Ladies and Gentlemen, Raphael Has Left the Building

Tony Jackson of ESPN/LA writes that he will never forget the impact that Raphael Furcal had in Los Angeles.

…”By the time Saturday night’s game was over, the Los Angeles Dodgers having lost 6-4 to the Arizona Diamondbacks before 37,139 at Dodger Stadium, Furcal’s locker had been cleaned out, with only two bottles of lotion and a pair of shower shoes left behind.


Gary A. Vasquez/US Presswire

One source whispered to me privately that Furcal had left around the fourth inning, which would seem to be an unmistakable sign he had chosen to accept a trade to the St. Louis Cardinals rather than using his “10-and-five” rights to block it, even though that trade still hadn’t been officially finalized. Another source, one close to the Cardinals, said the only reason for the delay was that they have yet to actually tell the still-unidentified minor league outfielder they are sending to the Dodgers for Furcal that he has been traded.

At any rate, the deal appears to be done, even if no one will actually say it.”

This Day in Dodgers History

On July 31, 2004 – Ten minutes prior to the trading deadline, Steve Finley gives the Diamondbacks permission to deal him to the Dodgers. The trade sends the four-time gold glove center fielder and backstop Brent Mayne to Los Angles for minor league catching prospect Koyie Hill, flycatcher Reggie Abercrombie and southpaw Bill Murphy, who acquired in yesterday’s trade with the Marlins.


180 Responses to Ladies and Gentlemen, Raphael Has Left the Building

  1. trublu4ever says:

    I can’t wait for the day when Frankrupt and his regime leave the building!

  2. vl4eccjr says:

    I hope Gordon is on the way back up.

  3. grizzy says:

    Sorry to see the guy go. Wish him well and a sad what if he had been healthy?

  4. messagebear says:

    Don’t expect anybody significant to show in exchange for Furcal. This was just a salary lightening move whereby Frank will still save a couple of million dollars. If he could have done so, so it would have been with Kuroda. This club will never again think of getting actual prospects until Frank has left the building, the town, the state, maybe even the country, or this life.

    • JhallWally says:

      Well, we got Alex Castellanos for Frailcal. He’s a 2008, 10th round pick who turns 25 on Aug 4th and has not played above AA. Just about the level of prospect that I expected.

      What really bugs the crap out of me about this deal is the fact that he’s a freaking outfielder. My god, we’ve got a slew of low to mid level outfield prospects and we deperately need a freaking 3B or C. Not to mention 1B and 2B.

      So we basically did a salary dump with no real regard to addressing the teams most glaring deficiancies. Once again, way to go Neddy. When Frank is done thanking you, stand up straight, pull up your trousers, and put some horse shit spin on it.

  5. JhallWally says:

    Well, I realize that Billz didn’t exactly help himself, but, if Guerrier does his job, we come out of the dreaded 6th inning only giving up 2 runs and still holding a 1 run lead. I put that squarely on DilDon. For Christs sake, Grrrrear has been terrible with inherited runners. He had already allowed 12 of 29 to score, or an abysmal 41%. Of course he promptly and quite predictably gave up a double allowing all 3 of the runners he inherited to score. Gotta pad those stats. Now 15 of 32 inherited runners scoring. 47 freaking percent. C’mon DilDon, get a clue. Chalk up another humdinger of a signing for Ned Colletti.

    • trublu4ever says:

      Let’s pack Guerrier up and send him back to the Twins!

      • JhallWally says:

        Good Sunday morning Trumom… I sure wish we could pack him up with Uribe and Lilly and send them anywhere but our clubhouse. Of course Ned has stuck us with these stiffs for the next 2 1/3 years and wasted 66M in the process. A fact that alot of you Ethierholics here are going to feel real good about when the Dodgers don’t have the money to get a contract extension done with Andre this winter because of money issues. Ned is a total nincompoop and has caused as much harm to the franchise as Frank. Albeit in different ways. Frank, because of his total amorality, greed, and narcissism. And Ned, because of his fundamental lack of baseball saavy and basic ignorance.

        How I long for the day that we are celebrating the departures of Frank and Furter.

