Camelback Ranch is Where It’s At

The pitchers, catchers and a few position players are already hard at work in Arizona.

In case you haven’t heard, Official Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo has a blog where he shares some of his great pictures. It is at and I have added the link to the sidebar. To me, his blog is what the Inside the Dodgers blog should have been. He gives us a look at the team without any sales pitch.

150 Responses to Camelback Ranch is Where It’s At

  1. crzblue says:

    I love that Jon SooHoo is posting so many pictures from the past and current. He invited me to a showing of his pictures. It was incredible! He plans on putting together an all fan pictures catching baseballs or attempting to catch baseballs. He gave us a little preview. Is going to he fun watching that.
    I am going to a baseball event this Saturday. Check my blog for details.

  2. Yes I agree Jon Soo Hoo’s Dodger Photo Blog is great.

    • JhallWally says:

      Ethier’s had a bug up his ass ever since Ned extended Billz and didn’t offer him an extension. He wants to be treated like a super star and in reality, he is just an overpriced left handed platoon outfielder. Hopefully they can unload him in July for a top shelf 3B, 2B, or C prospect. All things considered (his age, injury history, salary, inability to hit lefties, and attitude) he is not a player to give a long term extension.

      • If we get baseball people running the show if/when we get a new owner, one of the only ways to get the team back on solid footing fairly soon is to sell off a couple veterans (Dre, Loney, Billz) and restock with ML ready prospects. More marginal “talent” (Lilly, Harang, Cupaguano) you can at least get something for. I’d rather live and die with the arms we’ve got coming up, and possibly acquire a top tier prospect or two to go with Kersh and Kemp than to trade away the arms for worthless vets and get nothing when Dre and Loney walk as we know Ned will do.

  3. messagebear says:

    I don’t see Andre being with the team after this season, maybe after half the season, and I don’t know of any reason why he would want to; so why bullshit about it? Unless you’re a guy like Matt, who’s already got his money for a few years, why would anybody want to stay here? If you think the new ownership will change anything significantly, think again. They’re all contending to get in a bid that will pay off Frank handsomely at the expense of the bill that will be passed on to the fans. Anybody that bid over $1 billion, expecially without the surrounding parking lots. is an idiot, and we’ve already had one of those owning the team. Great future is not something I’m looking forward to.

    • nellyjune says:

      The media made a huge deal when Andre gave an honest opinion last season about Dodger Management and his future, and he got blasted in the media for it. This year, the same questions are asked (on his first day back no less), Andre isn’t saying anything, and he is getting blasted in the media again for not saying anything. Its kind of ridiculous! With the uncertainty in ownership, what is he supposed to say other than” I am here to do a job? ” I have no doubts he will do his job, and do it well. It is his ticket away from this slime of an owner.

      • JhallWally says:

        Nelly, I agree that there is alot about our ownership/management and the media to get perturbed about. However, when you are making more money for playing 1 game than most families make in a year, you’ve got no reason to complain about anything. JMO

        • Nellyjune says:

          I agree with you on that point. He caught alot of flack for saying the things he said last season. So, I’m sure his mindset is exactly what you have said. He needs to stop talking and show what he can do on the field. However, now he is catching flack for not answering the same exact questions he was asked last spring training. He can’t win. However, if this mindset is what it is going to take to get him focused, them I am all for it.

          • JhallWally says:

            Hi’Ya Nelly. Andre needs to find that middle ground. When he talks he says too much and sounds whiney. And, when he clams up, he takes a snide approach. He has been his own worst enemy. When the media finds a chink in the armor, they are merciless. He really hasn’t been the same since they extended Billz and left him out. I hope he has a great year, along with Loney, Billz, and the rest of the team. If he comes thru, he will be holding all the aces when the contract talks begin.

          • Nellyjune says:

            Yes, he needs to find the happy medium, but I don’t think he knows what that is right now. So, for now, I rather have a quiet Andre, who is focusing on his game, than Andre who is trying to outsmart and second guess what everyone wants him to say, which obviously took away from his game (so everyone seems to think).
            I am pulling for the pitching staff this year because without them, all the bats in the league aren’t going to help if the Dodgers don’t have a solid rotation and bullpen.

