Time for a new post

I have not been around too much lately but noticed that it takes a while to scroll all the way down when using a tablet computer to read the comments.

I am typing this on a Kindle Fire.  It is slower. than a PC to enter text but is much more portable.

Hopefully the “book” will get the bidding process started.  I CAN’T WAIT until McCourt is gone.


61 Responses to Time for a new post

  1. And what’s Frank’s first piece of sage advice for the new owners? – Increase ticket prices. Next up – the rental rates on the parking lots are due to increase in 2015.

    Frank’s like stepping in dog doo with your sneakers on – too damn hard to get rid of from all the tread.

  2. selltheteam says:

    The Dodgers debt exceeds $599 million, so there’s another nut for the winning bidder to crack. I don’t suppose that Frankie is taking any of that debt into his parking lot company.

  3. oldbrooklynfan says:

    I can’t wait for the bidding to start. This is a process that I’m not familiar with. It should be very interesting. Let the fun begin.

  4. lbirken says:

    I don’t think this is an auction. Potential bidders will use the information in the book to determine interest and I am sure those bidders have to qualify in some fashion to even see the book. I am sure most of the information in the book will leak out eventually. So far, we know Frank’s strategy, which should come as no surprise. The divorce procedings enlightened us to the fact that Frank intended all along to continue raising ticket prices. It will be interesting to see how potential bidders react if the parking lot and stadium are not part of the deal. While it is not unusual for a business to be sold but not the real property, it seems to me that without the parking lot and stadium revenue stream, the value of the Dodgers declines. I still think Frank will sell off everything but not until he extracts a high price. As for the debt, my guess is because of the bankruptcy filing, debtors will get paid from the sale and anything left over goes to Frank.

  5. vl4eccjr says:

    Casey Blake is now a member of the Rockies. 😦
    Sad to see him go. Thanks for the memories!

  6. selltheteam says:

    Ronald Belisario (who?) got his visa and is coming to Spring Training for the Dodgers.

  7. Dodger4life says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone….
    I read you all, every chance I get…Frank is more like the Brea Tar Pits…He’s already planted the seed that Dodger Stadium needs to be moved! Not to mention what other organization, owns that much space? (to lazy to do research) He’l just start litigation to evict the team and acquire the remains!
    Beer beckons…Peace! Go Dodgers!

  8. Coming this holiday season, its NedCo Productions adaptation of that endless Christmastime tale…

    Watch as Ned Colletti gets visited three times by winter’s past (Ned never sees into the future as we all know.) See his old partner Malt Barley warn him, “That contract was as ponderously long as the restructure of Manny’s contract was many years ago.” Observe Ned reliving his past mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over again (count ‘em – six!) Hear Ned say, “Bah! Humbug!” to all the prospects that pass his way. Rejoice as Ned signs the feeble and injured Tiny Tim to a three year inflated contract + player option. And then let your heart grow 4-times too big (oops, wrong story) as Ned gives away money to the aged PVLs.

    It’s the NedCo production of SCREWDGED VI (Screwdged Again)

  9. grizzy says:

    I hope this works out for Blake in Colorado. Just not against us.

  10. oldbrooklynfan says:

    Howzitgoin’ Dodger4life.
    Casey will be missed that’s for sure. Even if he spent a lot of time on the DL last season he had already established himself as a Dodger.
    Good Luck to him., when he’s not facing us.

  11. lbirken says:

    I share all your sentiments about Casey Blake. He was a solid player for the Dodgers for most of his time in Dodger blue. Too bad the injury bug got to him last season.

  12. Nellyjune says:

    Casey will be good for the Rockies. With him and Cuddyer will be great for the clubhouse, with a good veteran force……real PVLs.
    Great to see you Dodger4life!!!
    Ned is an idiot and Frank is a criminal.

  13. oldbrooklynfan says:

    She’s a New Yorker, be careful of what you wish for.

  14. nedisajerk says:

    She was born in Russia and probably just brought it for her vacation.

  15. JhallWally says:


    It has been alot of fun blogging with you all this past year.

    • trublu4ever says:

      You too, Jhall. Hope you and the rest of my OTD buddies have a blessed holiday. Looking forward to continue the chatting when the season finally begins!

  16. lbirken says:

    Best wishes to all for a safe, happy and most importantly a healthy holiday and new year. Let’s hope by the time the season starts the Dodgers have new ownership and we can get back to talking baseball.

  17. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!! Been great interacting with you again this past year!!

  18. messagebear says:

    Happy Holidays to everyone!!!
    As far as the season goes, I for one am writing it off, because I don’t believe that anything is going to be resolved before the season begins. Frank’s mess is too complicated, and nobody is going to come up with enough money to dig him out of his hole, especially without the TV rights deal and without the parking lots. I personally want him to finish up DEAD broke and will gladly give up the season on the field to see that happen.

  19. Nellyjune says:

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend!! I enjoy communicating with you all. I think this change in ownership, or whatever it’s called, is going to take alot longer than we anticipate because our current owner is a criminal and an asshole. However, we all have each other to get through it by laughing, crying or punching a wall, and we will do it with ITD/OTD style.

  20. vl4eccjr says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! I had lots of fun here over the past season. Even though our xmas wish for McCrook to be out of the organization by xmas wasn’t granted, I’m still hopefull it will be before the start of the season!

  21. Merry Christmas and Happy holiday to all on OTD.

  22. Wishing all my blogmates here a very Merry Christmas – God bless us – every one!

  23. Dodger4life says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho!
    I am back online at least for a little while…
    Other than all the lively banter around here…
    I haven’t missed much…Have I?
    Peace, Love and Blue Happiness Y’all…

  24. northstateblues says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, I/OTDers.