        • Nellyjune says:

          I think that is why Andre said what he said at the beginning of the season. I don’t look at it as Andre being moody or ungrateful fir what he has. I think he is just being realistic and maybe knows the history Dodgereric was pointing out the other day. His agent isn’t Boras, but I am sure he is telling Andre all the problems the organization will face if we don’t have a change in ownership. So, Andre (and/or his agent) are just thinking proactively instead of (like many casual fans) thinking everything is just rosy and the Dodgers will take care of me.

          • JhallWally says:

            Hi’Ya Nelly. I agree with you. Andre is just stating facts and being realistic. I’m sure he would have loved the chance to go to a playoff team and have a shot at the big prize. I think if you are a player, that has to be your ultimate goal. I know it would be mine. Another reason that the Kuroda decision is perplexing to me.
            And yes, there are alot of fans out there with some deeply rose colored glasses on. I think Dad/Eric hit the nail on the head the other day when he observed that most of the self called “Dodger Fans” don’t really give a damn about the team and level of play. They are just there for some entertainment and socializing.

  6. trublu4ever says:

    Dee Gordon was called up.

  7. trublu4ever says:

    i know now that the team would be much better off if we, the OTD bloggers, were in charge!

    • JhallWally says:

      I think you are right Trumom. No one here would have signed Uribe, Lilly, Grrrrear, Garland, Thames, Gibbons, Navarro, Cormier, etc…. this off season. Then we would have some money to work on a contract extension for Andre or Matt or both.

      • nedisajerk says:

        I didn’t mind the Garland signing since he’s always seem to stay healthy and eat up inning and it was just a 1 year deal and probably would’ve been our 4th starter if he stay healthy.

        • JhallWally says:

          I’m not real happy with it as they knew that he had serious issues before they did the deal. Just like Schidt. No one else would touch him and Ned wasted 3.5M on him. Basic common sense should tell you not to sign pitchers with lots of mileage and arm issues.

  8. messagebear says:

    Well, Gordon now ought to get ample chance to show whether he can make it as a major leaguer. Speed and desire alone won’t do it, but I hope he has the capacity to improve. Otherwise, my eye is on Lemmerman, who’s had four years of college experience and seemed to do well in his early years or two.

  9. JhallWally says:

    OK, enough venting. Go Rubby!!!! Looking forward to seeing what Gordon and some of the other young’uns can do for the rest of the season.

  10. 32and53fan says:

    I am sorry that Furcal never really lived up to his potential because of all his injuries. You would see a glimpse of what he could do in the field, at bat and on the bases. Then something would happen and he would be out for two months.

    It figures that Ned got hosed on this deal too. I thought he could have demanded a AAA level infielder, especially since he is paying some of Furcal’s remaining salary. (It is curious how they never report the amounts of salary that are eaten.)

    Well, now we will see if Gordon can hit at this level.

    • JhallWally says:

      Yep, you’d think that we could have at least addressed a position of need instead of getting another mediocre outfield prospect.
      I guess that is the best reason for not dealing Ethier. Ned would not have gotten true value for him. We would have ended up with medicre OF and Relief Pitcher prospects or washed up veteran crap.

      • nedisajerk says:

        Actually Furcal didn’t have much value and this guy can also played 2nd and 3rd so I doubt he wouldn’t be worry about him being in the OF if they moved him to 2nd and 3rd.

  11. 32and53fan says:

    Dodgers Lineup
    Gwynn 7
    Miles 5
    Ethier 9
    Kemp 8
    Rivera 3
    Navarro 2
    Carroll 4
    Gordon 6
    De La Rosa 1

  12. 32and53fan says:

    From Twitter:
    TBrownYahoo Tim Brown
    Scout on Castellanos: Power and some speed and defensive versatility…

  13. messagebear says:

    Heaven forbid, but I’m afraid Loney is being held out just in case Ned completes the rest of his deal with St. Louis – that being Loney for Dotel.

  14. trublu4ever says:

    Love it, jhall…your Reds are beating the gnats 4 – 0!

    • JhallWally says:

      Me too!!! Screw the G’nats. The rest of this season I will be happy watching the kids play to see what we may have going forward and rooting for the G’nats to fail.