          • JhallWally says:

            Yep…. It all starts and ends with the pitching. You can win a championship with good pitching and a less than average offense. It doesn’t work in the opposite direction. I can’t think of a team that has won a WS with a less than average pitching staff. Everyone staying healthy will be a huge key for us this year. This team as it is constructed needs just about everything to go right for us to make the playoffs.

  4. 32and53fan says: has a picture of the domed stadium that was planned if the Dodgers would have stayed in Brooklyn (and had gotten the approval of city commissioner Robert Moses.)
    The story about this was in Mechanix Illustrated in July 1956.

  5. trublu4ever says:

    For me…..Dre – YAY…. management – NAY!

  6. nellyjune says:

    I am discovering how much fun college baseball is. They are MLB’S future, and right now, they are playing for no other reason than they love the game.

  7. grizzy says:

    I see Ethier is taking some criticism over at the Times. I don’t think he’s required to be Mr Sunshine, just give it an honest effort.

  8. Nellyjune says:

    Jhall – Your Buckeyes are looking hood heading into March Madness. My hubby is a UNLV Alum so he us glad to see his Runnin’ Rebels back in the thick of things again. He was attending there back in the Tarkanian days, and it’s good to see them back. It’s the only time of the year I pay attention to basketball.

  9. Nellyjune says:

    It’s really sad when the Dodgers are mentioned on The Oscars, and not in a good way. Billy Crystal suggested a few in the audience, including himself, buy the Dodgers

  10. selltheteam says:

    Re: Andre – I agree with grizzy. I really don’t care what he says – or doesn’t say – to the media. What matters are results. But lately, he hasn’t hit for shit. He needs to hit near or over .300 and bang out 25-30 HRs or more. Then he’ll have my respect back. If he can’t do that, trade him.

  11. lbirken says:

    Nelly, the only thing wrong with college baseball is the horrible sound of aluminum bats!

    My two cents about Andre Ethier: You will all recall how difficult it was for Andre to crack the lineup but he finally did. Clearly Andre’s magical season when he had all those walk off hits raised the expectation of what he could do and made him popular. The problem for Andre is he has not been able to build on that early success. Hopefully, he will be able to do that this season. I can understand the media being all over him when he reported and he should have been ready for it with bland but polite pat answers. Perhaps his words look worse in print but he sounded a bit preturbed not only at the questions but at the situation. I do appreciate his honesty; I just think there was a better way to express his thoughts. All pro atheletes find themselves thinking about the money and contracts and whether or not they will have a job. Hopefully, his performance will speak for itself and everything else will follow.

  12. I can’t help but think that Ethier has something on his mind that we don’t know about. I think something’s bothering him. Maybe the pressure of having to get off to a good start and put last season behind him. I hope he hasn’t lost his confidence. I’m sure he’ll bounce back.

  13. selltheteam says:

    Who’da thunk that Juan Pierre is the one that taught Matt Kemp how to go into Beast Mode?

  14. grizzy says:

    Interesting observation by Dylan Hernandez about Pierre and Kemp. Several years ago I went to a Rockies game, got seats right behind 1st base so I could plainly see into the Dodgers dugout. Only Pierre and Garciaparra were out doing extra work and working hard at that. A young (and different Kemp than we have now) sat in the dugout scowling. But even with the scowl something was rubbing off on him, and though it did not seem so at the time he was learning by watching the vets. Maybe now Pierre’s time in LA can be thought of as a “plus”. An expensive plus, but he always gave it the 110%

  15. dodgereric says:

    Braun’s sample collector denies tampering

    As someone who has undergone random drug testing for the last 25 years, it sounds solid to me. If what he says is true about protocol allowing him to take the samples home, I’d have a few questions for the “neutral” arbitrator who voted to uphold Braun’s appeal.

  16. grizzy says:

    Sounds rather fishy to me. Barry Braun?

  17. I found this amusing:,0,64.story?track=rss

    Can’t wait to hear the cries coming out of Philly no matter who wins.

