Let’s Play Three!

The Dodgers are in Pittsburgh today to make up a rained out game.  One hundred and twenty one years ago today, the forerunners of the Dodgers, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, also played Pittsburgh in the first tripleheader ever played, at Washington Park in Brooklyn.

Ernie Banks was known for his catchphrase of, “It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame… Let’s play two!”, expressing his wish to play a doubleheader every day out of his pure love for the game of baseball, especially in his self-described “friendly confines of Wrigley Field.”

If you go into your Dodgers historical happy place, you can almost hear the 1890 Bridegrooms team captain and star left fielder Darby O’Brien cry out in an Irish brogue “’tis a wonderful day for a ballgame lads… Let’s play three!”

1890 Brooklyn Bridegrooms

1890 Brooklyn Bridegrooms

1890 Brooklyn Bridegrooms

1890 Brooklyn Bridegrooms

Washington Park in 1887

Washington Park in 1887

This Day in Dodgers History

September 1, 1890 – On Labor Day at Brooklyn’s Washington Park, the Bridegrooms, later to be known as the Dodgers win all three games against Pittsburgh in the first tripleheader ever played. The home team sweep the visiting Alleghenys, who will be renamed the Pirates next season, 10-9, 3-2, and 8-4.


106 Responses to Let’s Play Three!

  1. trublu4ever says:

    And, getting the call to start this game is 27 year old leftie Dana Eveland. Good luck young man! Let’s get him some runs guys and continue our winning streak!

    From the previous thread……the attendance at yesterdays game was the worst I have seen all year. And, since we have been playing pretty well lately, I blame it ALL on FRANKRUPT…..just as Dodgereric’s post about Bill’s article states.

  2. trublu4ever says:

    I see where we decided to keep Carroll. Apparently, they put him out there on waivers and, the Braves were interested but, we weren’t offered enough in return. Imagine that….not offered enough..after the wonderful deals Neddie has pulled off! 😉

    • I had someone on Gurnick’s blog try and say that Ned figures to get more with a draft pick (evidently Carroll’s a Type B FA) than what Atlanta was offering.

      Obviously they haven’t been paying attention over the last 6 years. The chance of Ned offering Carroll arbitration to get a sandwich pick is all but zero.

      Its just typical idiot Ned. Don’t get anything for any of our over the hill would be FA vets (Carroll, Blake, Barajas, Miles, etc. etc.) that he probably could’ve dumped. Now he gets nothing when they all walk.

      What Ned will most likely do is re-sign Carroll, thus blocking Gordon or Sellers off next year’s team.

      What Ned fails to realize in dealing with other GMs is that they aren’t stupid enough to give up a top prospect for 1-2 months of a PVL like he is.

  3. trublu4ever says:

    I do have a “happy place” but, it’s not historical….hysterical is more like it 🙂

  4. dodgereric says:

    I gotta admit, I don’t think I’ve heard of a triple-header before! I know there were times they’d play a few double-headers in a row, but this……. whew! In reading about Cobb’s career, I know he and the Tigers played 6 games in 3 days more than once.

    Reposted from the end of the last thread:

    Finally, a Plaschke article I can get behind:

    “In a season of bad, it’s the worst…….It’s the smallest crowd I’ve seen in my 23 years of following the Dodgers…..

    “The official attendance is 27,767, the second-lowest of the season, but that accounts for the number of tickets sold, not the number of actual people in seats.

    “This is surely the worst. This is surely not even close. Eleven sections are completely vacant. Most of the pavilion sections are in single digits. The left-field corner section, previously known as Mannywood, is Deadwood, inhabited by precisely 20 people.

    “There are maybe 8,000 folks here, and if you want an idea about the no-shows, listen to George Aldana, an insurance guy who is sitting with co-workers among the tumbleweeds of Deadwood.

    “Aldana had an extra ticket, so he phoned his sister, Lisa, a longtime Dodgers fan.

    “I offered her the ticket and she said, ‘No, I’m not giving any money to Frank McCourt,’ ” he says.

    “Saldana replied that he was giving her the ticket for free.

    “She said, ‘Yeah, but then once I get there, what if I buy a beer? That’s still money in McCourt’s pocket. No way.’ ”

    “There has surely been no greater example of fans giving up something they love to spite an owner they despise.”