  15. trublu4ever says:

    Just read that Rubby and Davey Lopes have a uniform number change….Rubby #41 and Lopes gets his old #15 back. Now, that’s going to make us a winner!

  16. Nellyjune says:

    Hey Jhall!! – What are the Indians fans thinking about getting Jimenez?

    • JhallWally says:

      Haven’t heard any fan reaction yet. The commentators and Cleveland media think it is a pretty good deal overall because they’ve got control of him for the next 3 years. They figure since they are in a rebuilding mode and basically ahead of where they thought they would be at this point, that he fits right in with their plans. The prospects they gave up are at least 2 years away from what I’m hearing. Most believe it is worth going for it now and they really didn’t cripple themselves down the road.

  17. JhallWally says:

    Wah-Hoo, Reds 8, G’nats 0, bottom of the 7th!!!!!!

  18. JhallWally says:

    Just read that we picked up 3.42M of the 4.8M remaining on Frailcals contract. I think I would have made them give up a better prospect if I was picking up that much of his salary. For 1.38M, I would have told them to kiss my ass if they didn’t want to do it.

  19. nedisajerk says:

    I wonder what we can get with Loney+Bills?

  20. Dodger dawg 32 says:

    If Ned ever gets fired, the only people that will be sad to see him go will be all of the other GMs, the ones that hose him all of the time. I wonder if Ned is a drinker, because you’d have to be drunk to make some of these deals that he’s made, and I’m not talking much about the Furcal trade, although it didn’t address any specific need.

  21. JhallWally says:

    Hot Damn!! Reds shut out the G’nats 9-0 for the sweep. Cueto with a CG.

  22. trublu4ever says:

    Wow….good tag, Dee!

  23. trublu4ever says:

    Dodgers just traded Trayvon Robinson in a 3 team deal. don’t know the details.

  24. DodgerZona says:

    Get out of LA Ned….Hi all…Just venting alittle……3 team deal….Dodgers,Bos and Sea

  25. DodgerZona says:

    Stupid stupid

  26. DodgerZona says:

    Why trade Trayvon ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  27. DodgerZona says:

    Link not working for some reason….anyway all the info is on

  28. trublu4ever says:

    Was with Boston & Seattle…..we get Catcher..Federowicz, Pitchers Juan Rodriquez & Steven Fife.

  29. Nellyjune says:

    Ned is on a list all by himself because nobody even comes close to how assinine he really is.
    Way to go Dre and Matt!!!

  30. trublu4ever says:

    Ned has finally lost his fu*king mind!

  31. DodgerZona says:

    Sorry Tru some reason the link didn’t work but thanks for posting that….Loser Ned….Frank and Ned go away

  32. trublu4ever says:

    Hmmmm…maybe Trayvon and Andre will both be with Boston next year! lol

  33. DodgerZona says:

    I don’t doubt that Tru

  34. trublu4ever says:

    Another bomb just left the stadium! Come on Rubby…settle down!!!

  35. DodgerZona says:

    I am unable to post without multiple violations

  36. JhallWally says:

    Well, I see DeLaRosa is doing his Lilly impersonation.

  37. Nellyjune says:

    A quote from Colletti: “You can move somebody to the outfield. You can move somebody to the infield, but you can’t move somebody to catcher.” I guess the fact the Treyvon was our best hitter in the minors wasn’t important enough.

    • JhallWally says:

      What a load of shit. Russell Martin was drafted in the 17th round of the 2002 draft as a 2B. Unbelievable. And he was drafted in 2000 by Washington in the 35th round as a 3B. More bullshit and lies.

    • nedisajerk says:

      If they so than move Ethier to 1st and have an OF of Robinson, Kemp and Sands?

  38. 32and53fan says:

    The Red Sox gave us three low level guys for Trayvon, then flipped him to the Mariners for Eric Bedard.

    Why couldn’t Ned just get Bedard for Robinson?

  39. Nellyjune says:

    According to Ned, Federowics has good defense, a good leader, and his offense is a work in progress. Ummmmm……. We could have kept Russell Martin for that reasoning.