  18. lbirken says:

    That story about JP and Posednick vying for a roster spot in Philly proves that Ned is not the only GM signing just about anyone with a pulse who once played MLB. For goodness sakes, even the penny pinching stat crunching A’s are willing to take a chance on Manny Ramirez! Why? As I have said many times, GM’s are the most optomistic creatures on earth.

    • A’s notwithstanding because I’ve no idea why they would sign Manny, I think the difference birk is that Ned signs guys like JP and Pathednik to be front line starters, and Philly signs them as insurance or role players. Remember, there but for the greed of Pathednik turning down his part of the option went Ned’s starting LFer (was is last year?)

      JP as strictly a roll player I think has some value even at 34 (did I just say that?), but only on a strong team like the Phils who can afford to carry a JP (or Pods.)

      • lbirken says:

        Point taken and I certainly am not defending Ned in any way. I think even he would admit the contract he gave JP was a mistake.

  19. selltheteam says:

    Dodgers ranked 29 out of 30 on 2011/2012 off-season moves. Thanks a lot, Ned, you good-for-nothing.

    • Thanks STT – I had to look to see exactly who it was that could’ve possibly had a worse off season than us.

      Once again, Ned standing pat and letting the kids play is not an option. He’s the only GM I’ve ever seen in any sport that can have subtraction by addition.

  20. I think Kemp, Kershaw, and Gordon with a little help from the rest can carry this team. Maybe I should changed that to a lot of help.

  21. Okay, can anybody tell me this?

    Allan H. “Bud” Selig was set to retire at the end of the 2012 season. Everyone fluffed their powder puffs in salute to what a glorious and wonderful fearless leader he has been, single-handedly saving baseball from That Damned Strike and therefore putting him on a pedestal in the minds of MLB’s owners somewhere between the Lord Jesus Christ and Babe Ruth.

    But there was just one blemish on the Commish’s SPOTLESS record: A Boston Real-Estate Agent who had the nerve, nay, the audacity to outshark the Big Shark, outplay MLB’s Big Player, out-slime the Emperor of Slime by not being the quiet, complacent nobody Selig had hoped he found to replace the seat vacated by the Big Boy O’Malleys who probably made him sit at the kid’s table during executive meetings when he was the owner of the [s]Seattle Pilots[/s] Milwaukee Brewers. If Bud had done ANY homework, he wouldn’t have let McCourt touch any baseball team with a 20 mile pole, much less one of its flagship franchises (and to this day, I wonder what kind of hell Walter O’Malley put him through for 7-8 years to have such a vendetta against the Dodgers).

    But Bud didn’t do his homework, and now McCourt persisted in making an ass out of him, inventing many new streams of revenue to keep “the Dodgers” afloat, since he was too stupid to insist on buying the team without the TV rights (which was a hail-mary bluff by FOX in the first place). Living the high life, and not caring who knew he was buying mansions instead of ballplayers.

    It wasn’t that McCourt was a crook that bothered Selig, it had to be the fact that he was a MESSY crook.

    This cannot stand, Selig trumpeted to the press, proclaiming that before his retirement in 2012, he would make sure to rid Baseball of the one mistake he ever made in his whole messianic life: Letting Frank McCourt into his He-Man Wumen-Haturs Club.

    So he rushes to make sure he’ll rid Baseball of McCourt before the end of the 2012 season. First, he sent a guy on April 20th to take charge of the Dodgers and monitor their finances. Frank gives less than half a damn, and essentially treats him like he isn’t there. Then Bud readies his plan to take over the team in full… except McCourt again had the audacity to file for Bankruptcy, against the provisions in that Holy Bible of Baseball (in Bud’s eyes), the MLB Ownership contract.

    That caught him off-guard, and he spent the rest of the time bending over backwards to ensure that McCourt would sell the team before his 2012 retirement, not only rescinding on his desire that Frank not sell the TV rights seperately, but handed Mr. Real Estate scores of acres of paved land in downtown LA, all in the name of getting that menace out of Baseball before his retirement at the end of the season.

    They agreed on him having a winning bidder on the 1st of April, to be followed with him being out of the owner’s box by the 30th. Mischief managed, Bud can now rest easy…

    Until he signs a 3 year extension.

