Dreamweaver: The Jackie Robinson Story

The Jackie Robinson Story

Scene From The Jackie Robinson Story

Last night I fell asleep watching a movie about Adolf Hitler on my laptop computer.  It’s not like I don’t get my fill of World War II documentaries on the Military History channel.  But this one was a little different.  It was an English propaganda film made in 1940 using a combination of documentary footage and recreated scenes.  I can’t remember when I nodded off, but a few hours later I awoke to a familiar sound – the crack of a bat striking a baseball.

The Jackie Robinson Story was halfway through when I regained consciousness.  It has been years since I have seen that movie but I am a sucker for any baseball or aviation movie.  We all know the story of how Robinson created such a stir upon his arrival in the major leagues.  His base-running exploits shook up the National League.

Dee Gordon reminds me a little of Jackie Robinson in the way he runs the bases.  He has an explosive style that seems a little different from the way other speedsters on the Dodgers run.  I hope he can remind us of the Dodger great with his bat too.

Click on the image above to watch The Jackie Robinson Story on Hulu.  It was made in 1950 and stars Jackie Robinson playing himself.

This Day in Dodgers History

August 10, 1995 – The first forfeit in the majors in sixteen years occurs when the fans for the third time during the night throw promotional souvenir baseballs onto the Dodger Stadium field. At the time of the decision to halt the game, Los Angeles is trailing the Cardinals, 2-1 with one out in the bottom of the ninth.


58 Responses to Dreamweaver: The Jackie Robinson Story

  1. grizzy says:

    I see it was business as usual last night. At least Lilly is showing some life. Pretty tough finding bright spots this year.

  2. trublu4ever says:

    Great post!

  3. trublu4ever says:

    Poor Bear….he just got chewed out on ITD! That’s okay, we know and love you here!

    • selltheteam says:

      Beyond the widely noted attendance decline of close to 20% this season, FMI claims in its filing that “actual ‘turnstile’ attendance is down even more, with the number of ‘no shows’ almost quadrupling, resulting in less foot traffic at the stadium and even lower merchandise sales.”

      Keep that boycott moving.

  4. selltheteam says:

    Dee Gordon to have MRI on shoulder
    Gordon said that although the pain isn’t as severe this time, he is more concerned about the situation now than he was then because the discomfort returned.

    “I just have to see what happens,” he said. “I’m just going to do whatever the training staff tells me I should do.”

    Dee, take it from me, don’t take any advice from Stan Conte. Get a second opinion. You’re going to need a good right shoulder for a long time. Don’t let Conte screw you up.

  5. selltheteam says:

    Line Up for the Sweep

    Miles 2b
    Blake 3b
    Ethier rf
    Kemp cf
    Rivera lf
    Loney 1b
    Navarro c
    Carroll ss
    Billingsley p

  6. 32and53fan says:

    @dodgerscribe Anthony Jackson
    Phillies not wearing throwbacks today. They refuse to participate in Dodgers’ silly schemes. They’re just about winning baseball games.

    These are the only guys that should be wearing the uniforms.

  7. vl4eccjr says:

    Where did this offensive outburst come from?

    • selltheteam says:

      I guess Worley is having a bad day. Don’t worry; all is right with the world – Jamey Carroll waited until the bases were empty before he hit his triple. Wouldn’t want the Earth to tilt off its axis.

  8. vl4eccjr says:

    Damn Billz! Shouldn’t throw a cookie down the middle like that!!!

  9. vl4eccjr says:

    The Dodger bullpen will be working OT today.
    Neither pitcher has it working. . .

  10. selltheteam says:

    Need to score a lot more runs to provide enough cushion for McDooDoo.

  11. vl4eccjr says:

    The sooner Jansen gets back, the better.

  12. trublu4ever says:

    The Bad News Bears are at it once again!

  13. JhallWally says:

    Wow, thought I had the wrong game on. 7 runs. Still not too late to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  14. selltheteam says:

    Hold on to your hats (and other assorted things) – we’ve got four more innings of bull&&& work to go.

  15. vl4eccjr says:

    This is ridiculous!!
    A horrible combination of a team that plays like it doesn’t want to make an effort to hold a lead, & scratch out a win to avoid a sweep, and the current hottest team in baseball looking to sure up their best road trip in team history……..
    And the Dodgers on the wrong end!

  16. messagebear says:

    Just looked in on ITD and all FIVE of the comments (one of them actually mine). I think if they held an ITD event this year they could organize it in a phone booth outside of the stadium. Frank, of course, would not show up even with the now mild-mannered ITD crowd. He could call in on the phone line in the phone booth and give them this season’s encouraging message. “Stick with me, fans. I always have your best interests in mind. Just put your money down, and let me take care of this team the way I only know how. Ned’s here to help me.”

  17. trublu4ever says:

    I think we need Bastardo on our team….his name just fits, doesn’t it?! 😉

  18. The current state of the players:

  19. trublu4ever says:

    41,807 is the supposed paid attendance! I’d say they’d be lucky to have 20,000 there!!!!!

  20. vl4eccjr says:

    Eugeni-o for forever still!!!
    When are they going to dump this loser?!!!

  21. trublu4ever says:

    I guess they don’t want to bring Jerry back up because he is playing so well now and, they don’t want to mess him up….does that mean what we’ve known all along? Our coaching staff stinks!