  40. messagebear says:

    Why not trade Oeltjen instead? He’s at least already shown that he’s not a prospect likely to make the everyday lineup.

  41. nedisajerk says:

    I’d rather trade Robinson for 2 young pitching prospect. I think he could’ve fetch us 2 to 3.

  42. nedisajerk says:

    Maybe they did that to clear a roster spot and put Castellanos on the 40 man roster or risk losing him in the rule 5 draft.

  43. So much for the future. That trade makes no sense at all when you don’t have a LFer. I think we already have a new one for the top 10. What a complete fucking asshole.

    • JhallWally says:

      Yep, its another Ned boner!!! From everything I’ve read so far, we got taken for a bad ride again. We basically gave up one of our top 5 prospects and a player that projects to be a solid if not impact player for 3rd tier shit. None of those guys are in the Red Sox top 20 and only one is in their top 30. The catching prospect is projected as a solid backup. Good Grief. My god, that is essentially what Ellis is.

  44. Rubby out of thr game. Probably just traded him too.

  45. 32and53fan says:

    Our crack GM hard at work. Expect to hear his spin on all of the trades via the media soon. BTW, Ned will be on with Rick Monday and Charley Steiner during the 6th inning on KABC 790 and the rest of the Dodger radio network.

  46. JhallWally says:

    I truely loathe Ned. He is doing his best to keep up with Frank on destroying the Dodgers. Frank off the field and Ned on the field.

  47. Think I’m there now to being comletely done with this fucked-up organization. Bout time I started following the Angels.

  48. JhallWally says:

    And of course DilDon has to get into the freaking stupidity race by pinch hitting Velez. Unbelievable.

  49. Nellyjune says:

    ……and yet, many fans get upset with players (Andre) for giving the impression they would rather be on a different team. Maybe Andre will explain to Kuroda “You should have gotten out when you could dude. It’s useless as long as Frank and Ned are in charge.”

  50. messagebear says:

    Ned and Frank give the nomer “fucking asshole” a bad name.
    Fucking assholes have a legitimate use for those so inclined, whereas Frank and Ned are totally useless and have even been totally destructive to our organization. How much longer?

  51. JhallWally says:

    Listening to Ned makes me sick. He is so full of shit. Sounds like we would have been better off trying to get some 3B prospects as we’ve already got guys like Federwhatever in the system. Geez!!!!

  52. trublu4ever says:

    Paid attendance: 43,935……no way, Jose! They are lucky to have 25,000 in the house.

  53. JhallWally says:

    Amazing ain’t it Tru?!!!

  54. nedisajerk says:

    Did they announce that trade at DS? They should had than 95% of that attendance should just left the stadium

  55. JhallWally says:

    Well, on the bright side, perhaps getting another catching prospect means that they have no intention of bringing back Barajas or Navarro next year.

  56. Nellyjune says:

    Come on James!!’

  57. Nellyjune says:

    Tony Jackson just reported that our new catching prospect’s name is pronounced FED-er-witz……. should make it fun for Enchanted if he ever comes back 🙂

    • 32and53fan says:

      He also tweeted:
      Another rough outing for Kuo. I hate to say this, but … actually, I’m not going to say. But you know what I’m thinking.

      I’m thinking that he is thinking Kuo either has the yips again or he blew out his arm again.

  58. DodgerZona says:

    Oakland Athletics owner calls on Frank McCourt to sell Dodgers….Per LA Times

  59. nedisajerk says:

    I know it would’ve been a miracle to trade Blake and Guerrier and I know there have to be a team that would take a bite out of those 2 but I’m shock to see MacDougal being 100% healthy and still be here.

  60. nedisajerk says:

    And I just realize that Tacoma comes to ABQ on Weds. Unless the M’s add Tray to the big-league roster now, looks like I’ll get some in-person reaction. Can’t imagine he’s happy. He told me how excited he was when the Dodgers, his favorite team growing up, drafted him.

    Comment by Chris Jackson— July 31, 2011 #

  61. 32and53fan says:

    Just saw Furcal in a Cardinals uniform on ESPN during the game against the Cubs. I’ve got a feeling that he is going to stay healthy the rest of the year and take the Cards to the playoffs.