    Well, after that, here are the latest. I charitably continue to use the 25% estimated no-show rate.

    Game 71 attendance (2010): 48,220
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 27,767
    Difference from 2010: -20,453
    Estimated no-shows: 6,942
    Estimated turnstile attendance: 20,825

    Greater than last year = 9 / Less than last year = 61
    16th straight game of negative attendance

    Games less than 30,000 this season – 11
    Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – 2010: none
    Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704

    Lowest attended game of the year: Game 8 – 27,439
    Largest single game drop: Game 18 (55,662 – 28,419 = 27,243)

    2010 attendance (71 games) – 3,174,946 (44,718 average)
    2011 attendance (71 games) – 2,604,055 (36,677 average) #10 in MLB
    Percentage attendance drop 2010/2011: -21.9232

    Drop of 570,891 total
    Average drop of 8041
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 651,298
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,970,823
    2010′s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

    Next game’s (72) attendance in 2010 – 43,758

    Crowds less than 30,000 in 2010: none. 2011: 11
    Crowds 30,000 – 39,999 in 2010: 14. 2011: 43
    Crowds 40,000 – 49,999 in 2010: 46. 2011: 12
    Crowds 50,000 – 55,999 in 2010: 7. 2011: 2
    Sellouts (56,000) in 2010: 4. 2011: 3

    Stop hiding behind the bankruptcy judge and SELL THE TEAM!

  5. dodgereric says:

    What’s interesting about this statement is that it’s from a guy who writes for the Phillies’ blog:

    “Don’t be surprised if Kershaw emerges from the 2011 season with his first piece of hardware.”


    • 32and53fan says:

      It would be great if Kershaw got the award.

      • trublu4ever says:

        I think Kersh has a better chance of getting the award than Matty does for the MVP. Even though, Matty deserves it, the voters tend to select players on better teams. Once in a while they go with a guy like Kemp but, I thiink they will probably give it to Braun. That being said, and because I said it…..Matty will win it….I am 99.9% wrong all the time.

  6. 32and53fan says:

    There is a good article about the first (of only three) tripleheader at this web site. They also have more information about the early roots of the team that became the Dodgers. The site contains excerpts of the book:

  7. selltheteam says:

    I would like to see a DP combo of Gordon and Sellers, starting today.

  8. Hi OTD
    Yes 1890, The Dodgers first year in the N.L. How many of you know they were organized by two guys, which off hand, I can’t remember their names in the winter of 1883? They started of the following year in the American Association. They were one of the best teams in baseball. Thanks for the information on winning that triple header, 32&53 Fan. I never knew that.

  9. 32and53fan says:

    Hi OBF,
    Check out that web site. It has a lot of information about the early Dodgers. From the trivia page:

      Whose idea was it to start the Brooklyn team that became the Dodgers?New York newspaper editor George Taylor

      Who was the team’s first president and the man behind the team’s success?New York real estate man and opera lover Charles H. Byrne

      Who was his partner?His brother-in-law, casino owner Joe Doyle

      Who was the team’s main financial backer? Gus Abell, owner of a large casino in Rhode Island

  10. JhallWally says:

    Good morning/afternoon Outsiders. Great stuff everyone. Thanks for the attendance status update Dad/Eric. While watching the game yesterday, it looked like a Marlins home game. Definately less than 10k actually there. Wow, with a paid attendance of almost 28k and only about 8k there, that’s over a 70% no show rate.

    Anyway, good luck to Eveland today. Stay hot, keep scoring runs and let’s get to .500 and help wreck the G’Aints playoff hopes.


    • 32and53fan says:

      The Dodgers are going great right now. It’s too bad they couldn’t have played like this all year. They have a shot at finishing above the Giants if they keep up the good pitching and clutch hitting.
      That would be sweet!

      Why can’t Frankrupt get the message that the attendance will not return to normal until he is out?

      Is the bankruptcy preventing Selig from ousting McCourt for the good of MLB and the Dodgers franchise?

      • JhallWally says:

        Yep, it is a shame we didn’t play this way earlier. But, we all knew going in that we would not be a very good team relying on Furcal, Blake, Thames, Gibbons, Navarro, Broxton, and Uribe to be key contributors. Also counting heavily on two injury prone pitchers, Garland and Padilla, didn’t bode well. Ned sure knows how to build a team. So, none of these players has contributed squat, most are gone, and we are playing better. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

        Also, I’m sure Frank is well aware the fans despise him. Your forgetting one thing. He doesn’t give a crap about the fans. It is about Frank first. And yes, for now, Frank is under bankruptcy protection.

