A Place to Call Our Own

Outside the Dodgers is a place that Dodger fans can call their own.  There will be no $15 parking, $12.50 beers, $7 sodas, or $6 Dodger Dogs.  Nobody will “invite” us to buy $150 jerseys or $30 caps.  Some of us long time fans remember the way Dodger Stadium was in the early 1960′s.  It was a pristine place that welcomed fans without inundating us with ads covering just about everything within sight.  There was a small Union 76 sign on the message board and along side the auxiliary score boards along the first and third base lines.  I hope that this blog will remind you of those days when we could just enjoy talking about the game with no advertising distractions.

This blog is for all of us.  There will be no need to search out an old ITD post to find a place to chat.  This blog will be open to anyone who wants to create a post of the day.  All of the regulars at ITD including enchantedTheBeav, selltheteam, northstateblues, mlblogsnellyjune, trublu4ever, sparkleplenty1s, vl4eccjr, dodgereric, nedsajerk, lbirken, JhallWally, Collie, kpookiemon, messagebear and many more are invited to contribute if you wish.

Welcome to Outside the Dodgers!


5 Responses to A Place to Call Our Own

  1. trublu4ever says:

    This looks very promising! Thanks!

  2. Hello there all! I hope that everybody is doing well and had fun watching the game! I know I did. I thought it was a fun game. I felt Dre, Matty, and Kersh did a great job representing the Dodgers. I was cheering at home and had fun watching them make a difference for the NL squad.
    The AS game is probably my 3rd favorite day of the season behind July 4th and Opening Day.
    For me my favorite AS game was the 1999 game in Boston. I was in Tahoe with a group of co-workers for 4 days and all we did was just hang out and have fun. A pretty fun bunch of people I was with and the AS game was amazing. Not just the game but the pre-game show was one of my favorite moments as a baseball fan.
    Well gotta go but thanks for the invite and this was a great idea!!

  3. It was great to see the NL win again. They dominated in the 60’s and 70’s but the AL was unbeatable from 1997 to 2009. The Dodger gang all did well but I was hoping to see Kemp bat with Ethier on base.

  4. Emma says:

    The first All-Star game I attended was at Dodger Stadium in 1980. Sadly, the Dodgers have not hosted it since then.
    Because of baseball I have made some wonderful friends. One of them has invited me to stay with her in KC where the next All-Star game will be played in 2012. Another one that I met at the SABR41 convention in Long Beach this year has invited me to stay with her when Citi Field hosts the next All-Star game in 2013. Overwhelmed by the generosity.

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