What to Do What to Do?

I’ve seen on here talks of more protests and filling up the stadium and other ways to protest. All that is fine and dandy, but what would that solve. More than the fact that it would look weird to see a sell out at the park for once outta 3x this season, it would do not one bit. The games are diminishing of which are nationally televised, but if you want to make a statement for all to behold, my best intent would be to put on paper bags at a certain time in the game. Start chants of “You suck McCourt”, etc. Whatever it might be, beside the minimally publicized protest last month, would be better than just showing up and not buying a thing. Any fill is a good fill for McCourt, so might as well do something positive with that.



9 Responses to What to Do What to Do?

  1. I am in Dodgereric’s camp on this one. If the players are smart, and I think they are, they know the fans are not upset with them. If that were true, we wouldn’t have had 3 players voted into the All-Star Game. If Frank cared about the team, the employees and the fans, he would have stopped this financial circus a long time ago, but no, he is choosing to continue to make these bad choices. I understand the view that we are in some ways letting him win by staying away and forcing us to make these decisions in the first place, and therefore making him more important than he should be. However, Frank has not only taken our ticket, food and souvenir money and used it for his personal uses, he has used charity money as well. That still just bugs the hell out of me because living so far away, it was one way I felt I was giving back to the organization to help with their many charities they are involved in, especially the ones related to kids. So, I refuse to give Frank even the notion I am spending my money on his Dodgers. He has this assumption MLB has interfered with the good relationship he had with the fans. Umm, no, we figured out how to hate him all by ourselves.

  2. selltheteam says:

    Lineup Confusion – When will Kershaw start batting ahead of Navarro and Uribe?

    LF Gwynn
    SS Furcal
    RF Ethier
    CF Kemp
    1B Rivera
    C Navarro
    3B Uribe
    2B Carroll
    P Kershaw

    • selltheteam says:

      Why is Rivera replacing Loney against Lincecum?

      • JhallWally says:

        I think they are taking a look at Rivera as a long term answer for the outfield and/or first base. He is getting starts against righties and at various outfield positions and 1B. If he performs half decent, look for Ned to resign him to an overpriced 3 year deal. Could be a prelude to non tendering Loney and trading Ethier.

        • JhallWally says:

          All you have to do is have a good couple of weeks and Ned will fall in love with you. Hell, DilDondo will fall for you if you have a couple of decent ABs. Geez!!!

  3. dodgereric says:

    Oh boy, the owner has a better loan offer. One percent better than the last one. This is almost not worth looking at, other than showing that he intends to use every single thing possible to stretch the process. He is like a spoiled brat that just ripped the cap off your head. He’s faster than you, so he just keeps out of reach, hoping that you’ll merely give up, walk away and let him have your cap. He don’t know me vewy well, do he?
    Now he’s fired Pentland: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/dodgers/2011/07/dodgers-locate-offensive-problem-fire-hitting-coach-jeff-pentland.html
    I’m not too upset with this. I mean, how good can he really be? No one can teach a cat to bark, but most of these guys aren’t even hitting as well as their career marks.
    What I’m interested in is this little blurb down at the bottom: “General manager Ned Colletti essentially told reporters in San Francisco the move was made to send a message to the team.”
    Reaction: 1) Vintage Ned Colletti pathetic, ass-covering bullshit. 2) If the vast majority of his horrid trades are Exhibit A, this kind of crap is Exhibit B as to why he needs to go.

    • Nellyjune says:

      And yet none of this is affecting on the field performance? I beg to differ. Ned using threatening/demeaning statements backfired on Matt last year, and Ned just may have outdone himself this time. What an idiot!!!

  4. selltheteam says:

    Thanks for the DP Uribum. Is that Pentland’s fault or Hansen’s fault?

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