in the lineup when Kemp comes off the DL. And Hairston in the lineup when Uribum comes off the DL.

  91. nellyjune says:

    Alright Jerry!

  92. nedisajerk says:

    Hairston is now hitting .381.

  93. grizzy says:

    Who was injured?

  94. nedisajerk says:

    This is Jerry 1st 5 career hits game.

  95. nellyjune says:

    It’s still a good day when Andre can strike out 3 times, and we are still winning.

  96. trublu4ever says:

    Please, Donnie….Javy not Coffey….4 runs isn’t a big enough lead to cover his ass!

  97. nedisajerk says:

    No pressure Javy. Let keep that scoreless streak going.

  98. JhallWally says:

    Woo-Hoo!!! Win Streak!!!

  99. nedisajerk says:

    Once again the Giants still can’t get a game on us.

  100. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I missed the game today as I was invited to a barbarque but it was my next door neighbor. So I kept running in and out of my apartment to check the score. It was great to see them buid up to a 5-1 lead and hold on to win again.

  101. sparkleplenty1 says:

    Looks like Eovaldi is coming up to take Lilly’s place in the rotation according to this: http://www.latimes.com/sports/baseball/mlb/dodgers/la-sp-0528-dodgers-notes-20120528,0,3378985.story

    Hope the link works – it’s my first time doing a copy and paste here 🙂

    • trublu4ever says:

      I just heard that…wow! I still don’t know how to copy & paste 😉

      • crash24now says:

        Lilly has been doing very well all year up until that last bad start. I wonder if there’s some kind of an injury here.

      • enchantedbeaver says:

        Hey True, the easiest way is to left click, hold it down then drag the area you want to cut. When you have what you want boxed/highlighted, hold down the control key and hit insert. Now its cut. Go to where ever you want to paste it, right click on the mouse, a window will pop up, click on paste and your done.

  102. crash24now says:

    When Uribum comes off the DL, we should trade him and keep Jerry Hairston at 3B full time.

  103. enchantedbeaver says:

    Not that I care all that much because I don’t think he’d be all that effective, but I find it curious that the new regime thinks Oswalt’s contract demands are too high? I was under the impression that they would go after whomever they thought would help the team no matter the cost.

    • trublu4ever says:

      I think Oswalt is hurt anyway, so it doesn’t matter. I think he may be too high priced for what you are getting. If he is too high….l guess Cole Hammels is out of the question….damn, I’d love to have him with us.

      • enchantedbeaver says:

        I don’t think Oswalt has much left in the tank either Tru. I just find it interesting that money was no object a month ago and now when it comes down to it, money’s an object.

        • trublu4ever says:

          I’m hoping it just means money well spent.

          • enchantedbeaver says:

            I’m hoping that’s what it means Tru and not something more along the lines of “Frank’s not going to make any money off the parking lots.”

          • trublu4ever says:

            I think it’s your turn to compose another thread 😉

  104. enchantedbeaver says:

    Kemp’s already hit another homer for Alb this afternoon.

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