        • selltheteam says:

          Frank may be under bankruptcy protection, but without butts in the seats and buying his $8 beers, he is still losing money rapidly. Just wait ’til next year, when this years’ season ticket holders fail to renew their seats.

          • JhallWally says:

            The drastically reduced attendance is definitely hurting McCourt. Without that revenue stream, the only thing left is the TV deal and money. It is going to come down to whether the court lets him sell the TV rights and steps on Baseballs franchise rules. Then the big battle begins.

            It will definitely be interesting to see the attendance drop off next year if Frank is still the owner. Season ticket sales have been dropping since 2009. Down from something like 28k to 17k this year.

      • selltheteam says:

        There was a good segment on KFI 640 this morning that talked about the attendance. Rich Morada said it looked like 8,000 to 10,000 in the stands. He also said that you could shoot off a cannon in any of four directions and have little risk of hitting anybody. The most interesting statement was about the lack of attendance in light of the fact that the Dodgers are hot right now. Not just the day game yesterday, but consider the lousy attendance on Tuesday night just after they had won six of their last seven games.

        The message from all Dodger fans is: “Get out of town, Frank McCourt! The sooner the better!”

  11. JhallWally says:

    Todays lineup:

    •Dee Gordon, SS
    •James Loney, 1B
    •Matt Kemp, CF
    •Andre Ethier, RF
    •Aaron Miles, 3B
    •Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
    •A.J. Ellis, C
    •Jamey Carroll, 2B
    •Dana Eveland, P

  12. messagebear says:

    I’m not sure to what extent it’s the bankruptcy that is protecting Frank’s ownership. It could as well be Bud’s lack of guts. He’s a piece of shit almost equal to Frank’s proportions. He really doesn’t have the guts to put MLB’s rules to the test in a courtroom. “in the interests of baseball” BULLSHIT. This commish is an asshole not even deserving the title. He can put Schieffer in place to monitor, but as soon as Frank makes a legal move, Bud shakes all to pieces. What a farce. In the meantime, we the fans are totally screwed who knows for how long.

  13. selltheteam says:

    Nice post, Brian! I, too, was unaware of the triple-headers in baseball’s history.

  14. 32and53fan says:

    Steve Dilbeck over at the L.A. Times Dodger blog reports:

    “Casey Blake, the straight-shooting, hard-working, likable third baseman, has decided to call it a season. And perhaps a career?

    Blake finally succumbed to the neck injury that has plagued him for the last two months and will have surgery next week, Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly said Thursday.”

  15. dodgereric says:

    I joined up with an outfit called, “Own the Dodgers”, trying to get what the Green Bay Packers have. I get occasional emails from them. A couple of weeks ago they said the upcoming decision on whether the asshole gets to shop his TV contract could be a very big moment for us all. It’s supposed to happen somewhere near the end of September.

  16. Ron Shafer says:

    Thanks for the mentions of my book When the Dodgers Were Bridegrooms and my website. For Dodger fans who thirst for a pennant race I’m posting daily reports on the 1889 race when Brooklyn and St.Louis went into Sept tied and the race went down to the last day.-Ron Shafer

  17. trublu4ever says:

    Surprise, surprise…..as per L.A. Times, Casey Blake will have season ending surgery to fix the pain in his neck … If it were a pain in the ass, I’d think Ned & Frank would be removed 😉

  18. dodgereric says:

    Frank McCourt has been offered $1.2 billion to sell the Dodgers, The Times has learned.

    The bid is headed by Los Angeles Marathon founder Bill Burke and funded in part by Chinese investors, according to a letter sent to McCourt on Tuesday. The letter was disclosed to The Times by two people familiar with its content but not authorized to discuss it publicly.


    • JhallWally says:

      Well, let’s hope the narcissist asshole takes the deal and gets the hell out.

    • vl4eccjr says:

      McCrook should take that offer & run fast enough not to let the door smack him in his ass on his way out! I hope Ned goes with him!