    Question being: Why would that cornpone, fecal-filled-cranium-having, looks-like-Rosie-O-Donnell’s-cougar-ladyfriend (could go on for a while, but dinner’s getting cold) commissioner bend over backwards, then forwards, then reacharound McCourt if he knew he’d have essentially another 3 years to get the deal done without looking like the old man yelling at the kids who takes off his belt in anger only to have the indignity of said whippersnappers point and laugh as his pants drop to his ankles?

    McCourt might be the stench of a sewer, but Selig is the stench of death itself.

    If McCourt owned any other team and was doing this to Selig, I’d be rooting for him.

    But he owns our team, so at least the Big Book of Dodger History won’t be completely boring in its near two-and-a-half decades without a pennant.

  22. nellyjune says:

    Always love what you do Northstateblues!!

  23. nellyjune says:

    Nice win for your Buckeyes today Jhall 🙂

    • JhallWally says:

      Thanks Nelly… That was an exciting game. Got us a share of the Big Ten title and paid them back for the whipping they gave us at our home. Take Care…Baseball and new Owner just around the corner. And, hopefully a new GM…

  24. selltheteam says:

    First spring training game today against the White Sox!

  25. Hot damn we got us a run!!

  26. Woo-hoo, win streak!!!

    • JhallWally says:

      LOL!! You read my mind…. The yung’ins looked good today.

      • trublu4ever says:

        But, will the young’ins ever get a chance to play? Also, even for the first game, we had to make it interesting right till the end 😉

        • Hey, we’ve got to get this coordinated so we’re here at the same time!! Boy are we outta practice!!

          Until I saw Fields and Castellanos (or whatever his name is) got some hits, It looked like it was the usual case of Logan’s heroes and Neddy’s zeros.

          Mark my words, Mark Ellis will be everything we know he’s not. I do have to laugh at the people over on Gurnick’s blog though. They all rave over what a great player Carroll was, then in the next breath tell you that Ellis is an upgrade.

          I gotta quit posting over there… gives me a headache.

        • JhallWally says:

          Lot’s of injury and underperformance potential in Nedcompoops latest roster Tru. They might get a chance to come in and save the season like last year.

          • trublu4ever says:

            According to Charlie, he says that the outfield is set. Gwynn and Sands will be 4th & 5th off the bench. I didn’t hear him say much about the infield. How do you guys think it will play out?

          • JhallWally says:

            Hard to say Tru… If they stay healthy it could work out OK. I think Loney will be decent. 12 HR/75 RBI. At least league average offensively and above average on defense. If MEllis stays healthy, he will be adequate. If Uribe just contributes 60 RBI in some fashion and plays good defense, I would be happy. Gonna be interesting to see how Gordo developes. I’m hoping Dildon knows when to pull the plug on the underperformers and not wait until the season is in the tank to make changes.

          • Honestly Tru, I’m surprised they already count Sands on the roster. Donnie’s already anointed Rivera as the everyday, and we know Gwynn will be the defensive guy. Doesn’t seem to leave much room for Sands, and I think he’ll struggle mightily as a part timer.

            Half the infield’s a mess. I don’t see Uribe being any more effective than last year when he plays, and we may count it as yet another blessing if he goes down again this year. Ellis isn’t going to be awful, but for $8.75M he’s not going to put up much different numbers than Sellers would at almost $8M less. Hairston and Kennedy – fogetaboutum. Still don’t see why they didn’t resign Miles rather than Kennedy. Miles proved to be a pretty good pinch hitter. Kennedy’s good for nothing.

            I’m just hoping IF we really do get a new owner that their first order of business is to fire that friggin’ Gnat plant with the bad rug.

  27. selltheteam says:

    56 days until Ned is fired!

  28. Although to me the offseason litererally flew by, as it usually does, it’s great to know that spring training games have begun.

  29. Well, off for awhile. I’ll check back in on y’all later this evening – its time to start warming up for the season… players to rip, songs to start, the banter, the laughs.

  30. nedisajerk says:

    I could understand Braun getting booed by Giants fans but doesn’t it seem right since this team used to have Bonds on it.–mlb.html

  31. nellyjune says:

    I have to watch this damn gnats game!!! Blah!!! Krud and Krap at their usual best.

