Publicly Stating His Version of the Facts

September 18, 2011

In a better world, we would solve our economic issues and be done with them, move on to fixing the jobs market and then move onto education and taxes. In a sophisticated world, we would think logically before speaking, using our ideas to come to a better accord. However, these ideals and tasks have been put off for far to long, that now, public perception is neither fix nor cut, but rather a simple GET IT DONE.

What can be said about this American treasure commonly referred to as the Los Angeles Dodgers.? Our perception of this team runs wild from acceptable, to deplorable, insulting and plain horrid. No more is it a fallacy of the times, than it is of the people who head it.

Enter one Frank McCourt. Under better brain capacity, he’d at least consider to notion of stepping down, but it is because of this lack of brain capacity that he still scorns us. He considers us the enemy and he the liberator: a fighter of the people, for the people, per-se. He has previously said many times that the media has misconstrued the truth and that he is the victim. Although there may be some truth to this, and to how we arrived at this point in time and place, he cannot deny the fact that he brought this upon himself. The mere fact that his conniving sickening ways were kept hidden for so long, is a testament to our lack of digging for answers, and using our better judgement and logic before purchasing that $5 hot dog, $7 beer, $15 parking and $5.50 nachos, and asking, what is he doing with all that money.

Now we know better.

So with all this hatred for the man, and the lack of interest in anything he does to try and bring fans around, what more can he do.? In his mind, again, he is the victim, and his story has been tangled in a web of lies. And with that, Frank has taken it upon himself to ask Bankruptcy Court, the court that now controls the financials of the Dodgers, to allow him to hire a PR firm so they can tell his story in his way.

Never mind the fact that people whom work for the Organization are made to sign confidentiality waivers and cannot speak about the intertwines of the Organization after leaving the ball-club, but also attesting to the fact that now former Vice President of Communications left his post to pursue the forthcoming promotion of this title with another club, seems fishy. I mean, wouldn’t portraying the Dodgers and all things related to them fall under one of Josh Rawitch’s duties?

So all alas for Josh, as maybe he was fired, or left of his own free will. But why hire a PR firm whose sole focus will be to negate any story about an owner whom we all have seemed to fall in love with. We all know about the stealing, deception, cut backs, and problems that plague this team, but when will the man whose name falls on the deed ultimately see this whole situation for what it is: a no win situation. I wonder how this PR firm will try to fix that part of his image!