  62. nedisajerk says:

    I can’t signed up for this.

  63. I leave for the weekend, hoping that Ned does something right, and that some team bites and gives us a good future, and instead, I feel nauseated. Not only did Raffy get traded for nothing of significance, something which was sorta expected, but the part that blew my mind, was that Kuroda excercised that damn Veto power. WTF!!

    They we’re giving him a way out, a way to improve the club long term, and a chance to come back in the off-season eitherway, and instead, he chose that bullshit pride and stayed, fucking over the team that has graciously given him above talent level pay every year he’s pitched for them.

    Then, Ned, doesn’t sell anyone else that was expected. He trades of all people Tray for career minor leaguers and players who couldn’t take a spot away from an overhill Varitek, injury prone Saltamacchia, injury riddled Lester, Lackey, Beckett, Bucholz, etc.

    Come on bro, we got our best OF prospect stolen from us for a package that will never give us any help offensively, you know, that thing that wins ball games, puts runs on the board.

    And then, you still got the piece of shit Velez on the team. Does he even know what baseball is, because he obviously doesn’t know what a hit looks like.

    God, I’m just pissed off that it was Boston of all teams. If Kuroda would of accepted a trade, he would of gone to the Beans, and at least we could of had someone better than a 25 yr old minor leaguer. Shit, we got some of those too, players that are career minor leaguers, and we don’t give them a chance.

    Ugh, 1 step forward, 10 steps back. Shit breeds shit. Ned, hope you choke on your stash and your words when trying to explain how you could trade one of my friends Tray for nothing.

    And yes, I know Tray from his days of playing for Crenshaw. I use to attend school with him, and knew him very well since elementery. Now, he goes to some shitty Seattle team with no offense, and a 25 or so King Felix. That’s it. You don’t trade your players for shit Ned.

    • trublu4ever says:


    • nedisajerk says:

      You should not have been shock with Kuroda. I surely hope that they weren’t trade offered from Boston or NY of all teams.

      • I genuinely was. Imagine if you had the chance to not only go to the playoffs, get better run production, and then come back next season to a team with better options to help you win better games. He didn’t lose money, or anything, so it’s not like they we’re treating him bad. Now, he has nothing but his ego and pride, because my respect toward him is gone.

        He could of helped the team but instead weakened it through his actions.

        • nedisajerk says:

          Hiroki Kuroda rhp
          1 year/$12M (2011)

          1 year/$12M (2011)
          re-signed by LA Dodgers as a free agent 11/4/10
          $4M signing bonus ($1.5M paid January 2012, $2.5M in January 2013)
          $8M salary for 2011
          $0.5M in performance bonuses
          full no-trade clause
          Kuroda may become a free agent after contract expires

          3 years/$35.3M (2008-10)
          signed by LA Dodgers as a free agent 12/15/07
          $7.3M signing bonus (paid between 3/2008 and 3/2010)

          08:$5M, 09:$10M, 10:$13M
          no-trade protection
          Kuroda may become a free agent after contract expires
          perks: $30,000 moving allowance, visa fees paid by club, personal trainer, interpreter, interpreter for family, English lessons, 8 round-trip first class airline tickets between Japan, LA each season

          Kuroda to donate $0.1M to club charity
          Hiroshima of Japanese Central League, 1997-2007

          agent: Steve Hilliard, Octagon

          ML service: 3.000

          • nedisajerk says:

            He had everything in that 1st contract but do we really know if Ned going to sign him next season? The only thing I can see here he would’ve probably have to move his family again.

  64. nedisajerk says:

    I want Ned shot asap. Does he know Robinson played at Crenshaw High School in LA?

  65. nedisajerk says:

    Yep I did sign in as guest but I didn’t know you would get that other email address. Well I see the edit button now I was worry it wasn’t going to show up. Wow that cool that you can edit other people message.

    • 32and53fan says:

      Do NOT mess with other peoples messages. I get a record of all activity and will take edit privileges away from anyone who abuses their powers. I am taking a chance letting people have edit capability. Unfortunately, the only way to do it is to give full powers to edit everything, not just their own stuff. I want to make this blog easy to use and letting people fix their mistakes and typos is more than you will find on almost any other blog. Please be responsible.