  32. selltheteam says:

    Dodgers vs. Gnats on TV tomorrow. Now for the important question: Do I skip out of work to watch it live, or watch the rerun that starts at 7 pm?

  33. grizzy says:

    I’d watch the replay and then start skipping work once the season is under way.

  34. nellyjune says:

    He gave up a home run already?

  35. trublu4ever says:


  36. JhallWally says:

    Woo-Hoo!! Andre goes boom!!!

  37. nellyjune says:

    That was pretty!!!

  38. trublu4ever says:

    And, then, there’s DRE! YAY!!!!!!

  39. JhallWally says:

    Truely sad when you get outpitched by freaking Zito. Geez!!

  40. I take it Lilly isn’t getting off to the fast start Donnie wanted him to.

  41. selltheteam says:

    Is it too soon to ask that Eovaldi take Lilly’s spot in the starting rotation?

    • And just think, he’s earning more than he did last year!!

      And we’ve still got him again next season!! In fact, we’ve got our entire starting 5 again next season.

      Thanks Ned.

  42. nellyjune says:

    Good Lord…’s Bellasario!

  43. trublu4ever says:

    Win streak over!

  44. Not good to see Lilly serving up those homers but it’s early in the season, he’s got plenty of time since we’re only started spring training. It’s good to see Ethier do well, even homering off a lefty.
    Long way to go folks.

  45. Ethier mentioned something and I have to agree with him. Too much emphasis is put on how he hits againts lefty-righty pitchers, How his overall offense is, is all that really matters.

  46. selltheteam says:

    Dodgers losing 2-0 to ManRam’s team, through 3 innings.

  47. nellyjune says:

    I know it is only spring training, but Lilly’s outing yesterday in comparison to SF’s Timmie wasn’t so bad. Timmie gave up 5 earned runs in his 2 innings today, and he’s their Ace.

  48. Well, looks like Bud Selig really doesn’t know what’s going on in his league. Looks like Florida’s gotten their own McCourt-esque problem, and I bet Selig can give less than half a shit about it:

    Bitch is running wild, if only we could get 30 teams to boycott…

  49. selltheteam says:

    Lineup against Oakland today:

    Gordon SS
    Ellis 2B
    Kemp CF
    Ethier RF
    Rivera LF
    Loney 1B
    Uribe 3B
    Federowicz C
    Kennedy DH

    (Cupaguano P) – will he be just as effective as Lilly and Harang?

  50. nellyjune says:

    Capuano didn’t do so bad. He can stay……for now :)lol!!

  51. trublu4ever says:

    Andre…..another double off a lefty.

  52. lbirken says:

    That story about the loose lipped Marlins president should be an eye opener but why am I not surprised he thinks Miami residents are stupid. I am sure he thinks we are all stupid and perhaps he is right. In fact, it would not surprise me if many owners and executives of pro sports teams think fans and politicians are stupid because of all the publically funded stadiums and arenas the team owners demand and receive. For crying out loud, Mr. Marlin’s president, at least show some gratitude.

  53. Another good game, albeit in ST, for Andre. Is it too early to say “He’s baaaaack”?

  54. It’s just sad how badly Bud Selig has ruined the game.

    Singlehandedly, the Owner-Commish has ruined any anti-trust standing the sport once had, and now other owners are getting brave now that the once-sacred Owner’s Contract terms have been found in Federal Courts to have as much value as Charmin Extra-Soft.

    What is Bud going to do about Fish-Boy (marlins exec)? What can he do? I’m sure he’s afraid to do anything that would land another team in another court.

    Of course the owners gave him an extension. They love this idiot. Pretty soon, they can just cut the fans out of the equation, and get their money straight from the government (like all the other whining babies in this country that complain about the propagation of all federally-funded social programs EXCEPT the ones that they themselves receive).

    I’ll always love the game, but everything else is making me sick to the point that I’m not sure I’m going to want to have anything to do with the pro sport once Mr. Hedge Fund or Mr. Trump-in-law gets the team because he could give a flying fornication who owns the parking lot, the same way Mr. Real Estate got the team because he could have given a flying fornication who owned the TV rights.