  25. 32and53fan says:

    The Blessings of Peace
    The Beauty of Hope
    The Spirit of Love
    The Comfort of Faith
    May these be your gifts this Christmas Season.
    Thanks for making this blog such a fun place to visit.

  26. messagebear says:

    Hate to bring this up on a holiday dedicated to good will and peace, but I think that the bankruptcy judge is every bit as much an asshole as Frank. What nerve does he have to essentially be doing Frank’s bidding? If Frank’s assets are expected to exceed $1 billion and the debts are about 60% of that, how does Frank belong in the bankruptcy court to begin with, except for the fact that the bankruptcy judge likes to exercise his own power where it doesn’t belong. I’m sure that Frank’s attorneys knew just where to direct him in order to try and renegotiate his existing contracts. With the assets so high, I don’t see any creditors in jeopardy of losing on their loans – all they had to do was foreclose on Frank in the ordinary manner. That’s what should be happening if Frank doesn’t have enough cash to run his businesses.

    Bagfuls of coal for Frank and the bankruptcy judge.

    • lbirken says:

      I think Frank put the organization into BK due to a lack of cash flow and the inability to raise more credit. Remember, he has to pay Jamie 130 million dollars at some point. We all know Frank intended to use funds from a new media deal to help pay off this obliation. When it became clear that was not going to happen, Frank went to plan B. Filing BK also protected the Dodgers from anything MLB might try to do. But I do think you make a great point that we never really heard that any creditors pushed Frank into the BK. This is a big mess that just won’t go away and that plays into Frank’s hands as if he planned it that way. And I agree that it will take a long time for any new owner to turn this organization around.

  27. Dodger4life says:

    Hey Y’all, Merry Christmas again, I managed o fix my computer, last night. Thanks to the 16 year old neighbor, with a heart of gold!!
    Well, I have a houseful now, but I’ll be around…Peace, Love and Blue Happiness…

  28. Nellyjune says:

    I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, and for those of you celebrating Hannukah, may you have a wonderful holiday as well. My hubby and I spent the last week up in the mountains in a cabin. We didn’t have snow, but there was enough entertainment around us and in the cabin, that the 7 young adults with us (for 5 days) had plenty to do. My hubby and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day watching the series “Baseball” by Ken Burns. The person who owns the cabin was a baseball fan (I’m thinking Yankees because there were books too, mostly about them). Anyhow, that series never gets old. I’m thinking that series may be a new holiday tradition for me.
    So, what do I do when I finally get home? Watch MLBtv of course. Can’t wait for Spring Training to start. I do have college baseball to look forward to the first week in February. So, the wait won’t be too long to be able to watch a live game once again.

    • That’s a lot of baseball to watch NellyJune, but I can’t blame you. Here in N.Y. like I suppose everywhere else in the states, baseball has taken a back seat to football,basketball and other winter sports, which leaves me with very little to read. So it’s a good time to watch baseball videos. Had a niece Christmas and looking forward to New Year’s Eve. Than baseball is right around the corner.

      • Nellyjune says:

        Yea, next time I will definitely spread it out more. I actually have the soundtrack, both in CD form and downloaded on my IPhone. The quotes and the historical plays and speeches/announcements mixed in with the music is just amazing.

  29. DodgerZona says:

    Hope all of you had a nice Christmas and have a nice New Year…..And i leave with this said

    Wonder how that greedy sob McCourt feels now that Judge Stark pooped in his punchbowl! Serves you right McCourt. Can’t wait for your ultimate ouster from our beloved Dodgers!

    • lbirken says:

      Not sure Frank feels much of anything. Too bad he did not put this much energy and attention into running the Dodgers in a responsible manner.

  30. Nellyjune says:

    102 days until Opening Day at Dodger Stadium, and Frank is still there 😦

  31. trublu4ever says:

    On a bright note….eugeni0-46 takes his streak to the Cards 😉

  32. lbirken says:

    Wonder which will happen first: Frank is officially gone or a new thread on ITD.

  33. 32and53fan says:

    For those of us of a certain age, this Internet radio station plays some nice music to hear while reading about the Dodgers:

  34. Emma says:

    Thanks for the music suggestion Brian.
    Hope all here had a wonderful Christmas. Have a safe NEw Year’s eve and New Years Day.

  35. I’m hoping everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Season. My decorations are still up so I’m still in Christmas mode!

  36. northstateblues says:

    Owner we have (for now): Real Estate McSkinFlint

    Owner who could restore the Dodgers to being the Dodgers: O’Malley, Garvey-Hershiser, Claire

    Owner who could restore the Dodgers to perennial contenders: Magic/Kasten/Guggenheim

    Owner we’ll end up with: Hedge Fund Cohen (on the bubble again…)

  37. Nellyjune says:

    Happy last day of 2011!!! Hoping for a better 2012 for our beloved Dodgers!!!

  38. trublu4ever says:

    Happy New Year’s Eve…I agree with Nellyjune….a better 2012 for our Dodgers woud be nice.


  40. Nellyjune says:

    Okay….that post didn’t end up in the write spot. Let’s try that again…
    Happy New Year Jhall, Oldbrooklynfan and anybody else living in the eastern time zone. GO DODGERS!!!

  41. lbirken says:

    May 2012 bring health and happiness to all and a new beginning for our beloved Dodgers.

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