Kershaw is Pitching like Koufax

Clayton Kershaw pitched 8 shutout innings Wednesday, getting 12 strikeouts and retiring 25 out of 29 batters as the Dodgers defeated the Giants 1-0.  Tim Lincecum also pitched good allowing only a 7th inning solo home run by Dioner Navarro.  This reminds me of the Dodgers teams of the early 1960’s that depended on great pitching and had to scratch for runs.

From May 1, 1961 until June 1, 1966, Sandy Koufax pitched ten games in which the final score was Dodgers 1, other team 0.  All games were complete game shutouts except for one in which Sandy got a little help from Ron Perranoski.

Time will tell whether Kershaw will continue to put up those kind of numbers, but at the same stage of their careers, Kershaw is way ahead of where Koufax was at the same age.

Clayton Kershaw and Sandy Koufax

Colletti Cans Coach

Ned Colletti fired Dodger Hitting Coach Jeff Pentland following Tuesday’s game.  He cited a lack of focus by the team’s struggling offense as reported by Tony Jackson in his ESPN Los Angeles blog.  Colletti said he wanted to send a message to the players.  I’m afraid that the only message he has succeeded in sending was for a player to get out of LA as soon as they hit free agency.

After Wednesday’s 1-0 victory in which the Dodgers were 0 for 13 with runners in scoring position on the first day new Hitting Coach Dave Hansen was in charge, Jackson tweeted:

A Dodgers position player who shall go nameless, as we entered clubhouse after game: `Well, that change of hitting coaches worked out well.’”

Way to help the team morale, Ned.


42 Responses to Kershaw is Pitching like Koufax

  1. nedisajerk says:

    Wow I been trying to find this for a long time. I can’t believe we scored an average of 6.18 runs a game in Lilly start and still have a losing record. I’m shock to see Chad gets 6.36 RS and poor Kuroda and he wish he had Chad run support

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  3. trublu4ever says:

    Good morning. I’m hearing the judge is going to make a ruling today on the McCrook case. So, how do you think this will go? Will we be drinking champagne or Pepto?

  4. messagebear says:

    I don’t expect anything conclusive to come out of the bankruptcy judge’s decision about which financing plan is accepted. Unless Jamie suddenly appears and wins the decision on being awarded half ownership, there will be no end in sight to Frank’s presence with the Dodgers. Come to think of it, even if Jamie is awarded half, there are always appeals possible. Don’t you think that Frank will hold onto the franchise even by his fingernails if necessary?

    • koufax1963 says:

      Patiently waiting for the judges decision, but what Mc Crook has done showed me he is not done, I suspect he may sue MLB, although contractually he cannot, he seems to be a person that not only pushes the envelope, but hides the letter in multiple enevelopes.
      Patience needed till the crook is gone.

  5. nedisajerk says:

    I can’t believe after 98 games we get to faced the Nationals.

  6. selltheteam says:

    “We don’t lack for talent,” Colletti said.,0,3986167.story

    Excuse me? The hitting talent on the team that Colletti built consists of:

    1. Matt Kemp
    2. Andre Ethier
    3. Uh?
    4. Uh….uh
    5. uh

    That’s all, folks!

  7. 32and53fan says:

    The space shuttle Atlantis returned to earth today and that event marked an end to the 30 year space shuttle program.

    Why can’t Frank McCourt realize that his stewardship of the Los Angeles Dodgers is over and bow out gracefully?

  8. selltheteam says:

    Play of the day! Selfless young fan returns ball to upset boy

    Nice kid! Obviously, Ian doesn’t take his lessons from Frank McCourt.

  9. selltheteam says:

    Frankie has a new overseer.

    “Gross said the court would oversee how the loan money was used.”

  10. messagebear says:

    Court overseeing the finances sounds encouraging; however, can anyone remember the last time “court” won the World Series or even got into one.

  11. Two new people arrested in the Stow beating case..

    LAPD serving up stupidity and idiocy at a Frank McArtard pace.

  12. dodgereric says:

    STT, the young man Ian in that video is the polar opposite of the Dodger owner. Heartwarming to say the least.

    yung, perhaps they actually have some evidence this time. It would be nice to have the guilty party.

    The latest news – more heartwarming stuff:

    “The previously unpublished letter was obtained by The Times from court papers in the Dodgers’ bankruptcy case………….

    “Despite your pledge to make the Dodgers the ‘best franchise in baseball,’ you are not selling the club’s media rights … to improve the club’s on-field performance, renovate Dodger Stadium or enhance the fan experience,” Selig wrote.

    “Rather, you would be continuing an eight-year pattern of exploiting the Dodgers franchise to finance your own personal needs, which would undoubtedly risk further erosion of public confidence in the Dodgers.”

    Selig also said he had learned that the Internal Revenue Service is investigating McCourt’s tax returns from 2006, 2007 and 2008. In a divorce court filing, McCourt’s ex-wife, Jamie, said the couple paid no federal or state income tax from 2004 to 2009.