    They see the team as a whore, and they lust after the sweet meats.

  55. koufax1963 says:

    If the dodgers are bought for over a 900 Million dollars, without the land surrounding the stadium in the price, then it will prove “the owners” are stupid, at least the one that bought the dodgers, Oh wait a minute McCourt is a owner, and he will make out just fine with that deal. Guess it proves the owners are either stupid and/or greedy, and some of them are both, all apologies to arte moreno who I havent seen evoke either of those character flaws. I hope all the bidders for the dodgers just pull out, leave mcCourt without a suitor, and let his EX wife start to do something, that apparently she hadn’t been doing from at least 2009: Screwing him!
    No parking lot, then no deal.

  56. Dodger4life says:

    This would seem a little far fetched…Although if needed, Frank could ask Fox for another loan, to appease Jamie and perhaps receive it!
    Go Dodgers!

  57. selltheteam says:


    Kenley Jansen at doctor because of possibly fluttering heart. Had shortness of breath last night.

    (from Dylan Hernandez)

  58. selltheteam says:

    Castellanos gets his second tater of the week. Other taters by Kemp and Rivera. Ethier with a triple – is he on fire or what?

  59. It’s really good to see Ethier pounding the ball. I really truly want him to succeed. But I’m thinking that I hope the team is doing well by the trade deadline in July and they’re not sellers.

  60. selltheteam says:

    1. It’s kinda quiet in here.
    2. Dodgers are leading the Cactus League with a 6-1(and 1 tie) record.
    3. Dodgers won again today 9-1 over the Angels.
    4. Justin Sellers hit a three run HR today (that ought to get Tru’s attention).
    5. It’s still just ST
    6. See number 1.

  61. trublu4ever says:

    All I can say, Selltheteam, is YAY…..and, too bad we can’t get some schmuk to take Uribe and his salary off our hands!

    • Don’t be surprised if Sands ends up in Albuquerque and Josh Fields ends up on the roster when the season begins. Uribe’s absolutely worthless and I don’t think Hairston can take the rigors of being an every day.

      I just hope that Donnie doesn’t take until August to figure out that Uribe’s a black hole in the line-up, and if he bats him anywhere else than 7th he ought to have his head examined.

  62. messagebear says:

    Everything that Ned does turns to shit, a la Uribe, but what would you expect.

    • Nellyjune says:

      I expect nothing less!!!
      It’s good to see the bats working on all cylinders. Pitching was what we were concerned about last spring training, and it will probably be the same this spring training. However, so far so good with pitching, with a few exceptions, but until they start putting in more innings, it’s hard to tell longevity.

  63. selltheteam says:

    49 days until Frank is gone. Then Ned’s clock begins ticking.

  64. nedisajerk says:

    lol wow Ozzie Gullen got ejected and Valentine wave bye bye.

  65. Why do I have the feeling that we’re already seeing Mark Ellis’ (.214) and Uribe’s (.143) in season performances?

  66. I think this is a season that will start one way and end up a lot different.

    • nellyjune says:

      I think if the sale of the Dodgers is a good one, with Frank completely out of the picture, then it will definitely be a successful season (at least off the field). I think on the field, our offense seems to be coming along so as long as we have a healthy, consistent pitching staff, the Dodgers could very well be a surprise to people this season.

  67. lbirken says:

    Still can’t seem to get too excited about the sale. Yes, it will be good to be rid of Frank and I suppose the thought that he might walk away with a nice profit and the parking lots should not make any difference to me as long as he is gone. I also will be surprised if any deal comes off without some sort of legal wrangling since Frank seems to end up in a legal battle with regard to his business dealings. But even if he makes a clean break, I can’t help but wonder how quickly the new ownership group will be able to make the changes needed to put the Dodgers back on top, if not on the field than at least as an organization. These things take time so we might just have to be patient but it seems only a matter of time that ticket prices will go up to help pay for the purchase and the renovations Frank started but never completed. Hopefully the Dodgers will get off to a good start, build some momentum and have an exiting season on the field.

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