    • It also shows that the orgnization doesn’t even have the most rudimentary marketing skills or we’d be “seeing the future” with Sands and others rather than Eugenio4ever and Navarro. I’d think that would at least put a few more butts in the seats.

      Then again, with Ned at the controls, we already ARE seeing the future.

  22. trublu4ever says:

    To think I had to DVR Intentional Talk and my soap opera for this crap!

  23. trublu4ever says:

    The good news for today…we finally scored 8 runs….the bad news, they scored 9!

  24. JhallWally says:

    Oh well. Defense and bullpen snatched defeat from the jaws of victory today. At least the G’Aints got hammered by the Pirates.
    Go D’Backs!!!!!

  25. 32and53fan says:

    What do true Dodger fans think of this game?

  26. Dodger dawg 32 says:

    The Trifecta of Doom, Frankrupt, Ned, and Donnie. Once all 3 are gone, then the Dodgers will be the Dodgers again.

  27. Dee Gordon on the 15-day DL . . . . contusion. The phantom Piano Man is not doing a good job at all.

  28. Nellyjune says:

    Have you read the latest from the LA Times? Even Davey Lopes is commenting on how bad our organization is right now. Now, will the fans who are angry with Andre for supposedly voicing his opinions be just as hard on Davey Lopes for the same thinking? Probably not.

  29. Nellyjune says:

    They can’t tell me that when coaches start voicing their honest opinions, this isn’t affecting the play on the field. How can it not? I have felt all along it’s affecting the team, but there is no doubt in my mind it is now. If you listen to the opposing team’s commentators, they are all feeling sorry for the players and the fans. And to think this is just the beginning of a downhill slide until something is decided on what to do with the ownership of our beloved Dodgers.

  30. dodgereric says:

    Funny, I read the story about today’s game, oh, maybe an hour after the game was over. I had only listened to an inning or two and wanted to see what happened. In that story, I would swear there was a comment about the 41,000 attendance, saying something like there were maybe half of that actually there. I wanted to copy and post it here with the new numbers. It’s been stricken from the story. I know it was there. It’s not now. Power of the press? No balls?

    No matter, there’s lots of stuff around for us to feel justified about.

    A quote from the article enchanted posted up top:

    “Beyond the widely noted attendance decline of close to 20% this season, FMI claims in its filing that “actual ‘turnstile’ attendance is down even more, with the number of ‘no shows’ almost quadrupling, resulting in less foot traffic at the stadium and even lower merchandise sales.”

    A quote from an article on dropped spring revenue at Camelback Ranch:

    “Attendance for Dodgers games at Camelback Ranch dropped 17% this season; attendance for White Sox games dropped 2.6%”

    Prejudiced as I am, I chalk the Sox’ drop to the economy. Subtract the same percentage from the Dodgers’ figure and The Owner Factor for spring training is at 14.4%.

    Then there’s good ol’ Davey:

    “Davey Lopes was standing behind the batting cage earlier this week when he was visited by a ghost of a championship past.

    “It was one of his former Philadelphia Phillies players, and he had a question.

    “He looked around the stadium and shook his head and was like, ‘Man, what happened here?’ ” Lopes recalled Wednesday morning. “He was like, ‘Didn’t this used to be the Dodgers?’ ”

    “The Dodgers used to be the model organization … now that’s the Phillies.”

    “It’s disheartening; it’s really sad to see,” he said. “I knew there were some problems here, but I had no idea of the damage that had been done to this organization.”

    “We were such a proud organization, but now … when the O’Malleys sold the team, they took the heart and soul of the Dodgers with them.”


    We’re creeping towards the half-million mark. I’m so excited, I’ve added a new number. I know you’re all getting bored with the same ones. These articles cited the percentage drop. I like it. You’ll find it below, strung out to 4 decimals (just for fun) and I’ll keep updating it too.

    Game 62 attendance (2010): 44,268
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 41,807
    Greater than last year = 9 / Less than last year = 52
    7th straight game of negative attendance

    Games less than 30,000 this season – 9
    Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – 2010: none
    Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704

    Lowest attended game of the year: Game 8 – 27,439
    Largest single game drop: Game 18 (55,662 – 28,419 = 27,243)

    2010 attendance (62 games) – 2,770,795 (44,690 average)
    2011 attendance (62 games) – 2,290,843 (36,949 average) #10 in MLB
    Percentage attendance drop 2010/2011: -20.9509

    Drop of 479,952 total
    Average drop of 7741
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 627,034
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,992,876
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

    Next game’s (63) attendance in 2010 – 45,104

    Crowds less than 30,000 in 2010: none. 2011: 9
    Crowds 30,000 – 39,999 in 2010: 13. 2011: 36
    Crowds 40,000 – 49,999 in 2010: 38. 2011: 12
    Crowds 50,000 – 55,999 in 2010: 7. 2011: 2
    Sellouts (56,000) in 2010: 4. 2011: 3

    • Nellyjune says:

      I read that this afternoon. I certainly thought of this group when I read it. Also, thanks for posting the attendance update, and thanks for posting the LA Times article I referenced earlier. It was very refreshing to a point to have a coach validate what the millions and millions of baseball fans have been saying. I say baseball fans rather than Dodger fans because this is now just a sad baseball story.

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