    “What is more worrisome to me, however,” Selig wrote, “is the thought of one of our owners engaging in a prolonged public dispute with the IRS.”,0,5798280.story

    • 32and53fan says:

      It is nice to see that MLB has seen through McCourt’s scam tactics and that the IRS is now actively investigating him. It takes some creative accounting to make so much money and pay no taxes.

      The most sickening thing in this whole mess is the way McCourt took the team and split it into so many businesses. The thought that he could end up losing the team but keeping the land to develop with luxury high rise buildings overlooking downtown LA is too horrible to fathom. I hope that MLB will require all the business entities to be put back together in the sale of the team.

    • To say the least, he’s better than that whiny kid in Frisco. Can’t believe they rewarded him for being a spoiled brat. Stark comparison is probably that the kid in Houston got spanked when he was acting spoiled, and the kid in Frisco didn’t. A good spanking would do wonders. Know it helped me out, and I thank my dad everytime I think about doing something stupid and then stopping. He might be 60 almost, but that don’t mean he won’t take a palm to me to learn something, and I wouldn’t blame him not one bit.

      I remember last season, I went to many games, but this one was near the last game if not last game of the season. My brother and I had gone down the stairs to get a closer view of the game, and low and behold Frank McShit comes out of a door. Us and him in the same staircase. We said Hi, he just looked and smirked and walked away. Then we saw Vin and he kept asking if we enjoyed the game and how long we been coming to the games. All I could think was how amazing and such a gentlemen he was. I’ll never forget it when he said his trademark, Goodnight Folks and a Pleasant Drive to You All. We replied we love you Vin.

      But as for the article, it just cant get any worse for McArtard. First, the divorce, then the MLB thing, then the Stow thing, then the fan thing, then the IRS thing, then the, then the, then the…It’s a never ending cycle for him, and now comes out that he owes s much as 6 yrs worth of taxes. Tax evasion, embezzelment, money laundering, grand larceny, fraud, etc.

      I simply cannot wait for the day when we all wake up to seeing MCsHIT being escorted out of his Beverly Hills condo/suite in nothing but his underwear, hair everywhere, toothbrush nowhere to be found, gimpy and with no mass to him..helicopters and IRS and FBI bringing him out with a Kevlar vest on, and a bunch of reporters and SWAT around. On that day, I will literally go down to Dodger Stadium, and have me a tailgate party ON THE PREMISES. All will be right with the world, when he proclaims “I DIDNT DO IT” and then “I’ll give anyone who breaks me outta here $100,000,000”..Of course, no one will come, except to laugh at him and tar and feather him all his way to Washington DC

      • messagebear says:

        Wonderful dream scenario that last paragraph of yours.
        What we wouldn’t give to see that happen. I do hope the IRS puts some big screws to Frank, and Jamie too for that matter.
        That would make his MLB problems seem like chickenshit by comparison, and you can’t escape the IRS through bankruptcy.

  13. nedisajerk says:

    I know this was back on July 18 on MSTI but this how bad Uribe was but we already knew that anyway? I can’t believe he went to a lot of detail on it lol.

    What’s was Pentland suppose to do with Uribe when he known he suck?

  14. nedisajerk says:

    If anyone didn’t know Kershaw career ERA vs the Giants with that game the other day was 1.41 ERA (also including one relief appearance) against SF is the best in MLB history for a pitcher against them. To bad Kershaw had that one game that he gave up 4 ER’s and lose.

  15. selltheteam says:

    News on Bryan Stow

    1. Slight good news on his condition

    Bryan Stow attempts a thumbs up, mouths his own name

    2. Two new suspects arrested; prior suspect exonerated

    It’s only strike one against LAPD, but that was one impressive whiff

  16. trublu4ever says:

    Apparently, the judge ruled against Frankrupt’s financing plan….mlb to take over. I’m hoping this is one step in the right direction for us!

  17. nedisajerk says:

    Andre Ethier and James Loney are a combined 9 for 71 (.127) since July 5 — Loney was benched Wednesday in favor of Juan Rivera — but the Dodgers especially need Matt Kemp to get going. Hitting .331 with an NL-best 1.043 OPS through June, Kemp is batting .200 in July with a .591 OPS that’s not even among the top 130 in the majors.

  18. selltheteam says:

    Trade Bait Lineup

    Gwynn LF
    Furcal SS
    Ethier RF
    Kemp CF
    Rivera 1B
    Uribe 3B
    Barajas C
    Carroll 2B
    Kuroda P

    Time for Kuroda, Carroll, and Furcal to shine. Well, Kuroda and Carroll anyway. I’m looking forward to Aug 1st when Dee Gordon should be our starting shortstop for the foreseeable future.

    • trublu4ever says:

      I’m wondering if Loney is also on the trading block.

      • selltheteam says:

        Everyone on the 25-man roster is on the trading block except Kershaw, Kemp, and De La Rosa. But Kuroda is the only one that will likely get us a decent return.

      • selltheteam says:

        Red pen – Ethier would get us a decent return, but I’m not sure that I could stomach Ned’s inability to get that decent return. So, just for that reason, I hope Ethier’s not currently on the trading block.

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