      • nedisajerk says:

        I won’t but I was trying thing out and delete my post if that ok with you.

        • You can delete your own post. I don’t know what will happen if it has replies. (Update: it will delete the post and everything under it.) Go ahead and try it.

          • nedisajerk says:

            I didn’t know who give was but I guess it was the same person as 32and53. How did you manage to get 2 different names in this? I was checking the time of some of those articles, it was like early in the morning, and don’t you live on the east coast?

          • 32and53fan says:

            I have two different email addresses. If you mouseover my GiveUsBackOurTeam gravitar, you will see it says AKA 32and53fan.
            If you delete your comment and it has replies under it, it will delete everything (your comment and the replies.) Don’t delete your comment if anybody else has replied. If you are the only one to have replied to your own comment, then it is okay if you want to delete it.

            The main idea for this is just to fix mistakes and typos. Like in your reply above (managr s/b manage.) Click Edit and you will see red underlines on misspelled words. Put your cursor on one of those words and right click. You will see suggested spellings. If you see the word you meant, click on that word to change it. Then click Update Comment on the right to make the change show up on the blog.

  66. nedisajerk says:

    Well dang that exactly what it did.

  67. dodgereric says:

    Although they say that trades cannot truly be evaluated for about 3 years, I suspect that ned just supplied the 2014 AL All-Star team with its 2nd member today.

    Game 59 attendance (2010): 44,896
    Today’s attendance courtesy of trumom: 43,935
    Greater than last year = 9 / Less than last year = 49
    4th straight game of negative attendance

    Games less than 30,000 this season – 9
    Games less than 30,000 in 2005 – 2010: none
    Last game was 9/14/2004 – 29,704

    Lowest attended game of the year: Game 8 – 27,439
    Largest single game drop: Game 18 (55,662 – 28,419 = 27,243)

    2010 attendance (59 games) – 2,633,348 (44,633 average)
    2011 attendance (59 games) – 2,167,109 (36,731 average) #10 in MLB

    Drop of 466,239 total
    Average drop of 7902
    Extrapolated for 81 games – 640,091
    Projected 2011 final attendance – 2,975,184
    2010’s final attendance – 3,562,318 (#3 in MLB)

    Next game’s (60) attendance in 2010 – 43,639

    Crowds less than 30,000 in 2010: none. 2011: 9
    Crowds 30,000 – 39,999 in 2010: 13. 2011: 35
    Crowds 40,000 – 49,999 in 2010: 35. 2011: 10
    Crowds 50,000 – 55,999 in 2010: 7. 2011: 2
    Sellouts (56,000) in 2010: 4. 2011: 3

    • nedisajerk says:

      The attendance was up because it was sport bag day.

    • 32and53fan says:

      Thanks Eric. Pathetic that the Dodgers are number 10 in MLB for attendance this year. When will Frank give up the fight and just go away before he loses any more equity?

      • nedisajerk says:

        Something tell me the numbers really would be down to 25,000 for real this time. I find it hard to not believe no one would even take a risk on Blake and how the hell wasn’t McDougal not traded? You mean you can’t fetch a prospect just don’t let him come in with runners on bases. What happen to all the trade rumer for Carroll?

        • 32and53fan says:

          Sometimes after I post a comment, I click on Edit just to see if there is anything misspelled that I missed while I was typing.
          Also it is useful when you want to link to a story on another web site and you don’t want to just paste the link itself. To do that, copy the URL to go to, then in the Edit Comment page, highlight a word or words to make a link, then click the link button and paste the URL there.

  68. nedisajerk says:

    That remind me I need to go back to that one thread I try to post a picture link and you edit it for me. I thought I put in the right code but it didn’t help.

  69. 32and53fan says:

    To put in an image, you type in the code like this:

    <img src="">

    (paste the URL from the image location between the “”)

    Associated Press
  70. I posted a thread for review. Any time you want to use it, feel free, just add to it This Day in Dodgers History and I’ll work on the Where are they now thread. Feel I could find someone good.

    Anybody you’d be interested in?

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