Another Heartbreaking Loss for Kuroda

With a career low 3.12 ERA, Hiroki Kuroda must feel like he just can’t get a break.  It seems like unless he can pitch a shutout every time, he will continue to have difficulty winning a game for the RISC challenged Dodgers.

We can only hope Ted Lilly gets some runs to work with today.

Come on in ITD readers, the water’s fine.  This blog belongs to all of us.  I look forward to seeing your comments and maybe some new threads.  Meanwhile, lets have some fun.


13 Responses to Another Heartbreaking Loss for Kuroda

  1. trublu4ever says:

    Nice 32 & 53! I think this could be fun! Just have to get the rest of the gang to come on over!

    • 32and53fan says:

      Thanks Jane! It seems silly for Enchanted to have to look for old threads when we have our own place here.

      One nice thing about this blog is that we can add spaces between lines without having to add a period to make it look like a line space.

      As an experiment, why don’t you try to create a new thread? I was able to do it by logging in to (the Log in link is under the Meta area on the bottom right.)

      • trublu4ever says:

        Enchanted has come over here…I will let him do a new thread first. I’m sure Collie and Jhall would gladly do one too.

  2. Emma says:

    Nice job Brian!
    Feel so so bad for Kuroda-san. He can just keep on going there and giving it his best.
    Did you see the video I recorded of Wes Parker? It is in my latest blog post. We caught him outside a session at the SABR convention. He was very passionate. I had turned off my flip ’cause he was saying goodbye but he kept on talking. Missed some good stuff but after I loaded my batteries I taped a second one that I have not released yet. Wish I could go back to the 60’s and watch these guys play.

    • 32and53fan says:

      Great video Emma. The 60’s were my favorite time (at least ’62 thru ’66) Everything that Wes Parker says reminds me of those days. He really explains how hard (and why) it is to hit big league pitching. Wes really looks good for being 71 years old. He looks like he could take over from Loney any time.

      Try putting the youtube tag in front of your URL to embed the video in your blog. See

      Thanks Crzblue. Your site is looking good.

      • Emma says:

        Brian, The problem is once MLB blogs updated to the new format, they put a limit on storage space so I am over the imit. I either need to move some of my pictures or buy storage there. I like some stuff about the move and not some other ones.
        Thanks for the invite! You are always so nice!

        • 32and53fan says:

          I don’t think that embedding a YouTube URL takes any storage space. The space is used when you upload media directly and have it stored on the blog server. You can upload your pictures to a free hosting site like or flickr and then just use the img tab with the URL pointing to the image on the external (imageshack, flickr, etc) host. If you keep everything, or at least most large items, on a server other than the MLBlogs WordPress server, you shouldn’t have any problems (other than to keep track of where you put things.)

          Here is a picture that I have stored on my account at

          Image Hosted by
          Shot at 2006-04-26

          • Emma says:

            Thanks Brian. I tried URL and the embedded code and it does not work but I’ll try again. Maybe you can try it on my blog. Will send you email but from work as is almost 5 am and need to start getting ready for my commute to work.

    • 32and53fan says:

      Welcome. You are now an author and can create new posts.
      You won’t have to worry about threads that don’t get updated for a week or more at a time and have to search the archives for an almost empty thread.

  3. Which Lilly will show up today? I won’t be around to find out… I have to get ready to drive up to Lompoc for a memorial service.

    It looks like this blog is starting to take shape. Keep it going and I will check in later tonight.

  4. Hey Brian, I came over here too!

    Tru, we may need 15 runs . . . just to be sure.

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