      • trublu4ever says:

        He’s too much of a stubborn jerk to take the offer. He believes we still love him and what he has done for this team. What an asshole!

    • 32and53fan says:

      If that offer can’t tempt McCourt to sell, I don’t know what can.

      The article says McCourt may try to keep Dodger Stadium and the parking lots even if he sells the team. That would be horrible if he could get away with it.

      I am shocked that the city of Los Angeles did not place restrictions on the use of the over 300 acres of land that they virtually gave away to O’Malley in return for the 12 acres and Wrigley Field in South Los Angeles. Besides the land, taxpayers paid millions of dollars to build the roads and freeway connections that lead into Chavez Ravine.

      McCourt’s plan is to create a mega real estate development of luxury residential towers and commercial buildings along the rim of the parking lot with killer views of downtown Los Angeles. I hope that never happens.

    • selltheteam says:

      Take the deal! I’m not sure how happy we will be with Commie China owning the Dodgers, but it can’t be any worse than McCourt.

  19. trublu4ever says:

    Boy….speed kills! Way to go guys!

  20. selltheteam says:

    Way to go, Mighty Mite!

  21. JhallWally says:

    Nice!! Good luck Dana Eveland.

  22. Why is Carroll playing? Isn’t September supposed to be a time to evaluate the youngsters?

    An NO to China owning part of the Dodgers. I’d rather suffer through more of McCourt than have that.

  23. 32and53fan says:

    You would think a professional base runner would know by now not to run inside the base line on the way to first base.

  24. trublu4ever says:

    Gordon may be speedy but, Tattoo would have made that play!

  25. selltheteam says:

    Let’s go, Bums! We’re gonna need some more runs today!

  26. nedisajerk says:

    Happy Bday T-Rob and it just to bad you should’ve been playing for us.

  27. selltheteam says:

    Kemp’s stolen base today and 32and53fan’s post yesterday on benchmarks makes me think of 40/40. Who’s in the 40/40 club? Mostly ‘Roid heads:

    Jose Canseco, 1988, 42 HR, 40 SB
    Barry Bonds, 1996, 42 HR, 40 SB
    A-Roid, 1998, 42 HR, 46 SB
    Alfonso Soriano, 2006, 46 HR, 41 SB

  28. selltheteam says:

    Eveland has settled down and done well so far. I’d still like to have some more runs, let’s say four more.

  29. selltheteam says:

    A gift! We’ll take it.

  30. Gordon needs to learn the Vic Davalillo chop and run.

  31. Not to take away anything from the game Eveland’s pitching, but let’s hope Ned doesn’t get carried away and think he’s got a diamond in the rough. With a fastball that tops out maybe 89-90, he’s another Lilly waiting to happen.

  32. trublu4ever says:

    Holy crap! We’re going to blow this!

  33. selltheteam says:

    Shoulda left in Eveland for the CG.

  34. JhallWally says:

    Whew!! Nice win. Good job by Eveland. Only 4 games under .500. 26 games left. We only need to go 15 and 11 to reach .500. Going gets tougher now going to Atlanta.

  35. trublu4ever says:


  36. Weren’t purdy at the end, but its a win.

  37. trublu4ever says:

    Now, on to Hotlanta!

  38. 32and53fan says:

    It would have really sucked to lose that one. Nice to head to Atlanta with a win.

  39. grizzy says:

    Can the bankruptcy court direct McCourt to take the deal?
    The jerk doesn’t go for this he’s a bigger fool/asshole than any of us thought. And that’s hard to do. If he doesn’t take it I’d have to think he’s hell bent on ruining baseball in Los Angeles.

  40. selltheteam says:

    Hawkshit should get an assist on giving Jansen an opportunity for a save. Oh. What? Never mind.

  41. nedisajerk says:

    I think Donny should take blame on Hawks sucking big time. He wouldn’t pitch him in 4 to 5 days in a row and it look like the rust is kicking in. I like Hawks a lot and trust him more than McDougal and Guerrier. We finally got the bullpen ERA down to 4 actually 3.94 coming into this game. I think he should’ve used Kuo and not like we needed him vs the Padres and he has been pitching very well since that game vs the Rockies.


  42. What a gem he pitched. I know he’s no rookie but who ever thought Eveland would be that good, on this call up.
    After the Braves series I think we’ll have a better idea where dem bums of ours really stand.

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